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4.4 out of 5 stars302
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 9 August 2012
I would love to give this 5 stars but I just can't. Don't get me wrong Mr Flatley and crew were fantastic as always. The 3D was ok but I was to busy thinking about the bits that seemed to be missing from the show that I didn't give the effects my full attention. I got to the end of the DVD and thought I'd look at the Bonus Features with of all things a section called 'deleted scenes' where I found my missing bits and so I now wish to start my small rant...

I was expecting a DVD of the show 'Lord of the Dance' complete in all its glory - to be watched by those of us who could never get tickets to see it live - as we had been there. But no what we get is a show with scenes unecessarily removed and put back in as Bonus Features because some dunce, thick head, misbegotten person called an Editor thought it was a good idea for the DVD. I reiterate this was Performance that had been filmed not a movie that required scences to be removed to fit cinema time. So if you are a fan of The Lord of The Dance and know the show well be ready to see an abridged version.
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on 28 November 2011
Id never really seen a full lords of the dance show and had only seen it being performed at gala evenings etc so i wondered how they were going to pad out a whole show. Wonder no more as the show was spellbinding from start to finish with excellent 3D and a scorchingly clear 7.1 audio soundtrack, i will watch this again and again as it gives goosebumps every time, absolute perfection!
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on 8 February 2012
Lord of the Dance returns with a bang. this is great to watch in 3D.
the cast is stunning with great Irish dancing.
the dvd was delivered prompt with no problems.
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on 13 February 2012
Well I bought it mainly because it was 3d. Its been a long time since we first saw Michael flatley and was skeptical as to whether he could pull it off but I must say it is a really enjoyable show and you can see the absolute passion of these people. Top show
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on 15 June 2014
I really didnt realise how amazing this show was going to be. I have just watched it on youtube and added it to my amazon basktet without a second thought. The interview before the show stars is really appreciated too. There are so many stupid rumours flying around and it was so nice to actually see him in a new light.

This is a guy with a huge task, huge passion and such a beautiful vision of irish culture. This "general" has taken on the world with an ARMY of dancers behind him. Without them he would be nothing and he knows it (& visa versa). The perfectionist in him and these beautiful dancers has brought an incredible journey for the world to see. Honestly if there was anyone to have the right to an ego its Flatley lol. You just have to appreciate the insane amount of hard work it took to put this all together.

The emotion, energy and story has been SO amped up in this show. There is state of the art backing screens and lighting, the costumes are so fitting and really add the story. While i was watching it i was shocked and so moved by what i was seeing. i was yelling, wooting and crying. im so proud that Flatley came back to Dublin with such a KILLER show. He was always the one who had that amazing vision of irish culture and heart. I have seen all the other shows but they simply dont compare to how i feel about this particular story. Its pure irish and that is why it is so sacred to me.

just brace yourselves for the show of a lifetime. Flatley...if you are reading this, thank you so much for keeping Irish lore sacred and special. Fair play to you,congradulations on finding your dream and sharing it with the entire planet (all sold out btw)....standing ovation for sure.

A gazillion stars out of ten

Just saw a sneak preview of the 2014/15 show that I was going to get a ticket for. It looks like they have completely taken out any pipes from the soundtracks and replaced them with electric guitar. I was almost sick when I heard this watching the warriors entrance. I will keep an eye out for any changes just in case this is a once off. If there is no change I am NOT going to this gig. The "gypsy" song has been shredded too. That lovely song (one of my favourites)has also been replaced with some Spanish guitar number. NOT COOL! - if I was about to spend stupid money on a gig (which I would if they kept it the way it always was) I would like to know what it will be like.
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on 2 March 2016
Having seen Riverdance live, I was expecting to see something quite special, for what was to be an expensive 3D Blu-Ray experience. I didn't get it!

I have a new LG 3D Blu-Ray OLED TV and a new Sony 1000W surround 3D Blu-Ray Player. This is, by far, the worst 3D presentation I have, to date, played. It is very poor 3D quality.

Right from the start, the dancing was uninspiring and boring; the dancers, with their plastic smiles, and flashing knickers, looked like they'd wanted to be somewhere else! This was more about Mr Flatley than the performance. I am utterly astonished, others rated this higher than one star. After 20 minutes, I stopped the disc and threw it into the bin!

There was one good part ... The music was excellent ... 5 Stars! Shame it was wasted on such a rubbish performance.
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on 5 December 2011
I don't guarantee this information to be correct! It is said Michael Flatley found book 2 of Irish music & dancing, called what to do with your hands, the pagers were empty so with poetic licence he was free to make up his own interpretation.

In the 1990s Ireland won the Eurovision song contest, this meant they hosted the competition the following year. During the break they put on traditional Irish music & dancing (a mini Riverdance). It proved so popular that in 1995 Riverdance was born. Michael Flatley wanted it to stay traditional with Irish music & dancing but the powers that be overruled him. Riverdance came to be an international success. Michael made his own version in 1996 called "Lord of the dance" & a revival in 2011. This is a story of the fight of good over evil.

The stage lighting of Riverdance was similar to a theatre easy on the eyes, but both Lord of the dances were darker & back lit and more like a disco, to live audience it maybe o/k, but camera sensors are not as good at differentiating contrast & brightness. The 2011 version had 7 steps at the back of the stage (similar to Riverdance) but looked to be covered in LEDs this could be a distraction at times, as is the backdrop. The 2011 version also has different musical breaks, a couple of fiddling sessions with 2 girls who looks similar to the blond girls from Bond. Also Michael playing his flute backed by a group, & an electric guitarist. The American "hoedown" had been removed.

The editing is better in the 2011 version, some parts of the older version chopped shots every ½ second, not giving you chance to focus on what's happening. The dancing is done to a very high standard; the temptress was really impressive with the quality of her dancing.

I paid £14 each for a VCR of the 1st version & Riverdance in 1996, & £15 for a 3D Blu-ray for 2011 version, work that out for value. The 3D version works ok on a 2D player in 2D of course, so I would buy the 3D version even if I wasn't set up yet for 3D. I can only give 4* because of the lighting, Am I pleased I bought it YES.
More to follow later.
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on 27 April 2013
OK,I'll admit it, I am biased. I love Michael Flatley: I would pay good money to see him play hopscotch. So I bought this DVD expecting to have to make allowances for his ability to dance the part of a man 14 years younger than himself. How stupid could I be? Because of course Michael Flatley is the Lord of the Dance, and if he is 14 years older than when he last danced the part, then so is the character. Not once do you get the feeling of your favourite trying to recapture past glories while you smile indulgently - no, you are watching a fantastic dancer, an amazing athlete, portray a character whose years and abilities have kept pace with his own. And there are still those moments when you find yourself gasping "Did he really just do that?" as, even in the middle of a jump he further extends his foot higher than his head. Once! twice! So calm, so practised. Incredible!

And, of course, the music and the sheer co-ordinated brilliance of the other dancers all around him, will lift your heart.
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on 25 October 2012
I must apologise for my review yesterday. Apparently I had not used machine correctly (it`s new). My friend tried and it`s perfect. Absolutely amazing. I saw the show last year and felt I was there again. Maybe some of you others that could only see some scenes in 3D were doing the same as me. Again, my sincere apologies
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on 25 September 2011
This Review is based on the standard (not Blu Ray)version.
It's almost inevitable that this production will be compared with the 1998 "Feet of Flames" production, recorded in Hyde Park. And, to be brief, it doesn't cut the mustard.

When comparing the two, the major negatives with this production are the technical aspects:
- the picture is very "letter-box", and does not fill the screen at standard settings.
- the picture is dark and lacked the clarity that better stage lighting might have delivered.
- the background is confused and confusing: a multiplicity of images blending and separating detracted, in my opinion, from the skill of the dancers.
- the camera work is poor: there are too few close-ups of the individual dancers and the result is that one is constantly straining to catch the detail.
- and as other Reviewers have noted, most of the deleted scenes should have been retained.

On a more positive note, the costumes looked good but the colours are weak. The sound is good, but the sound levels are lower than normal.

Altogether a disappointing production which lacked punch and did not live up to expectations!
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