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5.0 out of 5 stars Hardcore RPG
Just to give you a point of reference for this review I am an avid RPG player. Most recently I have clocked around 300 hrs on Skyrim and Kingdoms of Amalur combined. I am also 30+ hours into the game.

Dragons Dogma (DD for short) is a 3rd person view, huge open world fantasy RPG which focuses on action. It is designed by the japanese developer...
Published 23 months ago by K. Wong

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3.0 out of 5 stars good but a chore!
its a RPG were you create a character in a fantasy world, the character creation is good compared to most games!

the graphics are good but the colour pallet is a bit dull,

if you played demons souls or dark souls then its a bit like them only easier and in a open world.

*THE BAD:- it could have got 4 star but the quests are boring as hell...
Published 10 months ago by Kev

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85 of 89 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Hardcore RPG, 25 May 2012
K. Wong - See all my reviews
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Dragon's Dogma (PS3) (Video Game)
Just to give you a point of reference for this review I am an avid RPG player. Most recently I have clocked around 300 hrs on Skyrim and Kingdoms of Amalur combined. I am also 30+ hours into the game.

Dragons Dogma (DD for short) is a 3rd person view, huge open world fantasy RPG which focuses on action. It is designed by the japanese developer Capcom but has the look and feel of a western RPG. The story is that you have been resurrected after a dragon came and attacked your village and killed you in the process with you now out looking for some payback.

This game is not easy. Its not for the casual player either. It took me a while to get used to the fiddly menu system and figure out everything I wanted to do. Also it does not stop you from biting off more than you can chew and in addition does not tell you when you have.
Its very easy to wander into enemies that are far too powerful for you and get destroyed in the process, especially in the early stages of the game.
On the other hand the game is huge. From initial estimations the map is almost as big as skyrim but with more restrictions for example you cant climb every mountain. There are 100s of hours of gameplay. This includes a New Game+ feature that allows you to replay the game with your character +all your equipment.
The one downside in my opinion is that there is only 1 save slot. You cannot make multiple saves of different characters which I think is a big detriment to the game.

Sorry no multiplayer. I know this will disappoint a lot of you and this game cries out for it. Instead DD has a "pawn system". Basically you can have a maximum of 3 companions. 1 of them is your own whom you can customise and will level up with you. The other 2 can be "borrowed" from other players (if you are online) or from the game itself who will provide a selection for you to choose from. These extra 2 pawns will not level with you, therefore forcing you to periodically change them in for higher level pawns as you level up.

The main differences between this game and other open world RPGs are -
1. The pawn system (as mentioned above).
2. The day/night cycle. Night time in DD does not just mean a dark blue sky as you wander around. Night time in DD is DARK. You literally cant see a thing beyond your lantern light. In addition there are more creatures during the night so you have to be prepared for any long trip your planning out into the wilderness.
3. Limited fast travel. Fast travel is not available from the start and when it does become available costs a lot of money, not to mention is still limited. This forces you to walk everywhere and gives a real sense of danger when going on a quest, especially with the day/night cycle taken into consideration.
4. The combat system. Not only is the combat very satisfying but the main selling point is the ability to climb up on larger monsters (like Shadow of the Colossus). This makes a HUGE difference to boss fights and gives an added dynamic instead of just hacking away at the heels of big monsters like every other game.
With creatures like dragons and griffons, what can end up happening is they start to fly up in the sky with you still hanging on! Havent had this much fun for a long time!

A lot of people compare this games visuals to the Souls games. Yes it does have that gritty "real world" look of the Souls games. The environments are very nice with vast views on a lot of the world when you are on your travels. The character models could do with a bit more work as they do look a bit "strange" most of the time.
Some may be annoyed by the large black bars on the top and bottom of the screen (widescreen) which you cant get rid off (even on a normal widescreen tv).
The animation is generally good but can suffer from some slowdown and choppiness when there is a lot going on screen.

For me it was a bit difficult to get into at the start. Once I did though, I found it very rewarding. It's a punishing game at times and requires a lot of preplanning. But if you're into this type of game then it is going to give you 10s maybe even 100s of hours of enjoyment. Yes the user interface is not easy to use in the beginning and the NPCs are a bit bland, the game itself while being a bit rough round the edges, is definitely worth playing. It's a mix of Dark Souls, Skyrim, Monster Hunter and Shadow of the Colossus all rolled into one huge game (with a bit of rough edges). If this is your genre then go buy this game.

TIP - Save often!
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5.0 out of 5 stars The most surprising game of the year., 18 Jun 2012
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Dragon's Dogma (PS3) (Video Game)
Dragon's Dogma takes chances. Here is an open world RPG with an emphasis on fast paced combat, set in a beautifully realised world and inhabited by a who's who of mythology's finest monsters. The presentation may be resolutely Western in style, but there is enough Japanese quirkiness here to offset any genre fatigue. And fatigued you may well be, what with the litany of RPG's that have come out of late. You may therefore be expecting another Skyrim. You'd be wise to readjust those expectations, because although Dragon's Dogma features a sprawling landmass, it is less concerned with world building and plot than it is with its combat and moment to moment gameplay. The developer's action game roots are plain to see; every encounter is intense and dynamic, and there are even a few nods to Devil May Cry thrown in for good measure (oh what a lovely stinger). But if you don't fancy yourself a swordsman, you can always rely on some good old fashioned ranged attacks, whether that be in the form of a trusty longbow or a gnarled staff. Casting magic in this game is a real power trip. Summon a whirlwind and you aren't confronted with a simple zephyr, instead you're treated to a monstrosity that wouldn't look out of place in one of the more bombastic moments of an action film. It's an exercise in visual ebullience - you can almost feel the developer sitting behind you and grinning at his creation. And who wouldn't be proud of such visual flourishes?

The thing that hits you first may well be the dynamic combat and the freedom to tackle enemies as you see fit, but persevere and you will be struck by something less tangible -this game has heart. The story, although very much in the background, morphs into something thought-provoking and downright inventive as you progress, and its final moments are so bizarre that you can't help but smile at the developer's daring. The cutscenes, although brief, work wonders for the game. Yes the character models can look a little funky, but the voice acting is great, and it feels as if the actors themselves are enjoying it. Maybe a bit too much.

The world of Gransys is suitably bucolic, and although it occasionally taxes your patience, traversing it is just good fun. However, things get particularly nasty at night, and the game seems intent on testing your tv's black level. Seriously, night time is dark, and if you aren't packing a lamp prepare to spend your time wandering in circles and flailing aimlessly at nearby hedges. Be warned, you will spend most of your time trekking from location to location, but thankfully these journeys are punctuated with brilliant, fist pumping monster encounters. The lack of a viable fast travelling option is at first jarring, but if you're prepared to take the game on its own terms the experience is never less than fair.

Dragon's Dogma is inventive, exhilarating, beautiful and features some brilliant music. Honestly, look up the OST on Youtube. You won't regret it.
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5.0 out of 5 stars An incredible game, sadly underrated, 27 May 2012
Kindle Customer (Midlands, England) - See all my reviews
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Dragon's Dogma (PS3) (Video Game)
(This is a copy of my Xbox 360 review. The game is identical on both platforms however the PS3 is reported to have more framerate issues whereas the 360 lacks the v-sync of the PS3 version, meaning screen tearing can occur).

This game seems to have been misunderstood and unfortunately underrated by a number of gaming journalists. It's very hard to explain because it's actually a pretty unique game, but you can think of it like Dark Souls meets Skyrim if you want a really lazy way of summing it up. That doesn't do it justice at all, because here we have people that have worked on games such as Resident Evil, Devil May Cry and Breath of Fire all coming together to deliver an incredibly atmospheric and compelling action RPG.

The story follows your character, who shortly after being created by you - with an excellent character customisation system - has his or her village attacked by an enormous dragon. After an ill-fated attempt to fight it, your heart is ripped out and eaten by the colossal dragon. Yet, somehow, you're still alive, albeit with a huge scar on your chest like Sagat. You can also hear the voice of the dragon in your head, urging you to track it down if you want your heart back. Then it's down to you to make your way in the world and find him, though your village is still reeling from the attack and many of the side quests are based around this, rather than some guy just wanting 20 mushrooms because he has in inexplicable craving for fungus all of a sudden.

Shortly after this, you're introduced to one of the game's most interesting systems; the ability to design pawns - AI warriors who you can programme in fundamental ways to be the most useful sidekick for you. The really interesting thing is that other players of the game can rent your pawn off you. You keep your pawn, but a copy appears in the other players game and goes around helping them. Everything it learns, like how to defeat certain enemies and how to solve certain quests, will be remembered and when the player returns your pawn, it will be able to help you out with all its new info. And of course, you can also rent other peoples' pawns off them. Renting them uses Rift Crystals, an item that is commonly given out in game for completing quests, though pawns of people on your Friend List are free.

There's an interesting and varied character skill system, made all the more fun and addictive by the fact that the real-time combat is made by people who worked on Devil May Cry. It's not quite as exuberant as those games, but you can see the understanding and professionalism of those guys at work in this game's combat. Really, if you like games where you explore, go on an adventure, never know what's around the next corner and can expect a firm challenge from any enemies you meet (the larger ones can be climbed up, like in Shadow of the Colossus), and all in an open world with tons of secrets and hidden areas, you will love this game.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Great Fun Despite Some Stubborn Game Design, 30 Aug 2012
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Dragon's Dogma (PS3) (Video Game)
Dragon's Dogma is a crazy game.

I have never enjoyed a game as much that had so many elements that i didn't like or thought were flat out broken.

I'll assume you know the general synopsis of Dogma and get straight on with my issues. (With the game.)

IF YOU ENJOY... paced, well realized combat. Nicely animated creatures, solid graphics and some subtle and pleasant magical effects. Crafting characters and customization. Dungeon crawlers like Etrian Odyssey. Rating other peoples virtual companions and giving gifts. Clambering titanic creatures and poking them where it hurts. Quest choices that are irreversible.

Don't mind repetition. Are patient. Happily level up characters and equipment. Rub your hands in glee at the prospect of hunting out rare drops, poring over a massive, convoluted inventory screen and combining different items together to create stuff. Think a post game challenge is something to relish and a cherry atop any game.

Then you may enjoy Dragons Dogma. Check the demo out but be warned the beginning of it does not show the game in its best light.


a camera that, especially during dragon fights, will provide you with a perfect view of a leafy tree or anything and everything as long as it is not your character. Single save games. Severely curtailed fast travel options during an initial play-through. A narrative that is baffling on the verge of nonsensical. A lack of characters, in game history, cultures and other fantasy tapestry stuff you may associate with an Elder Scrolls type game experience. Monsters that spawn in exactly the same locations. Optional quests that amount to kill 'X' number of beasties and escort this fragile AI character to the other end of the map. Constant AI chatter. The same phrases repeated and repeated and repeated. A mute protagonist and absence of dialog options.

If you are already aware that wolves hunt in packs and if you were to hear that fact stated... say...a few hundred times you think you may do something drastic and kinetic to your controller.

Then the shortcomings of Dogma may be too much to bear.

I really like Dragon's Dogma. During play it reminded me of those hack n slash LotR games for the ps2, Devil May Cry, Monster Hunter, the occasional Resident Evil level, Demon Souls, White Knight Chronicles, Shadow of Colossus and even a nod of the head toward Ico. Not once did i think i was playing an Elder Scrolls game or a similar western RPG.

The game is fun, but there are enough fractious design decisions that i can see putting off many gamers that may otherwise have enjoyed Dragon's Dogma.

Still i can't wait for the sequel.

(TIP: Turn off pawn chat text and the slo-mo pawn cam)
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5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome game but a little repetitive., 16 Jun 2012
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Dragon's Dogma (PS3) (Video Game)
A great game with only a few bad points, there's so much I want to say about it but I'll try to keep this spoiler free.
To start with the main story isn't very long but it kept me intrigued and entertained, plus there are plenty of side quests to keep you busy between story missions. However many side quests can become repetitive, for example there are numerous escort quests and missions to defeat a set amount of certain enemies, although these are relatively easy and earn you nice amounts of exp. One problem I faced was side quests disappearing without warning as the story progressed. I frequently found myself flicking through my guide and finding quests I had no idea existed until it was too late.

Despite the few bad points I found Dragons Dogma very enjoyable. One thing I enjoyed was the detailed character creation, changing everything from your hair colour to the length of your legs. Your weight and height also make a big difference to the way you fight. Another great aspect is the Pawns that make up your party. Aside from your main pawn which you can also fully create to your liking, you can hire two further party members that can be switched for new pawns as much as you like. This is great as you can experiment with different party builds to find the right play style.
An interesting point is that there is no fast travel available until a set time in the game and that is still only back to the main city making all your travel by foot. I found this enjoyable as you can earn exp with ease and explore the world at the same time. However some players may find this frustrating.
Unfortunately I was disappointed with the save system. Although you can save the game at any time from the menu, the auto save feature would often save my game at awkward times such as when entering an area I was not strong enough for, and as you can only have one save data you are left with no other option but to load a save at a difficult point. I also often suffered unfortunate deaths. It is incredibly easy to fall from ledges and cliffs bringing a sudden ending to your game. This can be rather annoying if like me you forget to save for long periods of time, as you may find yourself restarting from around an hour earlier.
After completing the game you have the option to start a New Game +. You play through the game again but with considerable perks, although I wont say what they are, I would recommend you do this as there is an enjoyable twist in the ending cut scenes of your second play through.
Overall Dragons Dogma was a great game and I would recommend it to any RPG/Open world fan. I had a great time with it with a play time of 123hours. Hopefully future DLC will further improve the game. I believe this game is well worth the purchase.
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5.0 out of 5 stars RPG of the Decade?, 4 Jun 2012
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Dragon's Dogma (PS3) (Video Game)
It seems like RPG games always tend to follow the same formula these days and never strive to try anything new or creative - this is where Dragon's Dogma is different.

This game keeps all the things we love whilst keeping out some of the more tedious and conventional features that all other RPG's keep in for no reason other than to adhere to the formula. Anyway, enough about that, what is the game actually like?

This is a game which others both amazing gameplay and an amazing experience. Picture this: You're walking through a forest late at night, your lantern is low on oil, one of your companions was felled by an enemy and the rest of your party is low on health and supplies. You're scurrying towards the capital city and then one of your companions notices a giant footprint on the ground, so naturally you stop. You then hear a slow thumping in the distance, slowly getting louder and faster, then suddenly a giant chimera pounces on you and you have to decide whether to stay and fight it or run for your lives - this is the kinda thing that happens on a regular basis in this game, and it's just as epic every time.

The fighting system is equally as amazing. You have a choice from 9 different vocations, all of which completely change the way you fight. What's even better is that you can change to any vocation at any time, without a penalty. There are then hundreds of skills you can learn all of which are unique and have amazing animations to match. Simple fights can be resolved by picking up the enemy when he's staggered and then throwing him off a cliff, or more advanced fights may resort to you climbing up a Cyclops and gouging his eye out with a dagger so he's unable to fight with coordination.

The story of this game is engaging with both a dynamic questing feature and many plot twists. You meet a load of characters all of which have stellar voice acting, and even though your character is unable to speak themselves (Nope, don't expect a speech tree option, similar to Bioware games), you feel like you're actually there and having a role in the story.

Then one final major aspect of this game is the difficulty. In a standard RPG, if a character says "Don't go in that cave", what's the first thing you do? If they say it in this game, they mean it. The constant danger keeps you on your feet and is thrilling. I remember when I first encountered a dragon in the wild, I ran in with bloodthirst and grabbed onto it's tail, then a few moments later it flew into the air and I got propelled into the air, and smashed against the ground, dying from the damage. I then went in for round two, attacking its legs, it resorted to picking me up and smashing me into a rock, yet again killing me. I guess I need to wait until I'm more powerful and have a strategy going before I can actually defeat it.

I could go on about this game for days, and still find new things to talk about. Every time I play it, I find new areas of the world or some new amazing enemy to slay, which constantly keeps my attention. This game has driven my enthusiasm so much to the point where I'm playing through the entire thing and uploading it to YouTube - simply to share the experience with others.

Skyrim kept my attention for 5 hours.
This game still has my attention after 50 hours.
I highly recommend it.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Don't Be Misled by Others, 13 Nov 2012
M. Bishop (UK) - See all my reviews
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Dragon's Dogma (PS3) (Video Game)
Everyone says this game is part Demon Souls, part Skyrim, but I have to disagree in order for people not to get the wrong idea. Demon Souls is punishingly hard and Dragon's Dogma is not; unless you ignore all words of warning and do the opposite of what everyone tells you to do. Meanwhile Skyrim was a huge world with plenty to do, but was butt numbingly dull in the gameplay department. The "plenty to do" bit fits with Dragon's Dogma (DD), but its combat is brilliant and exciting. Know this, Dragon's Dogma has gameplay by the bucketload.

After five hours of so I have a measure on certain creatures I meet; there are those which I will attack for fun and those which I will only attack when I have to. I keep to the paths and try to travel during the day. I once strayed far from the path (during the day) and met a Chimera, a gang of lizard men and a pack of wolves, all at once. This did not end well, but I can't say I wasn't warned. Equally I have walked the paths at night and met many more nasty creatures, but none I couldn't handle with some careful fighting. I shudder to think what lies off the paths during the night! So DD is very fair. Your companions will tell you if you're being reckless with their lives and if you heed their warning, you should survive in one piece.

The tasks are nice and varied so far. Very much like Skyrim, though the voice acting an animation is not as polished. Seems they spent time making the game fun to play and free from bugs instead of spending all day with voice actors. Works for me! I'm supposed to be taking a fellow to the next town at the moment, but as my map doesn't show the town I keep taking him into cave systems. I'll find the town eventually, and he seems patient enough. It's a dangerous world to get distracted in, but I survive most of the time and if you save regularly it good fun to be risky every now and again. Unlike Demon Souls.

I'm absolutely loving it and as you can probably tell I wasn't a fan of Skyrim. For me Skyrim was a wonderful world with amazing tasks to complete, but absolutely no gameplay. It was a game you just 'did' rather than actually enjoyed. Demon Souls was excellent, but I found the world so dark and depressing that I didn't want to play on. DD finds a wonderful balance. Pretty during the day, scary during the night. Having to think "will I make it there and back before nightfall" is such a fresh way to think and so real!

Got to dash now, but I should also mention the Pawn system, which is brilliant!

UPDATE: I've spent the evening playing this, wandering around and levelling up (now Lv18) and I have to say the combat is amazing. I actually WANT to fight creatures, because it's so enjoyable. Plus the more I play the better I get (not my character, me) at fighting, meaning it's properly skills based. I have learned the 'ensnare' move, which drags enemies towards me, nicely tied up for a moment, giving me an opportunity to clatter them. Just brilliant. I'd also like to add that I'm not dying all the time as some other would have you believe. Why? Because I'm being sensible and listening to my pawns. When they say "I wonder what's down here?", go and have a look. If they say "This feels dangerous", turn around and walk away, quickly. I think the problem a lot of people have with this game is it needs to be played differently than the likes of Skyrim, with some care and common sense. 90% of the time I come out of a battle a-ok. 100% of the time I'm bloomin' loving the adventure!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely Superb, 28 Oct 2012
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Dragon's Dogma (PS3) (Video Game)
Well done Capcom !

After the terrible dissapointment of Res 6 i was looking for a game.
I tried Kingdoms of Amaldur and Skyrim finding them essentially boring and unimaginative.
Dogma is superb, it's back to the old days of gaming, its exciting, challenging and theres all that searching for goodies to be done.
Graphics are gorgeous and the whole thing has an elegant feel to it.

A tip - dont under estimate what there is to find , search and search again - everywhere.

Know heres a challenge - get down to the beach at the first village and tell me that Skyrim beats this - then wait for dark and start fighting the wolves. Soon as igot on the beach i was stunned by the detail, and the perspective is absolutly spot.
Finally cos i gotta go play more, at last a game where the light dark contrast is spot on also.

Capcom please please do this for Resident Evil
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4.0 out of 5 stars overall a great game, but i still prefer Skyrim, 26 July 2012
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Dragon's Dogma (PS3) (Video Game)
I wont repeat info than may reviews here have said about the game. It is a nice game, bit difficult to get into as the first 10 hours are a bit of a learning curve. It mistakenly feels like a wandering hack and slash to start, but you will die if you approach it like that. You need tactics and foresight on how to approach battles. Once you understand that, the combat system is the muts nuts!!

graphics are nice, however.. character voices are 50% of the time out of sync and looking up at the night sky is FUGLY compared to the complex beaty of Skyrims Sky.. however, it betters skyrim at night because the landscape does get very dark, you cant see past your lantern...

Do i recommend buying it?.. hell yes...
do I prefer skyrim... Yes...
can I explain why?... No, all I know is when I was playing skyrim I was itching to get home and play it after work... This game I like.. but I'm not jumping at the bit to play it, I'll put in on if there is nothing on TV
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4.0 out of 5 stars Definetly worth checking out., 9 July 2012
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Dragon's Dogma (PS3) (Video Game)
I didnt know anything about the game until literally two weeks before release. When i saw an epic battle taking place between 4 characters and a girffin. It looked great.

So i picked this up day one and went on a trip . Heres whats to like and what not to like.

With many acclaimed RPGs already on the market , its difficault to give a chance to all. But its innovation which needs to be apparent when regarding a crowded genre.

SO the positives.

+ A pawn system . Bit like dragon age, where you have companions with you, Here you can customize a pwan and then take them on the adventure with you. They can also be used by other players online, and you can use many pawns created by users. This gives advantage when going on quests and experiance is required.

+The action on this game is literally the best action in a RPG you will get . You have a wide range of classes from archery , warrior, assassin , mage . Each with skill set and moves. Which all advance and enhance as you get better.
Their is a deep system with variety.

+Boss battles , taking down large enemies such as ogres and cyclops, many other beasts, is fun and fresh. You can climb on their backs and take them down using magic or sword. The animations are brilliant in making this look realistic.

+day and night , each come with their own challenges. At night it becomes survival horror.Its very dark and night creatures will be on the prowl to take your team down.

+ the Large open world.
Its nice and open with variety.

now the negative and inital thoughts.

- The story.
Prior to this i played my fav RPGS , the open world skyrim , and the epic story telling of the MASS EFFECT series.
plus dragon age.
All these games have one thing in common.... They can tell a good story and have an engaging plot and characters.
This game seems to lack this.
The story seems interesting in terms of a dragon eats your heart and you the chosen arisen.
Then it goes bland, the characters dont seem exciting. And their seems to be a lack of information regarding the world gran souran[ the land you are in] where in Skyrim, mass effect , you are given heaps of information regarding the universe. different races myths and legends.
I cant say the same about dragons dogma. And kingdoms of amulur also suffers from this.

The problem is , that we have had dragons in skyrim. I just finish 60 hrs plus on skyrim. im tired of dragons.
i want something new.
But dragons dogma ,[hence name] seems to follow suit with the legend of dragons ect. I mean why not have something like A Giant titanic monster which can fly , or an invading army . something different.
At times it felt too much that this game was reading out of the Skyrim script. It may of also paid CAPCOM to release this game at another time.

-No fast travel.
50/50 on this one.
Many people like no fast travled while others are tearing their hair out of it not being their.
Their simply is no fast travel unless you buy the very expensive stones which can take you back to a location.
So its all on foot against enemies which will respawn. so you will be fighting against same foes , in the same area.
I for one dont mind no fast travel, BUT. they should have something in between , like maybe a location or area where you can fast travel , rather than the entire map.
But you will be forced to travel manually. And this can be frustrating at times. Just remember to save.

THIS CAN be annoying.
your pawns will say the same crap time after time , when their is no need. But when they doo. its helpul. Thanks to the fact they will study their enemey and give you tips. Clever thinking.

its Capcom who are famour for having locked on disk content and then charge you for it.

What made me shake my head in disbeleif was how CAPCOM on the start menu, throw DLC to purchase at your face.
it seems pretty desperate and quite cheap.

Closing thoughts.
i give this game 4/5 for its Action and gameplay. Overlook the bad, of story and blandness. And you will have quite an interesting adventure. But dont expect anything new , the missions arent all that amazing. But what keeps the game interesting and enjoyable is the action , levelling up and overall gameplay. If you like hardcore JRPG then you will overlook the faults. Its definetly worth trying out. But if like me you were expecting an epic tale to make your jaw drop .. then you will be slightly disapointed.
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