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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars57
4.2 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Change
Price:£9.99+ £3.49 shipping
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on 2 March 2014
I can honestly say I was not expecting anything special from Metro Last Light but WOW! Why did it not get more advertisement? I'd never even heard of It until I came across an online gameplay video on Youtube!
Good storyline, great graphics, great lighting effects, enemy A.I and even the sound effects give this game a real sense of atmosphere. I've played a lot of "scary" games but so far this one blows them all away.... Creatures creeping around and has you on "tip toes" waiting for something to jump out on you (again the sound effects are great) especially playing the catacombs level underneath the church (not to give away to much) but stumpling around in the dark will have you on the edge of your seat. Recommend playing with headphones and the room in darkness to fully appreciate the gameplay.
Moving on to weaponry, a reasonable amount of different weapons and upgrades plus grenades, throwing knifes and molotov's are available from the gunsmith opt for a suppressed weapon for stealthy takedowns but also a shotgun "which became my best friend" for CQC againt both human enemies and mutants. I haven't finished the game yet but I'm sure it will have a good ending......
Dont forget to visit the strip club when you visit Venice :)
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on 8 June 2014
Metro: Last Light is a single-player first-person shooter video game with survival horror and stealth elements incorporated into it. The game was developed by Ukrainian studio 4A Games. This game is the second Metro game, the first installment, Metro 2033 was incredible. Metro: Last Light is also great but a little weaker than the first game. But with that said this game is above most of today's games in its strength of story and outstanding graphics. The game really embeds you in its world which is an underground subway system.

I really enjoyed this game and would definitely recommend it to others.

Thank you for reading my review.
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on 7 April 2014
Atmospheric post apocalyptic visuals and a bonkers plot, why this must be a Russian Scifi shooter. Huddled in metro stations Moscow's citizens belong to warring factions and only venture outside in full hazmat gear, the game is at it's strongest when you're up against human foes, sneaking around popping lights out and staying out of torch beams as you seek to cut throats. When you're facing the mutants that run around on the surface it gets a bit annoying. Relentless waves of squawking beasts run at you in tedious waves. The outside is a bit irritating as well, it's one of those games when you're often wandering around trying to figure out what it wants you to do, if you're running low on filters and it's auto saved this can be extremely wearing. Still when you get back into the metro the game cracks along at a good pace. The storyline that pits you against nazis and ruthless reds is a lot of fun.
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on 21 May 2013
This game is truly a pleasure to play. The graphics are clean, the combat is good and the effects are crazy good, with nice touches like bugs walking across your screen and raindrops running down your gas mask make it look and feel authentic. There is a nice selection of weapons and they feel good, however on hardcore mode there is not much ammo so you need to make sure you shoot straight and scavenge every corpse. I'd say this is as good, if not better than Bio Shock Infinite and on a much smaller budget that's pretty amazing. The story is solid after a slow-ish start and it really picks up to be a great horror fest with loads of daemons and monsters trying to kill you at every turn. The only downside is that sometime the human AI can be a bit dim but it's not a game breaking issue. 9.5/10
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on 17 May 2013
By playing Metro Last Light I believe I've experienced something truly amazing with regards to the FPS genre - depth. Something more 'obvious' titles seem to lack in abundance. There are layers to the gameplay experience that go far beyond any other shooter I've played. I truly hope this is the start of a long series of Metro games to rival the typical titles (I shalt mention, but you know them) that I'm quite bored of by now. Great work 4A!
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on 2 August 2013
PS 3 version of Metro Last light.
Quick review of a good game with some serious tech issues.
Graphically, the game is impressive , Sound is also amazing.(Play it with headphones on). It's an amazingly atmospheric game with great weaponry that you can customise in a number of ways ( silencers, scopes, muzzle coolers etc ) . You can choose to go in all guns blazing or stealth around unscrewing lightbulbs, turning off power supplies etc etc. In this game, the shadow is your friend.

If you only have a PS3 then I can recommend this game, when you can get it for under £20.00. Note, the extra hard RANGER mode is not included in the game and you have to pay approx £4.00 for this mode as DLC to be installed to your format of choice. I wouldn't bother. It just makes a sometimes frustrating game more frustrating.

If you have a choice of formats, best choice would be PC, followed by Xbox.

My PS3 version had some issues:-

The game locked up between loading screens a total of 5 times during my play through, necessitating a complete power down of the PS3. NOT IDEAL. It loaded up in the correct place after each reboot.

At one point you are taken to a communist base by the person you rescue at the start of the game. He eventually takes you to a bar where you sit down to drink with him.
This NPC sat down approx 5-6 foot away from the table, sitting in mid -air. Every time his hand animated to pick up a drink, the glass would lift up from the table and hover in mid air , and then float back down to the table, entirely dis-embodied from the NPC who was supposed to be using it. As this was a long cut scene with a fair bit of exposition you really wanted this scene to work, luckily it did when I re-loaded.

A level later on, inside a big abandoned train yard had a seriously bad sound glitch.
A baddie rounded a corner on me as he was shouting. I shot him and for the rest of that level, the first few sound bars of his yell played loudly over every other sound effect in the game. It got so bad a re-boot of the game was necessary.

Despite the issues I stuck with it and was treated to an otherwise satisfying experience.
I just wished I'd waited until it was sub £20 before buying it. I mail ordered it from GAME, and just 8 days later looked at the trade in price, and the game that had cost me £36.99 was worth just £12.00 trade in. Absolutely disgusting business behaviour from GAME.
No change there really then !

Then the STEAM sale came along and I managed to pick it up on PC for £20.09.
This game looked good on PS3, it looks great on a high spec PC system.
I'll play it again in a month or two, this time on PC. I'm sure it will be a more stable experience on this format.
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on 14 June 2013
Metro Last Light is a solid FPS. Great graphics, meaty sound effects, plus a decent story that is wrapped in a post apocalyptic atmosphere portraying the brutality and hopelessness of a world swirling the drain hole rather than a blasted ruin chock full of radio stations playing 50's music and nuka cola swigging Super Mutants with a grudge.

At its best Metro dumps the player in a hostile environment; whether it is the nuclear wasteland of the wasteland or an enemy bunker full of talkative meat bags and provides freedom to deal with mutant or man with all the tools at your disposal. Which means stealth, guns (which can be modded) or explosive doodads.

Stealth is simple but fun. Light sources can be extinguished and darkness is a cosy blanket from which you can hurl throwing knives for one shot kills or creep unawares and perform execution style takedowns. The enemy is pretty slow on the uptake when dead bodies litter the floor and all seem to suffer from nyctalopia, so as long you stay in the shadows you can usually kill with impunity.

Gunplay is frantic and deadly as it should be, cover can sometimes help and sometimes not and rushing around pumping your trigger finger will have you reloading checkpoints often.

Not so good is the games signposting. For what is a linear game the way forward can sometimes be lost in the grubby colour palette and flickering light of the game world, and a couple of times during boss battles too many moving / glowing parts made it confusing as too what i was expected to shoot at.

And lastly some of the level design contains the kind of gameplay gubbins that i just haven't the patience for. Mine cart type rides where you have too defend and duck are short but too often repeated, pressing the 'button' and having to fend of waves of enemies until the game allows you onward turn up like a jaunty tip of the hat to Half Life 2 and the game designers do enjoy sticking you in the thick of it at a couple of points; surrounded by hostiles with little useful cover and leaving you too handle things with many tactical avenues of play cut off.

Yep i did rage quit a few times but on the whole Metro Last Light is a great game. In an era where the single player FPS...or at least the decent single FPS's are harder to find, on the console at least, Metro LL shows there is still hope of challenging and fun gameplay that rises above so many of the other unambitious titles on the market.
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on 23 May 2013
Metro Last Light... What can I say... 5 start all the way... if there were more stars available, it would get them!

This game is truly amazing, it is one of the best games I have ever played! I had never played the first game, however had watched it through YouTube, and was very excited to play this. The main feature of this game is the atmosphere. You are dropped into the post-apocalyptic ruins of Moscow, and into the dark recesses of the Metros which lie beneath the dead streets. Facing you is a dark new world which is eager to make your acquaintance... with teeth, claws and bullets. While venturing through the Metros, and exploring the above, dead city, you really will get the sense of the game, being alone, surviving on what you can scavenge and working towards a goal which seems at times near impossible to reach. The visuals and realism in this game again adds to the atmosphere, as you really feel that you are there, in the metro, in the tunnels, trying to survive on what ever you can, or walking through the small communities which are clinging to whatever hope keeps them going day after day. If there was a perfect post apocalyptic game, which seemed like what would actually happen in the real world, this is it!

I would have to say this is the best post-apocalyptic game out there, beating all others such as the Fallout series, and with me being a die hard fan of that series, it pains me to say that! If you are looking for a realistic, post-apocalyptic survival horror game which real does put you in the shoes of the character and the world, your looking at it!

So what are you waiting for, Buy it now... the Metro awaits!
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on 12 June 2014
NOTE: the copy i received was not the limited edition version as the picture stated be warned - a minor gripe but it turns out the DLC from the LE version is not free anyway so hey-ho. Arrived in good time so thats a bonus.

Well what can i say - A work of tremendous imagination, with great depth and beauty. A fully immersive experience that really sucks you in. Outstanding story, great voice acting, not breathtaking but still amazing visuals and some of the most tense and exciting gameplay i have experienced in a FPS EVER. The atmosphere and sound of the game are nailed flawlessly. Seriously, there are moments in this game that made me very twitchy and uncomfortable (pause game - take a deep breath, exhale...). The surface sections are stand out moments in a this game - radioactive toxic atmosphere, one eye on the timer as your gas mask filter slowly degrades, wiping away blood and water from your visor, staring out at a bleak landscape and the creatures that lurk here - there are some big game to be found on the prepared for a hell of a ride....Overall highly recommended. A welcome change from the usual FPS and not to be missed.

its just you with a clipboard showing the way, lit up by the flame of a lighter.....
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on 8 December 2013
I read Metro 2033 years ago (the source of the Metro universe), it is bloomin' brilliant. A work of enormous imagination - with a tough and rugged feel like Wool by Hugh Howey but with a supernatural twist. I didn't even know Metro Last Light existed until a week ago in a passing Facebook comment on a friend of a friend's post - what the hell?!

A few months ago I promised myself I wouldn't waste any more time on average video games or buying Battlefield 4, I don't have a lot of time these days and there are far more important things to do with one's life than play bad video games. I have been playing video games consistently for about 22 years now (cripes!) and recently enjoyed Tomb Raider and The Last Of Us the most. So now you know where I'm coming from.

It draws similarity to Fallout 3, the title screen music eerily similar to The Last Of Us but it has a wonderful Russian stoicism, is a truly immersive experience (when you play on Ranger mode) and can hook in someone with as short an attention span as me! I mean, talk about escapism - you can press select and instead of seeing some stupid UI you lift up a lighter in your left hand and a clipboard with a compass in your right, proceed to press R2 and you can see a list of your objectives and said compass turning to face north as you turn. This game is bloody brilliant, I've not played a game where you feel like you're as immersed as this for a long time. Plus, I actually (have to?) bother to turn to face NPCs when they talk else 'your ears' aren't focusing on them and they are harder to hear. When I first took control of the main character I actually just stood there turning from NPC to NPC as they had a REALLY long discussion about an infamous sect on the metro that went on longer than something from Final Fantasy!

It's a post-apocalyptic FPS set in Russia with a lot of darkness, embraces the value of stealth and really lets you feel immersed - it takes the RPG styles of Borderlands and moves forward. This is brilliant!!
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