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293 of 297 people found the following review helpful
on 25 November 2011
For this price (under 50 quid) you cannot go wrong with Elements 10. Photoshop Elements and Lightroom all contain Adobe RAW. I bought Lightroom, but there was a problem with the seller. Luckily i changed my mind and I purchased Elements 10 instead (and saved myself 100 quid). Elements 10 is all i need for my canon 60d.

Upon installation on my new Advent laptop (Windows 7) with 3 GHZ processor (i5) and 6 GB of RAM there was no problem.

Regarding earlier versions of Photoshop, it is best to remove earlier versions completely before installing Elements 10. Elements 10 does not require users to decide whether to continue using an earlier version or use the new save hassle simply uninstall older programs.

It seems to me that the license for Elements 10 allows installation on one primary and one laptop (mobile) computer. However there is a restriction not to use on both computers at the same time.

Regarding the software the files are still manipulated using layers and selection tools. The complete range of image effects (filters), image enhancement and editing tools are easy to use. There are options to open, edit and save in wide range of file formats.

Elements 10 and Adobe continue to assume plenty about user connectivity. All of the help files for Elements 10 are online. Select "Help" in the menu bar ,and you are not taken to local help files - you are taken to their web site.

Adobe annoyingly plugs its online services because most times i launch Elements 10 (enter "Adobe Online ID"). If you register (and you'll probably want to just for update notifications), you'll get some free services (2 GB of storage and some sharing functions).

As long as you download the .pdf file so you have access to help files when offline, and be aware of what any software company may be doing when they invite you to use the online extensions of their products. An over-reliance on online help files are what move this from a 5-star to a 4-star review.

This software can be complicated.I bought the basic Dummies book. After that I will probably consider the Photoshop Elements 10 book "Missing Manual". You can by it on amazon for 20 quid.

The software package (40 quid Amazon) for Elements 10 is very cheap, and it consists of 3 DVDs- One is for Windows users (Disc 1), one for Mac users (Disc 3). I was never prompted to do anything with the mysterious Disc 2.

I have read that this is the best photo-editing program available for under 100 quid. It will do most of the editing tasks that the full version of Photoshop does but at a fraction of the cost.

If you are serious (or semi-serious) about editing your photos I highly recommend that you purchase this. In addition, an important advantage of learning (and using) Elements is that if you decide to someday move up to the full version of Photoshop all the stuff you learned translates to the more expensive program. Also, there is alot of instructional material available online (most of it free!) and in books that will help you learn this program.

If you just want an easy program to use to edit a few photos now and then you can find cheaper software programs, and many online programs that are free. One good free online application is Sumo Paint.

New features in Elements 10 improving from Elements 9 is basically deal with organising your photos and some quick and easy templates and photo effects.nRegarding Elements 3-8 Users- it is recommended you upgrade to Elements 10 because there was a huge improvement between versions 8 and 9 (content aware, puppet warp, and the ability to add masks to layers).
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117 of 120 people found the following review helpful
on 18 October 2011
I have just purchased this software after finally giving up on Corel's Paint Shop Photo Pro X3 which I brought last year. I decided to change suites as the performance of the Corel software became unacceptable after I upgraded to a full frame DSLR body and the file sizes increased. That software slowed right down and crashed after every three or four edited pictures as it suffers memory leaks it seems. I had the previous version of that software that I got a couple of years previously and have now decided to 'switch camps'.

Anyhow, this software is as fast as you like even handling the 35mb RAW files my camera produces and there are no crashes or hangs (obviously having a decent PC is a must as the software is resource intensive). The tool set is good but I do hear from friends that it is no real improvement over Elements 9. I do like the fact that your workflow can be quick in this software even when editing each photo individually. There are a reasonable selection of automatic edits that you can do like colour correction and sharpening that actually work well.

The user interface/workspace trays required some reconfiguring for me but after about an hour I had the toolbars and palletes set up how I prefer them. Familiarity returned for me and I was soon able to do all the edits I used to do on my old software without the frustration and the pleasure cameback to editing for me.

I think if you haven't already got a recent version of Elements then this software is well worth the purchase and I found it worth changing from a competitor's product line.

For reference purposes, my PC specification is: Intel Pentium Dual Core 3.2ghz Processor, 3gb 1066mhz DDR2 RAM, 2 x 500gb Seagate Barracuda hard drives, Invidia Geforce 8800GTS 320mb graphics card and Windows 7 Professional operating system 32 bit. (This of course well over the minimum requirement for this software).
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271 of 280 people found the following review helpful
This is a review for Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 for the PC. It was tested on a machine using the following specification:

Machine: Dell Studio XPS 8100
Processor: Intel Core i3 2.93 GHz
Operating System: Windows 7 Professional, 64 bit
RAM: 4 GB (3.87 GB usable)
Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 240
Mouse: Logic wireless
Monitor: HP 2210i

I use Photoshop regularly at home and love its versatility. However, at school we can't afford to purchase the full blown package for every computer and Photoshop Elements allows us to do all of the main graphics editing tasks that the average user would require. Of course it doesn't have the massive functionality of Photoshop but unless you are a professional graphics designer, a serious photographer or artist then you probably won't ever use a lot of the features or tools.

Photoshop Elements offers a great range of tools from simple cropping, resizing, rotating and removing red-eye. Its colour correction tools are very useful for anyone who might have taken a less than perfect photograph. It has a smart brush tool and drop-in frames.

There are a great range of filters and special effects that you can apply to your work, for example making your image look like a watercolour, a pencil drawing, a mosaic or even stained glass. You can use masks for more detailed editing such as removing backgrounds from objects and seamlessly merging one photograph into another.

If you are new to graphics editing packages then you might find the tool icons a little daunting at first, the same with using layers. However, there are plenty of tutorials around that you can use to get you started. Once you know the basics it is easy to start just playing with the different tools and options to see what they actually do.

There is an organiser feature where you can store your photographs in albums. This makes them easy to catalogue, search, view and edit your photographs. You can also use the photographs in your organiser to create things such as photo books, slide shows, calenders and greetings cards.

If you are familiar with graphics editing packages, perhaps having used a competitive brand then you will recognise many of the tools instantly and it won't be much of a learning curve to make the transition over to Elements. If you have used the full blown Photoshop before then you will pretty much know how to use Elements immediately. However, some of the options are under different menus in the two packages.

This package will suit:
* photographers who want to be able to edit their images - it can deal with RAW files
* people who regularly used images but need to adapt them for their own needs e.g. website or blog authors
* graphics designers who don't need the full functionality of Photoshop
* people who want to have a go at creating their own images from scratch
* students who need to create or edit images for their school projects - my students have created some fabulous work that is both creative and wouldn't look out of place in one of the glossy magazines.

If you already have Elements 8 or 9 then it might not be worth upgrading to 10 as there aren't a huge amount of differences between the versions. However, if you have an older version or you want to try out an excellent graphics editing package then this one is excellent.
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15 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on 28 November 2011
Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 for Mac is still a very impressive program, and very good value for money. There are a few niggles, however. It has hardly evolved over several years and versions, particularly with regard to its interface, which is rather dull and not particularly intuitive. Another comment, which may sound a bit odd, is that it offers too much function for someone like me who is looking for significantly more capability than iPhoto, for instance, but doesn't want the complication associated with a comprehensive graphics editor. Adobe also behaves like Microsoft by trying to take over the administration of your Mac. These criticisms go alongside the fact that the interface is cluttered.
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37 of 38 people found the following review helpful
on 3 November 2011
I've used various versions of Photoshop for years and recently realised that my own copy was getting a bit long in the tooth. Now that I'm virtually retired I simply couldn't justify the hundreds of pounds to update to the latest version of CS5 so decided to try Photoshop Elements 10 to see if it would do most of the tasks needed in my now much reduced photography. To my surprise, once I had learned the new terms and rather simplistic consumer oriented approach, I was delighted to find that I could still do most of the fiddles to my pictures that the more comprehensive versions of Photoshop allow.

For anyone who wants to do a bit more than the usual photo adjusting programs provide Photoshop Elements 10 is a really worthwhile and affordable option. You can even try it first before you buy it - but you will probably find it cheaper to buy via Amazon!
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33 of 34 people found the following review helpful
on 1 November 2011
Photoshop Elements 10 (Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 (PC/Mac) is an impressive package. Overall the tools for organising and editing are easy to use. The organiser is very good and I particularly liked the integration with iPhoto - much improved on my previous version of this software (Elements 6).The face recognition software is also good giving accurate suggestions after just a couple of images. Simple editing functions are available on the organiser with the full suite of editing tools just one click away. The Editor gives me all the tools I need as an amatuer photographer at reasonable cost.

For information the software runs on my iMac (4GB, 2.66 GHz, Mac OS 10.7) and I currently have a catalog of about 20000 photographs - I have not had any significant speed problems when searching/selecting from the database.
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72 of 76 people found the following review helpful
on 6 December 2011
I have happily used Elements for a couple of upgrades now. Starting with 5 upgrading to 7 and thinking this was the best software of its type available. However I then upgraded to 9 on a Win 7 PC only to find the program has a bug. I use the Lasso tool a lot and in this version it causes the screen to blank and the marching ants disappear. You can continue your selection 'blind' or just give up in frustration.
I searched the internet and found this was a bug but no patch to cure it.
I then found that the same bug is present in version 10. No doubt this was already complete and awaiting release before the previous bug became apparent Adobe doesn't seem to even blush about this appalling customer treatment.
There are work arounds but why should you have to when you've just paid money for something that's supposed to function as its meant too.
I wonder if they are holding out to make everyone buy version 11 to get the cure? A patch would be the decent thing to do but that seems too much to expect. from Adobe.
Buy version 7 or 8 rather than 9 or 10 or wait until 11 is released, though check theforums before hand as they still might not have bothered to fix it.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
I bought this package to edit pictures taken with my Nikon D3100. In the past I'd got by with using the supplied editing programmes that were bundled with my cameras. I have come to Elements 10 "cold" and am in awe of its capability in a very short space of time. It installed without difficulty on my Intel i5, 10GB RAM, Windows 7 (64 bit) HP desktop. I have worked on both JPEGs and RAW files in Elements 10.

The first surprise is the extent to which the programme supports organisation of your pictures before you even start editing, and, it's very persistent about doing its bit! However, you get used to the Photoshop logic quite quickly.

The basic photo editing tools in Elements 10 are largely similar to those that I'd been used to using in the camera manufacturers software I'm used to. Functions such as cropping, lightening, darkening, red eye removal etc. are all there with varying degrees of adjustment possible and quickly become intuitive. The thing I like is that you have to be very deliberate about overwriting an original picture.

To me the broad functions of the programme are picture sizing, correction, masks/filters and photo surgery such as the removal of people/objects etc. - this is of course a gross simplification as you can even build images from scratch in Photoshop. However, a bit like the web itself you never seem to get to the edge of its complexity - you can go on and on honing your knowledge and skills. In fact, almost every time I use it I learn something new.

A part of my rationale for switching to Photoshop is also the fact, that like it is quite close to being the "De Facto" photo editing programme - many websites, magazines and photographic courses assume the use of Photoshop (Elements or the full blown version). I must admit I had a bit of help from the book Photoshop Elements 10 in Easy Steps by Nick Vandome (I've reviewed this book on the relevant page), however, the tutorials incorporated in Elements 10 are very good.

Overall, very good value for money when you see what it can do, Elements could, sometimes, be more intuitive but has good tutorials, supports a wide range of formats and produces very good results. I sometimes wonder what are we judging - the photographer's skill in the field, or, their ability to process the shot in Photoshop, but, that's a philosophical debate for another day! Recommended.
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24 of 25 people found the following review helpful
on 7 November 2011
This was my first purchase of Adobe Photoshop Elements and I have found it overall to be an impressive package. I have found the tools for organising and editing easy to use. I like the organiser which has simple editing functions available, and with the full suite of editing tools just a mouse click away. The Editor allows me all the tools I require as an amatuer photographer.
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67 of 71 people found the following review helpful
on 17 October 2011
I love elements 10! I wasn't sure whether to buy the full CS5 or just elements 10, as I still have CS4 I figured elements 10 on my MAC and CS4 on my PC would work fine and I have no regrets. The elements software is so much easier to use, so if you want simplicity but still plenty of editing options for your photo's then this is for you! I haven't touched my CS4 software since getting elements 10!
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