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VINE VOICEon 15 December 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a superb anti virus protection package.

It acts quickly and doesn't bog down, or even grind to a halt in some cases, your computer.

It has very easy to understand navigation pages and eye pleasing graphics and ensures real time treat protection with a virtually invisible footprint and nearly zero resource usage.

It does not interrupt other programmes with popups, doesn't weigh down your system with unnecessary add-ons and background activity and destroys threats quickly and quietly as you work, you will hardly notice that it's doing it's job.

It does all the usual stuff one would expect such as figting the war against viruses, trojans, worms, rootkits, polymorphic and information attacks.

It keeps out spywear, password and indentity theft attempts. It neutralises tracking softwear, botnets, keyloggers, adwear and backdoors.

It even provides first rate protection against crimewear, ransomewear, scarewear and scumwear all designed to embezzle you out of your money, well this product hammers them all.

I am massively impressed by this anti virus kit and it nocks others such as Norton and MacAfee etc into oblivion. I have a feeling that I won't be using anything else but this for quite a while yet.

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VINE VOICEon 11 December 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is one is a generous security kit - 4 PCs for 24 Months! AVG Internet Security 2012 has a new look and for the better.
Installation was a bit slow compared to Norton and Kaspersky, I am sure the problem is not my internet connection. At launch, you get to the overview scree. On the left sidebar are three links, overview, Scan Now and Update now.

This is what you get upon launching the Antivirus. It gives access to all components as follows: Antivirus, LinkScanner, Email Protection, Firewall, Anti-Rootkit, System Tools, PC Analyser, Identity Protection and Family Safety. Each component prominently shows whether or not it is active or disabled so any user will be able to tell if all is well or some components are disabled.

The Virus scanner is quite fast and does not slow d.own the PC. You use it to scan for all malware such as viruses, trojans, worms etc. For rootkits, you use the dedicated Anti-Rootkit component. The PC Analyser comes handy in that you do not need a separate Systems Cleaner Software. This tool will scan your PC for junk files, registry errors, fragmented files and broken shortcuts, displaying scan results for your action. I found 312 junk files, and 354 registry errors. The Defragmentation analysis takes quite something so you have to be patient on this one.

Email protection is great and incredibly easy. You just check/ uncheck to have your incoming. outgoing mail to be scanned. If you are an advanced user, you acn get your hands dirty in the advanced settings where you can cofigure various settings including incoming and outgoing mail server ports, work with email blacklists and whitelist. The Antispam is useless to say the list. I still got as much spam as before. However don't be hard on AVG even Kaspersky failed to fight span. Now don't be too hard on the both of them, spammers are becoming too clever, as I see that they now combine all the words to form one long word but they know you can still read (if you want, I don't, I just delete) and you cannot create any words to be used by your antispam as you wont guess all the combinations they will create!

The LinkScanner is really great. I tested it (risking my PC security) by going to websites that are listed on Antispam websites as well as those websites that play by the rules. For spam sites, the link scanner used yellow to red icons depending on how dangerous the site is rated by AVG. Hovering on the link gives further information including possible activities on the bad guy's site. For the good websites, the linkscanner showed a green icon. So it's upto you to either continue or change your mind. You are still protected (if you selected to be protected) while surfing and you will get an alert should something suspicious come along.

This is a top security software, and I recommend it. I just wish AVG works on the Antivirus scanner as it tends to give more false positives comapred to the other sotware I have used like Kaspersky and Norton.
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on 19 February 2012
I went for the paid version a few years ago as I decided there are times when you need customer support. My first experience was trying to get AVG to accept my wireless printer. The help offered was in computerspeak and I got nowhere. Then an AVG upgrade clashed with its predecessor and I had to return my system to factory settings! I spoke to someone on the phone this time and it was diagnosed. Recently another upgrade threw up threat messages that turned out to be false positives but stopped various programmes from working. Contacting AVG has become much harder. The email option had allegedly gone and the phone line was a long wait so I tried email chat. This was torture. The person at the other end was obviously dealing with other customers so there was up to 20 minutes between replies. He tried to sell me another service and then after 90 minutes of this had obviously forgotten what my problem was. I tried to use the old email help address and got an automated reply that this was no longer functioning but then I did get a reply! This person started to help me but wanted files sent that were too big for my server, and Gmail refused to send. I sent them an email to tell them this and heard nothing. I have emailed five times since and still received nothing. So I've taken AVG off my computer. Giving Avast a try instead. Seems good at the moment. Sorry for the tirade and thank you for listening!
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Having used AVG 2012 for a month I have to say I avery impressed with its stability and easy to understand user interface. It hasn't slowed down my computer like previous programs I have used but I found the pop-up messages annoying until I figured out how to configure them. Defintely better than Panda and Kaspersky ans less problematic and memory heavy than Norton on my mums system.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 30 December 2011
I have been using AVG Internet Security 2011 for some while now and was pleased to see it upgrade and install in the background to the 2012 version. This is good news for those like me with time left on their AVG Internet Security 2011 licences as AVG do not require the purchase of the new product. Be sure to renew your product only when due as other reviewers have said the new licence starts from the day you renew not the dater the old licence expires.

That said, most of the changes between the two versions are under the hood with few significant features added. The main difference is that this new version impinges even less on the system than the previous one and runs quietly in the background at all times.

The product consists of the following modules:
Anti Virus
Linkscanner (web browser online protection)
Email protection
Anti Rootkit
System Tools
Identity protection
Family Safety (online censorship) - in app purchase
LiveKive (online cloud storage) - in app purchase

There are refreshingly few of the annoying status and other messages that some Security Suites love to throw up. Scan times are fast and do not slow down the computer when in progress. AVG fares well in all the major comparative tests with rival products both for ease of use and quality of protection. All the basics of protection are present and work well.

There are some issues however. The Game mode, designed to prevent system slow down when gaming, can leave the PC unprotected and perhaps is too easily selected and forgotten. The system tools provide information about under the hood goings on with the PC but do not explain what they are or allow you to act on the information. The Linkscanner and SearchShield features seems not to be installed on my version of the Chrome browser - although I do see it on Firefox and IE. The Identity Protection modile frequently fails to load and most days I have to open the application and switch it on manually, a process which often takes several minutes. The Family Safety, internet censorship, and LiveKive, online storage, features both require the purchase of new products before they can be enabled.

The integral firewall, although working perfectly well, does feel to me like a separate product that has been shoehorned in. Also, it relies very heavily on preset permissions which tend to allow all applications to connect to the internet. I prefer to decide for myself which processes connect to the internet and I feel this should be the default setting.

The Good

All the key elements of protection are present
Rapid scan times
Low impact on system performance
Free upgrade to latest version of the product
Firewall and other modules can be disabled

The Bad

The Identity Protection module frequently needs to be loaded manually
Firewall relies heavily on preset rules and is not easily changed
Firewall feels like a separate product shoehorned in
Game Mode is easy to select and can leave the PC unprotected
Linkscanner and SearchShield seems not to work with later Chrome browser builds
LiveKive feature requires separate purchase
Family Safety feature requires separate purchase

This is a good workmanlike software suite that offers good protection but the non standard features require a separate purchase. It has a low impact on system performance and runs quietly and effectively in the background.
The price for four licences over two years is a real bargain. If you have multiple PC's at home then you will not get a batter buy
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on 16 December 2011
I have tried other anti virus packages over the years (including Norton and McAfee but didn't like the fact they seemed to slow my computers down). After trying several other free offerings I ended up staying with and becoming a fan of AVG Free (Anti Virus). I had been using the free version of AVG Anti Virus for some years on Windows XP and recently on Windows 7 machines when I decided to go for this paid version of the full AVG Internet Security software - yes it adds more protection (such as a firewall) in one software package but primarily because it was licensed for use on four PC's and buying through Amazon was a cheaper option than buying elsewhere.

The software disk arrived quickly and as described and unlike some others I had no problems installing from the disc onto Windows 7 based machines. That said, after going for the default installation at initial setup the firewall component that is included caused me connection problems on my Acer desktop PC (Windows 7) because of the default settings it used on my LAN/Internet connection. After a fair bit of head scratching (even though I know what I'm doing when it comes to computers and despite trying to make sense of the default settings the software had applied) I did away with the firewall component to avoid further problems (I have gone back to Zone Alarm Free for my firewall protection software).

There is a PC Checkup or Tuneup component to the software which I would not recommend that you use and if you do, double check that it hasn't removed or corrected settings crucial to making your system and your installed software work - I have used it twice (on two different windows based machines - xp and win 7) and on both occasions it "corrected" settings that actually made some of my installed software not run or function correctly at all. Needless to say the undo feature was used to correct this components unhelpful mistakes.

I subsequently opted to install using a custom installation so I could choose which components of the security software to put on my machine and I chose all apart from the pc checkup/tuneup component and firewall component. Every other part of the software has worked flawlessly for me and as expected and required without any undue system slow down or problems and prior experience has shown me that AVG anti virus has proven to be reliable protection to have on your system.

That all said, and having compared the paid version of AVG Internet Security compared to the free version of AVG anti virus I had been using, and the fact I chose not to install the Firewall component of the software, there is a part of me that does ask whether I may have been better off sticking with AVG Free since the level of protection I have ended up with in this paid version isn't necessarily offering any greater advantage (other than technical support and a paid update subscription though free updates come with the free version in any case).

In conclusion I have always been a fan of AVG products so I am basically happy given the cost of the software, so four stars as its doing it job, but a star off for the troublesome firewall component and seemingly unreliable and potentially problem causing PC tune up component.

Would I buy it again when the two year subscription runs out with this? Probably but only if the free version of the AVG anti virus software is no longer available direct from AVG.
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on 11 December 2011
AVG provides strong protection coupled with light use of my computer's resources. Additionally, it has free tech support for if I run into an issue. I would never use anything except AVG.
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VINE VOICEon 13 December 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I buy this software every year for my PC and every year I find it does a really good job, and for a great price.

This version is no different, it is very easy to install, does not slow down my computor and runs easily in the background keeping you safe!

Brilliant internet security!
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on 27 December 2011
I have used a range of anti-virus products to safeguard a number of computers. Based on effectiveness, use of memory, consistency and convenience to consumer, I must admit that AVG stands out. I strongly recommend it to anyone who wishes to have a safe system.
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on 12 May 2012
This is necessrily long, in order to correct some impressions of other Reviews.
First, I am pleased with the Value For Money. It does what it says on the box. However, I cannot give a full 5 stars, due to issues with "Paid For" additions, described later.
INSTALLATION. I believe that others reviewing here may not have read and fully understood the difference between a SALES Number and a LICENCE Number. The Sales No. is printed on the rear of the disc box, and is used in Registering the product, then obtaining the Licence No, which is emailed to the purchaser during Registration. The best way to install is this: -
* UNINSTALL any and all Internet Security, Anti Virus or Malware programmes already on your PC, before attempting to install AVG.
* REGISTER FIRST - go to [...]
* Complete the Web Form with the requested details.
* Enter the SALES NUMBER from the disc box rear.
* You will be given a LICENCE NUMBER. It will also be e mailed to the address you entered in the Web Form.
* Copy it to paste later, and/or write it down. I did both, and checked it on installation.
* Exit Registration, close any open browser and find the AVG installation disc.
* Install the AVG disc. If it loads, the Installation will begin.
* Enter the LICENCE NUMBER when requested. Type it into the box, not forgetting to type in a dash (-) between the sets of characters.
If the disc does not load automatically, open it from Windows Explorer (XP) or Libraries > DVD drive (Windows 7)
In (DVD drive) open folder "Win Client" . Open File "x64" for 64-bit systems or "x32" for 32 bit systems.
Open/Install the programme.
If you still have problems, open browser and go to [...]
This is the site for UK customers: anything else may take you outside the UK.
At this point, I received the message 'The AVG Installation has determined that your version of Firefox is out of date. Please update Firefox and return to Installation." This was incorrect, as I found when I opened Firefox to find that it was the latest version. I returned to the Installation and had no further problems.
EXTRAS Open "Components" in the AVG screen and you will see the extras that can be further installed.
"Mobilation" - "Family Safety" and "Live Kive".
Mobilation has 3 components, only one of which, Android, can be used for your Mobile device. Win Phone and iOS are available 'later'. Android is of course, free. I don't think the others will be.
Family safety is £13 for 3 licences, 1 year. Live Kive has file Backup,Synchronisation across PC's, remote Access and Share Large Files. Most if not all of these are available free in Windows, with a little work.
The expensive "Extras" are my reason for 4 stars, but I found the actual Internet Security to be good VFM.
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