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on 9 January 2013
Having just ordered my 2nd batch I can say with confidence that this stuff (in conjunction with my new workout regime) has worked well for me thus far.
Taking a shake about an hour after each meal, in the last month my weight has increased just shy of a stone.
I think it's important to note that my workouts have me 'burning/aching' every time. Not sure how key this is to my body absorbing the protein but I have used protein in the past with poor results. I rarely pushed myself back then though.
Also worth mentioning is that I use 3/4 of their recommended measure per shake with slightly more liquid. I tried 2 scoops in 300ml of water (their recommendation on the tub) and it was practically solid in consistency. 330ml and 1.5 scoops gives a nice smooth viscosity that's a lot easier to down.
I really like their vanilla flavour too. I have yet to try one with milk but with cold water they are very palatable and have become something I look forward to every time.
Initially bought this because of the low price and large size, will buy out of preference now.

Edit 2:
I would advise upon delivery that you get a wooden spoon and give the contents a good stir before use because the 2nd batch I have, initially tasted very different to the first (It carried a slightly chalky taste and a stodgier texture). After stirring the contents it was a lot sweeter, more flavoursome, smoother in texture and generally in-line with the first batch.

Edit 3: [New Packaging]
Before, it would arrive in a box which was virtually the same size as the tub and in my experience the delivery driver would hand it over in an orientation that had the tub on its side.
Now though the box is much bigger, the tub now stands upright during transit and is suspended and surrounded by air-pillows. Consequently I didn't need to stir this batch. So-far it tastes perfect and is consistently smooth.
It mixes perfectly of-late too; I don't get any lumps any more.
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on 4 February 2012
Pro's -
1. Great Price!
2. Great taste
3. Great amount of calories, protein and other nutrients for muscle gains
4. Doesn't bloat you unlike other weight gainers

Cons -
1. In my experience, it doesn't mix all that good, I always end up with lumps, no matter how long/hard I shake. Also powder tends to stick to the side of the (in my case) shaker and doesn't come off unless scraped
2. Personally i'm not too fond on the thick consistency (with milk it's more like a food)

Overall -
Although it doesn't mix amazingly and the consistency isn't always to my liking, this is just my personal experience, but don't let it put you off! Because it get's the job done, contains high protein and calories and other nutrients just like it says, tastes good, unlike other weight gainers and also doesn't upset your stomach. The price is FANTASTIC! and the next day delivery (FREE!) rules! I've noticed dramatic gains in strength from drinking this product and is in my opinion one of the best weight gainers on the market today!

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on 12 December 2014
By far the best tasting shake ever!!! The only suggestion I would have is use a blender as if you hand shake it with say a mix ball you will get a powder bit in your mouth and give you an aftertaste you will never forget.. I give 4 stars only for the use of sucralose which is a very grey area sugar substitute. Its basically the new aspartame that every weight gainer and protein shake is now using.. Several science experiments on rats has shown tumor growth and cancer as well as enlargening of the organs.. However most of the sucralose doesn't stay in the body for long depending on how much there is but that we don't know...

On regards to performance I have no idea yet as i've used for 2 days I will re edit later to comment on this. I have a very fast metabolism and my weight is going from 11 -12 stone all the time, hopefully this will help consistent weight gain. Can not emphasise the great taste, however it does fill you up a lot which is one thing I have to say and I only drink half of the 160g suggested serving and I struggle to drink it all.

I recommend using half servings in the morning and after workout. Unless you can handle the full serving then I salute you, but be aware that you can only use 30 grams of protein an hour any more of that will be wasted i.e. using the full 160g and 55 grams of protein. Another reason why I split the serving. Never tried vanilla shakes before and usually go for strawberry but im happy I chose vanilla here.. With very cold milk it tastes like melted ice cream very thick texture. I use semi skimmed milk. Beware of lumps though if you don't use a blender... Oh also I got a free drink bottle which was unexpected and nice :)
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on 22 February 2013
I have only been using this shake for almost a week and I have already gained a couple of pounds. The flavour tastes just like a vanilla milkshake with milk which is great. To all the people that are complaining about it being lumpy and lots left at the bottom, it can be avoided, simply put you milk/water in first then add the powder and shake thoroughly. I would also recommend using 1 and a half scoops and 350 ml water instead of the 2 scoops and 300ml it recommends on the tub. Overall great would definitely buy again.
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on 2 January 2014
Tried this weight gainer over the last couple of months (had two tubs so far) and have to say that you certainly put on some bulk, with an extra 1000 cal a day onto your diet, I workout between 4 and 6 times a week and can definitely see a difference, you will put on a little bit of fat but that is always the way when you bulk up, but as long as you're working out hard snd eating right it will only be a small amount compared to the muscle. Would def recommend this product. I'm now about to start cutting back my calories and Will try the Hench whey protein, which I will also review in a couple of months.
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on 11 July 2014
As soon as I ordered this product the very friendly and helpful Hench Team contacted me my text to confirm receipt of the order. I was texted again when the product was dispatched later that day with a delivery date for the following day.

The product turned up on time and with a nice little leaflet for other Hench products and a discount code (a nice touch).

I've used tons of protein and this is as good as the top end products that cost double. It tastes good, mixes well and delivers a huge amount of protein.

Keep up the great work Hench Team.
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on 19 January 2013
I've reviewed the strawberry flavour and added the chocolate flavour on a previous review, check it out for details.

This review is down to flavouring, taste and effectiveness.

I believe its worked, my gains have developed noticibly, my weight has boosted gaining 14 pounds in a month and a half, including bulking. It is high in carbs and sugar and is not just a protein based supplement, its for bulking.

The flavour isn't 100% vanillia, its hard to explain but it tastes like the chocolate flavour or it has the same after taste, a kinda nutty esscence. A very strange after taste is left.
Giving that, you get occasional lumps, thickness from using the large scoop and you need to take twice a day min for results. No half bothered scoops or servings.

But the only problem is flavour, its nice, its better than most shakes, tastes like a shave even with water instead of milk, but the nutty esscence reminds me of chocolate or vice versa.

Tbh, stick to strawberry, its 100% unique tasting and goes down well (still lumps, thickness etc) but over all, whatever your taste in flavouring is, it will do the job well.
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on 18 February 2015
After using this product for a number of months I have noticed a massive increase in weight and muscle mass which others have noticed also. I do alot of walking for work and needed the increased calorie intake and couldn't find anything better to do the job especially at the price and how quick this is delivered is second to none. Personally I have a high metabolism and when out I am unable to sit down and have a meal so having this with me in the car is perfect it took straight to muscles in all areas and although I don't have an extreme work out regime this stuff didn't hold back and I put a stone on in a couple of months with no extra fat! If your looking for a gainer to help build muscle mass this is what you need. I prefer the vanilla as has a sweeter taste and use whole milk which helps absorb the protein into your system. Thanks hench for an awesome product.
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on 5 July 2014
Best powder iv ever brought or tasted! Amazing powder all the nutritional values are great, loads of calories which is quite hard to find and the portion size is really manageable so the tub lasts for ages. Cal for portion size this is easily the best on the market. So far put on a stone in a month pretty much all muscle so no complaint :) I normally can't stand the taste of shakes but went with vanilla and it tastes amazing i actually look forward to my shakes, tastes like a toffee sunday. Very minimal lumping with a shaker and none with a blender. Been through a lot of high cal powders and finally found a good one deffinatly buying again and again.
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on 16 August 2014
My son has used this product for around 2 months and I have to say it is good. His weight has increased with extra muscle and this is pleasing as he has always struggled to gain weight. The product tastes good and is easy to drink.
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