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4.1 out of 5 stars380
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 9 July 2012
Killing Cupid from the Voss/Edwards writing duo is the story of wannabee writer Alex, who develops an unhealthy obsession with his tutor Siobhan, and believing he is in love begins to stalk her. Separate chapters cover Alex's viewpoint of the story and then Siobhan's as the story develops.

The thing with this novel as a single woman and a woman who lives alone, is that it does give you the actual creeps as you read it. He lurks in her house unseen, hiding in her wardrobe, he deletes an email which would positively effect her career, and buys her gifts with her own credit card. Alex is a seriously delusional human being who thinks of the day when she "invites him to move in" not as a fantasy or hope but states it in his journal as a certain fact. This is a good portrait of a stalker who in almost every case genuinely believe the object of their affection does or could welcome their attentions.

But, as Alex's behaviour pushes Siobhan to crack under the strain, her own breakdown brings about a whole new chain of events.

The central intelligence of Killing Cupid is that it takes what would commonly be known as the standard chick lit plot "boy meets girl, misunderstandings and obstacles ensue, happy ending" and perverts it making it a subversive version of that sort of novel, like a twisted reflection in a black mirror, the dark side of human emotion. It's like an anti-chick lit, chick lit, behaviours that can seem endearing in those sorts of novels, finding out where someone lives to try and "bump into them" become not the sweet fare of a Hugh Grant love story, but a woman's worst nightmare.

I also found Siobhan's initial response to Alex's withdrawal believable, what woman hasn't felt threatened when someone who said they were in love with you, seems to move on with someone you view as lesser? I think all women have felt that.

Naturally, at the extreme ends of the novel, particularly the end there is a lack of credulity, but in a way this is a necessary evil to complete the journey of the happy go lucky romcom novel through a distorted lens into a murky, seedy world of misfits and danger.

I really enjoyed this novel, the questions it posed about human responses and Alex freaked me out which he was duly supposed to do. I can think of people I know who would like this novel too, and can see why it would be popular. 9/10
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on 22 November 2015
I am already a fan of the successful combination of the Louise Voss & Mark Edwards writing partnership, if you enjoy psychological thrillers you can't go too far wrong. As I work my way through all of their books I have found nothing ever (so far) gets me scoring below 4 stars so these books offer me reading consistency. Killing Cupid was not my favourite book from the writing duo but still a damn good entertaining read.

What I love about these books is how close to home many of the plots can be, most can be quite realistic and y not so far-fetched that you can't imagine it happening to someone in everyday life. That is sometimes where the chill factor comes in to play, thinking what if...

When Alex Parkinson joins a creative writing class, he soon realises that he and his tutor, Siobhan McGowan, are meant to be together. Alex will do anything to be with her. Like buying her designer clothes and lingerie...with her own credit card. Like breaking into her house and reading her diary. Like threatening her ex-boyfriend – and watching his love rival plummet from a rooftop.

But when Alex finally admits defeat and seeks solace elsewhere, Siobhan decides to take revenge. How dare he lose interest in her? He picked the wrong woman to stalk then just back off! As their lives begin to unravel and the past closes in, Alex and Siobhan embark on a collision course that threatens to destroy both themselves and everyone around them...

This is one of those plots where you are certain it's heading in a predicable manner and you know more or less how it might end up. But wait, this is a Voss and Edwards book therefore there is going to be a twist, or two or three and there is indeed. For me it's the twist in this book that really made it very interesting, it's unexpected and I love surprises.

I didn't find this as fast paced as some other books but the writing is solid and the plot keeps you well interested in what is going on. I found it clever how in this book my feelings about main characters fluctuated around, my first impressions were certainly not my last. This is a solid read that would entertain not only the fans but anybody new to their work.

4 stars from me for Killing Cupid!
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on 7 July 2012
When I got into this book, which was quickly I was brought into a world of a young man infatuated with his teacher leading him into headlong into the world of becoming a stalker. It was an intense longing for the man to stop his dangerous actions, that tortures the reader. It is a chilling account of the psychopathy of the stalker and the lengths they would go to to achieve their goals. There is a great twist in the story at the end and like real life there is no happy conclusion. Overall a brilliant psychological book, that is best left alone by the emotionally unstable. All the rest enjoy the rollercoaster ride.
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on 1 August 2012
This book was recommended to me on Twitter by the one and only Peter James of all people. Well, with this in mind I had no choice but to read it. I'm normally a person who won't read on unless someone is brutally murdered by paragraph 3 but something in this book hooked me! It's an intriguing read and I was surprised to find myself turning over page after page ( i read in in 5 hours but I am a quick reader). All I can say is 'thanks Peter, that was a recommendation and a half'.
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on 28 January 2012
It wasn't my usual favourite format for a book.. I am usually into the darker detective type thrillers however I absolutely loved this book and thought the authors did a fantastic job. You got to know the two main characters inside out and it took me on a journey where I started off with very little sympathy for Alex, almost fearing for Siobhan and what could happen to her. I couldn't put it down, having to read chapter after chapter consistently to see where it all went wrong. Slowly the scenario changes and in some way, shocked me, as you found Alex becoming 'the normal one' and Siobhan becoming more and more erratic. Their emotions to each other changed and kept the reader drawn in, wondering when it would all come crashing down for both of them. The style of writing, along with each chapter being written from the other characters perspective, really made this book work. Definitely one to read and one I would recommend. It offers a fascinating insight into emotions, human interaction and just how far someone is prepared to go 'in the name of love'
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on 6 February 2012
This book started off really well and was really enjoying it until about half way through when i thought it started to get a bit daft. I finished the book and ended up going to sleep with a smile on my face but dont know whether that was because it was so silly, a happy ending or just glad to have finished it. Probably worth a read if you have time on your hand but wouldn't go out of my way to recommend to a friend.
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on 19 July 2015
The concept of the development of a relationship between stalker and victim is fascinating, and this book could have been excellent. However to make this plot believable, i needed a lot deeper insight into the characters. Both exhibited very unusual behaviour, and it is hard to engage without understanding why. There were some references to Alex having a poor relationship with his mother, but this wasn't developed. Siobhan is presented as a regular woman, yet behaves incredibly oddly without explanation. I agree with the reviews that have described this as chick lit, and that's fine, as long as the plot and subject is appropriate to the genre. This book deals with murder, violence, stalking, and characters exhibiting signs of psychological disturbance, in a style that is too superficial for the subject matter. Careless errors and a very basic style of writing. Disappointing.
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on 13 January 2016
I enjoyed this book, but not as much as other books by these authors. It started out very good. Siobhan is being stalked by Alex and things get very scary, with Alex breaking into her house and hiding in the wardrobe, stealing her credit card details and sending her presents that she has paid for herself. Suddenly Siobhan and Alex have a complete personality swap. Alex finds a new girlfriend and settles into a 'normal' life, while Siobhan becomes a mean minded stalker, stalking Alex and his girlfriend because she is jealous and angry that Alex has lost interest in her. I found this completely unbelievable, like the fact that Siobhan didn't contact the police when she first discovered she was being seriously stalked. I also found the ending a little bit of a let down. It was not as good as previous books by this writing duo, but still a book I quite enjoyed.
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on 16 March 2011
Anybody who's ever been stalked, and that's a huge number of us apparently, will find this novel fascinating. It's a very well written, interestingly constructed, story that examines the close relationship between love and hate. Through the alternating first person narratives we get close to Alex and Siobhan, closer than we feel comfortable with in many places, but all the more compelling because of that. Do we get any nearer to understanding stalkers? Yes, I think we do. Driven, as they are, by Cupid's arrow, which makes all of us behave in ways we wish we never had at times, I found myself having more empathy for Alex and Siobhan than maybe a dedicated 'stalker' in real life would ever warrant, enabling me to get under their skins and think more deeply about this phenomenon. Quite an achievement and highly recommended.
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on 4 July 2015
This is the first book I’ve read by Mark Edwards and Louise Voss. I’d heard such wonderful things about the two of them I was excited to dig into this, just randomly picking this one. However, the more I read the stranger this book seemed. The characters didn’t make much sense, the way they acted, the way the reacted, the way their personalities seemed to do a 180. The story never really gripped me or gave me the chills, like some of the other reviewers have commented. It got to the point that at the end I just skimmed the last third of the book to see what happened. And then the ending seemed even stranger and came out of nowhere. I think I will give the authors another chance, after hearing all the fabulous reviews for Magpies, so that’s what I’ll read next. I would not recommend this book though.
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