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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars52
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 16 February 2012
In the first book of the three 'Grey Eyes' Anastasia Adams is just a normal fifteen year old, except for the fact her and her mother are constantly on the run and she isn't allowed any friends. One night her mother gets attacked by a vampire and Anastasia is whisked off to live in the mansions of Brighton, Mass. She's the heir of Merline, the first witch therefore making her a princess. All seems to be going well, she has friends, family and a boy that likes her that's until He turns up, the boy with the green eyes. His name's Tristan and he tells her something that changes everything that is keeping Anastasia, well, Anastasia. She's forced to make a choice keep the life that she is currently living or run away with Tristan? Her choice will not only affect her but the entire Haven...

In the second book 'Brown Eyes' the Vampires have declared war against the Witches, it's up to Anastasia to kill the Source, the First vampire Daemon. She feels pressurised after London tells her she's the only one that can change what's happened between the vampires and witches. She's given three days to fix the wrong. With some help of her long lost daughter, Nadia, it seems that everything may be okay but everything seems to slowly fall apart after a shocking revelation...

In the last book 'Angel Eyes' a fallen angel, Leia, has promised to help Anastasia win the war, little does she know that Leia has an ulterior motive, she wants Tristan. With the three days up will Anastasia succeed and finally gain passage into heaven and leave everyone she loves behind, making the ultimate self-sacrifice or will she crack and follow Tristan into the woods once more? With both the viewpoints of Tristan and Ana, the last book makes for a thrilling conclusion to this amazing series.

Delete Twilight and Fallen from your Kindle and download Forever, it makes you laugh, gasp and gives you the occasional tear. It's worth £2.61! Download NOW.
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on 22 March 2012
I read all three book and loved them, great story, well written......until I get to the end and guess what it ends on a cliff hanger.... in fact did it end? I have re-read the last few pages expecting I must have missed something? maybe it didnt all down load? The books are good, but if there are 3 books in a series make it 3 books! I expect there will be a book some time in the future! Dissapointed really The Complete Forever Trilogy needs a book 4!
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on 26 April 2014
WTF! I have never been so annoyed yet sad at the end of a book. This trilogy had the potential to be the best I've ever read because it's different, and not the typical vampire books where the vampires are all beautiful and good, and the main character wants to become one, no, this trilogy was different and that's what I liked so much about it.

I actually bought the first book for free before I bought the whole trilogy because buying the trilogy was cheaper as the second book only 80 pages and wasn't worth the whole money as it didn't turn out to be as good as the first book. My favourite of the books was of course the first, it was so interesting, that it had me reading in to the early morning. I didn't anticipate London's also being an angel or Aiden`s and her death, I liked both their characters, and had this idea in my head that London, Aiden, Ana and Tristen would find a cure and live happily ever after, well boy was I wrong. I didn't enjoy the second book as I thought it was rushed and too short.

The third book wasn't as good as the first, but I did enjoy it. Ana did get on my nerves a bit being depressed and the relationship between her and Darren, I couldn't see her love for him like the way the writer explains her love for Tristen, and yet she keeps choosing Darren, I could see Darrens love for her but I just couldn't see it in her. But what really annoyed me was THE ENDING OF THIS TRILOGY, I was like WTF JUST HAPPENED. First the so called 'fight' with Daemon, I expected it to be this HUGE fight with fists and magic and fangs, but yet again I was wrong and it ruined the book. And then she died and went to Heaven? I'm not even sure, was that old man God?, I was confused, and then did the world reset? What happened I thought the world would carry on that she would go back to Heaven and FINALLY have a happily ever after with Tristen, but that didn't happen. It was like the world reset and everybody was reborn, but she couldn't go to heaven so she has to stay on earth alone forever, but why she didn't do anything wrong, she killed daemon didn't she she righted her wrong so why isn't she in heaven. And right at the end Tristen comes for her, I thought the fifty year old Aiden said he dies at 17? Did he not die, is he still a vampire, is he an angel? As glad as I am they they ended up together I'm just so confused still so many questions un answered.

But although the ending was totally confusing for me the trilogy was really good, and that's why I gave it 4 stars, but I'm still confused, so if anybody has the answered to my questions and actually understood the ending please tell me.

Reviewed by: DW
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on 18 June 2012
I got really addicted to this book and couldnt wait to the end to see what happens but when i did reach the end i found it to be a disappointment. There was no real ending to it i thought maybe they lefted it so they could write a 4th book but after searching i realised that they wasnt planning to. If you like twilight and the fallen series then its worth a read just dont expect to much from the ending.
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on 29 July 2012
Never done a review before but just finished this and thought it was a fantastic read and kept be going right until the end.

It has a great love story in it which always keeps you guessing!

I would say anyone one who likes a book with romance with a bit of supernatural would love this book!
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on 31 May 2013
There is no words to describe to describe how I felt after reading this book... It has made me feel such strong emotions it nearly made me cry on occasions. Thinking about all that Ana when through is tormenting. The last chapter was really heart breaking, and the loneliness she must have felt over them years is unimaginable. At last she achieved her purpose and she could move on knowing no vampire could ever come back and haunt the Earth. She had her heart broken a thousand times over watching the love of her life live on without her. Brandon Alston, Quinteria Ramey I hope that one day I will be able to write as convincingly and with as much emotion as you do. I have no regrets buying this book, please read it if you want a tale of soul mates you will never ever forget...
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on 28 August 2012
What an amzing trilogy. The chracters are so real and you get so engrossed with the story line that you feell like you are on the journey with them. I could not put it down at all. One of my favourite books. Loved it. Another must read.
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on 10 August 2013
i think this series was amazing! don't judge this series on what people say, it's an amazing series. it's got some funny parts in it, sad parts and happy parts in it and some really good twists which i enjoyed. once i picked this series up i couldn't put it down again and is finally one of the best series I've ever read :) loved the ending it was so nice that they found each other again :')

some of it did remind me of twilight with the vampires and stuff, and i thought the authors could have made the second book longer and lengthened the ending with Tristan and Ana but apart from that i LOVED this series,

would recommend to 13 year olds like me and teenagers and
definitely worth the money :D
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on 30 September 2012
I have to say that I have enjoyed this series immensely. I downloaded it onto my kindle to take on holiday and it kept me going whilst laying by the pool!! Couldn't wait to pick up the next book. It's also great buying all of them together. You know then that you have the whole series so when you finish one it's straight onto the next one. It was also very interesting the way the series ended!!
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on 30 December 2013
I was so gutted when it ended! I loved reading this and was happy to purchase the rest of the books because it was truly worth the money. The story, the characters and the books were amazing!!! I literally couldn't put my kindle down I was that eager to know what happened next! I would definitely recommend this book and if I could I would give it more than five stars!
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