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4.2 out of 5 stars166
4.2 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Change
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VINE VOICEon 24 May 2012
Platform: Xbox 360|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This game was grabbed purely for my 9 yo son, he has FIFA 11 & 12 and various other football titles so he's kind of the expert on this. But I have to say since we got it he's been playing it exclusively....He loves the tricks the player can do and the speed of the game plus the fact that there are lots of different types of match that you can play - plus he has loads of fun just customising players. He says also one of the reasons he likes it is because this is more like how he and his friends play footy. I watched him playing a few games and have to say it pretty frantic action, you can't let you guard down or the opposing team will score. Anyway he enjoys it - so recommended
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Platform: Xbox 360|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I got FIFA Street for my 16 year old son, and he has loved this game. I've also played it, and what's immediately obvious that it whilst it's essentially the same game as normal FIFA games, it's much faster and thus more fun. There are any number of tricks that can be carried out, and both these and scoring spectacular goals take some practice, but are fairly easy to master.

As it is faster paced than normal FIFA, that means that you can't relax for a second, unlike in say FIFA 12 - do so, and you'll be in trouble! But when it's this much fun to play, then that isn't going to happen. Great fun, and highly recommended.
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on 21 March 2012
Having played Futsal at university for the past 3 years, the announcement of a new fifa street and it's more realistic approach was quite exciting. Bringing the FIFA 12 engine into Street made a lot of sense and it seemed to be the game I'd been wishing for.. for years.

However, the new FIFA Street has been a very ambivalent experience. The basic game-play struggles from a number of technical issues and the modes feature various annoyances that leave the overall game feeling unpolished. This is even more prominent when playing the game on the higher difficulties, where the computer AI seems adept at exploiting all the games flaws.

Defending/tackling isn't well done. You'll make plenty of clean tackles on a player and still not get the ball for some reason. It's clear the game's emphasis is on dribbling and attacking play, but it means if you don't have the ball you often feel unequipped to deal with people and ultimately watch more than you play. Sometimes it works, but often it doesn't. If you played FIFA 12 then you're probably aware of the 'Player Impact Engine' and all the annoying clashes it produced. These are even more prominent in Street, meaning that people are constantly falling over or bumping into people - focusing the game heavily on players that are tall and strong. Again, all of these issues become most apparent on the harder difficulties.

Passing is quite inaccurate and often is just used as a reserve tactic if you can't beat the player - which is in style with the game, but it's unfortunate you can't really play a passing game - as it's a fundamental element of any type of football. Shooting also ranges dramatically, where sometimes it's pinpoint sharp from range with poor players - to literally not being able to score an open goal with a player with max stats. I could deal with it being one or the other, but pressing the shoot button is more like rolling dice - you rarely feel responsible for scoring a good goal. The goalkeeping suffers from similar issues.. sometimes they are impossible to score against and others embarrassingly useless.

The dribbling is well implemented and can be quite fun once you master some advanced tricks. It's easily the best part of the game and lucky that it focuses so heavily on it. But I can't help but wonder why the other elements are so poor? They wouldn't have to compromise on dribbling in order to make passing, defending and shooting more important. I can even live with game-play issues (you just play around them right?) but the biggest problem is that all of the issues are so inconsistent. Ultimately, when you're doing well it feels hollow and when you're doing badly, it feels cheap and punishing.

It's not just the game-play either, the game is riddled with little issues - most of which aren't big problems in themselves - but leave everything overall feeling a bit jagged. The game's focus is on World Tour mode, but there's way too many tournaments and not enough single events. The tournaments are just like any single event, but can be as long as 7 matches in the same pitch - which just gets really boring. Considering FIFA Street allows for lots of variables in game type, number of players, pitch size, rules - surely you'd want to make the most of that by constantly switching up the play from match to match? But even with that poor balance - there aren't really a huge range of events so you'll blaze through it. It really doesn't have much longevity.

Leveling up your characters is a grind too. You'll level up every 1-2 matches, meaning you have to go to a separate menu and individually attribute points. It's an okay system, but you have to do it so often that it just feels annoying. Especially considering that each time you level up, the amount of points you get doesn't allow you to do much. The difficulty is also wildly spiked. Easy is.. too easy (but probably the only place the game is 'fun'), medium feels do-able but you often get screwed by the game's cheap AI and Hard can sometimes be masochistic. Again, it's not so much that the game is 'Hard' but more so that you feel cheated by the game's mechanics and wild bias on the computer. This is especially so when you've played 6 long games in a tournament, only to be knocked out in the final by a horrific piece of goalkeeping.

Online from what I've played has just been very laggy and full of teams that have max stats. In fact, the last game I played was so slow and broken up that it felt more like a game of chess. I experienced less lag with direct friend play, but then there's no option to even play another match - meaning you have to exit, go back into the menus, invite your friend etc - and you can't even change the parameters of the match be it pitch, rules or game-type. The options here aren't very full featured and you're required to use your own custom team - so forget playing with your favourite National/Club team. On top of that, there's a mode to play a game where you only play as your captains character with and against other online players - but for some reason you don't even gain any experience from it..?

So yes I have a lot of issues with the game. That said, there is fun to be had here but it will fluctuate from person to person. Some may not see any of these as big issues or play around them whilst others will be driven to 'Fifa Rage' and high blood-pressure. I want to like this game so much that I keep playing it, but more often than not I don't actually know if I'm having fun. Your best chance of a good time is going to be offline multiplayer, so if that's where you play FIFA the most then this game might be worth having. I recommend renting, borrowing or just playing it first though. My biggest overall problem is that it's so inconsistent across the board.

The game had some great ideas, it looks nice, the dribbling is intuitive, the range of arenas and game-types is interesting... but simply it's not the game it could or should have been. Hopefully EA will make another one and use this as a building block to make a much better game - because it seems odd that this and FIFA 12 retail at the same price brand-new. But with that in mind, the next FIFA Street could be quite special.
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on 1 April 2012
Although fun to start off with, soon got boring after a while. I'll start with the main mode, world tour. It's possible to complete this within about 5 hours gameplay. With the multiplayer I don't like how you can only use your created team, even when playing with friends. Also there are only three game modes to choose from; 5-a-side,6-a-side and futsal. The game has fifa 12 written all over it, same celebrations,animations and the same buggy impact engine. Overall, I think this game could have been much better, just needed more features and development.
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on 25 March 2012
I always buy the PES series, but as they don't do a game like this, I bought FIFA Street as well as PES 2012.

First, the positives: The game modes are great and the custom mode is fun. You can use flat or light balls and even play 1 v 1 games. The licenses are good - I would've liked to have been able to play as Birmingham but there is still a wide variety of teams, from Barcelona to Blackburn to the European All-Stars. The World Tour is enjoyable too - you can play as yourself and your friends.

The negatives: There are not enough game modes. Also, online you can only play with your team from World Tour. Lastly, in my opinion, the music in PES, (largely indie and dance-rock), is much better than the music on FIFA Street.

Overall, this is an amazing game that I can easily play for a couple of hours.
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on 20 March 2012
This game is really good :) The graphics are incredible and the new types of football games are very clever and makes the game more exciting. Also the venues are crazy as expcected and the world tour is really fun. Online is good because you can play head to head seasons wich makes online gameplay less of a drag.

The skills are crazy and the ease of pulling off some tricks is why its so fun. There is so much to do on this game that i never get bored even though i have been playing this game since the `16th!

A well deserved 5/5 for all the posibilities there are to do in this game :*
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on 18 March 2012
I've got to say, the game has great parts and then pretty bad parts.

Lets start with the good, the World Tour game mode is great fun, a great idea, well done and very fun to play. The game modes such as Last Man Standing and Panna rules are fun and also the ability to make custom matches, one v one games and so forth and with a ball set to the lightest mode it flies around like a balloon, a great laugh when you have friends around.

There are however many negatives; You can only play as your World Tour team online, no Licensed teams such as Barcelona and Man U. Also, the only game modes you can play are 5 v 5, 6 v 6 and Futsal online. You can't even play against your friends in custom games online!

Overall this game is great fun and even better with friends but some shocking decisions from EA make this a flawed game. If these glitches are corrected with a patch this game will be incredible but till then, this game is only 3 stars for me!

if you are thinking of getting this game, wait for the price to go down; It's worth 25 pounds for me.
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on 6 October 2013
This is a great game from a great seller; it was well worth the wait and I would highly recommend this seller to anyone! The game looked as good as new; I thought it would be in a used condition but it certainly didn't look that way and the game is working perfectly just like any brand new game. It's a quality game and well worth it; top notch seller and highly recommended A++++++++++++++ :)
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Platform: Xbox 360|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
My son loves playing football and has recently found Fifa on the XBox. When he recently received Fifa 12 he was always on it and now he has been roadtesting this, however I do find that he has still prefered to play Fifa 12.
The game has a more cartoony style to the graphics. I think he finds the tricks difficult (he is only 8) and would rather play a 'traditional' style football game.
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on 20 May 2012
This is a good break from the other games, including fifa as it is very different. I love the way you can create a whole team and improve them as you move further through the game. My only problem is that it gets slightly boring after a while, so that is why i would recommend this as a game to play when you want a break from everything else. Not as good as fifa but still enjoyable
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