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4.5 out of 5 stars236
4.5 out of 5 stars
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 25 November 2011
My wife is a great fan of the Just Dance Series and she just loves the ABBA musical Mamma Mia!. Whenever she is feeling under the weather, she pops the movie in and after a short while she is singing along. So, picking this as a present for her was an easy choice for me. And it sure got me brownie points...

There is a number of modes, I am sure you will find the one for you. There is, of course the classic Dance Mode, where you get to follow the dancing figures on the screen, trying to match their moves holding the Wiimote in one hand (only one is required - corresponding to the gloved hand of the dancer). There is also a Story Mode, where you get to participate in a mini-musical with ABBA, enhanced with their original music videos, snippets from their tours and numerous pictures. And then there is the Karaoke!

What is the use of having an ABBA dancing exergame if one cannot sing along, right? Well, this game got you (almost) covered. In the Karaoke Mode the lyrics appear under the dancing figures and they get highlighted with the rhythm in order for your to sing along. It is a very fun mode, one clearly missing form the other JUST DANCE games - if it was not for the issue of the missing microphone.

For the karaoke to function properly you will clearly need a microphone (such as the Logitech Wii Vantage USB Microphone, the Official Logitech Guitar Hero USB Microphone or even the SpeedLink Microphone Set for Nintendo Wii) - as, unfortunately, NONE is included. We had to order one separately. Of course, until it too arrived, my wife was far from discouraged from simply singing along anyway!
This is where the game looses the perfect score, though: the karaoke mode is a major selling point so UBISOFT deciding not to include the required microphone (which is essential in fully enjoying the game) was a bad (and cheap, I might add!) marketing decision.

Once you solve the missing microphone issue, you will be having tons of fun with this game. I always liked their sound yet I was never a huge fan of the ABBA. Nevertheless, I caught myself not a small number of times singing along their happy tunes as well. What can I say, their pop 70's mentality is obviously infectious!

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on 4 January 2012
I bought this for my Mum for Christmas, as we love watching Mamma Mia together. I also have some other dance games for Wii and found this to be a lot better than some (e.g. Dance On Broadway) but not as good as the Just Dance series.
There is a very good selection of songs, and the option to plug in your microphones for karaoke mode or to go for the dancing, from which you'll be out of breath after a few songs!! It is good fun if you're in the mood for some Abba, and definitely a good one for a girl's night in. If you want to have a great dance game, I'd go for Just Dance though.
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on 4 July 2014
So we get four friends together along with this new Abba Dance game, four "mature" women who would certainly be Broadway stars if only we had the time and lived in New York and didn't have other jobs or families. (And if we could sing!) This game has some challenging moves, but after a few sips of wine it's time to discover our hidden talents so we pick up our Wiimotes and throw ourselves into the rhythms of "Dancing Queen" and try not to throw ourselves into the coffee table. At first we're barely moving in the same direction with the dancers onscreen and we're jabbing each other with errant elbows or outstretched arms a beat too late. But we're determined! After several times practicing this song (and a few more sips of Chardonnay) we're into it. We're not only moving along with the dancers on the screen, but we're all moving together, in the same direction. Not hitting each other. We're good. Darn good!

At the next gathering of friends and family, we bide our time before making our debut. Everyone has finally arrived. Food and drinks flow and everyone is having fun catching up on each other's lives. Our eyes meet over the crowd. It's time. We turn on the Wii, take our places in front of the big screen, all four of us. The music begins. "You can dance, you can dance! Having the time of your life..." The room becomes quiet except for the music blaring from the Abba Dance game over the TV's speakers. In almost perfect (well, somewhat coordinated) moves we begin our dance routine, following the dancers on the screen, our singing a little shy at first but gathering steam as everyone watches, mouths open, amazed when they suddenly realize that we can dance! We're amazing! Everyone (who isn't rolling their eyes) joins in the singing with the lyrics on the screen. We are stars, at least in our own family room! We collapse at the end, laughing our heads off. Other guests pick up the Wiimotes to try. While we probably won't quit our day jobs just yet, we vow to get together again in the following weeks to practice some other songs in the game in time for the next party. Since there are 26 of them, we should be kept busy (and exercising) for a long time.

There's a reason these dance games are so popular and I think it's because it's a great way to get some great exercise in a fun way. And anyone can learn the dance moves and routines if you do them often enough. When you're dancing alone, striving for high scores makes it easy to keep the motivation going so it's a form of exercise you look forward to, rather than putting it off. (And you can sing as loud as you want!) Two thumbs up for this fun game!
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on 29 December 2011
Fantastic music - real fun - must have for all dance fans or ABBA fans - has most of the ABBA hits and a few not so well known ones - definately reommend this
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on 28 December 2011
I had this game for Christmas from my husband, and although I like it and am pleased with it I have to say that it didn't tick all the boxes that the Just Dance series had done.

The reason for this is that on the Just Dance you get given the level of ease/difficulty before trying the dances whereas on Abba you don't and therefore makes choosing the Abba tracks more difficult.

I have done quite a few of the Abba tracks and enjoyed them. The graphics on the disc was good and the dancing varied. It just wasn't quite on the level with the Just Dance Series.
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on 27 December 2011
We got this for our twin nieces as part of their Christmas and they love it.They got their mum and dad to try it then us and we all had great fun.The twins have got all the moves of to a tee.Great buy
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on 3 January 2013
Bought this game after being disappointed with the song selection on Just Dance 4. Honestly couldn't recommend more! Unlike the other dance games, every song is a hit so there's no need to skip the songs. The dances themselves vary in style combining elements of disco to jive, whilst remaining modern and contemporary. A lot of fun for all ages, and the musical mode is the perfect tribute to the Mama Mia! film.
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on 28 November 2012
Everyone loves ABBA so wanted to have it at hand when family and friends come round. It's been an instant hit. Would recommend to all
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on 26 March 2013
I ordered this last week, and it arrived yesterday. I went on it 'just to try it out' and didn't stop until 9 songs later! That's how much fun this is.

You can choose which Abba girl (or boy) you want to be, which means you can dance a bit differently each time if you want, and there's also a High School Musical that you can take part in, choosing which character you want to be, which is really enjoyable and doo-wappy, so right up my street.

I don't have a microphone for our Wii, but that didn't stop me singing along to all the well known songs. There are some of Abba's lesser known songs included as someone pointed out, but that wasn't a problem for me as they're all very catchy. And hey, it's Abba, so it's got to be good.

One nitpicky note for Amazon. When I ordered this it was £2.91. Whilst it was still on order the price dropped to £2.54 and yet I was charged the higher price. Admittedly it's only pence, but it was a bit annoying.

The game itself is well worth having though.
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on 7 March 2014
Loved the thought of getting karaoke and dance but,,,,, the only decent dance song was I kissed a teacher, it was actually the first one I tried out so omg got really excited thinking this could be it the perfect all energetic dance wii but unfortunately it was the only one like that , the rest are only good arm exercises, I enjoyed the singing karaoke though , , unfortunately for the neighbours because you can actually hear your voice come out of the mic!!!!! The cabaret singing was a no goer because the words come out to late so you always miss the start of the sentence unless you have played it a few times and have a good memory.the cabaret dancing was a bit better than just the dance mode though
Its a quality easy to use wii with some really good music and you get a great deal of fun out of it so I am recommending this wii game, bit more energy in the dance routines and it would have got a 5
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