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on 26 October 2011
This is an excellent base unit for the price - fast, quiet, compact, and with the usual excellent Amazon delivery.

It was supplied with a PS2 wired keyboard and mouse. The keyboard is compact with a flat profile and good 'touch'; ideal for anyone used to a laptop but not, in my opinion, suitable for desktop use by anyone with normal male-sized hands, and definitely no substitute for my MS natural wireless desktop. Incidentally, the wireless desktop Vista drivers didn't work with this, and MS dismissively said that W7 drivers were not available; however, a helpful blog (eventually) solved this problem. The mouse supplied was, as regards tracking, simply the best I have ever used, and worked perfectly on every surface I tried. However, it was very small, so ideal for use as an external laptop device, or those with tiny hands.

There was a minimum of documentation with the machine, limited to an 'idiots' pictorial set-up guide and a very brief user guide on the CD. There was no manual on the Acer website either, so to get any idea of what the box contains you will need to run a programme like Speccy to find out. For some reason, the HDD was formatted with two major partitions (C: and D:) with no indication of the thinking behind this - it would have been interesting to know. Several enquiries to the Acer helpline were dealt with less than adequately - I just hope that nothing goes wrong with the unit.

The pre-loaded Windows 7 Home Premium will present no problems for Vista users, except (as indicated above) the real 'pain' of programmes needing to be updated - where possible - replaced or abandoned.

The small-format case is fine from the point of view of desk footprint, but a nightmare if you want to expand anything internally. The rear panel picture on the Amazon website clearly showed (and still does) that it has 5.1 audio, but when delivered it had only basic stereo. To be fair, the spec. didn't say one way or the other, (a good example of caveat emptor) but it took a lot of searching to locate the only PCI-X low profile audio card I could find that would (probably) fit; however, at over £200, I had to settle for an external device - Sweex 7.1 External USB Sound Card whereby hangs another tale!

Had I known about the audio, on balance I would probably have waited until the ideal machine came along before making a purchase, so if that is an important consideration for you, it will need to be taken into account when making your decision.
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on 30 November 2011
The Acer AX3990 is what I got. I read the description and did a bit of googling for info and purchased. When it arrived there was not a lot of info but I have purchased Acer before so I already had experience of setting this kind of PC up. This was a doodle and up and running in about 2 hours which included all my back-up photo's and security software. I also set the power settings to my liking and removed some of the Acer bloatware.

Have to say that as mentioned in other feedback, this did come with PS2 KB and mouse but that was in the description. I to fitted my own usb soundcard (Creative X-fi) and no problems.

I am a photographer retired and do a lot of editing with Adobe PSE 10 and no issues. Also a bit of HD video edit and this little PC deals with this fine, if a little louder when rendering, but good enough.

If I were looking for any kind of gaming PC this would be nowhere on my list. But If like me people would read the description properly then they would know this is not an option for a gaming machine. In fact the small form factor case alone would be a instant indication of potential problematic case , if you could get a card to fit, dealing with the all important cooling issue - this case is not any good for that.

If you are looking for a nice small quiet PC that will sit there in the corner and do most things well apart from gaming this is it. Worth every penny.

Last, there is a back-up system on this PC and when you 1st start it after a little while you are offered the chance to burn a back-up DVD, 3 disks, and I would say do it, worth it should anything happen.

Hope my little word of feedback helps.

Mr Barr
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on 6 October 2011
I bought the Acer 3990 on one of Amazon's Discount Days and it seemed good value for a Sandy Bridge Core i5. The CPU isn't the very latest i5 but I believe it's as fast as a first generation i7. The case is neat and about one third the size of my current AT tower box. As a result it's very cramped inside. There's two memory slots, both occupied and one (2 Gb)is inaccessable under the DVD drive. I took a chance and replaced the accessable 1 Gb no-name memory with a 4 Gb Corsair DDR3 stick. As a result, the Windows Index went from 4.6 to 5.1. I know memory should be matched but the system seems to be stable and, as a test, I rendered a 41 minute video project to Blu-ray with Vegas Movie Studio 11 HD in 39 minutes (by comparison my old Q6600, Win 7 32 bit, took 226 minutes).
The weak point of this machine is the graphics. The integrated Intel HD chip has just 64 Mb dedicated memory with the rest shared. It's OK for viewing DVDs etc but would be useless for gaming. As a previous reviewer has pointed out, finding a graphics card to fit this case would be a challenge.
The 500 Gb hard drive is modest nowadays and is partitioned into a primary (C) drive of 224 GB, a data (D) drive of 224 GB and small Q drive with Microsoft stuff on it. Fortunately, there's nine USB 2.0 connections (3 front and 6 back) so adding external hard disks is no problem. I have most of my music, photos and videos on external HDDs.
Overall, I'm pleased with the Acer 3990. It runs very quietly and does what I want- photo editing and home-made movies, OK. It's good for someone looking for a neat, quiet PC box for general home use but if you want something for gaming or is easy to upgrade later then look elsewhere.
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on 2 October 2011
The case is an unusual size - there are no graphics card on the UK market that fit in the graphics slot.
The slot is so close to the case that a fan on the graphics card is out of the question.
Without a graphics card the i5 acer x3990 scored 4.6 and thats a quad core.
It works fine and is economical without another graphics card fitted if you are not going
to use it for games or have any intention of upgrading it.
Included software is non existant, the keyboard and mouse are ps2, the memory card
slot doesnt work on SD on mine, but i cant be bothered to return it just for that.
The power supply is only 220 watts.
It is nice and quiet, it looks nice, goes to sleep on no power.
Dvd is good copies fast with no errors.
Later fitted an Nvidia gt 520 - see comments.
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on 29 October 2011
This is not a machine for games because the integrated graphics can't handle modern game versions., or so I am led to believe. It gets along fine with the old favourites.
The case is too small to add a fast graphics card, or do any other major upgrade. OK that would be a drawback to gamers and people who like to tinker with their machines.
If you don't want modern game play, and you don't contemplate any serious up-grading, then this is a really good computer at a startling attractive price. The i5 Sandy Bridge CPU handles all regular work and home tasks without blinking an eyelid, even when several programs are open simultaneously.
It's a struggle to clear the space to insert more RAM, but I'd up the RAM to take account of the Windows 64 bit addressing, but I wouldn't regard that as a priority. Just that it's there so one must have it!
I reckon that it would be hard to beat this machine at this low price, and I think it will easily cope with anything reasonable you can throw at it for a very long time..
Unless you spend you time playing games, BUY IT!
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on 21 December 2011
Bought this a couple a weeks ago and iv got to say pretty impressed. The case is good looking very modern, got great proccesor, if your coming from an old computer you'l be very happy. You also get a nice keyboard and a mouse ( mouse don't work tho :( ) There are however a couple of things i'm a little dissapointed about. 1. theres no built in wifi, so i had to got out and buy an adapter myself £15 not much but how much would it have cost acer to put one in it! 2. RAM!! 3g of ram is just rubbish, thats what i have in my 3 year old laptop. And again how much would it have cost to put a lil more in???
All in all im very happy with this pc i really think you would find it hard to beat it at this price, so get it!!!

BTW i couldnt find the answer to this anywere so.... its is new!
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on 6 November 2011
Very compact fast, looks good; only down side does not come with the operating system disks. Otherwise it will be perfect 5 stars.
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on 8 December 2011
great computer my last one was steam driven compared to this one i am a partner in a plumbing and heating company and this computer is bang on for our needs small but very fast, a great buy should have upgraded long ago
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on 21 November 2011
I am very pleased with this PC, the shipping time was good and on time. The product is what I expected, just plug it in and start working. Thank you.
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on 16 October 2011
The equipment was very well packed and arrived in very good condition. However, as it was a very different product from our old P.C, we would have appreciated some more comprehensive printed instructions within the pack.
The computer itself is excellent, once you get familiarised with new software, etc.
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