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4.6 out of 5 stars209
4.6 out of 5 stars
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Tucker & Dale Vs Evil is a breath of fresh air. Although gory in parts, not only is it immensely enjoyable to watch, this feel good film is actually really funny. They say no good deed goes unpunished and Tucker & Dale's efforts to do the right thing are punished brutally, with college kids dying grisly deaths all around them.

The acting's very good, the jokes and script are funny, the slapstick deaths hilariously horrid and, all in all, it's just a very enjoyable film to watch. With two such likeable characters you really feel for the unfortunate rednecks as a series of catastrophic events unfold all around them. And the sad thing is, all they wanted to do was help.

It's a little clunky in places and perhaps not directed or edited with much 'finesse', but don't let that put you off. With chainsaws, wood chippers, sawmills and home made booby-traps (a la Southern Comfort), every redneck way to kick the bucket is depicted here in this film... but the difference between this and Deliverance is no one was ever meant to die.
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on 10 May 2011
Tucker & Dale are two charming hillbillies, happy within themselves but shy out of their comfort zone.

Their lives are invaded by a group of preppy college students who, through a series of unfortunate events believe them to be hillbillies of the murdering kind. The film is a parody of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre genre, something it nods to on more than one occasion.

Tucker & Dale are very likeable characters and you will find yourself rooting for them. Dale in particular has a very sweet relationship with one girls and it's charming to watch. But the real point of this film is the comedy and it does this very well. There's a part of me that wants to point out that the misunderstandings that lead to the humour are quite slapstick and sometimes you can see them coming. But this isn't a criticism, there is no arguing with the fact that the film is laugh-out-loud funny for a good amount of time, it's just an observation.

Good comedies have been thin on the ground this year so this is a real gem. Watch it, you'll like it.
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on 3 November 2011
When Tucker(Alan Tudyk) and Dale(Tyler Labine) go on a vacation to Tucker's new holiday home in the woods, little did they know that a simple act of altruism on their parts would lead to a series of increasingly violent series of events as a group of stupid college students just keep killing themselves on the duo's expensive DIY equipment.
The advantage this excellent film has over most horror comedies is that it's actually very funny. Gleefully flipping the coin to show survival horror from the 'hillbillies' point of view, with the amiable Tucker and Dale desperately trying to reason with the immensely dumb teen campers led by budding psycho Chad(Jesse Moss). Of course everything they do to try to cool down the situation goes wrong, especially during a hilarious therapy session organised by Dale's object of affection Allison(Katrina Bowden).
I think what I really like about this film is that Tucker and Dale are really likeable, three dimensional characters. Both Tudyk and Labine are perfect in their parts, and there is great support from Bowden and Moss. Despite all the severed limbs and bloody stumps, a human heart beats within Tucker And Dale Vs Evil, a heart that shows itself during the touching scenes of budding romance between Dale and Allison.
Full marks to the director Eli Craig in making this genuinely funny film, and although I'm not a big fan of sequels in general, I hope that that Tucker and Dale will appear again in the near future.
The usual extras appear on this release, including a 'making of' featurette, photo gallery and trailer. 5 out of 5.
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on 15 August 2011
I can't believe that such an amazing film had so little publicity or distribution - I am so excited that it will finally be released!
As an avid horror fan, I had no expectations for Tucker and Dale. I basically watch anything and everything, and seeing as this was low-budget with very little publicity, I underestimated this. It has since become one of my favourite movies ever.
Alan Tudyk is fantastic as always, and I had never seen Tyler Labine before but he basically steals the show. While the films it's ripping are pretty foul, T+D still manages to have a lot of heart, and Labine's character is so adorable!
This does for The Hills Have Eyes what Shaun did for Dawn Of The Dead, while kicking Zombieland in the privates. Unmissable.
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If you're a fan of the 'Scream' series of film then you'll probably love this too. Group of stereotypical preppy American teens get the idea that a couple of lovable hillbillies are homicidal maniacs and only manage to hurt themselves by attacking them which serves to compound their fears and make things even worse. As in the Scream films some of the deaths are a little gruesome but the humour lightens it all and ends up being a great black comedy. Well worth a watch.
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Ever seen a horror movie with hillbillies in it? They're usually psychotic chainsaw-swinging inbred cannibal psychos who like to murder anyone who happens to drive by.

But don't expect any of THAT to actually appear in "Tucker & Dale Vs Evil," a clever black comedy that asks, "What if the HILLBILLIES were the innocent victims of the doomed college kids?" Tropes are inverted (or lampshaded), there's gore aplenty, and Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine make endearingly rough-hewn heroes.

West Virginia hillbillies Dale (Labine) and Tucker (Tudyk) have just bought a dilapidated little house out by a remote lake, and plan to spend some time fishing and drinking beer. They also end up rescuing Allison (Katrina Bowden), a college student who hit her head while swimming, and she soon finds that these seemingly terrifying hillbillies are actually kind, gentle and sometimes quite smart.

Unfortunately, Allison's friends get the wrong idea, and think that she's being held captive by a pair of chainsaw-swinging psychos. As they try to attack Dale and Tucker, they end up accidentally dying in bizarre and gory ways. As Dale, Tucker and Allison try to defuse the situation, they also have to deal with the increasingly bloodthirsty Chad (Jesse Moss).

I have no idea why it's taken so long for "Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil" to make it onto DVD, because this movie is absolutely hilarious -- a gory, satirical little comedy that acknowledges every hillbilly-slasher cliche right before turning it on its ear. And yes, writer/director Eli Craig homages many a horror movie, from "Evil Dead" to "Friday the 13th."

And even though it's obviously a spoof, "Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil" is actually very well-written -- clever foreshadowing, a shocking climactic twist, and all sorts of hilarious situations that make Dale and Tucker look... well, like psycho hillbillies. For instance: Tucker accidentally destroys a beehive, and ends up racing through the woods, screaming and waving his chainsaw spastically.

And yes, there are lots of OTHER hilarious moments, such as lampshading hillbilly stereotypes ("Oh, I love Earl Grey") and the college kids' gory deaths (impaling themselves on sticks or jumping into woodchippers).

And the acting is absolutely brilliant. Labine and Tudyk are amazing as the protagonists, respectively playing a sweet timid teddy bear and an outgoing good ol' boy. Yeah, don't judge these guys from their appearances, because you will be ALL WRONG. And the rest of the small cast also does an excellent job, especially given that most of them are shrieking horror movie cliches.

"Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil" is pretty clearly destined to be a cult classic, right alongside other fun spoofs like "Shaun of the Dead." Hilarious, bloody and clever.
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on 9 January 2013
Even if the slasher's peak was the 1980s, this most well-travelled of sub-genre has devolved into a series of clichés repacked into a new setting. One of the more commonly covered forms is the psychotic hillbilly archetype, in which dangerous psychopaths murder a bunch of well-meaning/annoying (delete as applicable) college students who are killed off by scary locals. Whether it is Wolf Creek or deliverance (not a slasher, but same roots), the same rules always apply, rules which Eli Craig's Tucker & Dale versus Evil pastiches perfectly.

This film both works within the framework and genre expectations whilst subverting them with absolute glee. He plays wholly on a misunderstanding between some college students and the titular hillbillies, with the college students believe the stereotype and the locals (played brilliantly by Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk) terrified at all the college students who are killing themselves around them.

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil a one joke film, but this joke is hilarious - whether it's the one liners, the subversion, the horror references (look out for the Texas chainsaw massacre one) or the naiveté of the leads. This is a laugh riot that should be adored by horror fans and accessible & fun enough to be enjoyed by everyone else.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 31 October 2011
Tucker & Dale vs Evil is directed by Eli Craig who also co-writes the screenplay with Morgan Jurgenson. It stars Alan Tudyk, Tyler Labine, Katrina Bowden and Jesse Moss. Music is by Michael Shields and Andrew Kaiser and cinematography by David Geddes. Plot has Tudyk and Labine as two harmless mountain/country men who head to their newly acquired vacation home in the woods to fix it up and get some R & R. But after a misunderstanding at a roadside store with some college kids, who think Tucker & Dale are hillbilly psychopaths, the wheels are set in motion for a bloody battle for survival....but who for?!

In 1996 Scream came slashing forward to inject witty life into a fading horror genre, with freshness and inventive splinters from the slasher formula, Wes Craven's movie rocked the horror faithful's world. Tucker & Dale vs Evil will not have the same impact, it's limited release and low budget worth ensured it never had a chance of being a big thing, but still it's the freshest horror/comedy to have come out since Scream made its bloody bow at the box office.

It's such a simple idea at the core, you have to wonder why it wasn't thought of before? Craig and Jurgenson have flipped the age old Hillbilly Killers vs Preppy College Kids idea on its head, and in the process smothered it gleefully with dark humour, laugh out loud moments and inventive deaths. There's also some social commentary nestled nicely in the narrative, big points about first impressions and ideas of stereotypes, and hell yes! There's even an opposites attract arc, though that admittedly helps to bog the picture down as the central joke premise runs out of steam towards the end. In fact were it not for a relatively sloppy finale, this would surely be falling into sub-genre classic status. Thankfully all that comes before it is so full of vim and vigour, blood and bluff and fun and frolics, it's not hard to forgive the debut director his one misstep.

The neat trick is having the film unfold from the Hillbillies viewpoint, where the carnage that unspools gets increasingly difficult for them to explain, this in spite of their innocence. Each death is logical to the college kids who go on the attack when one of their number, they think, is kidnapped. And it's logical to us the audience as well, were it not for us being privy to these wonderfully funny sequence of events, we too would have them hung, drawn and quartered after a guilty verdict was reached in 10 seconds. This is the ultimate horror/comedy flip-flop movie. So many funny sequences light up the picture, with a chainsaw scene one of the finest moments to have ever graced a horror comedy movie, but the dialogue, too, is not found wanting in the fun and charming department. Cast are on top form, with Tudyk & Labine a most agreeable double act, where their comedy timing is impeccable, and Bowden & Moss are more than just pretty faces.

Craig (Sally Field's son) has started with a bang, if he can top this then he is a name to really get excited about. If he can't top it? Well he will at least always have one of the best horror comedy movies on his CV. Yes it's that good, fans of Scream, Severance, Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland should seek it out post haste. 8.5/10
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on 3 February 2012
This movie is a comedy/horror classic. It works on many levels. It has a great horror storyline (from innocent 'hillbillies' point of view) that would make you scream, heart that would make you love the main characters and comedy that ensured you laugh out loud. It has every cliche in the book but done well with a twist. I have yet to watch any films like it that can make me cringe at the deaths, then immediately after laugh. At certain points it was even sad. I found myself rooting for the hillbillies and hoping that they would not be misunderstood by the authorities in the end. It was an emotional roller coaster. In has been compared to Shaun of the Dead, but in my opinion is much better. Loved it.

The Blu Ray version: nothing to complain about here in terms of quality. It comes with the following bonuses: trailer, making of and photo gallery.
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on 28 May 2011
So clever can not believe someone had not already made this film. Is so funny and fun. Great idea and great acting. Alan Tudyk is brilliant and got to love him being Wash from Firefly, but Tyler Labine (reaper, invasion) steals the show. This is a great film in the vein of scream or scary movie but so unique. Can not reccomend highly enough. So happy I have seen it. Get it when it comes out, a one of a kind film.
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