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3.2 out of 5 stars105
3.2 out of 5 stars
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on 6 January 2012
I have downloaded the 30 day trial to see whether this will replace my MS Money system.
Unlike many users the End of Life notice for Money is not a big concern to me - it will still work for years to come, what is though is that I find a product that is as good and adds something new.

Sadly, this isn't quite it.

The transaction entering is great and a lot faster than Money.
Scheduled transactions is logical and template transactions are brilliant.

You cannot apply a scheduled transaction ahead of its scheduled date. This means items like monthly salary payments which are "on or around" cannot be moved to the date then came in. This makes trying to get an accurate picture of you real current balance, across multiple accounts, is flawed. This is also the case, with regular payments which are not always applied (e.g. I buy a train ticket monthly, but not if there are less than 20 working days in the month), with Money I simply skipped the payment, with this I have to wait until it has been entered.
I also HATE the need to specify the number of transactions that are to be made - Recurring DDs or standing orders do not have to stipulate this.

Trying to reconcile a bank statement is like pulling teeth. Money allowed you to enter a statement by tracking the opening and closing amount of the statement, which meant looking for missing amounts was tracked. There does not seem to be amy support for this.

The big "easy" buttons screen works very well, but as soon as you have done something you need to use the "non-easy" way to find it.

My biggest gripe is that the status of every account seems to be listed on a per transaction basis on the same "reports" screen. This makes life incredibly complex as you have a mix of "Real Accounts" and "Accounting Accounts" displayed at the same time.

But, I like the way it handles some accounting things

I can't decide whether at £25 this is worth perserving with, which is a shame, because as an accounts package, it does have a lot of nice features.

Unfortunately, the 30 day trial highlights more what it can't do and less what it can.

My advice is - Try before you buy - if its the right thing for you, then great, if not, they you will know after using the trial for a month.

Update (Trial day 4)
Having continued to try and get to grips with this product, I imported all my MS Money accounts. This took hours! Firstly, every account and category had to be mapped to a newly created one - this process was laborious. Then, after much crunching all the transactions came in - but the WRONG way around. The simple "from" and "to" is wrong on the import, Money coming off my current account in Money should be a "to" account not a "from account". With bugs like these I have now made up my mind.
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on 12 April 2012
I bought this as a replacement for Quicken, and at first I was delighted with it. It looks good, it has powerful filtering and viewing capabilities, and the look ahead function is very useful. I soon found, though, that there were many problems with it.

Firstly, there is no ability to vary the date or amount of an automated transaction until the trigger date has been reached, beyond some adjustment for bank holidays (which the user has no control over). Users have asked repeatedly for this ability, but the developers have no plans to introduce it.

Secondly, reconciling a bank or credit card statement is a tricky business. There is no separate screen for this, you simply have to filter to show only uncleared transactions and mark each one. If you move away from this view to check something, however, when you return all the newly cleared transactions have vanished, making it difficult to unclear them again if you've made a mistake. For those of us used to the option to roll back a partially completed reconciliation (as in Quicken or Money or most other software), this is very frustrating.

Thirdly, reports in a package aimed at home users should be a very simple affair - a single 'print this screen' option is all that's needed, with perhaps some ability to tinker with fonts and so on behind the scenes. Home Accountz by contrast offers a hugely complex setup, which wouldn't disgrace software aimed at corporate users. I found it simply too hard to use. The developers are changing things in this area, so hopefully it will improve in the future.

There are other weaknesses in the package, such as non-robust date entry (it's easy to enter a completely silly date), lack of keyboard shortcuts (so you have to keep switching between keyboard and mouse), and no undo facility. File management is eccentric - restoring from a backup involves a 12-step procedure which includes deleting internal configuration files in system folders. Reinstalling to a new computer involves a phone call to support for a new key. And it's not intuitively obvious to use, although to be fair it's mostly Quicken and Money users who have trouble with it.

On the plus side, the package has proper double entry book-keeping, is powerful and flexible in certain areas, and has good support (although it often involves a phone call). You can download data direct from your bank, you can port across your Quicken or Money files (although it's complicated), there is a continuation file option for archiving old data and the new Eazy button makes it simpler to get started. A facility to track stocks and shares is possible in the future.

For those who have never experienced the much more flexible and user-friendly options of Quicken and Money, and who don't mind the shortcomings of Home Accountz or the somewhat dogmatic philosophy behind it, it might be a good option, but I can't recommend it.
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on 17 February 2012
Platform: PC/Mac/LinuxVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've now tried several versions of Personal Accoutz, and while this newest edition has patched some of the shortcomings of the previous ones, it still lags in functionalities and finishing. Like many other users, I have fond memories of MS Money so the bar for any new software is very high (a bit like competing against a dead person!).

On the plus side, the user interface is smooth, easy to understand and easy to use. I set up my accounts and cards in no time. It is also easy to enter transactions and set up templates. But that's where it stops...
On the flip side, there are some weird requirements, such as entering the number of times a direct debit will occur and reconciling a statement is far from an easy and pleasant task.

Overall, Personal Accountz still has some work to do to produce a really polished software that gives users strong enough guidelines while remaining flexible to anyone's specific requirements. Almost there...
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on 30 May 2012
Having read some of the reviews of these systems, I simply had to comment. 10 years ago my home accounting programme of choice was Quicken, then Intuit pulled it out of the UK market and they wanted £300 to transfer the data to Quick Books, which I refused to do.

I then set up my own company and the company accounting programme of choice was called MYOB, excellent Aussie prog. which again was pulled out of the UK market and the UK rights transferred to a Swedish company who wanted £500 to allow me to transfer my data to their version of MYOB.

The above is corporate blackmail.

I decided the only option was to find a company in the UK that produced sensible accounting software, (without the complexities of Sage, bless Sage, but too many journal entries for my liking as you are unable to delete, so any incorrect entries have to be journaled out and replaced.)

I found Accountz! Wey ho what a dream, a UK based company that produces accounting software that is easy to use. I now run both Home Accountz and Basic Business Accountz, wonderful!
The developers are constantly refining it, so if Accountz does not do what your previous accounting prog did, don't moan about it, tell the developers and they may be able to bring it in to the next upgrade.

The support team are brilliant, very helpful, considerate and easy to talk to.

All I would say in addition is that I spent an hour or so yesterday with someone very close to me who is marginally figure dyslexic, bless her, but desperately needs an accounting prog. (as now self employed). We went though both Home Accounts and Basic Business Accounts; Home Accountz she found easier to understand, so that is the route she is going for now, until two or three years time when she will need the Business accounting software.

Well done Accountz, keep up the good work.
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Platform: PC/Mac/LinuxVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've never used home accounting software before, and I don't use internet banking, so was unable to test the features which allow you to import bank statements etc... But it was relatively easy to use. It loaded up easily (I use a Mac), is quick to start, and easy to close. I found that the "Eazy Button" meant I could quickly add in the information about my income and regular expenses. The part I really liked was the ability to add extra accounts - I now have accounts for each of the children, and can track the amount of pocket money they have. This means I don't need cash, I can automate the addition to the programme, and then, when they want to make a withdrawal from the Bank of Mum & Dad, we can check their funds.

This software does do far more than I have yet explored. I'm the basic level user, I just want to keep a track of how much, or little, money I have left, particularly towards the end of the month. The income / expense tracking makes that easy, even for me. For example, I had no idea that 41% of my expenditure is on food (although that did include a dinner out!). At least I can see where I could make some cuts! It also handles other currencies, which could be handy if buying things over the internet from abroad.

I think this would be a very useful programme for anyone wanting to keep track of their finances, and start to budget to reduce expenditure. It is easy to use, so I'd certainly recommend it to anyone like myself, who hasn't really ventured into home accountancy programmes before.
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Platform: PC/Mac/LinuxVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Well I surprisingly found "Home Accountz 2012" pretty good.

Firstly I had no problems at all with the installation which started automatically as soon as I inserted the CDRom and completed quickly.

Secondly the "Eazy Button" made setting up and entering transactions a breeze. From three main tabs you are able to record most of the entries you will need on a day to day basis.

From the 'Set Up' Tab you can: Set up a new file/add an income source/add an expenditure source/add a payee and delete a payee.

From the 'Bank/Credit Card' Tab you can: Make a credit card payment/add a bank account/add a direct debit/delete an account/transfer to another bank account/record bank and finance charges/add a credit card/undelete an account/add a direct credit/create a loan/close an account/add a standing order/make a payment on a loan and re-open a closed account.

From the 'Transaction tab' you can: Pay a bill/buy something/record an income/add recurring income/add a recurring transfer and add a recurring payment.

Thirdly the accounts, budgeting and balances button allows for more detailed entries including major assets such as property and vehicles, also other asset groups for example furniture (antiques and art maybe). I have found the budgeting section useful and the ability to budget for individual items/events for example holidays, birthdays and Christmas can really help you save without too much pain.

I have not used every function of "Home Accountz 2012" but the ones I have mentioned above I am very pleased with. If you are looking for a simple to use but complete package for home accounting you can't go far wrong with this product.

You can access various reports and forecasts by way of bar charts, pie charts, line charts and graphs.
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on 21 July 2012
I got this as a replacement to MS Money which was groan and creaking in Win7 64 bit. Was getting a bit forgetful and crashing etc....

I saw this thought great looks like what i am after!!

1) if you have to reinstall back up the licence do not do a clean install of the software (ie delete the folder from your PC once installed) you will have to wait until monday morning to get the 2nd licence. Why didnt they look other software providers such as Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, Cubase which all have a way of relicencing the product!!!

2) trying to import a bank statement into the software in either .csv or .ofx format is a nightmare. having spent 3 hours with it i found the save icon and exported template to .csv format and then copied data over. Not gauaranteed to work by the way as when you import still blooming confusing as to what you are meant to do. With MS Money it was a doddle!

It is ok but has really put me off of using it to be honest.

It is not the easiest software to understand why didnt they just have

date of purchase
Amount withdrawn
amount deposited
running total

would have been a lot simpler for home use.

The interface is what i would term extremely old fashioned. TO be honest i was gobsmacked in 2012 that this company was using such poor graphics as well as fonts....

One phrase sums this up: Time Travel is a lot easier!!
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on 15 March 2012
I downloaded this as a replacement for an Excel spreadsheet, and I found it to be slightly worse than what I have already, the system suffers from a lack of clarity and when I needed telephone support the phone remained unanswered , it is a shame the effort the company makes to get customers to upgrade their software is not matched by the desire to support the product that has been paid for .
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VINE VOICEon 12 March 2012
Platform: PC/Mac/LinuxVine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I had been using a spreadsheet to keep a record of my bank account, but it was difficult to forecast future balances. I was pleased to be offered a copy of Home Accountz to try.

Installation of the Home Accountz 2012 software was reasonably straight forward, no problems. I went on to the Accountz website and watched several of the video tutorials but eventually thought it would be better to start using the software and see what problems came up.

I was very pleased to find that I could download information from my First Direct bank account.

I entered quite a few `future' transactions. My only gripe was the inability to specify that a standing order was to continue indefinitely.

Once I had entered a good number of future transactions, I spent some time sorting through the various functions and report options.

The learning curve is quite steep but I think a few hours of experimentation will be useful.

I was very impressed with the ease of data entry and analysis of my future bank balance. I was pleased to be able to forecast future expenses such as car and house insurance.

I will certainly recommend this software to friends and members of my family. I will suggest that they download the 30 day trial first. This might put them off, but that will save them wasting £25. If they persevere, it might pay for itself preventing unforeseen overdrafts.
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on 1 October 2012
Well, I think other reviewers must be using a different product from me. I have just purchased ( after a trial) the homeaccountz 2012 and think it is absolutely perfect.

Firstly I shall explain that I was looking for an easy to use system, I do not know accounting, I do not know how to formulate excel, so I wanted a product that would easily let me manage my books, personal finance and banks all in one place. I tried lots of free software and lots of free trials and ended up buying this product, mainly because of its ease of use.

The software is simply start by adding your bank accounts and exact balances, from then on it is idiot proof, if I can do it, anyone can. Simple language like " add a bill" " add a regular payment" " buy something" and each guides you in normal language through the process. It is perfect for what I need.

I rang for support to help set up and within 10 seconds I was on the phone to a real person in the UK who guided me through the process. Absolutely superb customer service. I hope it stays that way and does not get sent off to india. It was such a pleasure to deal with a person who knew the product and could guide me through it step by step.

So now I am all set up, I can add income and expenses daily, weekly or monthly and just check things are ticking along as they should do as and when I want.

DO REMEMBER.....This product obviously does a lot more than I have said, I have looked briefly at the reports it can generate, budgets you can set, and tons more. In time I may get to use these.

This is by far the easiest system around, try other, look around, but you will not find one any easier to use and for the price...I think there is a 30 day trial period, try it for yourself.
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