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4.7 out of 5 stars76
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 26 April 2014
I purchased this tool primarily for dismantling pallets. At time of purchase I was not aware that special blades are made for this which cut through nails as well, I have since acquired some from another source. The reciprocating saw and pallet dismantling blades work perfectly together, rendering pallets into usable timber without any split or wasted wood (Any nail heads are knocked out later). The quick blade change system is a real bonus, no more fiddling with allen keys or spanners. The tool is quite heavy so there is the added bonus of an upper arm workout at the same time.
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on 18 November 2011
I purchased this product to help me cut down and dig up around 40 established leylandii and a couple of medium sized trees. The main plan for it was to expose the roots and cut through them using this saw before pulling out the stump. I have to say it was brilliant and saved me a huge amount of time. Prior to owning this I had been using a handsaw and it took forever to cut through thicker roots, some of which were close to 6 inches thick (it also wrecked my shoulder). The power saw made easy work of them especially the smaller roots. It also allowed cutting through roots where there was limited room to work, certainly not enough to usse a handsaw.

I have also used it for chopping up some of the branches and tree trunks into moveable chunks. It worked well but is nowhere near as fast as using a chainsaw. This was not the main reason for buying it though. It says the maximum cut if 20cm but I found it was possible to cut through trunks a little thicker by working around them. For cutting into usable firewood logs I intend to get a chainsaw for this.

The blades seemed to blunt fairly quickly but to be fair they are not being used as designed. I was cutting through the roots into the soil and it was clear that the end exposed to the soil was taking most of the damage. That said, at 13 quid for a pack of 5 one cant complain especially as only 3 of them were completed blunted over the entire job.

I would recommend buying a spare pack of blades along with the saw if you intend on doing a fair bit of cutting.

Overall I would say it is a brilliant purchase for what I wanted. Fantastic for cutting through fairly large peices of wood with limited access.
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on 8 March 2012
I'm not a usual reviewer but I used this product for the first time today and wanted to let you all know my thoughts.

The tool itself is a solid but of kit that takes both hands to hold at all times when sawing. The quality is as you'd expect from a Bosch product i.e. great. Its a really simple tool to use, simply clip the blade in the top and away you go. Compared to using a chainsaw its a pretty safe tool to use in my opinion. There is a bit of push back from the tool when the blade gets pinched whilst sawing but this is easily overcome by holding on tight. A big bonus is that you can saw straight on the (soft)ground, unlike a chainsaw.

The reason I am writing this review is to make the potential purchaser aware of the pro's and cons of using a reciprocating saw like this. In a review of the smaller brother bosch saw I read a review that a lady was using it to cut firewood and was raving on about what a good job it does.
Unless the reviewer was using twigs on her fire, this machine is going to take you a LONG time to cut your firewood. Its simply superb for cutting small stuff quickly and safely. Limbing (cutting off branches) on small trees is quite simply fantastic, as is cutting through smaller trunks and doing a bit of DIY tree pruning. Anything over about 10cm in diameter and the saw starts to struggle a bit. Theres also some smoke coming off the blade, which gets rather hot. Although being a power tool I'm not going to start dousing it with water!!

Part of the reason why I bought this is to compliment my two chainsaws and to give me a tool for all shapes and sizes of wood. For larger pieces I would go with a chainsaw anyday. Yes, its not as safe as this saw but it's a darn sight quicker with larger pieces. Where this little tool excels is for those jobs that you don't want to get geared up and fire up a chainsaw for. Being a part time chainsaw user and reading the accident statistics on them I get a bit reluctant to go out of my comfort zone with a chainsaw. i.e. felling trees, up trees, cutting up brush etc.

With this saw I would have no problem whatsoever trying something new or slightly less safe than i'd like. ie. up a tree.

So.. as long as you are aware of the limitations of this saw or you dont have a requirement to cut anything over a few cm then this baby is just perfect for the job. For anything remotely taxing you'll need a chainsaw or the like.

Taking all this into consideration it's still a great bit of kit that is guaranteed to save you bucket loads of time, and sore shoulders. Now i've used it I wouldn't want to be without.
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on 31 March 2014
I bought this to do one particular job - to cut lengthways through some 5 metre oak beams - thinking it would be the only use I made of it. Not at all - since then it has been out of the box on many occasions - from removing oak window ties without removing most of the surrounding walls to heavy pruning of the trees in our field. It's a great tool.
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This is another "green" Bosch tool which does the business well. I really wanted to go for the "blue" version, which is available on Amazon, yet cannot be shipped to my country. The Blue version will work great on stone too, whereas the PSA900 will only do wood, metal and plastic tubes.

Do not expect to use this as some sort of jigsaw for wood. It really is a demolition monster, and works great on branches and other wooden objects where precision cuts are not important. Yet the flexible saw comes in handy to neatly cut metal or plastic pipes flush with a wall.
I have used compatible blades, bought from Amazon, some of which perform better than Bosch ones.

The PSA 900 is quite heavy, as expected, and I am very satisfied with it's performance.

Highly Recommended
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on 12 September 2014
Wow. Where has this been all my life! Simplifies destruction via cutting :P

Watch out, wear grippy gloves and hold it tightly. This is a heavy tool but it will spring out of your hands if not held tightly. Blades are easy to change and cheap to buy in bulk.

A carry case would be nice, all my previous Bosch tools have come with a case which makes storage easier and protects the tool from damage.

My main gripe is lack of a safety button, depending on how you are with power tools and how carefully you pick this one up, you might be OK. Just bear in mind you're likely to accidentally pull the feather weight trigger when moving the tool. This isn't a tool for using with children about.
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on 16 February 2015
Powerful saw. Using it for hard pruning beech hedge- makes light work of main stems up to 130mm or maybe more. Easier to use than having to handle a chainsaw to do the same job. Haven't it long enough to comment on reliability but seems to be a quality and tough tool.
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on 30 January 2014
OK - I love this. Superb quality. Well made etc too and although slightly heavy it is easy to use. It came with two blades that are easily changed over as required. I love the way that the blade can bend slightly.

It does not - repeat does not cut straight. As you cut into the wood and it 'bites' the blade may be slightly off as it was slightly moving when the cut started, so it is fab for basic cutting where precision is NOT required, but if you need accurate 90 degree cuts etc then you need another type of saw.

I love it for what it is designed to do. Hope that helps !!
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on 25 March 2015
Really ergonomic saw, saves a great deal of time for demolition jobs and for pruning of small branches. So far I've used it to cut up old pallets and crates, and to cut branches up that are too large to go through shredding. With the appropriate blades I found the former task slightly easier than the latter, but the saw made short work of both. You can cut pretty accurately, but if you really need accuracy rather than speed, then you're better looking at a different type of saw. I nearly always buy Bosch for reliability, as I've never had a Bosch tool fail on me, but there's a couple of cautions if you're not familiar with this type of tool:
1) Practice using the SDS blade change system before using the saw properly to ensure you've got the blade correctly locked in far enough. I didn't get the knack at first and the blade came out. Minor problem really, but worth checking.
2) The saw comes with a blade for wood and one that'll do wood and metal. Bosch do quite a wide range of blades for different applications, and if you're using this saw for garden work it'd be worth buying the specialist ones. Bosch don't seem very good at advertising their own accessories, but you can find the range of blades on their website - all are available to purchase at places like Amazon / Screwfix etc.
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on 29 September 2014
Wow. This thing is a real monster!
Only bought it a week ago and already using it way more than my chainsaw!
Bought essentially to chop timber for firewood where nails and other metal fixings are an issue.
Hardwood or soft wood, this rips through it whether using wood or wood/metal blades (what a cracking idea they are, perfect for what I need).
I am somewhat looking forward to seeing what else this beast will take on in the garden and around the home!

The variable speed works great and gives you a much more controlled cut.

A word of warning - you must use this with two hands. One is not enough and it will jump all over the place. Coupled with a lack of safety switch it ensures that life becomes lively for a second or two.
But of course, you wouldn't be using this without an RCD would you? (Really... Would you???).
Do also ensure that where possible the wood is stable/clamped before you cut it otherwise again things can get lively!

I must admit I had never used one before, experiment with it and you'll soon figure out what works for the saw.

A very solid piece of kit, exceptionally easy to change blades and ready to go from the box.
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