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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars44
4.5 out of 5 stars
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16 of 17 people found the following review helpful
on 3 October 2011
erasure have struggled in the charts in later years....more down to changing musical tastes and lack of airplay. this album may not change that but for the people who is a another classic album by a great band!!

the sound and production have returned to the days of the glory days of "the innocents" and "circus"

the opener "be with you" is a great track and would make a great second single as its got a great chorus.

"fill us with fire" is another pop dance track that harks back to the glory days

"what will i say when you're gone" is absolutely brilliant - a bitter sweet lovesong with all you could ask for - great lyrics and vocals!!!

"youve got to save me right now" is not my favourite track...its a bit of a bluesy electro plodder.

"a whole lotta love run riot" has more of a club feel and again it would be a great single choice, with the right remixes it could fill a dancefloor today

"when i start to break down" is the first single and it does not rock my boat - the vocals sound a bit strained, the musics plods along but goes nowhere...i have to admit it may be my least favourite track on the album

"i lose myself" is another stunner that could have been a huge hit - it has hints not only of erasure but also yazoo (not a bad thing) great lyrics and another stunner!

"then i go twisting" has a heavy dance beat....and is another instant track...what do you do when it all breaks down you lose yourself on the dancefloor (i dont do the twist by the way)...brillance!

"just when i thought it was ending" is bitter sweet ballad and is big and epic...

with all the hallmarks of classic erasure it should be a huge hit, but the stunning albums of recent years have not done well commercially..all fans will love it and i hope they will gain some new ones!

i only stumbled across this by accident, the single flopped - not a surprise as i think it is possibly the weakest song on the album and lack of marketing means many will not know this has even been released!

i love the boys!!!!
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 13 October 2011
Erasure can be applauded for their longevity, and although it's pleasing to have a new album Tomorrows World seems to be stuck in the same rut that Andy's Solo album "electric blue" came from. Andy's voice sounds very un-erasure like, and does he really need to use a vocoder yet??!! Saying that, there's 9 lovely little poppy tunes, well produced by frankmusic. At only half an hour long it's a very short album and i dont know why the 2nd cd of mixes and demos wasn't just tagged on the end of the album. After a couple of listens you'll love most of the tracks anyway,which is the main thing.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 4 October 2011
This review is from: Tomorrow's World (Audio CD)
It's always worrying when someone tells you that a classic band that you truly enjoy decided to update their own sound. You may think "Oh my! They took off the word 'integrity' of their dictionary!". But this really isn't the case of this new work by Clarke and Bell, 'cos their music continues as catchy and enjoyable as it ever was, despite the more "modern" sound. No one can blame them for trying to conquer new listeners by working with a trendy producer, specially when you notice that Vince still knows to create great melodies and to thrill and amaze with his inventive synth sounds while Andy's skills as a vocalist and lyricist remain intact.

Some people have accused Andy of being repetitive with his lyrics, which really talk about love 90 percent of the time, but the fact is that 90 percent of the great pop songs of all time are about love. 'Love' has always been the great theme of pop songs and I personally don't get bothered by an album full of songs that talks about the joys and sorrows of being in love with someone when these ones are good ones, like the songs of this album. Well, there are at least four songs here that approach other subjects indeed.

The 2 tracks that I like the most are the thrilling and already underrated "When I Start To (Break It All Down)", the song rightly chosen to be the lead single, and "I Lose Myself", which was defined by Andy as a kind of New Order-esque song. Vince's synths are particularly great here, I think. Its lyrics are quite frank and talks about letting yourself being or not being a wild boy when your life is under constant pressure. "Be With You" has a very erasurish atmosphere and it's easily likeable. Sweet lyrics attached to galloping beats. "What Will I Say When You're Gone?" is a great ballad while "Just When I Thought It Was Ending" is not that great but lovely anyway. "Fill Us With Fire", "A Whole Lotta Love Run Riot" and "Then I Go Twisting" are more technoish ones and they show more explicitly the influence of FrankMusik's musical background in this record, but this doesn't discredit the final result of these three songs at all, on the contrary, they all sound very good to me, but maybe fans who aren't too familiar with the modern dance music scene need more time to like them. Curiously, neither of the three own romantic lyrics. "Fill Us With Fire" lyrics has a controversial line that says "And I believe that God's a waste of time", but it depends on how you're going to interpret this one in the context of the rest of the lyrics. As far as I know, Andy isn't an agnostic, but if he is, it's not of my business anyway. In "A Whole Lotta Love Run Riot" lyrics, which talks about a decadent movie star, Andy ironizes the stylish and egocentrical world of celebrities by whispering some words in French. Cool! "Then I Go Twisting" is the most unusual of these three songs, 'cos the verses are sung with slower beats and then it becomes quite bouncy in the chorus. Its lyrics talks about someone who just wants to forget their own complex modern life. "You've Got To Save Me Right Now" is the most "soul" moment of the record and it doesn't disappoint at all, despite its quite short duration. Maybe the participation of the choir could have been more effusive. Maybe.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 4 November 2011
i was quite apprehensive waiting to hear the new cd but i was very pleasantly suprised i really like it. Ihave been an erasure fan since the 80s and love there music over the recent years theyve had some poor songs released but i feel they could release a few off this cd. the songs fit in well with erasures older songs in there concerts and most people who iv spoken to enjoyed there new stuff . Well done erasure may their success continue. Your fans appreciate it x
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11 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on 7 October 2011
After 4 years of waiting Erasure offer Tomorrow's World. 9 songs of varying quality. The double album offers a further track with various demo's and remixes of the album.

I started off being hugely impressed. The first two tracks on the album are elegantly pop-py with a real twist added by Frankmusic's heady and heavy production; they are clearly excellent tracks worthy of being released as singles.

From here on in we begin to lose focus though 'What Will I Say When You're Gone' offers a glimpse of Vince's antique synth pop beginning to come to the fore (after the heavy production of the first 2 tracks) but then we get 'You've Got To Save Me Right Now' which, for me, is a truly awful track followed up by a weak and strangely remix-y and 90's techno 'A Whole Lotta Love Run Riot'.

'When I Start To (Break It All Down)' was the first single from the album and is followed up by the Situation-esque 'I Lose Myself'. Remember, however good Situation was, it was the B-Side to the Yazoo single 'Only You' (remixed and released in it's own right in 1990). 'Then I Go Twisting' again appears to be a remix-y 90's techno track and is incredibly weak. 'Just When I Thought It Was Ending' doesn't fit with what's gone before.

And this is the problem. What we get here are some brilliantly developed songs with excellent production that would fit snuggly into any of the last 25 years of Erasure and fit perfectly into today's music market. But we also get some over-produced pap that Frankmusic has probably felt has had to be completely re-invented to make it sound OK.

The remixes and demos on the 2nd CD are interesting. The 10th new song is 'Give Me Life' and isn't worthy of being a B-Side track (hence why it's dumped onto this 2nd CD).

Lyrically, Andy seems to have become stuck in some form of Love-Labyrinth too. The Nightbird album had weak lyrics at times; Light At The End Of The World was musically and lyrically lazy, and Tomorrow's World appears to follow this trend. Maybe it's time to let Vince take a bit more control with both the music and lyrics.

I bought this album as I'm a huge fan of Vince Clarke. I'd love Erasure to return to the top of the charts but this album won't do it and sickening as it feels I think they are running out of ideas. 9 tracks would suggest that's the case. For crying-out-loud boys, prove me wrong!
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 12 December 2011
Not classic 'Erasure' - some good tracks but they should get back to what they do best: catchy, quality pop songs. Some of the tracks here are not brilliant and do not do 'Erasure' many favours. After seeing them live twice this year, they can do much better. Sorry!
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 30 January 2012
Great to see the erasure boys are still making great music after all of these years.
This album is great for everyone that loves nice easy listening tracks with wild and wacky electronic backing music.
There are a couple of tracks that instantly make you wanna listen again. Whilst the others soon grow on you.
I bought the 2 disk special edition of this album. The second disk is all the tracks from the first disk remixed.
Enjoy the great sound of erasure like I have. Buy this album , add it to your ever growing collection and keep the erasure dream alive. Thanks for reading.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 5 October 2011
The new Cd from erasure is absolutely fab every bit as good as the last 2 albums once listened to a couple of times you get a feel for all the tracks and start to collect your thoughts on all your favorites but the one I like the best as we don't get them too often is the brilliant instrumental TOMORROWS WORLD what a classic track get It buy it love it :)

K Riley
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4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 17 October 2011
Having been a fan since the heady days of The Circus, hearing one of the strongest Erasure singles in years "When I start to (break it all down)" gave me a lot of hope for this new album "Tomorrow's World".

Having only received it in the post on Saturday, I've played little else for most of Sunday and Monday (i.e. today) and have reached the conclusion that this one is going to be a grower rather than an instant hit with me.

As another reviewer stated, the album is way too short (although having the second CD does help) and casual fans who buy the single CD are likely to feel somewhat short changed! Nothing really betters the lead single and there is nothing anywhere near as memorable - a;though saying that I love Gareth Jones' mixes of "I Lose Myself" and "Fill Us With Fire" on disc 2. Most of the songs trundle along but lack any real "wow" factor. There seems to be a lack of any real theme running throughout the album. After the jolity of opener "Be With You", by track 3 "What will you say when I'm gone?" as a listener I am feeling quite depressed!

I am not really au fait with Frankmusik's work (I've only heard his Lady Gaga and Pet Shop Boys remixes to date) but I am sure he is bringing in something positive to these very average songs.

We live in troubled times at the moment(what with the world's economy being in such a bad place)and as a musician myself I can understand the lack of any real inspiratation around to write a good album. But to be honest, if this was a debut album, I'm afraid the chances are it would go ignored. And as a fan, you don't know how sad it makes me feel to say this.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 3 January 2013
Erasure, a staple of the synthpop genre finally get back to what made them great in the first place. Strong melodies, catchy choruses and superb songwriting. This album should serve as a lesson to all these modern day pretenders who release their generic souless tripe and try and pass it off as synthpop. This is how it should be done!
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