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4.7 out of 5 stars71
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 19 August 2011
I've always been a huge fan of Nero ever since I first heard 'Innocence'about a year ago, then they released 'Me and You' which was another Epic tune for me, the same goes for 'Guilt' and the latest single 'Promises' So when I found out they were releasing an album. I had to purchase it, and I was not disappointed. 14 amazing songs, each as good as the one before. The album kicks off with '2808' a strange orchestral type piece which kind of acts like the calm before the "storm" and its one heck of a storm especially as '2808' leads directly into 'Doomsday' -already my favourite-
'Doomsday' is a very dancey song, with a typical dance drum beat at the first drop*, and with a BPM* of 120 it has that element of the french Nu-Disco duo 'Justice' witch I really like. the second drop is in my opinion better, the change in flow and the drum patter changed to a more dubsteppy one. That song packs a punch and the rest of the album follows, where you get a mix of what we have already heard of Nero, and a little mix of Nu-Disco and 80's feel, which combined with the Dubstep makes for a strange yet amazing sound. Totally different to all the other Dubstep that is out there, Nero have created there own sub genre of Dubstep, combining elements of Dubstep with Rock and Nu-Disco. Its an amazing album and also the Singer Alana has a pretty good voice. I believe she sings on the songs:
My eyes
Me & You
In The Way

(My favourite songs on there are: Doomsday, Me & You, Innocence, Promises, Crush on you and Must be the feeling)
(Figure state and Must be the feeling are very Nu-Disco)
*BPM [Beats per minute (tempo)] Dubstep usually falls around 140 BPM, Dance around 110-130 BPM, and Drum & Bass 150-180 BPM

So if you like Dubstep, Nu-Disco, Dance, Nero, or are very open minded then consider buying Nero's album, You can also get the deluxe edition with 6 extra track, two of which are Drum & Bass, one is a remix, of a 'Justice' song (so that could explain the Nu-Disco feel), A VIP (Variation in Production) mix of 'Welcome Reality' from which the album gets its name yet the original track does not feature, another Dubstep song, and the Collaboration Nero did with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra entitled 'Symphony 2808'

Hope enjoy my strange review not really a reviewer but as its Nero :D
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My first experience of Nero was the recent single Promises, which almost had me jumping out of bed in the middle of the night to buy it, but I waited for the album and at the introductory download price on Amazon I got a bargain.

It's the first time I've actually liked dubstep, and that's probably because I tend to listen to dismal amateur dubstep remixes on SoundCloud rather than the actual quality stuff, and also because Nero are genuinely inspired and inventive songwriter-musicians. Even the cover version of The Jets' Crush On You kicks any other non-Nero track in the charts this week to bits.

This is groundbreaking stuff, works as a whole album as well as individual tracks, and they're British - so if they don't win several Brit awards next year I'll eat my insert anything you care to choose in this sentence here.
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on 16 August 2011
Every time Nero have put out a single, it has excited me no end. The first time I heard each one on the radio, it instantly got stuck in my head and got put on repeat on Youtube. This album was a must buy for me on day one, and I don't regret it.

Obviously, the singles that have been released ("Me & You", "Guilt" and "Promises") are on there and they sound as amazing as the first time I heard them. They are backed up by the stomping intro to the album, "Doomsday", which builds to a cracking climax before the jaw-clenching drop, and the cover of the Jets' 80s pop track, "Crush on You", which is kinda mad and very dubstep, but it really works for me. These tracks alone are worth the entry fee.

A good album, but it perhaps has a few too many filler tracks to be a 5 star classic. Definitely worth a purchase though, as it's a really exciting insight into what this pair could do in the future. Recommended.
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on 1 November 2011
This album has been on almost constant repeat since I got it. Given that most albums these days give me one or two plays at most, that should hopefully indicate how much I love it! The sound is HUGE - the wash of 80s synths coupled with the up-to-date sounds of dubstep / drum n bass could make for a poor mix, but in this case it just works. Unlike a lot of what passes for electronic music these days, this doesn't sound like it was knocked together by just copying other, more successful dance tracks of the last 20 years and offers something that is genuinely fresh and exciting.

I think the sound owes as much to Vangelis and those grand synth-phonic sounds of the late 70s/early 80s as it does to the urban, bass heavy beats of the dubstep crowd and all the better for it! There really isn't a duff track, although some are obviously more anthem-friendly than others (and you'll have probably heard them as singles anyway).

All in all, a complete masterpiece, probably my favourite album of 2011! Buy it!
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on 20 August 2011
Following on from Chase and Status and Magtenic Man, this is another awesome album in the "Dubstep" style. The mish mash of sounds and variety of tunes is fantastic. I love it.
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on 23 August 2011
Ever since hearing Zane Lowe play Me & You at the beginning of this year, I've been waiting for this album to be released and it doesn't disappoint. The thing that really strikes me after listening to the album a few times is the quality of the production. Far better than I was expecting. The problem with some dubstep is the seemingly increasing need to play the bass so loud and so distorted that you lose the rest of the track. Mediocre dubstep then tends to be a bit one dimensional and this album has avoided falling into this trap. I dare say that die hard dupstep fans might not like this album and will say it is too mainstream but that's what happens when recognition comes your way.

At the moment, my favourite track would have to be "In The Way". There are a couple which feel like fillers to me which is why it gets 4 out of 5 but don't let that put you off.
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on 19 September 2011
Without a doubt by far the best dance album i have purchased in a long time! Loved the singles but was not so sure that the album would live up to expectations however it is outstanding. This will become one of the cult dance classic albums of our time.
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on 20 November 2011
Bloody brilliant, I love it from start to finish.

I thought I miss out the dubstep sound, more of a hard trance kinda person. This however blew me away.

Must buy.
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on 4 November 2011
I heard Nero's number 1 single "Promises" on the radio one morning and instantly fell in love with it. Flicking through the music channels one day I was watching a great video with some vibrant electrical vibes making me nod my head in a way that must have been very embarrassing but I didn't care as the song was so good. Finding out that it was "Guilt" by Nero I decided to buy the album and was certainly not disappointed.

All the elements that make those two singles brilliant are contained in all 14 tracks on their debut album. The electrical positives, the powers contained with the dancing electrical rhythms are simply outstanding.

The track "Scorpions" has one of the best baseline rhythms you will ever hear. "Promises" has its powerful lyrics matching pitch perfect with the positive tuning.

All tunes follow similar patterns which some people may find annoying or repetitive. Me personally I found a uniqueness in each of the songs and have been listening to all the tracks consistently for a few nights on the run now.

All songs are uplifting positive churning crackers that I would certainly recommend listening to and definitely purchasing.
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on 13 January 2012
I listen to or will listen to pretty much anything from Frank Sinatra, Metallica to snipets of Opera (thank you Smallville). However, had anyone mentioned Dub Step to me, I'd have raised an eyebrow a-la Roger Moore as Bond. Dub Step you say? I think not.

Then I heard 'Guilt' on one of the music channels on TV. This I liked, alot. So much I bumbled onto Amazon and bought the MP3. Several more releases have since made their way on to TV. These are also very good. These tracks from Nero seem to find a way of really getting under your skin and into your chest. You just want to get up and move.

The creation of the music is quite complex and knowing when to add sounds, change pitch etc seems to be an art that Nero have nailed.
When I first heard snipets of the album via the sampler on Amazon MP3 page I wasn't sure about it. Having since bought the CD mainly for a few tracks I've got to like it as whole, much more.

I do feel there are a few fillers but then this could just be down to my taste.

Final words - just go an buy it.
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