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4.5 out of 5 stars99
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 9 November 2015
Bought a pair of these from HMV around two years ago. Had a test of the different headphones on display and these seemed fantastic. Being used to studio monitor headphones and reference type equipment, it was nice to just relax with something this punchy. The bass really does kick and the 50mm drivers offer fantastic clarity in the low frequencies. They are relatively competent in the highs too and overall they excel for easy listening. Used them for two years solid and the sound only gets better as they wear in, as too does the on ear design. The fact they managed this long with ME is testament to their build quality.

Fantastic little headphones and definitely worth the pittance they're put up here for. If you're looking for every day commute or occasional home listening headphones, do yourself a favour and get these trusty cans.
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on 24 May 2012
Im astonished.
What a great pair of headphones. I have run them in over night to give an accurate representation.

They can handle any eq you throw at them. The headphones are up for anything and dont rasp/clip or give up the ghost.
Beautiful and organic. The low end is handled with considerable ease as of the 50mm drivers. They dont induce a headache at moderate to high volumes as the extreme high end is tamed ever so slightly.
My expectations are high. Im truly impressed. Sub bass. Whooohoooo!
The heavyweights of this 'fast buck' industry have missed the bus completely. Buy these Marleys and be amazed at the jaw dropping quality and attention to sound. New sounds appear from tracks Ive listened to for 20 years!

I have 15+ headphones, and 10+ in ears phones. Either I have been terribly unlucky in the past with headphones or read unbiased reviews but at long last these Positive Vibrations will now be my main pair - with the 13khz sizzle increased a little. A FIIO 5 headphone amp inline is just perfect as this has a stand alone bass switch for your personal taste.

I dont often champion products - especially headphones - as they are in the 'ear' of the beholder and everyone has different ears, plus age can give inaccurate reviews. Remeber these headphones can handle many eq/volumes and tastes with ease. Not overly heavy or large even though they have 50mm drivers. Foldable for transport in a very attractive and well made carry case (included)
Of course Beyer DT100's/ Grado sr80i wont be redundant just yet as they have there own applications for monitoring, but be aware these Marleys have superb quality and sound for everyday casual listening at this very reasonable price. I paid £38 and Id pay it again and again.

Tyrone -
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on 20 November 2011
I've been looking for a new pair of headphones for general music listening as my Sennheiser HP25-SP's I use for DJ'ing are just a little clinical and cold for just kicking back and chilling with. Trouble is I'm used to listening to my music through a (very) expensive hi-fi so I'm very fussy when it comes to the sound.

I looked at a number of options , Denon, Senheisser, Beats and then stumbled across these at HMV. Thought I'd try them but to be honest thought the Marley name would be a bit of a gimmick. How wrong could I be. The sound is nice and full, wonderfully detailed, a touch on the warm side I'd say but I think this is by design. As you'd expect from a name so associated with Reggae the bass is nice and deep but has punch to it also, no wallowing here and perhaps more surprising is the top end; very detailed and has a really nice sparkle to it that never becomes tiring.

All in all I think you'd be hard pushed to find a better sounding set of 'phones for the price. In fact I'd go as far as saying they sound better than anything I've heard up to £100-150. Just awesome...
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on 16 December 2012
...these headphones are fabulous. I use these as my 'outdoor' (iPod, Pure DAB radio etc.) headset, and they sound superb, especially after a month of 'bedding in'. I use them for speech radio, and a huge variety of music genres, the response and tone is that of headphones costing two or three times as much. They are equally at home with rock, folk, soul, blues... and of course, reggae. They're very comfortable as well. And I've had a few humorous comments from people of various ethnic backgrounds (including some total strangers) as to how cool they look. An absolute bargain, I love them to bits. Highly recommended, and a credit to the Marley name.
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on 3 April 2012
the positive vibration headphones re certainly that. They are a pair of amazing headphones with great sounds and perfect for bassey music like dubstep and metal etc.

first of all the sound. I got these half price at HMV and for what I paid, they are amazing. I did test the headphones out before I bought them, along with a pair of beats solo headphones, and he sound quality wasn't much different. the rich, deep bass really hits and centralises itself in your head. The high notes aren't as good, but still good enough to feel the music.

next, the build quality. Alot of headphones around this price range usually feel very flimsy, such as the skull candy low rider, but the positive vibrations are the complete opposite. with aluminium ear cups, a metal frame and highly durable canvas coating the cable and frame give a great feel to it. But, like with everything, they are not in-destructible and can still break.

and lastly, the style and look. I bought the sun version. they dont look as rasta on the outside, however on the inside the are very marley and bright. the ear cups do not protrude out to much either and stick with the contours of the headphone.

overall, a very good set of headphones and realy worth the cost. i would advise these to anybody. thnks for reading :)
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on 2 October 2012
well, i didn't want to love these as i dislike music endorsed products like the beats and the many others that have come along since.
but when wandering into a professional headphone store, i tried about 7 cans, beats, no fear, sennhiesers, some companies ive never heard of and FINALLY came to these... and WOW.

the sound is very rich and 'warm', they're definitely not for someone who wants ultimate bass and these are not designed for that, these headphones have of course been engineered for reggae so expect a very wide mid-tonal range with nice clear high tones and a very warm bass that doesn't really strike out like the beats would, but instead i just nice and heavy.

it does of course come down to music tastes, im hugely into my heavy metal, and they're pretty damn good for it, as the 'crunch' of the lead guitar comes out smooth and clean but they still pick up the bass, rhythm and the vocals are always outside of that noise channel, as with some headphones i find that the vocals get buried in the mix but these don't!!!

i tested out some nice heavy sounding industrial on these too, and actually the warm bass suits it for me as its not headache inducingly sharp or explosive, just there, loud and and bassy :)

as for build/design, very comfy and well fitted.

one down side however, even though i was sold them as being 'noise cancellers' it works nicely for blocking out the world, but in reverse, crank up the full to full tilt and they might as well be open ear headphones! which is slightly irritating as i bought these for use on public transport, i still will, just not at higher volumes!!

but overall i definitely recommend these as a great pair of cans to listen to your favorite tracks at a good volume without any real distortion and fluttering in the sound.

oh, ona side note however, annoyingly, as these are very well made and pick up sound accordingly, they pick up all the issues with my crappy htc desire hd's 'amp' but on my computer they are very good :)

just make sure you plug them into something that can deliver the right tones or you'll have a horrible experience!!
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on 21 May 2015
I bought these headphones in 2012. Since then I have gone through at least three pairs of more expensive and well known headsets - all of which have broken after light use. Every time a pair breaks, I use this headset as a backup. Whilst the sound is not quite as bassy as more expensive headphones the overall sound quality is still very good and for the price it's going for, you won't find much better. Plus, as mentioned before, these are incredibly durable and will last many years (in my case 3 and still counting).
Overall a very good headset at a very good price. Definitely worth the purchase.
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on 7 December 2012
I purchased my rasta headphones about 6 months ago and am very satisfied. I initially wanted to by Beats, but heard bad things about the leakage. i tried out a variety of other options before finding these which, frankly, are incredibly close to being as good quality as beats, without the leakage and for a quarter of the price. They are quite bulky but pretty robust they are also partially foldable for storage so can fit in a big coat pocket. I was a bit concerned that the cable may be prone to fraying because it's so thin but no problems so far. In sum, I made the right choice.
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on 2 November 2015
I am very fussy when it comes to headphones, and I always look for the frequency response and driver size to guide me towards a set of phones that can deliver the sounds I like to hear. I have seen the Marley range of headphones before, and the lack of techie data on the box has always led me to putting them back down again.
How lucky I was to be able to trial a set in Tesco, I plugged my iPhone in and was instantly blown away by the sound, and depth of range of the sound that filled my ears.
The Bass sounds are deep, and very rich. The bass sounds are delicate too which on a set of headphones in this price range is very very rare. I can hear and feel the low vibrating bass sounds, and these are complimented by the complete and full higher ranges so that listening to any music is enhanced, and it's true that you will hear sounds that are normally invisible when listening through other headphones.
The build quality is excellent and they feel a solid quality product that is a joy to own. The come with their own carry and storage bag too which complements the headphones perfectly. The only downside to the build that I have found is that the jack plug has a loose wire inside it. I am so taken with these headphones that I am repairing them myself so that I can still use them.
I will definitely be looking for these headphones again when my current pair completely fall apart and I can't fix them any more.
Marley have definitely got an aural star in these headphones, and anyone who listens to them instantly wants to 'borrow' them from me. No-one has succeeded in lending them yet!
If you want a set of headphones that will not disappoint, then these are the ones for you!
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on 27 January 2015
Amazing headphones for the money. Bought for my son who is a musician. He loves them. he tried other more expensive ones but decided on these. Design a bit wacky for me but he likes them. I tried them and thought the sound reproduction was amazing - very pleased

Update: I received my own pair in black as a gift for Fathers Day. Very pleased. These on with some good music and even I don't mind mowing the lawn. I use them with my Sony Xperia Z2 and love any music sounds rich and tonal!!
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