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on 2 March 2012
To start off, shipping from UK to Germany took 3 days so that was a pleasant surprise. I am also really impressed by the headphones as the build quality is remarkable and they look even better when you hold them in your hands. The sound is way better than what you would get from headphones in the price range and even outperform headphones that cost more (i.e. Beats)! All in all I am very pleased with these headphones, the only drawback is that I got a pair of the first revision without adjustable Earpieces.

From Jan. 2012 the new Model is adjustable (earpiece can clip into each of the three buttons seen on the outside, mine only utilize the middle one) and the leather headstrap spring is not as firm (while moving around they move upwards a bit, other reviews state that the tension relaxes after using them for a while), so I got a bit unlucky. Still no reason for me to send them back and wait for the newer model. I love them and can recommend them to anyone who is looking for a stylish headphone with great sound quality but does not want the standard plastic you see everyone else wearing.
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on 20 December 2011
Had a set of bose returned them as the approx £300 price tag didn't I felt deliver £300 worth of quality. Had these bought as a gift and what an excellent suprise. Comfortable, excellent sound quality and out shines the bose in terms of Qulaity for your £. Got to say very impressed
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on 15 November 2014
Buying headphones online is tricky isn't it? Everyone's opinion is subjective. So I'll try to be as clear as I can.

- The Exodus headphones look stunning - classy, tasteful, expensive. They also have a solidity to them, they feel robust. Natural wood, canvas, metal. Lovely.
- Sound quality is, in my opinion, excellent. I'm especially keen on the sub-bass (not just the punchy bass prevalent on dance beats etc, I mean the really low *throb* you rarely hear using earbuds and often don't even hear on some over-ear headphones. It's rich and warm on these ones, and you can not only hear the really deep notes rumbling and throbbing, but you can make out the detailed shape of the notes too. I found treble to be just fine, but midrange can be a little harsh at higher volumes. Overall though, I was blown away by the sound.
- Value for money - hard to see what more you would get by spending hundreds more for top-end cans... these ones are as high quality as I'll ever need.

- The design of the Exodus headphones has a couple of major problems. As others have pointed out, the headphones are kept in place by a piece of elastic that hugs your head. I found this to be too tight, causing the headphones to clamp too tightly to my ears. After an hour it was like having my head in a vice. And as a I wear glasses my ears got really uncomfortable. OK for an hour, but after that even taking the phones off my head was a painful experience in itself.
- Note also that, due to that elastic, you will suffer from 'headphone hair' pretty badly with these - i.e. a ridge of flattened hair across your head when you remove them. Not a biggie, but some people will find that irritating.
- Maybe it's just the shape of my head, but I found that these headphones make me look a bit silly. That lovely wooden band is pretty big when on, and runs like a gigantic halo an inch out from hour head all the way round and down beyond your ears, while the elastic tightens to a couple of diagonal lines across your head. Discrete they ain't. Maybe I'm being overly self-conscious here, but compared to other headphones that just hug your headline, the Exodus cans look more obtrusive.
- That elastic strap also gets in the way if you like to wear your headphones hanging around your neck when not listening - instead of hooking round your neck the two cans sit only halfway round, and it never feels comfortable or secure.
- The relative heaviness of the headphones makes them less ideal for travel - not a big issue, but worth bearing in mind.
- Many headphones have a single wire feeding into the left side - the Exodus has a more old-fashioned design with both sides wired. Again not a major concern, but I found this slightly less convenient when taking the phones off or on.

Summary: Most of these negatives are not fatal flaws, but in the end the discomfort I felt with the 'head clamp' issue forced me to switch to a different type (House of Marley Positive Vibrations - similar price bracket and 99% of the sound quality, but with all of the above design flaws eliminated).
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on 16 January 2013
I ain't no audio expert but I know what I like.
Gives me the bass I need.
The noise cancelling works.
Good tight fit.
Rock on Tommy.
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on 16 September 2012
The Exodus delivers a clean sound with excellent bass response, the mids are quite intimate and detailed, the highs are non fatiguing but still have good presence (unlike some other Marley headphones which were just too dark and dull in my opinion) don't get me wrong, the exodus still sounds fairly warm, but the highs are all there. I really like the sound signature! Slight "U" I would say. They are not overly dark or overly bright.

The clamping force is pretty high on these, and the padding is not soft enough. They also tend to pull upwards on your ears a bit. It's not an issue for portable use with like 1hr wear-time intervals or so.

Love the wood design on it, feels nice, seem to be real leather pads, aluminium or some sort of metal housings for the drivers...

Would definitely recommend them, IMO they are in the same league as some of the classics like Sennheiser HD25-1.
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on 18 September 2014
Design – unique, interesting.
Materials – eco.
Build up quality – top quality.
Sound - not balanced: too much bass, mid tones lower and highs low. Sound from these headphones makes you feel tired, maybe because of exaggerated tremble.
Ergonomics – like other reviewers mentioned, these are first release headphones and like others, me too, could wear them just for about an hour and after that, you get ear pain: to much pressure from cups. My head size by bike helmets size chart is M/L; maybe they would be just right for people having smaller heads. Sound quality and ergonomics should be top priority for headphones and only after that build up quality, design, materials, that’s why I returned mine.
I would recommend to try them for people having smaller heads or children who would prioritize classy look and bass in music.
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on 12 April 2014
Couldn't believe my luck when I saw these on offer as have been admiring them in hmv for yeeeears, but no way I was paying a hundred quid for headphones when I've been stung before on expensive cans (I'm looking at you Bose). So stylish, very comfortable and just great sound with plenty of base. They can wear the late great bob's name with pride.

Note - I did have to return the first 2 pairs due to problems, but these were the old design. My current pair is the new. No harm as the amazon returns process was first class and so easy. Even got my new sets before the old ones were returned. Plus extra customer care on the second return so top marks there. Just bad luck I guess.
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on 2 February 2014
As my first pair of headphones, I can honestly say I was far from disappointed by the sound quality achieved when up against my much-loved in-ear Sennheisers. For a pair of overheads, I was pleasantly surprised by the sound exclusion these provide. Often using them on the way to and from college on the bus, I didn't have to worry about being able to hear everyone's screaming conversations, and didn't even have to turn my iPod up very high to achieve this. In addition to this, the overall quality of different parts of the music is amplified a lot more than I expected. The first song I listened to when I first unboxed these beauties on my birthday was Give It Away by Red Hot Chili Peppers, and it was wonderful. I could hear and listen to every riff and kick and bass note. I've listened to tens of albums on these since getting them just under a month ago and everyone of them benefited from the bass these produce and allow.

Aesthetically, I'm completely in love with the materials used. I love wood and leather ware on my accessories so these were a perfect match for me. The leather strap is very comfortable, as well as the leather that makes up the earpieces' inner section which is contrasted perfectly with the metal on the outer side of the earpeice. The wooden bracket above this, however, I wish was adjustable. I read somewhere that they've now turned the metal buttons either side of the headphones into clip button holes, so you can move the earpieces up and down to suit you. This is probably a minor worry or not a worry at all to most but I'm just not 100% keen on the gap between the leather headband and the wooden one, but it isn't really a big deal.

I do find myself adjusting the earpieces for a while before actually finding a comfortable spot where they wont move, but once they're there it's very snug and I don't have to worry about them moving at all.

I would definitely recommend these headphones, they're easily as good, if not better than some £200 headphones I tried out before buying these.
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on 9 October 2014
The good:

Package arrived on time; they look great and have a great sound quality.

Why i don't like them(The bad):

They are painfully uncomfortable to use after 1hour, and i mean it when i say PAIN, they are just too tight and uncomfortable.
Whats the use of something that looks good, sounds good but it physically hurts you to use?
I wouldnt recomend them.
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on 17 March 2013
Beautiful looking and an amazing sound quality, clear with a strong and powerful bass. The best headphones i'd ever owned!
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