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4.0 out of 5 stars132
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 18 July 2013
Reasonable product however one of my earpieces stopped working. With the wind noise etc on a bike you really need both working to hear effectively. The ad details a 12 month warranty therefore I contacted the seller confidently expecting they would replace the faulty part. However the product warranty conveniently shrank by 9 months and I was told they would not replace the part. Be warned
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on 13 April 2012
Really like this kit. Despite the confusing instructions (really should employ an interpreter who understands use of English) the devices are easy to use. You need to experiment with where the earphones go to ensure they are over your ears. I use a Dainese helmet (not the quietest available) and the clarity was fine. don't pay over the odds unless you really need to these units are fine for most applications. Would recommend them to anyone.
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on 22 October 2014
Purchased a set of these at the start of the summer to talk with my wife on the pillion of my vstrom.
Really easy to fit, set up and use.
Out of the box one of the earphones didn't work and was replaced without quibble immediately by the seller.
5 months of almost daily use and it performed perfectly, could hear my wife clearly at 70mph with visors open a crack.
Also found out when I was alone I could listen to music and also hear the voice commands from the navigation system on my Samsung Mobile Phone.
Phone calls are clear and easy to answer but I do find myself calling the person back when trying to end the call, no one will believe I'm riding it's that clear.
After 5 months my wife's blue tooth unit stopped working. I contacted the seller and again they couldn't have been more helpful.
I posted the blue tooth unit back to them at a cost of £8.80 via Royal Mail to China, I sent a photo of the receipt to the seller and the postage cost was refunded by the end of the day. My new unit is now on its way and I can't wait to get it as it means my wife will be happy to ride all day again.
To sum of up its and amazing piece of kit for less than half the price of big name units and the customer service cannot be faulted.
Buy it now with confidence.
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on 1 September 2014
Bought this as my first dabble with rider to pillion communications, well other than a dig in the ribs. Works well so far, however only really of use in and around town as I find anything above about 45 mph and I cannot hear my pillion (probably due to my helmet being quite noisy - Caberg Konda).
The self adhesive pads don't stick too well especially on the one attached to the speaker & boom microphone. I will probably have to stitch the pad onto the liners in both our helmets as they fall out when removing the helmet in both the open face (mine) and closed type (partners).
The syncing of the two units was easy however we are finding that we have to sync the units each time we switch them on.
The bluetoothing of music via my ipod works well on my unit, again however my noisy helmet limits its use at speed.
I would say that for the money this is a good bit of kit and, depending on your helmet, can be used towards the suggested 120kmph - the 800m range is optimistic though.
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on 27 May 2012
Excellent product, does what it says on the box. Clarity of sound exceptional for the price, blue-tooth via smart-phone far better than a number of much dearer unit I have tried. Fitting could not be simpler, installed into HJC flip-front.
I would definitely use this vendor again, prompt delivery, well packaged product will give me good service for the foreseeable future.
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on 5 July 2014
I bought these on the reviews of others on here and can honestly say I think they are worth the money. I use mine every time I go out to listen To my music & sat nav ap on my phone. Once set up & synced with my phone it syncs automatically when switched on assuming the Bluetooth is on on my phone. I've turned the volume up on my phone so that I can then control it from the helmet unit as this gives me more freedom of volume control so I can turn it up at high speeds and lower on slower quieter roads.
I've also used them to speak to the OH when out on our bikes and the only time we got disconnected was when I got separated round an estate and the houses blocked the signal, but as soon as we were in range I just pushed the power button once and they instantly reconnected.
Over the course of a few hours I get a bit of ear ache as my helmet is tight fitting without much ear space anyway, but I've fiddled around and put the head phones a little further forward and I can still hear fine without as much pain.
At high speeds due to wind noise it's hard to hear the OH but he states he can still hear me just fine, so I'm putting that down to having a cheaper helmet that doesn't block out as much wind noise.
The only way these could be any better was if you could pair multiple devices at the same time so we can hear the sat nav & each other, as going somewhere new together means I have to keep looking down to see my sat nav in my tank bag which isn't ideal.
Also worth noting if you have an iPhone you can dial anyone in your phone book when travelling my pressing your menu button as Siri can hear you through your mic, so I was able to ring my friend with my ETA when filtering in traffic without having to pull over and then it flicked back to my music after the call. Very handy.
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on 5 August 2013
Bought these after reading favourable reviews and I have to agree with them. Easy to fit to a Shoei Neotech 2. The microphone boom is long enough for the mic to sit by my mouth. Placing the speakers correctly is fairly crucial and may take some fettling. I can hear music and satnav clearly; I wear earplugs & could hear easily at motorway speeds. It did take some tinkering with volume settings on my phone - turning the bass right down for music helped for instance. Have yet to try a phone call as I need to get the settings right.
If you install this straight from the box and try to use it, without some testing / adjusting first, you'll have problems; and they may well lie with your phone / satnav rather than this unit!
For the price I'd say this is a good buy.
Update :
Been using this for a while now and for the money, I'm impressed. I can clearly hear music and satnav, and phone calls are clear.
However, I can only get the unit to do one thing at a time. Either paired to phone or satnav or another unit. It won't pair to more than one thing at a time, which isn't ideal with a pillion on long journeys. However it is fairly simple to swap modes whilst on the move.
Phone calls - easy to receive, the unit automatically switches to phone, then back to whatever it was doing before. Dialing out is not so easy, so far it will only make the phone dial the last number, but I think this is more down to the android phone than the unit.

Further update after 8 months of use.

Turning bass off on your music player is a must. The speakers just can't cope with any bass and distort badly if it's on.
Performance really varies from helmet to helmet. Fitted one unit to a mates HJC lid for a trip out on two bikes and I could barely hear him due to wind noise, but he could clearly hear me in my Shoei.

Phone calls are also largely hit and miss depending on your phone. My old Galaxy S2 wasn't too bad but often wouldn't answer. My new S4 is better, but quieter for some reason, even though everything is turned up - music is clearly loud, but I can hardly hear the phone.

But all in all, for a cheap unit, it does a reasonably good job and a good place to start if you're thinking of trying in helmet comma or music.
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on 6 March 2013
I only ordered this item for when my wife rides pillion, and it works great,, allowing us to talk without turning my head so I can keep my eyes on the road,, now the bonus bit, the connection to my phone, for talking calls and using the sat nav, again, amazingly clear,,,, should have got one ages ago
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on 6 February 2013
Great service and delighted with purchase. Would definitely recommend. The sound is very clear and the set is easy to install.
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on 10 March 2014
I bought these for me and the Mrs. a while back, but apart from pottering about hadn't really had chance to put them to the test properly !
This weekend we went to Wales. With several lengthy coffee breaks and low speed limits ALL over the motorways, our journey ended up taking just short of 7 hours. On the way there we both had our headsets connected to our phones as I needed to be able to HEAR the sat nav so the mrs. listened to her tunes. On the way back...we decided to connect comm to comm but weren't expecting them to last long as they had been on just about the whole 7 hours. It took around 6 and a half hours to get back and the headsets finally gave up around 15 minutes from home !!
We were able to hear each other fine even with ear plugs in. A few times when we were going at some speed on the way back ( when the battery may not have been at it's best ) we couldn't quite catch a couple of things that were said...but it was very windy too and when we slowed down it wasn't a problem.
No problems comm to phone for music, sat nav or calls. Although I/we DON'T answer calls while riding and the wife's phone automatically answered after so long if connected to the T-Com. This was easily remedied ( if you don't want to accept calls ) by going to the phone settings and selecting " Drive Mode " if you have it.
Bike to Bike is pretty good too. Although we haven't measured the exact range, there was a couple of times we have been separated at the traffic lights and still been able to hear each other perfectly from quite a distance.
It all took a little working out connecting to different devices in different ways...but it#s not rocket science and once you have it sussed out...well worth the minor hassle, frustration and cursing that has gone previously ! ; ) lol.
So glad we bought them rather than the more expensive versions we were going to get...we took a chance with the mindset that if they weren't great, it wasn't a massive amount of money to lose and if they were...well hey, it was a bonus...definitely a bonus I'd say !!
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