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3.6 out of 5 stars27
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 28 November 1998
Book VI of the Earth Chronicles, "The Cosmic Code", continues Zechariah Sitchin's saga of the Nefilim and their influence on the fate of mankind. In his usual style of inciteful speculation and careful culling of evidence from ancient materials, Sitchin has added a number of new threads to the tapestry of the extraterrestrial intervention hypothesis.
If this is the first book of Sitchin's that you will read, you will find there is enough introductory and review material to bring you up to speed on the tale as told thus far. For the veteran Sitchin reader there is a wealth of new and provocative material to amaze and stimulate further investigation. Those of us who have been enthralled by the "Bible Code" research and revelations will find intelligent and useful insights into it's precursor codes in the cunieform writing system. Kabbalists will find that they too are indebted to the Annunaki for much of the wisdom and understanding contained within their field of study.
For this reader the most fascinating aspect of Sitchin's recent research embodied in "The Cosmic Code" concerns the relationship between the Hebrew alphabet and the genetic code. This is an area that I have been working in for many years. In personal correspondence with Mr. Sitchin regarding this relationship between the language of life and the language of the Torah I outlined the evidence for a deep analogy between the Hebrew letters and the amino acids of the genetic code. With his usual insight, Mr. Sitchin responded, "... Hebrew is just a form of Akkadian, and that the current Hebrew alphabet ("square letters") emanated in the Aramaic. If there is commonality, I would seek it in the earlier Sumerian phase." (personal correspondence, May 31, 1994)
Within the pages of "The Cosmic Code" Sitchin proposes that the alphabet is based on the genetic code and provides insight into how and why such a thing could be. Armed with these insights one might be stimulated to attack the idea that there are meaningful passages of text hidden away within the human genome that could shed further light on the origins of mankind and the intentions (past and future?) of the extraterrestrial genetic engineers who created us.
Thank you Mr. Sitchin.
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on 6 July 2010
This book makes you completely rethink everything you thought you knew - or were told - about the history of the human race. Being an atheist, it also made me re-consider the writings in the bible - not as a 'christian/religious' history, but as guidance from a past and now lost source of wisdom. Always keeping and open mind and trusting 'yourself' to find your own truths......... Reality is what we create for ourselves; but if we have already been 'programmed' by society/religion/culture/education we must open our minds to 'other' possible realities. Fascinating
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on 27 December 1998
A great piece of scholarship in ancient history. This book is great because one does not need to have read Sitchin's other books. Sitchen is our constant guide & reporter in this ancient journey to the past. He refreshes our memories & reviews his other book's along the way.The reader visits Israel & Stonehenge. The author also reveals the origin & secrets of codes. And touches upon the BIBLE CODE's meaning. The author's only lacks more in depthabout the comparison between Yahweh & Nannar/Sin. This is definately a changefrom his previous work DIVINE ENCOUNTERS. Is he or isn't he? The same person? For answers read C.L. Turnage"sIS THE BIBLE AN EXTRATERRESTRIAL TRANSMISSION?, & WAR IN HEAVEN. The facts speak for themselves. I still label the book as highly recommended in anyone's library or bookshelf. A worthy & scholarly effort.
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on 19 November 1998
After a long wait, I was thrilled to finally see what new secrets Zecharia Sitchin had uncovered from his extensive studies of ancient Sumerian texts. This installment of "The Earth Chronicles" postulates an ancient alphabet, a "secret of the gods." What you'll be surprised to learn is what this alphabet is based upon, and that this alphabet could be the source of the three-letter Hebrew root words. Characteristically, Sitchin provides considerable support for his theories from many fields of study. Readers new to the Sitchin material will be happy to know that they can pick up this book and gain an understanding of the basis of the Earth Chronicles without being lost. As for the seasoned veterans, who among us couldn't use a little refresher course on the enormous amount of data Sitchin has provided? "The Cosmic Code" makes all other books written about Bible codes a freshman attempt at best. We've got it here from, unequivocally, THE MAN.
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on 22 November 1998
Once history is laid bare, the amazing Z.Sitchin will have surely introduced a major part of its enigma in his serial of Earth Chronicles.
Keys to unfolding the mystery of man's connections with the universe. Open wide, the truth may be stranger than fiction!
You will either love it or hate it, but you can't refuse the challenge of completing it!
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on 3 December 1998
Sitchin, once again, provides us with a truly insightful look into our past. For anyone with a desire to find out what really lies in our past and how it may one day affect our future...this book is a must!
I could not put it down...each chapter left me wanting more. If you are a student of religion, Sitchin's insights helps to fill in the blanks. A wonder companion to the Bible.
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on 16 December 1998
This was my first Sitchin book. I finished it days ago and can't stop talking about it. It is a brilliant piece of work for its daring re-telling of ancient texts in a brave "tell it like it is" style. Whether or not the author truly believes the things he reports doesn't matter. That, I don't care. What I appreciate is the author's objective reporting. I recommend this book to anyone for its content and trust its completeness in the information presented. This book will challenge and excite everyone who is interested in religion, history, and human origins. I did find flaws in just a very few references to New Testament scripture, but don't let that slow you down. This book clearly summarizes and portrays the dawn of man, our purpose, our fate and destiny, not from human philiosophy, but from real, tangible, historical texts and tablets that are supported by hard evidence. What I love about this book is what I read in between the lines: Sitchin is on a real, personal quest and he is not afraid to turn over any stone to find "the grail." Let this book be an inclusive support to the monotheistic texts, in my opinion. Then, let yourself be the judge. Drive on, Mr. Sitchin. I'm just as eager as you.
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on 3 June 1999
Hardly any new material and haphazard organization made this book a difficult read. I was disappointed, since all of his other books I would give 5 stars. This book looks like a sorry attempt to dredge up old material and put it in a new package to increase book sales. Has our uniquely talented author succumbed to mass marketing hysteria?
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on 26 March 2014
You can probably tell by now from my reviews that I was pretty much addicted to this never-ending series. :)

Same formula as the 12th Planet with much of the material revamped. If you have read the first in the series then you are not going to be surprised with any new revelations in this one.
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on 28 May 1999
After having read most of Sitchin's books, I keep hoping he'll come up with one that contains hard evidence and not just provocative theories. Maybe that will never come. Meanwhile, I've been reading a book called COSMIC TEST TUBE, which contrasts Sitchin's ideas and 'evidence' with those of all other authors writing in the ancient astronaut genre. There are some legitimate mysteries out there, as COSMIC TEST TUBE skillfully points out. I only wish Sitchin would pay attention to the work of other authors in the field.
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