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5.0 out of 5 stars One of the BEST Time Lords!!!

as i will keep saying. Matt Smith possibly my favorite time lord of all time.
just fantastic to see him bring this character to life. action. comedy. and suspense.

Fantastic way to open the season. can't fault it. LLOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE!
Published 8 months ago by Zain

I hated this series, it was utterly stupid. Full of plot holes, mistakes bad and lazy writting. If I could give this minus stars i would. RIver Song story was awful, everyone envolved should be ashamed of themselves for being a part of this steaming pile of crap. Not just the worst series of doctor who but the worst series of anything since tv began, just awful so...
Published 1 day ago by Chrisgait

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5.0 out of 5 stars Keep the kids happy, 13 Dec 2011
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
A great present for keeping the children quiet. A bit of a nuisance if they try to watch on the main television set, but on the whole, a worthwhile choice and worth the cost.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely Stonking!!, 13 Nov 2011
Moff & Co have done it again! I know not much time has passed since the end of screening and it may be too soon to say it, but this for me is the BEST season of Who ever. And once more I'm impressed that something so daringly cerebral, energetic, complex and bloody entertaining went out and succeeded in the totally bland, stale & simplistic arena of primetime tv! This show's got balls - big ones! Roll on 2012 & 2013!
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1.0 out of 5 stars East Enders In Space, 21 Mar 2012
Mr. Steve Lowe "stevewa4" (North West England) - See all my reviews
I have been a fan of Doctor Who since 1975. I watched the brilliant relationship between Tom Baker and Liz Sladen. I watch Leela, I watched Romana and continued watching and now listening as all the actors since Tom Baker To Paul McGann. I watched with excitement as Christopher Eccleston brought Doctor Who back to the forefront. watched with excitement as the series continued, first with David Tennant and then Matt Smith. So you would think I would have enjoyed Season 5 and 6. But I can't...Steven Moffat has deteriorated Doctor Who into soap opera style garbage. Stories are relegated into secondary plots to allow some of the most stupid and downright inconceivable plots. With the dreadfully supporting cast of Karen Gillain (this woman looked like an advert for Botox throughout season 6, shares no on screen chemistry with Matt Smith) Doctor Who in 2011 bored me to sleep, literally! Really, why did Steven Moffat need to spend nearly 13 episodes wanting to put the Doctor to death or have him married off to River Song? Why did Amy need to be pregnant? Did Steven Moffat think himself so clever that he believed no one woud get the River/Amy connection.
Season 6 is everything Doctor Who should not be. Other than "The Doctor's Wife", "Night Terrors" & "The God Complex", last series is a great example of getting rid of Steven Moffat before he drags Doctor Who back to oblivion and off TV. He has nothing original to bring to the table. "A Christmas Carol", although fairly good, was just a re-write. The Silence were a boring monster that come now where near close enough to how scary the Angels were in "Blink"
Doctor Who will be 50 in 2013, what will we expect of that because based on Season 6, it will be boringly dreadful!
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2.0 out of 5 stars Oh Dear, what happened here...., 5 Oct 2011
C. allanson-campbell (UK) - See all my reviews
Doctor Who has, in the last Four years, had a rather bumpy ride. Russell T Davies began to lose his way as a writer, only to completely fail in the "End of time" two parter back in 2009. Fortunately, in 2010, Steven Moffat, previously one of the best writers for the show, credited with episodes like "The Empty Child and Blink" took the reigns, in what turned out to be a rather fantastic series. So, did this renewed energy continue into 2011, whilst keeping in touch with what made the revived doctor who (Now Six years old!) fantastic? The short answer is... no.

Everything gets off to a promising start. We see a future version of the Doctor killed by a mysterious astronaut, followed by creatures that cannot be remembered. Quite a bold concept for a story arch, and one with enormous potential... which is, by episode 13, totally unrealised. Moffat's writing seemed to have taken on a separate life of it's own - which, in this case, is not a good thing, and is actually worse than the outlandishness of Russell T Davies's final year. It seems that every idea possible has been thrown into his episodes, which is not only unnecessary, but also confusing and baffling, making the series actually very difficult to follow. Certain characters, such as an obese blue man, seem to pop up out of nowhere, with no introduction, and threads of enemies like "The Headless Monks" have no back story, then just fade away into obscurity. If Moffat's episodes were stripped down into their bare relevance, it could probably be shot on a student budget

A second problem with this series is how out-of touch it is with the characters. Rory and Amy don't seem to show any distress in having their daughter stolen from them, raised into a murdering psychopath (who, coincidentally, due to the beauty of time travel, is their best friend. What?), and become River Song, the doctor's lover (Apologies for the spoiler.... actually no, it was pretty obvious from the moment Amy says she's "Pregnant"). Either the doctor is the world's greatest psychologist, Amy and Rory are completely stupid, or Moffat has forgotten that people actually have emotions, and can shocked by things like that.

Perhaps the other writers can save this series, one may ask. Sadly not. Episodes like "The Doctor's Wife" make absolutely no sense to anyone who doesn't watch episodes more than once, and some episodes, e.g. "curse of the Black Spot" and "The Girl Who Waited" are just plain boring. The occasional quirky episode, in the form of a sequel to the last years "The Lodger" is unbearably clichéd, and none of the episodes featuring figures from History have escaped Moffat's leash. Richard Nixon is totally off-character in "The Impossible Astronaut", and in "Let's Kill Hitler", Adolph Hitler appears for a grand total of two minutes, before being locked in a cupboard (the resulting episode need not be set in Nazi Germany, and need not actually star Hitler at all. In fact, what was the point?)

There is a tiny sparkle of light for this series, however. two-part episode "Almost Human" poises an interesting philosophical question, and though a two parter is a little excessive for the story, it has some very touching and provocative moments. "Night Terrors" is simply brilliant, working on the old formula that is creepy, simplistic, and and it's heart, domestic.

Moffat has replied to any criticism of the show being confusing with "You do have to stay awake to watch it!". Actually, his episodes are sending the British public to sleep. Record lows in viewing figures, along with a simple fact - that this is a prime time family show - show that he needs to tone down his stories. Perhaps what should really concern him though, is that his predecessor is back on form - yes, for all who are disillusioned with this series, Doctor Who's spin off (Torchwood) surpasses it in almost all ways, including consistency and writing standards

Dear Mr. Moffat - I liked your old episodes. Just please, don't drive this show into the ground
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3.0 out of 5 stars Almost four stars but not quite....., 21 Oct 2011
13 episodes which are unquestionably an improvement on series 5.

Wish I could say the same for series 6 reviews here but the usual "quite outstanding 5 stars - I rate that episode 8 out of10" mixed with Moffat's disciples burning blasphemers at the stake and Tennant fans who still can't catch up with the fact that he actually sort of said he was going over three years ago......

I guess it's a bit like comparing Letts and Hinchliffe. Different eras are... different - wouldn't it be dull if they were the same? What is dull is the intransigence of Moffat brethren in seemingly not accepting that without the success of RTD the Moffat era wouldn't er actually exist and likewise the suggestion from RTD fans that Moffat has somehow destroyed the series.

As for the actual episodes - no doubt some weak spots - the early Rebel Flesh two parter leaps to mind as does "The God Complex". But "Day of the Moon" "The Doctor's Wife" and "Closing Time" more than make up for this and if by the end of episode 13 we are heartily sick of River Song then at least it's taken us a while to get there.

In fact the series arc is flawed in that the sense of jeopardy never exists - er the Doctor die? Right - that's gonna happen.....and the idea that this could be compensated for by the fun in finding out the twist is rather spoilt by Moffat seeming to make it up as an afterthought. Still - at least it wasn't a timy wimy solution.

Back on the positive, Karen Gilligan has a character to play rather than a empty shell. Rory excels - again. Matt Smith plays the Doctor as well as he did in the Sarah Jane adventures and anyone who thinks this is too complex was simply not paying attention......

Back to being something to make sure you see rather than catch if you can. Let's hope the improvement continues.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Easily better than series 5!, 7 Oct 2011
Series 5 of Doctor who turned out to be a bit of a step back in terms of special effects, storyline's and the show as a whole. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed series 5 a lot, and it had its high points, but in comparison to Series 6, this years series really is quite fantastic, and shows us that Steven Moffat is an amazing show-runner!

What Budget cuts!?
You wouldn't think that Doctor Who, along with many other shows produced by the BBC have had there budget slashed considerably. The people behind this years series have been incredibly creative and I really do take my hat off to them for keeping the quality of S6 to an incredibly high standard.

Doctor who S6: Darker, scarier more adult?
I started watching Doctor who when the revived series started in 2005... at the time I was 10, but 6 years later I'm still watching a show that people accuse of being aimed at only children! The people who accuse this show of aiming itself at the little ones of the family, haven't even come close to paying attention to this yeas series! The show really has gone into a dark territory... One of the episodes that actually put my nerves on edge (and I'm a massive horror fan so this is really saying something about this years run of episodes) was The almost people! The people who have said that this series is for children... You're clearly deluded in that belief.

Is Matt the best doctor?
No. Matt smith is not THE best doctor, but ONE of the best. It's unfair to say that Matt Smiths doctor is the best because each of the eleven doctors all have their own personality and character! Granted matt smith is as good as you can be playing the role, he certainly isn't THE best doctor of the lot.

S6= Revelations and more questions!
Series 6 has created questions, then answered them. Then created more questions, then answered them again and then... Yeah, you get the point. This years run has been HOT television, keeping viewers on the edge of their living room sofa's for most of the year (a nod to the series break the show took during the summer holidays) and answered many questions we were all left with wondering about. But thankfully the series was full of revelations, such as the question that's been asked since series 4; Who Is River Song? I'm not going to spoil it for you if you haven't seen the series yet, but you get a really unexpected answer to that question. But not only do you get answers, you get more questions... Here's a little clue; one of those questions has been asked since 1963.

Overall series 6 has been a scary, unexpected roller-coaster of a series that promises to shock, amaze and leave you wanting even more. In fact, the final 10 seconds of the final episode (The Wedding Of River Song), specifically left me breathless in anticipation for the Christmas special!

Series 6 part 1- 9/10
series 6 part 2- 8/10
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5.0 out of 5 stars Great., 12 Oct 2011
Raising the bar from the utterly fantastic series 5, this series has seen the show progress and develop in wonderful and magical ways. Usually it's easy to pinpoint a series's highs and its lows, however this time it's damn near impossible. Every episode this series was well above average, usually by quite a bit. The inclusion of an arc this year was done greatly with the only possible criticism being the lack of reference to it during the "standalone" episodes, however this will be a positive for some. It's no surprise the ratings are just as high as they've ever been, with the fine episodes airing recently. We've had the joy of two finales and two openings, giving us the total of five wonderful stories, all relating to the larger plot and progressing it. Some may argue more questions are raised than answered, however come the finale almost everything is resolved, quite finely I might add.

The direction this year has been incredible. The CGI has been fantastic and the new cinematic qualities really make the show feel and look as if it has matured.

Overall, a great series, continuing the high quality we've grown to expect from Doctor Who.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Doctor Who Series 6- Near perfection., 29 Sep 2011
Series 6 has been one of the greatest series of Doctor Who of all time. The characters have developed masterfully- we see more of what Mr Matt Smith can do (which is brilliant), Karen Gillan's stand out performance in episode 10, Arthur Darvill develop his once wimpy nurse into an action hero and of course Alex Kingston still steals the show whenever she is in it. Steven Moffat is getting better and better.

Episode One- The Impossible Astronaut:
The best series opener. It feels like a finale- plently of shock moments, with raw emotion and action scenes as well. This story intorduces the Silence, which Moffat has brilliantly created, and sets the series story arch in motion. Pure brilliance.

Episode Two- Day of the Moon:
Moffat's decision to open with a two parter is genius. It does what the first part did and more. The episode starts with one of the best pre-titles sequence of all time. This episode includes: horror moments, an epic action scene, a lot of humour and one of the most shocking endings Doctor Who has ever given us.

Episode Three- The Curse of the Black Spot:
To follow after the first two episodes was always going to be difficult, and this episode can not live up to the standard set. It looks brilliant, the set is perfect and the CGI is well done but the story lacks inivitive ideas and it is a shame to see an episode with such potential fail to live up to it. A few plot holes, an irritating ending and very cheesy moments. It is however an easy episode to watch and would appeal to families and children.

Episode Four- The Doctor's Wife:
Neil Gaiman's episode, so you know it's going to be good. This is the episode where Doctor Who really let it's budget shine. The CGI is amazing, the Tardis is used brilliantly- we see new corridors and the old connsole room, the acting is superb and the plot will make you laugh and cry. Such a clever episode and what many Whovians have been waiting for.

Episode Five- The Rebel Flesh:
The weakest of the series in my opinion. Again it is going to be hard to follow after the Doctor's Wife, but the Rebel Flesh isn't even close to keeping up. A brilliant idea, the flesh, is used in a ridiculous fashion- especially a scene in the bathroom. The acting is there, but sadly the script, CGI and pacing is not.

Episode Six- The Almost People:
Not as weak as the first part, luckilly it picks up in this episode. Although I was negative about the last episode, the setting is brilliant. The monastry is a creepy and daunting set and this episode shows it off by having the characters explore it. With the Rebel Flesh's conclusion, it makes this episode a lot better, a lot funnier and a lot more interesting. With an amazing cliffhanger this two parter has redeemed itself.

Episode Seven-A Good Man Goes to War:
There is a lot of difference in opinion when it comes to this one. But I loved it. It was epic. Old and new characters shine, battle scenes are directed masterfully and although the plot doesn't develop hugely it will entertain. The conclusion was obvious to many, me included, but it was done so brilliantly you won't mind. Ended the first part of the series with justice.

Episode Eight- Let's Kill Hitler:
Shocking title and a slightly shocking episode. This episode is not what you would expect it to be. Infact it is not about Hitler. This is River Song's episode, and Alex Kingston is brilliant in it. This episode is mainly humorous, but has several very emotional and touching scenes. With cameos, Sherlock style scenes, great acting, great CGI and River Song's character being revealed more and more, this is a great episode.

Episode Nine- Night Terrors:
I've never been a fan of Mark Gatiss's episodes, but this one is my favourite of his. Although many part irritated me throughout, I liked the concept annd scenes set in a dolls house. The resolution was a bit silly and some parts will irritate you. Not the worst of the series, but doesn't live up to the standard set.

Episdoe Ten- The Girl Who Waited:
A perfect episode. Great script, great acting and a unique idea. Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill will make you cry. Their acting is the best they've ever done, and if you're a Pond fan like me you'll love it. If you're not this episode will probably convert you to love them. The perfect balance of action and emotion.

Episode Eleven- The God Complex:
A creepy hotel, creepy monster and creepy rooms. Another stand-out episode. What this episode does so beautifully is introduce characters that we care a lot about. Rita and Gibbis (played by david Walliams) epecially stand out in this episode. The threat is brilliant and it is all very psychological. I know I say this a lot but the acting ad CGI is brilliant.

Episode Twelve- Closing Time:
James Corden is back! The Doctor and Craig made a brilliant duo last year in the Lodger and return in this episode as the Doctotr says farewell. Although I prefer the Lodger, this episode has some hillarious scenes. It is ice to see the development of Craig and to see how he copes with Stormageddan (his baby). The threat (cybermen) are underused however and the resolutionn is very poor. A brilliant ending scene however will make you want to see the finale ASAP!

Episdoe Thirteen- The Wedding of River Song
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5.0 out of 5 stars Doctor Who, 7 April 2012
Goze Remy "remyclaudine" (France) - See all my reviews
Dr WHO forever...I am so glad I could buy this item and receive it on time for my birthday...all is perfect. I am a fan of Dr Who, but here in France, we don't have yet the 6th season available...i am not deceived..
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4.0 out of 5 stars Silence Will Fall, 2 Dec 2011
Series 6 proves completely why Matt Smith is the perfect actor to play The Doctor. The series as a whole - the writing, the direction and the acting - is way better than series 5. The individual episodes are brilliant but the overall story arc at times seemed a bit all over the place. In fact, the episodes that mainly focused on the story arc where the best episodes and the ones that just had little hints to the story arc where just average. The series split was just rediculous. The problem with both halves was there wasn't a great balance of episodes in both. But the series as a whole is a different story. In my opinion the absolute perfect episodes of this series are -

"Closing Time". I know by saying that that some people will be screaming at there computer. I say this because, it offered us an episode where, for the first time in ages, The Doctor is the central character. It's funny, scary, suspenful and heartwarming. I know people were upset that the Cybermen were thrown into the background, but the story was about the Doctor's friendship with Craig. The ending of the episode was just one of the most perfect cliffhangers ever!

"The Doctor's Wife". Come On! Anyone who says they didn't like this episode was clearly ill or something when they watched it. Like Closing Time, it offered us everything that an episode of Doctor Who should have, plus it gave us a hint for the mid-season finale.

"A Good Man Goes to War". My reason for saying this is because, it was the first episode in the series that really felt like Doctor Who was back! And then it was over for three months. Maybe it was just me, but I worked out who River was after watching Episode 2.

Okay! So here's my opinion on every episode.

X. A Christmas Carol 8/10
1. The Impossible Astronaut 10/10
2. Day of the Moon 10/10
3. The Curse of the Black Spot 7/10
4. The Doctor's Wife 10/10
5. The Rebel Flesh 7/10
6. The Almost People 8/10
7. A Good Man Goes to War 10/10
8. Let's Kill Hitler 10/10
9. Night Terrors 10/10
10. The Girl Who Waited 8/10
11. The God Complex 8/10
12. Closing Time 10/10
13. The Wedding of River Song 10/10

I'll tell you why I say lot of this. Many people say "Let's Kill Hitler" was a let down - it was only called that because a character in the episode says it. If you watched it without the expectation of having a Hitler based episode then you are bound to enjoy it. Everyone has to admit that after the brilliant cliffhanger in "Day of the Moon" that "The Curse of the Black Spot" was just a complete anti-climax. Even though I should have enjoyed it, I found myself losing interest in "The God Complex". I got very annoyed while watching it - why did the Doctor, pet the Minotaur at the end. Why doesn't he KILL the monster anymore and not care about it. Finally "The Wedding of River Song" was possible the best finale since "Journey's End". It was by far way better and more epic than "The Big Bang" plus it sets up Series 7. Plus anyone who found this series confusing clearly just wasn't paying attention.

In closing, I enjoyed Series 6, I don't know if you did, but I hope take my opinion into account and enjoy it just as much as me. Also, did anyone else wonder if Amy and Rory were effected by the Miracle while they waited for the Doctor? Just wondering.

2011 was a year of change in the Doctor Who Universe. Doctor Who was different, Torchwood was different and we got the last series of The Sarah Jane Adventures. Doctor Who and Torchwood got some very negative comments. Anyone not willing to embrace the changes in these programmes are clearly not TRUE fans.
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