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4.3 out of 5 stars228
4.3 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 21 March 2011
As soon as I saw a trailer for this film, I really wanted to see it. I'm not much of a baby person but I just thought it looked fabulously funny. Luckily, I was right.

Life As We Know it stars Katherine Heigl as Holly and Josh Duhamel as Messer. Once upon a time their best friends tried to set them up on a date. It went hideously wrong and they've disliked each other ever since. Only having to put up with each other at get-togethers, they manage. That is until a tragedy leaves their goddaughter, Sophie, an orphan. Naturally, Holly and Messer are devastated at the loss of their friends, but they're also shocked to find out that the two of them have been named as joint guardians of the little girl.

Somehow, they've got to muddle through parenthood and living together; juggling their jobs and nappies while trying to keep Sophie's life as normal as possible. It makes for an absolutely hilarious film and one that I'd urge chick flick fans to watch. It's funny, but you'll also need tissues at times, so be warned!

It won't be making it onto my top films of all time list, but it's definitely worth a watch.
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on 16 April 2011
As a lover of rom-coms this is certainly in my top 5! Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel play their lead roles brilliantly and make the film so believable. The comedy aspect of 'Life As We Know It' is of a high standard and had me giggling every time I watched it and, unlike many rom-coms, the plot (although quite predictable) has depth and keeps you as the viewer hooked throughout.
I would seriously recommend this film to any rom-com lovers and/or fans of Katherine Heigl as she plays her role fantastically and it is certainly another 5-star film to add to her own repertoire!
'Life As We Know It' is in my dvd collection and should certainly be a part of yours too :)
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on 19 January 2011
Not just any romcom this was funny and heart warming (with some sadder moments). Obviously not the film for those who love action, but this film was well written, with some mildly intelligent plot lines and touches. I thought it was well acted on the whole, even when not totally believable (all though the main characters were all very convincing) all of the actors were very funny. Definite recommendation - it provokes an interesting subject and I have found myself thinking about the story line since.
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Lets face it, most of us are godparents, some to multiple children and so do we ever think of the implications of that responsibility ? probably not.

This film whilst not only being romantic and at times very funny and sad, does give you an idea of what would happen if the parents of one of your godchildren died. Would you step up to the plate like this couple did or not?

That for me was the absolute best part of this story, how 2 very single and independent people decide to put their lives on hold to become full time parents to this little girl.

Not only was it very beautifully written, but it was heart-wrenching and heart-warming all at the same time, and i thought Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel were both fantastic in their roles.

Now this film has gathered a lot of rather negative votes, not just on here, but on imdb but personally i dont think its justified.

Romantic comedies are exactly what they say on the tin, made for women not men, lets face it, you say to your other half i want to watch a romcom and he will groan at you and say do i have too ?

Most women will however love it, and i found it entertaining and a great way to spend a saturday night, curled up on the sofa with your chocolate.

It will make you cry though, so dont forget your kleenex..
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on 24 November 2010
Okay so sure, this film won't be winning any Oscar's but that's not the intention behind the story. While watching this I saw that it was more than just your typical Romcom and I am happy to say that this film has depth. Don't get me wrong it's no American Beauty but it certainly isn't your typical Saturday night comedy. It is heartfelt accompanied by a brilliant soundtrack and an amazing cast (the ever so good looking team Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel are distracting!) but I am happy to say that it will be a proud member of my DVD collection... do yourself a favor and add to your basket now!
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on 16 April 2011
So it's another Rom-Com, is there anywhere else to go with this tired genre, well I'd say yes and no, it is a little predictable and has many of the standard Rom-Com moments, you know ,the dash to the airport to catch them before they leave forever and of course the ending is all neatly wrapped up and perfect.
The thing that made this better than alot of other recent efforts were the emotional parts, I felt it was genuine and not all one big joke, that balance of humour and drama gave it more depth even if we did know where it was all going.
Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel were ok, they do comedy well, but to be honest, I could see lots of other actors in their place, the script was good but the actors just satisfactory.
All in all I enjoyed the film, as a mother I got it but it is what it is ,another version of the same old story with an emotional twist thrown in.
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VINE VOICEon 23 March 2011
I liked it. It only gets a 5.9/10 on IMDB but I thought it was better than that. I would call it a rom/com but again IMDB has it as comedy/drama. I like Kathryn Heigl and the main guy was good too, Josh Duhamel though I've never seen him before that I can remember. I have seen Josh Lucas in something though but I can't remember at the moment. It's not laugh out loud funny but it is a nice movie with some sweet moments and a happy ending of course, so that makes it a rom/com in my book. It is what it is and it doesn't try to be anything else. Romantic comedies are predictable in that you know the two leads are MFEO even if they don't. You just have to enjoy the journey with them until they reach the point where they do. 4/5
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on 27 April 2011
This is prob my favourite romantic comedy. Both the Josh's are so gorgeous. It's a sweet film to watch with a bunch of girls, pjs & popcorn :)
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Holly'(Katherine Heigi) and 'Eric'(Josh Duhamel) had already been set up for a date by close friends, the date ? well it just didn't happen as they take an almost instant dislike for each-other.
So, when, the same friends that had set them up are killed in a road accident . 'Holly' and 'Eric' are bemused as to why they had been named as baby 'Sarah's' guardians along with being left the 'fine' home to bring the tragic couples child up in.
Well, neither have a clue about looking after a child, so both were on a steep learning curb.
The two still don't really get on and try to pursue both their social and career ambitions as before while caring for baby 'Sarah'
Both 'Holly' and 'Eric; soon love and care for 'Sarah' however neither could see the obvious, their friends and babysitter however could.
This is a predictable but charming tale which obviously has all the ingredients for the laugh-out-loud comedy that shines throughout the film, also has one or two touching moments which added together gives great entertainment value.
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on 10 May 2011
My dvd collection is broad & varying, as any good selection should be. But I must express a fondness for the films I suppose are branded 'chick flicks'. Sometimes you just fancy a bit of easy watching, snuggled up under the duvet for a lazy night in, 'chick flicks' are perfect in this respect.

I remember seeing the trailer for this with my best friend & saying "we have to go see that!". I'm a huge Katherine Heigl fan having followed her since she was in *cough* Roswell *cough* and have loved her transition from series like 'Gray's Anatomy' into film where it seems like she's just having fun with the roles she chooses. There have been lots of romcom-esq roles, for which she is perfect, but also some very different roles like in 'Knocked Up', & I cannot wait to see how she does as 'Stephanie Plum' in 'One For The Money' out later this year, as I have been a huge fan of Janet Evanovich's books for about 10 years now.

Also Josh Duhamel who is just great to watch, he's both eye-candy & very funny guy. I loved him in Las Vegas & always enjoy it when he crops up where you least expect it. Also he seems to be amazing with the babies who play Sophie [played by triplets, I believe], they really take to him & those are just the perfect little details you need in a film like this.

Curiously in romcoms they always give the lead female a really odd career, in this case Holly [Heigl] is a baker. Looking at her pervious roles in '27 Dresses' & 'The Ugly Truth' she's always in a job where she's playing the 'successful yet quite OCD character', not saying that romcoms are formulaic [well, okay they are a bit], but I kind of like this predictability in a weird way.

Anyway, all you really need to know about this film is it's a little sad but mostly lovely, funny & entertaining. Perfect for nights in with the girls or when you just fancy a lazy night in. It has a really good 'feel-good factor'. I've watched my copy several times so I think of it as a good investment for the collection.
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