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4.6 out of 5 stars30
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 2 July 2014
If you love young ladies who activate their witchiness by growing fluffy ears and a bushy tail, before flying around the sky and trying to shoot alien spacecraft with world war 2-era guns and/or the occasional samurai sword - then this is for you.

An added bonus, if you like that sort of thing, is regular and increasingly creative shots of the girls flashing their 'pantsu'. Of course, the plot requires for them to be wearing no trousers*, so they can fit their legs into their witchy broomstick apparatus.

The plot is your standard 'young girl with abundance of raw talent joins more experienced crew and overcomes adversity and jealousy by saving the day on several occasions whilst learning and growing throughout the series' type-set-up. But as ever, it's in the delivery, the dialogue, the sheer joy and fun and (quite literally) cheekiness of the thing that sets this apart.

All the characters are archetypes of their nationalities - I wouldn't say parodies, you just have to enter into the joyous silliness of the premise as a whole.

Plus, hot pants. :)

* apart from the French one, who seems to always be wearing tights. For those of us who like to see a lady in tights, I guess.
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on 19 March 2012
I will start off by saying this was a very good idea for an anime as well as being very well animated. I didn't give it the full 5 stars because although it is funny and enjoyable it is lacking a little bit in plot, especially the last 2 episodes.

Although it is not going to make my top 10 list of anime it is still very good and worth the money. 4/5 stars
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on 7 March 2012
I found this series to be great fun (I have the second season on pre-order); the story follows an all-girl fighter squadron in an alternative universe version of World War 2, in which it is all the nations of Earth against an alien aggressor, the Neuroi.

The most blindingly obvious aspect of the story is that no females in the alternative universe wear a skirt or trousers; the reason for this is that the Striker Units (the propeller-powered devices which attach to their legs and enable them to fly, using magic to power them; yes, I know - it doesn't bear close scrutiny!) need to to be in close contact with the wearer's legs to make the 'magical' connection, so trousers are out (although they can wear tights, apparently; and some of the girls do), and skirts would get in the way when they need to scramble, so they all walk about in their upper clothes (jacket, shirt, tunic or whatever; usually a military uniform of some sort) and just their knickers (panties to our US cousins) (and sometimes tights) on their lower body. In the story, this seems to be taken completely for granted, and there is no embarrassment attached to this. In fact, one entire episode (number 7, 'Nice and Breezy') is devoted to the girls underwear (although in a cute and funny, rather than sexy, way). Only the Japanese could do this! The pilot girls are all based on real WW2 pilots, and their Striker Units are all based on genuine WW2 fighter planes, and their weaponry is also based on real guns. It is a different, cute, funny story, and the characters and their interactions are lovable. If you can get over the tendency to have girl's knickers in about 50% of the shots, this is a really good series!
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on 27 January 2012
I have to say the box art caught my attention more than anything else. I wasn't really sure what to expect going into it, but I really enjoyed it. The story is set in an alternative 1939 where aliens are taking over the world and the Strike Witches are tasked with taking them out. The main character is Yoshika Miyafuji, a young girl who has joined the Strike Witches after receiving a letter from her father, whom was thought to be dead. The story follows Yoshika as she interacts with the other witches and during her training all of which lead up to some great action scenes when fighting the aliens. The english dub is above average as most of the voices fit the personality of the characters perfectly, but some of them do come across as a bit 'stereotype American bratty teen', but it doesn't distract from the overall experience. There is plenty of fan service in Strike Witches, whether it's one of numerous panty shots or the odd breast grab, there is even an episode almost dedicated to missing panties, but if you can look past all that then you'll be treated to a great anime with a good story and interesting characters. The last episode ends on a cliff hanger, so hopefully the second series will be released over here and if it's anything like the first, it will be a must buy.
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on 17 November 2012
Great show, I watched it a while back and decided to buy the DVD for season one. It's good quality, and the option to switch between the original Japanese with subtitles and the English dub is great. The commentary was interesting, but it's not worth buying this product solely for it.

The only problem I have is with the description. At first, since it said "Complete Series Collection", I thought it was a complete collection featuring both seasons in the series. I found out before I bought it that it was just season one, which was a bit disappointing but not terribly so.

If you like the show or want to get into it, I highly recommend this DVD since the price is respectable and the quality is good.
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on 10 May 2014
After findig out about this series and it's content, I decided to buy this set. It found out to be great.
Set contains 12 episodes in 2 discs, in original Japanese & English dub. Can't say anything on the dubbing quality, as original voices is the choice for me.
One thing that bothers me is that all episodes are put into 1 long title and episode selection is for selecting an episode at which point the whole title will play to the end. If that won't bother you then go ahead and buy it.
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on 2 April 2015
I'm not gone comment on how good theis series is cos other customers have done a good job doing that. What i am gone mention is that to buy these from america it say on Product details under region code that they are A. But the only thing thats region A are the DVD's the blu-rays are region B, so will work in England. I'm gonna be buying more anime on Blu-ray from america in the future so will leave a review stating whats region A or B.
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on 17 October 2011
I was able to view this series a few years ago across the pond so to speak and im absolutely thrilled its out in the UK now after all this time

these girls are all witches they carry big guns they shoot aliens and defend humanity bastion europa is under the oppresive boot of the Neuroi an alien race set on the total destruction of the population of earth britania is the last bastion of hope against this blight the 501 joint fighter wing aka the strike witches are from all over the world and all bring different tallents to the table and they are all in their PANTS did I mention they are in their pants

its very enjoyable to watch and it has sufficient naughtiness to be a welcome addition to any DVD collection the most you can expect from this MANGA is underwear and tight clothes and big guns I love it and I think you will to also the price is exceptional it is only 2 disks but for the price its great value I cant wait to see if they bring out series 2 :)
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on 27 March 2014
Well animated and dubbed. Story is (alternative reality take) on fighting against alien invaders and you'll get to know all the characters quickly and easily. Like other reviews will explain (as well as I could so I won't repeat it) this is not aimed at younger children!
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on 12 February 2013
This is very a good anime if you can get past the fact that all the girls are basically not dressed or that they have tails and dog ears.... But This deserves a try like almost all anime series do. Overall I enjoyed this and I hope you do to!
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