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4.2 out of 5 stars86
4.2 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 23 September 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
As a lady with fairly strong / frizzy hair I have a huge relationship with hair straighteners. I've tried and kept various makes in various price ranges and whilst expensive does not necessarily equal good value for money, with GHD you are absolutely getting your money's worth. These straighteners have a decent length cord (around 7feet) which swivels freely - so no need to keep altering your hold (surprisingly time consuming!). The plates are quite narrow, but I find this preferable actually - although I am straightening smaller sections of hair, I have much more control - and I can straighten the front without burning my forehead.

The display is non existent really - you slide the on button and a light goes on, it beeps to tell you it's hot. This is not a problem for me - I always use them on hottest possible setting anyway. The 'clutch bag' that these come in is nothing I would use in public... bit bugly... but it is a very good place to keep your tongs - heat resistant and keeps it all neat (there's a dividing heat resistant fabric layer which separates the tongs and the wire), and I very much like having the little slide on cap that ensures my tongs won't set fire to the duvet!

You can get cheaper straighteners that will do a job and straighten your hair, but I can say hand on heart that once you've gone GHD you'll never go back.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 19 September 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
GHDs are generally known as the be all and end all in hair straightening, and it's a reputation that's well deserved. This latest addition is yet another winner, giving us all the classic amazing performance in a body that's even sleeker than usual and easier to handle. As well as being a little slimmer, the straighteners are also designed to stay cooler than previous ones which as we all know is very useful!

As is often the case with the limited edition GHD releases, the packaging and looks are really something to write home about. First there is the stunning hard case in purple (it's not really pink to be honest!) and black lace design with a black velour wrap around label. Inside this is a gorgeous, highly textured, purple and black carry case which is like a large, hard clutch bag with a silver chain to hold it by. Unlike many companies which release quite shoddy or cheap looking carry cases, the GHD ones are usually that something a little bit special. Even with that in mind, I have to say these pink orchid ones are the best yet. Compared to the GHD Deluxe Midnight Collection which I also have, the carry case is just a bit more exclusive looking.

The straighteners themselves are stylish but not flashy, and they look cool without being excessively girly. The whole packaging and design means that these make an incredible present for anyone (or for yourself!) and will make hair straightening (or indeed curling or flicking) a little bit more fun and luxurious. Also very useful are the plate protectors and the sleep function - there's no excuse to set fire to your duvet now!

If you're using these for travelling it's also worth noting that not only do they have a resilient carry case, they also have international voltage. I have fallen victim to appliances like electric toothbrushes breaking due to international voltage before so it's definitely a big plus point if you need your straighteners on your foreign holidays!

The differences between this model and the last editions are not so huge that you should run out and purchase these if you have a perfectly good pair already, but if you are looking for a first GHD experience or if you require a replacement then these should do brilliantly.
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VINE VOICEon 21 September 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Okay, so I'm comparing this pair of GHD's with my original pair that I have had for about five years. Unfortunately they don't work so well anymore as the cord has been bent and tangled so much that I have to hold the cord at a certain position to make them work. So I was pleased to replace the straightners with these lovely pink ones.

They are really lovely and the packaging is very attractive. The straightners come in a travelling clutch bag style purse, which has a hard case. It is lovely to look and has a chain like a real handbag, but is very heavy and bulky. I would never take it out and about or even put it in a suitcase as it is just too heavy. The bag is in a beautiful gift box making it ideal for buying as a gift for someone.

The straighteners come with two separating clips and turn off automatically if you leave them on for 30 minutes, and also have a slide on cover so you can leave them on a surface without burning it or yourself!

Using them is easy, they glide through hair leaving it straight and silky (I do have fine straightish hair to begin with). However they do not heat up as much as my original ones. I found that I had to pull them though quite a few times for poker straight hair that my old ones would have given me in one go. Saying that my hair probably won't be as damaged and broken with these GHD's as it was before so maybe it's a good thing.

Please note that if you have thick or curly hair you will need to buy the GHD's with a wider plate, these are suitable for shorter hair or hair that is fine to start with.
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on 31 October 2011
Last year I bought the 'Purple Indulgance' GHD's. I thought they were the best hair straighters ever! My hair straightners before that were pretty good but I thought these GHD's were amazing. Recently I saw some other limited edition GHD's. There called 'Pink Orchid'. Basically they are the new version of GHD's but with pink on them instead of gold and a few extra bits.

When I got them I was really pleased. The box was slightly damaged which was dissapointing as they had cost a lot of money. The box was the same style as the clutch bag. But it didnt have actual lace on it, it was printed on the box. Inside the box was the clutch bag which was a deep pink and had black lace all over it. The bag is big. Obviously because they have to fit the straightners in. Inside the bag it also has a chain on it, you can have it in or out. I dont think its too strong though.

Inside the bag is a small mat. Which is heat protected. It has two popper buttons on so you can keep it in the bag. The set also came with two clips that say GHD on them in the dark pink. The other thing that came with the set was a cover/lid type of thing. You can just put it over the end of your straightners while there hot so you dont have to worry about them touching anything while they are hot. The clutch bag seems really strong and the clip that holds the bag closed is really strong.

You get a 2 year garentee with this GHD set. My old GHDs only came with 1 year. You have to go the on official GHD website and verify your straightners. There is a unique number on a label on the wire of the straightners and another number on the inside of the hair straightners. Its really easy and its the best way to know your straightners are real GHD.

The straightners themselves are black with a spot design on. They have pink plates and a few other pink details on them. They are very attractive. Which is the reason I bought them (my other GHDs didnt brake or anything.) The temperature on these hair straightners are 180 degrees. I think thats good because a few of my other straightners went up to 230 which must of fried my hair to death. You cant change the heat and they are not digital.

They heat up extremely quick. It takes about 30 seconds or maybe even less. When you turn them on with the switch, the GHD sign on the switch lights up pink then dims down. Once they are fully heated the light stays on. When you turn them on they make a beaping noise. When they are ready to use they make another different beaping noise.

The plates are ceramic. And the sizes are 23mm x 9cm. The plug is universal. All you have to do is un screw a screw in the plug and they have another plug on. The wire is long so you dont have to stand too close to the plug socket.

I've used the bag a few times but I dont bother very much because its hard to close the bag with them in. Because of where the hinges are. It makes it very awkward. I also have yet used the clips. There all just stored away. I used the cover thing but I think its quite weak, sometimes it comes apart a bit. And I have to push it back together. The straightners are lighter compared to my old ones. That was the first thing I noticed when I first used them. A safety feature I think all GHDs have and a lot of other straightners have, is that they turn themselves off if there not used for 30 minutes.

I think these are the best hair straightners because there really smooth. They dont pull your hair at all. And after the experience with my old GHD's I know they wont wear out or start pulling your hair after a while. I highly recommend these hair straightners. They may be expensive but there worth it. They'll last for years and years!!
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
My partner loves her GHD straighteners, ever since I got her a pair one Christmas several years ago, now she will not be without them as she uses them 3 or 4 times a week, She is the perfect guinea pig / tester for these.

We were both impressed by the presentation. You get the pink GHD straighteners, a hard case which resembles a purple handbag, a soft case to keep them in resembling a clutch bag, tip protectors and hair grips.

As usual, they heat up very quickly. Instead of a red light a pink ghd symbol flashes and when fully lit, is ready for use. I have been told that they feel the same weight and straighten the hair just as well as her other 2 pairs of ghd's, so no complaints about the product.

My only gripe is that if they are the same quality, why not just get the standard pair without all the fancy bags and colours and save money.
The ghd IV Mark 4 Styler Hair Straightener are the standard colour and have no "free" accessories but are over £30 cheaper. If you want accessories then the ghd IV 2011 Limited Edition Mark 4 Styler Hair Straightener with Soft Purple Case and Hard Case do not come with the hair grips and tip protector but are cheaper.

If you like pink and want colour coordinated straighteners, these will be perfect as they will last quite a few years of use if taken care of. If you are not bothered about colour coordinating, the others in the series will save you money and do the same job.
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on 29 August 2011
I Never Really Believed In GHD's And I Just Thought You Were Paying For The Brand... But Not Anymore
I Finally Gave In And Bought This Particular GHD. . . .
And My God.. Am I Glad That I Did! :)
One Glide Through My Thick, Dull, Curly Hair And Its Like I Have New Hair. Its Super Sleek And Straight. Its Shiny And Soft.
I Cannot Get Over The Difference That It Can Make.. The Compliments I Have Been Getting About My Hair...
The Straightner Itself Heats Up Unbelieveably Fast.. Like 10 Seconds Or Something And Beeps To let You Know When Its Ready To Use.
While The Plates Heat Up Very Hot The Barrell Outside It Still Remains Cool So You Get No Nasty Burns From Holding It!
It Comes With A Really Nice Bag, Hair Clips For Sectioning Your Hair While Straightening And A Cover For The Head Of The Straightner.
It Has Been The Best Money I Have Ever Spent.. Well Worth The Money.. (And More)
Highly Recommended! :)
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I was really impressed at the quality that oozes out of this product. Even the outer box is made of lovely thick card with an embossed pattern to match the theme. Opening the box reveals the hard case, which is covered with what appears to be black lacy stocking material over pink background - very tactile. A good solid clasp keeps the box tightly shut.

Inside the box is the latest updated straightener. Changes I noticed over the previous (mark IV) were a sleeker shape and a plastic 'plate guard'. You insert the 'open' end of the straighteners into this guard, and it keeps the end together and snugly shut. Since the outer box is quite bulky, it would only be suitable for home storage - for travel there is a heat-insulating cover. Completing the set are a couple of ghd-branded clips.

The staightener itself carries through the pink theme. Shiny pink accents are found on the outside of the straightener, e.g., where the cord joins it, and the plates themselves are the same deep pink as the box.

Having had a previous 'special edition' mark IV, this set is a significant step up - all round better quality of materials and presentation. Having said that, a quick search of Amazon reveals a gold set, including free hairdryer on top of all the pieces here, for only one pound more. And if you are happy to accept a mark IV (which was already a great straightener) without all the extra items, you can save more like 40 quid.

There is a donation of 10 pounds to cancer research with this product, but if you save the money on a cheaper version, you can always donate that directly yourself!

In conclusion, for someone who loves pink (and the slightly 'boudoir' look of this set), this would make a perfect gift. You will not be disappointed with the quality of presentation one little bit. On the other hand, there are cheaper or better value sets out there, if pink is not a priority.
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on 26 January 2012
Bought this for myself as a late Christmas present and love it! I can never get over the quality of GHDS and i love the pink/purple! Comes in a gorgeous case, that looks like a clutch bag and could be used as one as it has a chain. Inside there is a detachable herat proof mat to put the straighteners on, and 2 sectioning clips. I had my last set of straighteners for 7 years, so was obvious the improvements they have made. They beep when they are ready and have the safety turn off also.
Absolutely love this set and you will not be disappointed!
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on 14 October 2011
I have very fine hair which is dead straight at the sides but wavy boarding curly at the back. I originally bought very cheap straightners because I wasn't sure how often I would use them and also I thought with my fine hair that might be all I needed - unfortunately I was wrong, despite spending over an hour with each attempt trying to get the waves / curls out my hair but would not completely straighten.

Rather than purchasing a middle of the range product, and possibly having the same problem, I thought I might aswell treat myself to GHD's so after looking at all the GHD reviews / prices / what products where included (if any), I decided upon this set which had everything I was going to need all in one - plus looked pretty, lol.

I ordered the product one day from Amazon, it was despatched the next day and received by the following day - I picked the free postage option and so was amazed that I received them within 2 days - thanks Amazon !

The product is wonderfully packaged in the cardboard box you see at the back of this picture, the box opens up to reveal the case - which is very well made and looks beautiful. The case is heat proof, and is split in half by a heat proof divider which keeps the wire seperate to the straightners and also contains the 2 hair grips. The lead is a really decent length, they heat up within about 10 - 20 seconds, bleeping first to say they are on and then again when they are at the correct temperature. They glided through my hair, straightened perfectly, and made my hair look really glossy.

I would highly recomment this product and can not think of one bad word to say. It would of course be wonderful if the GHD's were cheaper, but then the product quality might suffer.
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on 21 February 2013
The code(s) which you supplied should be unique to your styler only and this code has been registered on numerous occasions. This would suggest that the stylers are counterfeits.
Further i find it a total disgrace that this product is being sold through AMAZON and it can explode into fire and in turn set my house on fire,who the hell is responsible for this when the insurance company want the facts?
This seller needs to be behind bars for a very long time,total 100% dis-satisfation from this conned buyer.
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