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5.0 out of 5 stars An enjoyable tale of a Werewolf and a Vet, 26 Jun 2007
Helen Hancox "Auntie Helen" (Essex, England) - See all my reviews
"My sister is a Werewolf" initially appears to be one of the slightly humorous paranormals that are so popular at the moment. However this book doesn't have any particular humour but it does have a very well-written tale of two people with lots of baggage falling in love and carving out a future together. It's a follow-up to three other books about the heroine's brothers but this book works fine as a standalone novel and any relevant backstory is given.

Elizabeth Young isn't quite what she seems - a research scientist living in a quiet backwater. Yes, she is those things, but she also has a secret life as a Werewolf and her research aims to 'cure' herself of lycanthropy. She has broken away from her pack and is living on her own but she has a 'mate', Brody, so her life is not her own, even though she has run away from him.

Jensen Adler is the local veterinarian and little else. Since his fiancée Katie died he hasn't dated any other women and isn't really living much of a life, just looking after his grandfather and working. When some friends arrange a blind date for him he finds himself completely knocked sideways by a woman - unfortunately not his date. The woman seems to respond to him and they end up leaving the bar together.

The relationship in this book is rather backwards - sex first, getting to know each other later - but there's a reason for it which becomes clear in due course. However Jensen finds himself with a woman who seems to either try to seduce him or to run away. Her behaviour appears in some ways outrageous but he is also aware that this isn't her normal nature. Jensen notes there are some strange things about Elizabeth, and her brothers are also a bit odd, and yet he continues to try to have a relationship with her and to put up with her vacillations about whether they should see each other.

Most of this book focuses on the relationship between Jensen and Elizabeth. The couple appear on almost every page and even the return of Brody and the potential harm he could cause Jensen doesn't intrude too much into the plot. This story is about characters getting to knew each other and finding out each others' history, even though much has to be kept in the dark.

The writing style in this book was very good and it was an easy read with excellent pacing. Despite the fact that the plot is actually rather thin, it felt like a satisfying book to read and was never boring. I wondered if the author could have made more of the threat from Brody, especially as the final denouement happened very quickly and was solved in a rather facile way, but it was still a worthwhile read.

Originally published for Curled Up With A Good Book, [...] Helen Hancox 2007
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5.0 out of 5 stars Great end to this series, really funny, modern book, 31 Jan 2010
ROROBLU'S MUM "ROROBLU'S MUM" (London, UK) - See all my reviews
I discovered that this author can be a bit hit and miss, and in fact I nearly gave up on her after a dire demon book (which followed 2 pretty decent vampire books), but I was pleased to discover this quartet of books, of which this is the last (see my other reviews). This series is contemporary, fast-moving, funny and believable.

In the previous books, we saw Rhys, Christian and Sebastian, 3 vampires 'made' by a mad vampire ex-love of Christian's, who had also killed their little sister Elizabeth, and at the end of Sebastian's tale, we discovered that the flatmate of his love interest Mina, 'Lizzie' is their missing little sister. Elizabeth had been buried with a spark of life still in her, sniffed out by a werewolf called Brody, and when he converted her and she searched for her family and could find no trace of them, she agreed to mate with him so as to belong to the pack and not be alone. She soon realised that Brody was not sane, killing other pack members and humans and escaped and through the years (she's been around since the late 1800s), she'd been trying to find a cure for her 'condition' in the hopes of having a proper life, with a husband and kids.

Elizabeth has moved closer to her brother Christian and one night at his bar can't quite understand the feelings that come over her (she is unknown to her, already in mating heat, but thinks that won't be til the moon is full) when she sees vet Jensen out on a matchmaking date. He is getting over his dead highschool sweetheart, but when she follows him and seduces him just a few miles out of the parking lot, then disappears before he can get any information out of her, he wonders whether he has been dreaming, and if this woman could really have pulled him out of the funk he was in. Elizabeth can't stay away from Jensen and she comes to him during the night, and again they have hot sweaty sex but she runs out on him, leaving him a note saying that she can't see him again.

Jensen is intrigued and tracks her down to her farm and barn-turned-laboratory, and is knocked off his feet by something that barrels away into a dark corner, from which a naked Elizabeth emerges, but he thinks she must have been dreaming or having a nightmare and does not associate her with anything strange...though he does have a brief moment of wondering.

Brody, by now aleniated from the pack, has been tracking down Elizabeth to force her to be with him and to help him regain his place and even take over, and he has been watching her with Jensen, not too pleased that she's found a human lover, but not too bothered...until one night he licks her skin whilst stalking over her in her sleep...and her hormones tell him that she's even more valuable to him now.

Elizabeth, whilst determined to stay away from Jensen, can't, but always runs out on him and by now Jensen has sussed that all is not as it seems, and even though they are not mated, knows they love each other, but that Elizabeth has issues to overcome. When she is not there one morning after spending the night in his home, he initially thinks that she has run away again, but then 'hears' her cries for help and has visions of her needing him to rescue her from danger...that danger being Brody who has abducted her, with Elizabeth agreeing to his demands to save Jensen's life and protect her unborn baby.

In the end, Jensen asks Elizabeth to infect him/make him like she is, in order that he can save her and their child from Brody, which she does. The couple get their HEA and their wedding, and, the research that Elizabeth has been doing into her condition has produced not a cure, but a serum that makes her werewolf self non-threatening to other animals, which Jensen is delighted about, as he has taken over his granddad's veterinary practice and who ever heard of a (werewolf) vet who scared off his patients?

This was a funny, LOL tale, which I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish. I loved the fact that Elizabeth was able to conceive Jensen's baby whilst he was still human - which should have been impossible - which was explained as being possible due to him being her true mate. Aaah, love!! I've not been able to find anything more by this author to read for the time being, but I am hopeful that there may be a tale of Elizabeth and Jensen's offspring in years to come. Read it and enjoy!!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Kathy Love series Brilliant, 7 Oct 2010
Lisa Mckelvie "mckel1l" (Scotland UK) - See all my reviews
I love these books, all 4 of them. My sister is a werewolf is a really great book to cap of the all 4 stories. If you love twilight, you will love these books!
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