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4.4 out of 5 stars230
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 18 July 2001
It just so happened I had a lazy afternoon so I picked up this book...and I couldn't put it down! I was up at 3am when I finished it and my word what a book. Extremely well researched and captivating from the first page, with believable characters. It's now amoung my favourite books.
This is a MUST read for anyone interested in books that contain medical stuff, blood and guts spewing out everywhere, and anything to do with NASA and space flight.
This is my first taste of Tess Gerritsen, but definatly not my last - looking up her other books as I type! :o)
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Tess Gerritsen left a successful medical practice to bring up her children and concentrate on her writing. She lives in Maine, with her family. There has been some confusion with one or two of her earlier books being re-issued and they seem to be more for the Mills and Boon market (nothing wrong with that), but they are not the type of books that reader's of her current offerings have come to expect from her.

This book brings us back to the more familiar suspense thriller novels that the author is famous for. This one has a background of the American space programme, with Emma Watson, a brilliant research physician who has been training for a mission to the International Space Station, where she will get the opportunity to study living being in space. Emma's estranged husband who has shared her dream of space travel has been grounded because of a medical conditiion and he is an embittered man. He can only watch as his wife prepares for her first mission.

But as soon as the mission reaches the space station, things start to go horribly wrong, an experiment has back-fired with lethal consequences, and if the problem cannot be contained the whole of the earth's population could be affected with catastrophic results . .
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on 29 June 1999
Emma Watson and Jack McCallum happily married seven years ago and remain deeply in love. However, the couple agrees to a divorce because Jack is envious of Emma's success. Emma is a qualified mission control astronaut while Jack failed to pass the health test.

An excited Emma flies on the shuttle to the Space Station to replace an astronaut whose spouse is ill. On the space station, one of the occupants dies from an unknown ailment in which his body seems to have oozed eggs of an unfamiliar organism. Soon other individuals residing on the space station also die from the disease. A distraught Jack knows he needs to find a panacea to keep his beloved Emma from being the next person to succumb to the illness.

Tess Gerritsen has a well-deserved reputation for her thrillers. Her latest novel will elate fans of medical thrillers and science fiction as well as readers of romantic suspense. GRAVITY is a non-stop action tale that rivals the best of Cook and Palmer. The exhilarating story line provides readers an insider,s look at life on the space station while taking the audience to a level of G,s rarely seen in a novel. The lead couple is an interesting duo whose relationship seems to have blown up until a crisis makes Jack realize what is really precious in life. Ms. Gerritsen is heading back to the best selling lists with this wonderful cross appeal novel.

Harriet Klausner
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"All at once his body went rigid. The wetness had slid beneath the edge of the cap. It was now squirming towards his ear. Not a droplet of water, not a stray trickle, but something that moved with purpose. Something alive... He thrashed left, then right, trying to dislodge it. He banged hard on his (space) helmet. And still he felt it moving, sliding under his comm assembly... He caught dizzying glimpses of earth, then black space, then earth again, as he flailed and twisted around in a frantic dance ... The wetness slithered into his ear."
Bummer. Makes you want to swear off space walks.
According to the jacket of Tess Gerritsen's GRAVITY, Dr. Emma Watson finds herself aboard the International Space Station (ISS) facing a zero-gravity experiment gone bad, a culture of single-celled organisms run amok. The crew is infected one by one, with fatal results. The world's population is put at risk. The ISS is quarantined. O dear, how does our heroine survive and get home?
After the first third or so of this thriller, I was tempted to put it down, and write it off as a two-star effort. Too many of the elements seemed tired, potentially leading to a predictable plot. Beautiful, hotshot young doctor rockets into orbit before being able to sign divorce papers. Her estranged husband, also a hotshot physician, is an astronaut permanently grounded because of kidney stones. (He still loves her, of course.) A maverick U.S. company has developed a quick-turnaround alternative to the space shuttle. And, while the first prototype blew up on launch, the second is untested, but, hey, ready to fly. A mysterious, Southern California (where else?) research outfit that owns the haywire experiment knows more than it's telling. I admit that I'm probably jaded, but puhleeze!
Then the monster, so to speak, gets loose, and people starting dying in the most horrific manner. I mean, if you wake up some morning after an all night bender, look into the mirror and notice a severe case of bloodshot eyes, then you may as well run screaming into the street because you're not going to have a good week. Trust me.So, Tess pulls out of her nosedive in the knick of time, and I'm happy to award 4 stars. Nice job!
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on 14 May 2004
i thought this book was completely and utterly BRILLIANT.grabs you by the throat from the begining and holds you until the very end.i've recommended this book to everyone that i know - it's just fantastic!!!!
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on 13 October 2000
hooks you from the begining. excellent ideas, superbly grisly and gripping till the end. if you like The Hot Zone then this is perfect for you.
if you're like me and stuck in a hotel then it's everything you could need
intend to find everything else she has done.
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on 9 November 2006
I have read many novels by Tess Gerritsen and after my disappointment with 'Never Say Die' (Tess should steer clear of too much sloppy romance writing and stick to thrillers, which she does best) I had considered giving up and moving onto another author. I read plenty of good reviews for Gravity so I thought I'd give it a go and I'm so pleased I did - its absolutely brilliant! I literally couldn't put it down. Its one of her best in my opinion!
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on 16 February 2016
One can't hold her americanism against Tess Gerritsen, but this is very, very American: I don't think it actually is a screenplay or the novelisation of a made-for-tv-movie, but that's how it reads. Broad-stroke characterisation, snappy, acronym-laden dialogue, racy plot. I found it rather tedious at first, but when I stopped trying so hard, I found it hummed along nicely.

I would call the graphic events described in this thriller more horrific (and in places disgusting) than thrilling, but then I'm not a surgeon, and I'm prepared to admit to being squeamish even among laymen.

You will turn the pages, but in the end you might wonder why you bothered.
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on 14 January 2012
I bought this from the supermarket this week (2012) with a completely different cover. Wish publishers would stop doing this as it's hard enough remembering what I've read.

Anyway. I've rated this a 3, borderline 4. I'm not really a space fan so found it really distracting to have tons of acronyms that meant I started off constantly flicking to the back of the book.

Eventually I got bored with that and just started skipping whole pages. Or 2. Or 3. All the stuff about the launch procedures and so on were clearly well researched - but bored the lift out of me.

On the other hand the plotline was certainly a different one. But i was a bit disappointed with the ending as (and I won't spoil it) everything suddenly wrapped up in the last chapter. Don't think I would read it again.
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on 26 September 2010
I found this an enjoyable sci-fi/ medical thriller if slightly gory in parts. It was a little predictable in places, including not a few stereotyped characters, and felt rather as if you were reading a script for a film, but was fun and kept you reading. The love story aspect was unexpected but not unwelcome, and the biological science made a good nod to reality, then went off to the realms of extreme unlikelihood. In a work of fiction, though, that's not a problem and is the whole point of a story. The space element of the book also seemed very well researched and was a fascinating setting. A good rainy day book.
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