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41 of 41 people found the following review helpful
on 7 April 2012
This was one of the best "lower priced" Android tablets I have used, fast and responsive, brilliant media sharing (both in and out), very flexible with expandable memory (MiniSD up to 32GB), USB port, HDMI connection and upgradeable to 3G without having to buy a new Model. I absolutely loved it, for about 4 weeks!

The first problem I found, it won't charge properly from the USB cable connected to a computer, so I had to carry the special power adapter with a mini USB connection, yet more weight while travelling. Normally, I just use an international adapter (selectable pin arrangement for different countries) which has a USB output, and a selection of USB cables to charge each device I carry.

Secondly, and this is an appalling oversight in design, you can not power the device effectively from the adapter, you can only charge it... so you have to stop using it, to charge it... not much good if you have a report to finish in the Aeroplane!

Thirdly, just over 4 weeks, without any hard use yet, and the unit has died. The screen froze during a film, and the device was completely unresponsive. It had to be reset by holding the power button for 10 seconds, then it was restarted. This time, the screen scrambled after boot up, so it had to be reset again.

IT WILL NOT TURN ON AT ALL NOW, charging LED comes on when the charger is plugged in, and it has been left on charge overnight... but still will not turn on, so it is not a dead battery. Archos' response to this fault was to install the new firmware, I am still awaiting a reply on how I am meant to install a new firmware on a device which is as DEAD AS A DODO?
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47 of 47 people found the following review helpful
on 8 December 2011
Fantastic piece of kit but remember, this is not an iPad. It does exactly what it says it does and fast enough to really enjoy using it. Internet access is fast and page flipping really good. Applications are as good, and plenty of freebies available from games to serious apps. Create your own apps by using "Apps Inventor" available separately. The case is OK given the price and this is a gift or personal pressie to seriously consider. FAB
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66 of 69 people found the following review helpful
on 11 November 2011
I have an iPad, an Asus Transformer, a Hannspad, an Advent Vega, a 7inch witstech and a archos.

I have to say that by far the Archos is the best value for money

The iPad may be slicker, but mainly that is due to the software

The transformer more polished

but the Archos is still better value

There is a slight rippling on the screen, when you push hard from behind, although I have heard that this has been fixed.

I have ordered but not yet tried the 3G integral stick, which is genius!

I love that you can charge it via USB

It also has a great screen and good battery life, not as much as the 10 inchers, but close enough, a good 7 hours.

my only gripe to not give it 5 stars is that one of the few areas where it is let down is the lack of encryption - it is an omission from the standard honeycomb....possibly as the unit does get a little hot with continuos use, not too hot to handle, but you notice. I guess that the lack of a decent heat sink, might cause it issues with the hour that it takes to encrypt a tablet....

I now also (because of work) have an Ainol novo 7 elf - they are now the best value tablet on the web, but I have not got a 3g dongle to work yet....
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18 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on 3 January 2012
Been using this for just over a week now, and here is a summary of the pros and cons based on my experience:


- Display is excellent quality IMO
- Display viewing angle is also great, you can view at pretty extreme angles - great for showing stuff to other people
- The processor seems to be up to the task - there's no noticable slow-down during general browsing, loading files etc. everything works pretty fluidly
- It's great to have a full-sized USB port: a little tip for those struggling to get their external hard drives and USB sticks working: plug the stick/drive in BEFORE enabling the 3G stick port (i.e. the full-sized USB port). Then enable the port in the settings menu and the drive should be detected. If it is not, just disable and re-enable the port in the settings menu until the device is discovered. I got my USB stick and Seagate ext. HDD working like this
- Yes, it is made of a lot of plastic, but despite what some reviews say I still think it feels pretty good in the hand
- Video format support is great - I've tried DIVX, MPEG and Flash videos and it's played them all straight out of the box (I did do a painless upgrade to the latest firmware, but not sure if this is required or not). I even tried a Quicktime .MOV file which it played, although without sound (though this came from my camera, whose format not many apps can play flawlessly, outside the specialised quicktime player
- The kick-stand works pretty well
- Everything else works pretty much as required/expected (WIFI, GPS, music etc.)

- Over the past week, I've only had 2 freeze-ups (and have been using it at least an hour a day), which just required a reboot, nothing major IMO. No problems with the browser (reported by the previous reviewer)


- Battery life isn't as amazing as you would hope. I haven't actually measured it yet, but I just get the feeling, looking now and then at the battery meter, that it goes down a bit too fast for my liking. However, I have to add, during this time I was using the screen at a high brightness level most of the time, and there is a handy battery usage meter, which tells me that the screen is sucking most of the battery charge
- The speaker is not amazing, but it's ok for watching videos
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25 of 27 people found the following review helpful
on 5 January 2012
My partner got me this for Christmas. Seemed like a good tablet, has a mini-HDMI port, 3G USB Stick port (which CAN be used for other usb devices... such as external hard drives, usb thumb drives etc, and can play movies straight off the thumb drive etc) To use a USB device you will have to turn 3G on in the settings/quick settings.

The unit I received had a faulty audio jack, so it was impossible to play sound through headphones. The even worse problem I had was that it would repeatedly click the back button for no reason when holding it in certain positions.

Although I received a faulty unit, Amazons support was FANTASTIC. Spoke to a live chat rep, and he sent me out a replacement straight away via First Class (receiving it today/tomorrow).
I was happy the fact that they did not want to receive the old one before dispatching, as many companies wait to receive the defective one until they dispatch a new one.
Hopefully the new tablet will work great.

I would recommend this tablet to others, IF they get a working unit..
Although, I'd wait until Amazon start selling the Turbo version of this, as its more powerful for not much more than this price.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 23 February 2012
this tablet is everything you want for the right price. the tablet is packed with features. you can video skype take photos although the resolution is not great. you have instant access to the internet via wifi and the 3 g stick and via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi on your mobile. i have been using this tab for around 2 months now. i have found it fun fast and reliable. the tablet is perfect for internet. the battery goes on and on and on... over all the build quality is good but, it is a little delicate. i would recommend a case or cover to avoid damage through those little accidents cause by little hands dropping it. it is a very connective piece of kit you can connect your Facebook, Google accounts etc to the email, calendars etc apps which gives you constant contact and allows you to organise your life to the max weather on the go or at home. if you us the kindle app this tablet can also be used to read books and you can have it sync to other kindle devices. the apps that come with the device are limited but you can download from the market place loads of free apps. this device also allows you to use it as a multimedia device that plays music, video and photos. you can link into your PC to share files so you don't have to load everything on to your tablet using all the memory. you can put a micro SD card into the device if you are finding that 16g is not enough. there is a hdmi mini connection so you can connect the tablet to your TV. the 3g port can also be used as a USB port so you can put memory sticks in, but it can prove difficult because there is not much room to insert the sticks. a good idea is to get a USB cable with a female connector to avoid this problem. the best thing about this tablet is that it is instant switch on. it goes into a deep sleep mode which when the on button is pressed switches the device straight on and it can be left like this for days with a little battery drain. the battery will drain quick though if you are doing high processing requirement tasks such as games video etc. the dual core processor can handle a multitude of tasks all at once.
overall this is a fine bit of kit and i would recommend it to anyone wanting a tablet.
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31 of 34 people found the following review helpful
on 29 December 2011
I purchased this item about 4 weeks ago, and from an hardware point of view it is rather good.
Display is nice and bright, really good battery life and doesn't feel too plasticky.

I use it for browsing, watching movies, reading books and video calling abroad.

Skype works OK, but Google talk video calls have in my opinion the best quality on this device.

8 gig internal memory is adequate for my purposeand it can be extended using the mini SD card on the side, but it really sticks out too much and it can be easily knocked out by mistake...I would reccomend using it only then needed and then remove it and keep in a safe place!

I also purchased a little cable adaptor from the micro USB to female USB and it is something I would really reccomend, so far I connected sucesssfully USB memory sticks, keyboards and mice with no problems.

I had a few quirks so far, derived by software glitches....
As soon as I bought it I could hear but not see any flash streaming video, I emailed technical support at archeos and desire an email saying we will reply in 2 business days, I still have heard nothing in a month.
Maybe by chance but since then a new firmware update fixed that.
Shortly after that there has been a new version .78 I believe that introduced a nasty bug: when screen goes in stand by it can't be resumed.. only way is just to reset the tablet!
I re-initialized the tablet twice to ensure that was not caused by some rogue app, but the issue is still there so far...
I sent another email to customer support and to be honest I'm not holding my breath..I looked into calling them but interesting enough they only have a 25 pence per minute number.. I'm not sure this is a normal custom in the tablet world but it seems rather cheeky.

the bug has a really trivial workaround: the lock only occurs if you have the screen at the lowest possible brightness level (that is how I like to read my books), it's just a matter to put it slightly brighter.

I would point out that this information has been gathered by the excellent forum, to date I received no communication from Archos tech support.

The tablet is still brilliant hardware IMHO, shame for the support.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 9 January 2012
Everything from start to finish with this Amazon product was first class. Easy to use and a lot cheaper than other similar products. Have no problem in giving this item a big thumbs up.
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10 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on 6 January 2012
Mine had the screen problem that I assumed Archos would have fixed by now, google "archos gen9 80 screen ripple" (or read the CNET review) and you will see it is a well known problem. Some units only have this problem if you press hard on the back but mine rippled even when holding it gently by the edges, even laying it flat on a table and gently touching the screen caused it. I returned it for a refund. It is a shame because it is a good spec tablet for the price. It is just shocking that Archos would produce something with such a basic flaw and even more shocking that they still haven't fixed it in production, which they said they had.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 27 September 2012
I bought one of these for my 12 year old son last christmas (from Comet.. more expensive than Amazon) and you can't beat it for the price. Initially we had one of the models with the "Squishy screen" which I will agree with other reviewers was a bit poor quality and did randomly activate screen buttons. However, one phone call to Archos sorted this out. We were asked to return it and within a week we had a brand new unit with a solid screen which is far superior. My son is over the moon with it. The pad is fast, the screen is bright and just the right size. 8Gb storage isn't massive but there is an SD slot so it can be expanded very easily and cheaply (SD cards can be bought for less than £5 online). The Tablet is fairly robust (ours has been dropped 2 or 3 times with no ill effects) and the firmware automatically updates (currently 4.07). The Android operating system is unskinned so there are no manufacturer restrictions and the there are apps galore (in 10 months my son hasn't got through all the free ones yet... let alone ventured into the paid sections).You get a full internet experience, the WiFi works well and there is an option to buy a very clever little 3G dongle that converts the tablet to a fully mobile device (I believe you have to buy 2 iPads to get this sort of connectivity... I'm sure someone will correct me on this though). The only negatives are that it takes a long time for the tablet to charge and it only has a front facing camera (which is a bit basic). Overall I would highly reccommend this tablet... ours is now 10 months old and we've had no faults with it and feel that upgrading to a new, more expensive tablet would give us no real dvantages over this one. If you really need Retina displays and iPhone connectivity then you will need to pay around £500 for an iPad.. Otherwise, currently selling at less than a 1/3 of the price of an iPad I would certainly consider this model as a very good alternative.
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