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3.6 out of 5 stars17
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 17 May 2013
Based on other reviews, some are happy with this, others like me are not. I've owned three capture cards over the years (each time having to replace one because software or hardware upgrades rendered them useless) and this gave the poorest quality, probably a reflection of its cheaper price.

The card itself was easy to install and a video input lead is usefully provided. The two bundled software programs installed quickly (Windows 7, 64 bit, by the way) but you'll have to work out for yourself which does what, and the help files are fairly limited, as I'll justify presently.

The first disappointment was that, unlike previous cards I've owned, the Compro does not automatically pick up the PC sound - you have to plug the sound directly into it. If you already have leads connected to a sound card (for instance, for audio recording) you'll have to replug them when capturing video. It is possible to loop through (using the connector, again helpfully provided) but any audio signals will then go via the Compro first. I didn't get as far as trying this. I stress that none of this will worry many, but it is a point to watch if you're into audio recording.

OK, I can live with the sound issue but, sadly, video recording produced the horizontal lines mentioned by others, both on preview AND on the recorded file. This was with an AVI file, the default, presumably in raw format, for the best quality. Changing to MPEG cured the problems with the lines, and gave a smooth recording, but with disappointing loss of quality and sharpness, probably due to whatever compression method the card uses.

Experience told me that changing the video settings can help this, but these are tucked away in a remote 'advanced' button. There are plenty of options (many meaningless), but here the manual is deficient; there is no guidance. None of them helped with raw AVI recording, and at one point I got a BSOD - always off-putting. What is remarkable, and something nobody has mentioned, is that there is no simple way of recording AVI files in widescreen - there are plenty of screen size settings, but none to suit 16:9 (4:3 recording is well supported, which is perhaps why those transferring old video tapes are happy). In fact, only MPEG gives a simple choice between standard 4:3 and 16:9, though again, the option is tucked away under an advanced button.

I like to record in the best quality possible, and compress down later (there are better compression methods than the one use by the Compro). The fact that this card wouldn't record decent raw AVI footage rendered it useless for me so I'm looking elsewhere. I can't comment on the software, though it looks OK for something virtually thrown in for free.

In summary, if you're transferring old video tapes, or don't mind a drop in quality using MPEG, it's probably fine. If you can get it going in raw AVI without the horizontal lines, well and good (and it won't be in widescreen). But sadly I couldn't.
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on 23 March 2013
Based on the other glowing reviews I was looking forward to this. It is 2013 and what I wanted to do was make digital (MPEG) files of clips from our old Sony Hi8 video camera which has a lot of precious footage of the kids when they were young. I have a recently built Windows 7 PC running an I3 CPU and as an equipment engineer specialising in electronics for the last 25 years I reckoned I would be able to set it up. After perhaps 6 hours of effort it works now but not well.
Here is what I found:
Cannot get the composite video input to work at all. So using s-video cable. Lucky I had one.
The audio input and output sockets on the card are too close together, I needed to trim plastic off the plugs with a scalpel. Doh!
Only get audio on one channel, have not investigated fully but may be a problem with my camcorder rather than the C100.
What software to use? The advert suckered me in with the idea that making video clips to upload to the web would be easy.Yet there are no obvious instructions how to do this. I don't want to make DVDs. I don't want to do editing. I don't want to add 'Happy Birthday' with music to each video. But the software insists on trying to show off yet it isn't written well enough not to keeping falling over.
Ensure you fit the short audio cable from the card to your sound-card. No idea why this is needed but it is. the only bit of the software that seems to do what I want is the supplied Video Studio 11 and then I used the Video Wizard. Video imbecile more like but it does work even if it is a bit glitchy.
I don't get any audio on one channel so to make up for this the C100 makes various rasping noises on that channel for no obvious reason. Luckily these don't appear on the final video but are very annoying and remind you that you have spent your cash on something that doesn't work well.
Also annoying horizontal lines show on the image while you are capturing it but again not on the final recorded image.
The Compro website offers a download of a Windows 7 driver but the link does not download anything, Thanks for nothing Compro! Not able to determine if I am using the correct driver but it does work just enough to do what I need, but in a very poor way with lots of annoying software shenanigans.

Summary: I bought this to replace a USB type unit that never really worked either. With all the old camcorder tapes that must be lying around you'd think it would be easy to buy something that digitises them in a straightforward way. I am really astonished that it isn't.
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on 15 November 2011
There aren't that many PCI video input cards around, especially for Windows 7. Definitely not under £30!
I went to the Compro web site first to check for updates and Win 7 drivers, without looking at the enclosed disc...Doh!!
They are all on the disc it is fully Windows 7 compatible. XP and Vista as well.

This one is excellent if you need a simple video input which the included ULEAD STUDIO can edit and save however you want.It is also a capable TV card as well.
I use this one with quad input from CCTV.
Nice card at a great price.
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on 11 December 2012
Had it installed and in use in less than 8 minutes! Probably the best video capture card on the market for the price. If you have a desktop PC then forget about USB capture cards abd their inherrant driver problesm. This baby works like a dream.
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on 19 July 2013
I bought this for the main purpose of archiving old videos and extracting stuff that I want to keep from my Freesat PVR. For both these tasks it worked perfectly (unlike the USB plugin I tried previously). The connection to the source material is by Phono connector for video and 3.5mm stereo jack for audio. I found it useful to buy a 5m phono to phono extension lead and a phono to 3.5mm jack adaptor lead, also a scart to phono adaptor. These are all priced very reasonably from Amazon or its affiliates. A 3.5mm jack to jack lead is included in the box to transfer the audio output from the card to the line/mic input of the PC. Beware that this lead is woefully short, and I had to buy a longer one from Amazon (but it only cost 79p including delivery for a 1.2m lead!) which works a treat. Once the PCI card is installed in a spare slot inside the computer, the driver and Ulead software are loaded. All the capturing is done through the Ulead software which confused me to start with because I expected there to be Compro software to do the capturing. Compro only provides the driver making the card appear as a source in the Ulead software. From that point it is quite straightforward, although I think there is quite a lot of learning to do with the Ulead software in order to figure out how to do more advanced editing, title addition, chapter marks, menus, etc, etc.
All in all a good value, great buy, does what I wanted it to do. It only dropped a point for the too short audio lead.
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on 12 January 2013
Brilliant piece of kit. Installed in less than an hour and was soon capturing video from my old Sony camcorder (which I love) via the S-Video port and the stereo audio ports. Thanks to the excellent packaged Ulead Video Editing app I spent several happy hours editing a 40 minute band video down to a 7 min clip. Two video channels and three audio channels produced a very professional looking finish. No hangups, no glitches - most unusual for anything approaching realtime on Windows Vista! Thanks!
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on 14 June 2013
I cannot rave about this product. It does the job after a bit of messing around with cables. I had a lot of interference when capturing VHS video. I eventually got it to work although only one of the 2 channels of audio worked the other was full of interference. had to fix the footage in adobe premiere. It's a bit hit and miss.
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on 31 July 2012
Certainly does what it says on the tin, software is a good bonus too prompt delivery.
Would recommend to anyone trying to capure composite video - software enables brightness and contrast adjustment etc. to original video.
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on 28 February 2013
I bought this card to watch my TiVo box on my computer via VLC. It does the job perfectly. I use the included software much more than I thought I would. You can use it to watch whatever you've plugged in (VCR, camcorder, TiVo box, DVD player etc.) or record it, although it is fractured if you want to watch whilst it captures, but the recorded video is ace. The card was easy to install and came with a small audio cable to attach the output to the line in port of the sound card. Matches, if not better quality than some much more expensive cards I've seen.
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on 8 March 2014
This card only outputs MPEG-1 at 320 * 340. A big disappointment. What’s the point of downscaling to MPEG-1 only to upscale back to MPEG-2 for DVD?
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