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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars37
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 2 March 2013
Had this chair a bit over 2 months now.

The good:
+ Looks great and makes your desk area look a bit more spacious due to the minimalistic design and mesh.
+ Plenty of adjustments.
+ Mesh is very cool/breathable, both on the seat and the back.
+ Rolls on floor + Spins around easily.
+ Chair back tilts side-to-side slightly to adjust to your posture, so you get better support.
+ Arm rests are quite solid and durable, but still slightly squidgy and smooth.
+ Adjustable head rest works great.
+ Keeps you in a good posture!

The bad:
- Seat cushioning is a bit too thin - fine for 1-2hours, then my behind aches a bit!
- Adjustable Lumbar support too often slips down to the lowest position.
- Arm rests are very slightly too far apart for my narrow build.
- Very minor wobble + chair squeak.
- Mesh seat gathers dust/debris etc and really needs to be hoovered to clean between the mesh gaps.
- Cats + the mesh backing could be a recipe for disaster if they like to scratch! (However mine are well behaved so far^^)

What I'm not sure about:
* I can't figure out how long this chair will last - it could be durable enough for 10years+ or it might only last like 2. The materials certainly feel very durable, but they're thin and simple, so once they start to go the chair will die off quickly.
* I find it really quite comfy considering it's a good-posture PC chair. But have issue with the seat - which you might also find is just a bit solid, especially if you need to sit for long spells without breaks. It's made of ~2inch foam, but there only feels like 1inch of give in the middle, so it is just a little too hard. In the end however, it mostly comes down to the types of chairs you're used to.

Adjustable stuff:
Seat height. Back + Seat + Armrests all tilt together with adjustable tension, which is lockable or left loose. Arm rest height and 2 width screw positions. Lumbar support behind mesh up/down. Head rest up/down with forward/back tilt. Also Back tilts side-to-side on its own slightly to adjust to your position.

Quite easy to figure out. I had English instructions which worked, but were a little brief on the description. Easiest to have someone help put it together, but it is ok on your own, just more tricky. Takes around 30min. If you think you're missing screws check they aren't taped to the inside of the box. Attach arm-rests first!


A year since I bought it, and using it every day:
The solidness of the seat has long since stopped bothering me - not sure if it's the chair that has softened, or me, but either way it is completely comfy now! Everything on the chair is still working perfectly, the only new complaint is the chair now squeaks a bit when leaning from side to side!
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Just two more months to complete a year of usage and there are a couple of things that I'd like to say about this product. It's still solid as it was on day one, but the piece of silicone that serves as lumbar support needed to be tightened because it kept slipping down. Even after tightening it still would do this, so I believe that this is a design/manufacturing issue that can only be corrected with a design change. The mesh on both the back and the seat are still as good as new and have only been cleaned with the vacuum cleaner. There is no noticeable discolouration of any of the materials. The piston is still as good as new and holds the chair on the height I've set. One disappointing issue is that the seat seems to have softened, but then what to expect from foam? This is not an Aeron chair where the seat is 100% mesh, the seat on this chair is foam covered in mesh, so the foam will lose rigidity and it will soften, if you want a firmer seat you may be disappointed. Overall, I would still buy this chair because it has been the best I've used. If you want to skip this, I'd go for the Aeron which is more expensive but is probably the best option after the Open Art, anything else would be a waste of money as the Open Art is performing well on a daily basis with a lot of sitting.

Two years have gone by since I bought this product. It is still as strong as the day I unpacked it. The mesh on the seat is now quite dirty and I am not sure how to clean it. It would be nice if TopStar provided cleaning instructions on their website. Not sure if I can use upholstery cleaner. I don't like how dirty the mesh is but I don't want to use the wrong product and ruin what is more or less a good chair. The lumbar support is now very loose to the point that it will slide down 5 minutes after you put it up. It's been tighetened a lot and I guess it is now worn off. The head rest"lock" is a bit loose and won't stay in place if you move your head. I find that the arm rests lack adjustment. Up and down is not enough for me anymore. I wish that they could be slid forward and back, tilted and angled, so my elbow would rest on a more comfortable place. Right now my elbow rests right at the back end of the armrest, not comfortable at all. I noticed that there are two positions you can use to attach the armrest, or so it seems. There is a metal plate in between the screw holes and the seat cushion, this metal plate serves as an attachment point for the screws, this thing does not move and I've tried putting a lot of force but it won't budge. So there are holes further back but I cannot screw the armrest there because the metal plate won't slide under those holes. If you don't do this, there won't be a place where the screws will catch and hold, they will just fall off. Hard to explain, you need to see it. Would I still buy the chair even though I've mentioned a few problems? Yes. It is still holding strong on the seat and back and providing excellent support, which is what matters. Is it annoying that I can't adjust the armrest except for height? Very. Is it annoying that I got no instructions about cleaning? Yes it is. Does this make the product bad? Not at all. I hope that TopStar reads this review and does something about the armrest, back and forward, angle and tilt adjustment would make this product better, and providing a locking mechanism for the lumbar support and headrest so they stay in place shouldn't be to hard to add and they should not increase the costs. As the armrests are simply screwed in place, they could even recall only the armrests or sell an "upgrade kit". The chair would then be almost perfect.
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VINE VOICEon 29 December 2011
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This is an extremely comfortable chair, which is quite easy to build and will support your back and head in great comfort whilst you clack away at your keyboard.

It arrives in what could be the World's largest box, with each part carefully packed over two layers. The instructions are brief but clear. The only difficulty I had was fitting the headrest onto the main seat assembly, but with some gentle persuasion the whole chair was built within 20 minutes.

The chair is fully adjustable, although there is no function to adjust the seat laterally (forwards and backwards). All the other usual adjustments are possible though; arm rest height, seat height, firmness of back, and all work well.

Even though this chair is mesh, and I generally find those less comfortable than plush materials, it is very comfortable, especially the lumbar support which you can feel working from the moment you settle into the chair. To enable some movement too, the back section rotates slightly with your back. So, even when you spin in the chair the back section carries on supporting you. Excellent.

All in all, an excellent chair, well made, easy to build and very comfortable.
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on 30 September 2012
A high quality product that looks good and is supremely comfortable. I required a little extra padding between the rubber lumbar support and the mesh back to achieve the perfect seating position. I particularly like the tilt action of the backrest and the head support adds an extra degree of comfort. It is a very well designed and engineered chair.
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on 10 August 2013
Great chair, comes part assembled in a huge box.

Easy to assemble and looks very nice.

One modification i have made. The lumbar support is adjustable. You push on it, it's sprung loaded, and then you adjust the heigh, about 10cm total movement.
The only issue is, when you sit back on it you disengage the locks and it slips down! I've had to shorten the two locating lugs and screw the lumbar support into a fixed position.

I shall report back if this helps.
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This is a seriously comfortable chair for anyone spending prolonged spells before a computer and it is not surprising that Topstar find their Open Art 2010 model to be one of their best sellers.

It is made especially to order for Amazon UK customers in their state-of-the-art factory in Langenneufnach in southern Germany and production time is about 40 days. Hence the 5-8 week supply delay.

It is quite heavy and is shipped in a very sturdy cardboard container fitted with handgrips to ease lifting it about during transit and the chair is securely stored in its parts with lots of bubble wrap and other padding to prevent damage. I found this attention to detail most impressive.

You have to put the chair together on arrival, but this can be easily, and quickly, completed by one person. It comes with 3 pages of clear, visual instructions for the build and for later adjustment and use. The German language additions are really superfluous. All the relevant parts and tools are included with the exception of a star screwdriver. If you are worried about building the chair you can consult an excellent video which you can find on U-Tube under the products name. This will confirm how simple and easy the process is with just a little patience.

The seat is firm and extremely comfortable. It appears to be covered in foam with a strong, but pliable, nylon mesh finish. The chair back is of a similar nylon mesh which moulds to your body contours providing great support. It is also designed to give easy air passage which keeps you back cool. The main customising controls regulate the seat height and tension on the movement if you lean back or to the side. You can also lock the seat in an upright position and adjust the height of the arms. Additionally, you can alter the height of the headrest by moving it from side to side and applying upward or downward pressure. Personally, I prefer to lock the seat in an upright position while using the keyboard, and release it to enable me to lounge while watching videos. All the main controls, and their use, are clearly illustrated in the video on the Amazon product page. Another nice touch is that the castors are locked until you sit on the chair. Your weight then releases them and allows the chair to move about freely. Twice with my previous chair, I found myself sprawling on the floor when the chair moved back before I could sit on it properly. Each time I was lucky to avoid injury. You should note that this chair ships with castor designed for use on carpets. You can get castors for hard flooring.

While it is not cheap, this chair not only looks and feels good, it is beautifully designed and finished to a very high standard with quality materials. For your added peace of mind, it comes with a full 3 year warranty.

I suffer from a weak back and, for my personal comfort, I checked out a number of other chairs in the flesh, including the highly rated and considerably more expensive Herman Miller Aeron model, before opting for this item. I feel I made the right choice and have got great value for money.
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on 5 May 2012
After much research decided on this 'Topstar' chair. Delivery date was give as between 1 - 3 months but was prepared to wait. Chair arrived within one month with full tracking details. Took less than ten minutes to assemble, this is were 'German Engineering" comes into play - It was 'spot on' everything fitted perfectly. New chair is so comfortable it can be adjusted to the user and I can't fault it at all. If you are going to spend any length of time sitting in front of a computer screen then this is the chair for you, the chair is easy to put together strong and robust and is adjustable to the weight of the user i.e.. the flexibility of the back rest can be adjusted to lower or higher resistance to maximise the support of your back. Neck and lumber support all adjustable. Very pleased all round.
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on 2 November 2012
I almost did not order this product as there is quite a long lead time for delivery. From what I understand they custom make this product in Germany. So the long lead time is understandable and then they exceed your expectations - meaning they delivery earlier - much earlier than it says on the product info.

The product itself is superb. Easily assembled, it is a great looking chair. I am usually into the heavy leather chairs - but this one is a treat. So comfortable even when working long hours. The Armrest can be perfectly coordinated, the head rest is a true treat - and my back is much better since I used this chair.

I highly recommend this chair - it is worth waiting for!
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on 22 December 2012
I purchased the cheaper OP20UG20E Open Point SY a few weeks ago and was very pleased indeed. However that chair had no lumber pad which this chair does and I spent an extra £150 really with the objective of getting some EXTRA comfort. Instead I got a sore back--the lumber pad despite being silicone is just too hard. I have had to remove it and stuff a foam lumber roll behind the mesh ---which is just what I did on the much cheaper open point chair. There is nothing at all wrong with this chair BUT unless you desperately want a head rest there is NO added value over the Open Point chair. (does anyone know if Topstar do retail a softer lumber pad for this chair?)
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on 11 September 2013
After recently buying a new PC (B009PNCT1Q I realized that my 10 year old 'executive' chair from Staples just didn't hack it anymore. I looked around, and this one definitely seemed to tick all the boxes...but pricey. Then I found one discounted in the Amazon Warehouse, so decided to take the plunge. It didn't arrive the next day as promised, but that was the carrier being lazy on a Saturday, but it did arrive at 08.00 on Monday, very well packaged, with all screws, tools (with exception of cross head screwdriver) and instructions included.. Assembly took a while, but not difficult, the headrest was a bit fiddly but I got there.

So I've only had it for a couple of days, and I am well a way, it's almost too comfy, I realize that I've been in front of the PC for hours without a twinge of discomfort. Every little bit is adjustable, and as I type this I'm thinking that I will reattach the arms so they are a little closer to support my elbows.

I feel as though I'm completely supported all the time, whether in locked 'work' mode or relaxed chill mode, but know that I can do more twiddling and tweaking to really fine tune it.

And it looks completely gorgeous, like a sculpture.
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