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4.7 out of 5 stars26
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 2 May 2002
Another excellent book from Stuart Wilde. One of the truly great teachers of our time. Funny, hilariously funny, empowering, super-empowering, insightful, uplifting, energizing. With some practical definite tools that you can implement right away. Also get a hold of the tapes. They are right on the money. Hilarious quote from the tape: "The laws of abundance are easy to understand - Big Heart, Big Money. Little Heart, Little Money." God Bless you Stuart and may the Gods of Liquidity shine ever so brightly upon you my friend. Peace Love and Respect from Mark.
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on 26 August 2004
If you like many are interested in having a bit more in the bank then this is the book for you.
It is as it says, 'a little bible' which you can use as a daily reminder to refocus your goal to increase your wealth.
Dive into it every day, do what it says and you will not be disappointed Read it and reap.........
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on 15 August 2013
i gave this book a 5 star as it is a precise book that does what it says on the covert and then some. the book cover 10 laws of abundance. these are concepts that stuart talks about and he explains why you need to have these in order to be abundant. the book itself is short but does not waffle and goes straight to the point. it is broken down in each chapter by firstly giving you the concept and explaining it, then stuart talks about the metaphysics and explains why is this the way it is. then finally talking about action that you can take to incorporate this into your life if you are not already doing so.

the books basically cover points from the book "The trick to money is having some" and his other books so if you are a bit skeptical to getting "the trick to money is having some" then you can just get this book as it is more friendly to the reader and breaks it down so it is better to understand. but i would still recommend getting "the trick to money is having some" aswell because of the deeper metaphysics that he explains in that book and the other exercises that you do to affirm your abundance. this book and "the trick to money is having some" has completly changed the way i look at money and also my outlook on life. and this book is a nice addition to that and i will keep referring back to this book when ever i need to.

there is nothing bad i can really say about this books as it is very well writtien. the only thing i would say is that you may not understand this book if you do not know what metaphysics is or if you have not accepted the concept of money being energy. also having an open mind will benefit you when reading this book as some of the laws of abundance he discusses goes into spirituality and other deeper topics so if you are closed minded to idea of spirituality and metaphysics and just looking for a book on how to make more money then this is not the book for you. as Stuart believes that money and spirituality are tied into each other.

overall this is another great addition by stuart wilde and highly recommend if you enjoy his other books including "the trick to money is having some".
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In this valuable little book, Wilde reveals the psychological aspects of the money game, as well as the deeper metaphysical secrets of prosperity. Understanding the flow of money in our lives is one of the great spiritual lessons, as is a thorough understanding of the dynamics of love and interpersonal relationships. Many of the great teachers of mankind have taught that abundance is spiritual - that it is one's feelings and the power of one's thought that create wealth, and Wilde casts new light on these ideas in his witty and engaging style as he discusses the ten laws of abundance. He refers to the works of other great writers like John Randolph Price, Catherine Ponder, Ernest Holmes and Deepak Chopra and has some very interesting views of how manifestation takes place by the power of thought out of the quantum possibility into our three-dimensional reality. Ultimately, it's all about energy and how to cultivate a prosperity consciousness. Wilde is a brilliant writer and this work of his is no exception. As he says: "There's no reason why you can't be very rich and still be an extremely spiritual and wonderfully generous person." I highly recommend this excellent guide to bring those streams of plenty into your life.
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on 2 March 2002
If you don't already have all the money you want in your life, Stuart's books can make your life easier, happier and more enjoyable. The Little Money Bible tells you about some important rules about money, and your relationship to it. Whether you just want to make money or are on a personal journey, this book is fun, deep and inspirational. You can follow the actions given in the book or just use it for getting insights. Stuart's book The Trick to Money is Having Some describes some of the elements in much more detail and is a must have if you are interrested in money and abundance issues. The Little Money Bible is the one you will reach for when you need instant answers. Great little book!
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on 3 May 2006
There are few books that set out to achieve one thing and end up achieving another, far greater than their initial goal. This is one such example.

Wilde's book is a seminal text that should be read by everyone, and I really do mean everyone, especially the young. I wish this had been on the reading list at high school. Although the title is a little obvious and one could be forgiven for thinking this is just going to be yet another 'I made it rich, so can you' or a 'get richer, quicker and with less effort' type affair, not so! Really not so. Wilde's strengths are numerous one of which being that he is clearly an intelligent human being whose thinking and rationale encompass a very diverse spectrum of disciplines. From metaphysics, to psychology and philosophy, through history and theology he offers the reader a very concise, well-written, articulate and above all HUMOROUS text that in no certain terms will change your life. Change the way you view yourself, money and the world around you. That is no mean feat! When reading the book I ended up highlighting just about every word on every page, and then had to go back and read it again to beginning to sift through it in greater detail.

Two things really struck me about this book. Firstly, the clarity and simplicity of Wilde's writing. Secondly the conviction and faith that emanates from the pages. Clearly a man of Belief, he has no problem rationalising money and wealth and spiritual awareness; and that alone is an amazing paradigm shift, worthy of an independent text.

If there is a minus point to the book, then it has to be the rather cheesy final sentence tags he over-used. Once or twice a humorous footnote is memorable, but every time gets dull. Also there are some glaring inaccuracies regarding the European's attitude to wealth. Wilde seems to be saying that all Europeans despise wealth and see wealth accumulation as greedy and selfish and all Americans are cool and hip about money. This actually annoyed me somewhat. Firstly because I felt he had let himself down, show a side to his character I'd rather not know; and secondly because such generalisations are not only false but so sweeping as to be impossible to support as an argument. Clearly the 'American Dream' is not alive and well and clearly America is a highly divided society, socially, economically, educationally and spiritually; and this illustration does not make for a cohesive role model about the benefits of wealth accumulation. Indeed were I Wilde, then I would have probably referenced America as a poor example, insofar as wealth has to a large extent created a divided society where greed and displays of greed have become synonymous with success. The present day lack of spirituality (not religion per se.) and of the disparity between wealth generation and philanthropy are issues that do not present good arguments for a wealthier society.
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on 6 December 2009
I would recommend this book to all readers. It is a real little gem, packed with very useful in depth advice. I keep referring to this book all the time. This is the 3rd copy I have bought the first one I handled so much it fell apart, the second I lent out and never got back but this is mine for keeps. I found that it has helped me understand and accept life with all it's ups & downs. What it isn't is a superficial book about money, there is so much to learn it is so enlightening.
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on 26 October 2015
Love this book! It makes sense, and gives you practical ways in which to help money flow into your life. Highly recommended!
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on 1 July 2013
Stuart Wilde is one of my favourite authors and The Little Money Bible is well written and joy to read.
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on 17 August 2014
Can't recommend this book enough. Had wierd and wonderful abundance since starting this book. If you buy one abundance book, make it this one. Stuart is an easy read, witty but gets straight to the point without gimmicks.
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