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4.2 out of 5 stars923
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 3 September 2011
This book was a joy to read. It had sad and funny parts all mixed together, but the story line was so good you wanted to get to the end, if only to see what happens to GIlly, the dogs and the rest of the characters.

Well worth the time and money. Will be buying more of this author in the future.
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on 9 August 2011
I've just returned from my summer holiday and this was a book that I picked up specifically to enjoy whilst away, It hit exactly the right spot, I found it thoroughly engaging, light enough to be able to dip in and out of (if I hadn't had my children with me I would have read it in one fell swoop) but together with this there is real depth to the story, great characterization and I found it more meaningful than many books of this 'type'. Highly recommended!
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My first thoughts after finishing this book is I cannot believe it has taken me this long to finally read this beautiful book. From the moment we meet our main character Gilly (with a G!) I instantly warmed to her. Her character is very down to earth and like most people she has been through her fair share of heartache, her character comes across as very vulnerable but yet she seems to have a lovely sense of humour. I also loved the character of Guy who felt a little eccentric but yet a pure gentleman.

I am not a big fan of books which have lots of characters in as I find myself starting to lose track of who is who, but this was not the case in this book there were a lot of characters but each of the characters are developed well enough to be able to differentiate between each character. For me the beauty of this book is the fact that Peterson has managed to wind a story of Gilly's background into her current story which allows us the chance to get to know a little more about Gilly's past.

The storyline has everything you would need in a great read, humour, romance, loveable characters, suspense and the good old tear jerker scenario.

The pace of this book and also the realistic storyline made this book a real page turner and I for one will be looking forward to her new book which is due for release this year.
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on 1 August 2014
This is a pretty decent example of comic romance though it does take a while to warm up. The female characters are far stronger than the male ones who aren't terribly interesting, sadly. Personally I would have preferred less airtime for Jack and Guy, and a greater focus on Gilly's friends and her marvellous boss - I think that would have made for a far more gripping read.

That said, aspects I very much enjoyed and which were very well written were Gilly's relationship with her twin brother and his irritating wife, and also her relationship with her life-limited sister. Really, the sister story is a tour de force of writing, and it made me cry on several occasions - and I don't even like families or children, so you can see just how powerful it was!

One plot line I found irritating or nonsensical, however, was the "deep, dark secret weekend life" Jack keeps from everyone, and which - in the Big Reveal - is supposed to make us like him even less. Um, I'm sorry? The kind of secrets he's keeping are actually rather sweet and he should definitely be congratulated for his compassion and sense of duty. I have no idea why Gilly and Guy think Jack is so dreadful for what he's done here. He most certainly is not - and I began to lose a great deal of interest in Gilly and Guy, and certainly in their opinions, at that point.

I also groaned very deeply indeed when Gilly's confusion about her lack of career is miraculously solved by her instantly becoming a best-selling writer - honestly, this was a cliche when it first arrived as a plot solver in the 1980s, and I wish writers would stop it! It's dull, unrealistic and a serious cop-out of the storyline. Harrumph already! So, writers: please get over yourselves and stop writing about writing. For the sake of all our sanities. You've got an imagination - venture outside your own heads once in a while and stop being so darn lazy.
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on 30 January 2014
At first I thought this was just going to be your typical froth. And okay, yeah, it kind of was. The plot revolves around Gilly; a woman who was five minutes shy of being jilted at the altar and has been unlucky in love ever since. Her grand idea, put forward through advice guru and estate agent Robert, is to get a lodger - more specifically a Monday to Friday man.

So the plot thickens when attractive and high flying Jack answers her advert. Gilly's dog walking circle are at first ecstatic but as they find out more about Jack (or more to the point, less) they start to become less sure...including hat wearing Guy, who is kind, a good (good) friend and...oops, engaged.

You can see where this will go and it isn't so much the destination as the journey which earned Monday to Friday Man such a high rating. The way the author pulls all the strings together, adding in a sub-plot about Gilly's disabled sister, who died aged three, comes off both as lightweight and dramatic, in alternating forms. And there is something of a hot cup of tea and a cosy blanket about this, a comforter for the winter as opposed to a literary epiphany. Put bluntly; this will not win any Booker Prizes any time soon, but it fulfils the purpose of creating a light, feel good read which I got through in just two sittings.

For that reason I can recommend this novel for those who want to escape without having to look beyond a world painted with a rose tint. Which, let's face it, don't we all sometimes?
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on 21 September 2012
The book instantly engages the reader from the first page, through the use of short punchy sentences we are instantly feeling uneasy, like we're missing something and we must find out what, we already are hooked, but who is this man? What has he done to her that she cannot bear to see him? And why can't he look her in the eye? Already I wanted to know more. Monday to Friday Man has funny periods throughout, some of the situations that different characters find themselves in are laugh out loud funny, some are cringeworty and some can rbing a tear to your eye, I found myself relating to some of her experiences myself, another way in which the book has engaged me. The characters are good, with many different kinds of people being being introduced, some are developed more than others and these characters are fantastic. The story is good and easy to follow and didn't take a long time to read which sometimes I find is a good thing. As well as humour and romance the book also held a back story which tugged at my heartstrings, and I found myself shedding a tear or two, this delicate subject was written so well and so carefully.

Overall I found this book engaging, entertaining and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I will look out for this author in the future as I hope to read more of her work.
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on 18 July 2012
I bought this for Kindle mainly because it had positive reviews and was 20p. Actually for 20p, it was worth it. But although the story line was fairly good, if a bit "modern romantic single in London" fodder, it was intrusively badly edited. I felt like getting my red pen out. Jokes were repeated, whole chunks of text copied and pasted as a summary, even though the action had just happened. With a good ruthless edit this might make a decent summer read
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on 25 December 2012
Considering the number of female reviews of this book, this is basically a womans rom com about the complexity of relationships, though personally as a male, still found the story enjoyable.

The book involves a thirty something called Gilly Brown who has been left on the post.
Unmarried and childless with only her dog Rushkin and a select group of married relatives and friends for company, to seek advice and guidance from.

After advertising for a lodger she finds the man of her dreams and embarks on an affair, but her friends suspect her lover has secrets to hide. Following their suspicions she discovers things are to good to be true after discovering a love triangle.

The story goes back and forth in time from Gilly`s childhood experiences with her disabled sister Megan that led to the break up of her parents marriage. Events that shaped Gilly`s personality and attitudes to love and her desperation to be attached, unaware of the fact that sometimes you find happiness with someone who you least expect.

Although it is more of a womans read. I still find the book enjoyable, and heartily recommend the book to anyone into romantic comedy. 8/10
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Oh I loved this book so much I went straight on to download Ten Years On another novel by Alice Peterson. Despite the predictability of some of the story I was hooked, testimony to how well-crafted this novel was and the credible characters, of which there were many well woven throughout this book. Miss Peterson has done her research well!

As a dog walker myself I really enjoyed this side of the novel. I walk a couple of times a day, not at the same time every day but I can more or less guarantee who I will see depending on the time of day; and yes there are little cliques!

Having been brought up by my father, along with my two siblings, after our mother left home I know the effects this can have on children and think the issue of abandonment was dealt with well. Particularly the way Gill and her twin brother Nick each dealt with this in their own ways, whilst still determined to stick together and the loyalty they felt to their father.

The story is told in the first person, 34 year old Gilly who has been dumped by her fiancée just before they were to be married. Recovering, she goes on an emotional roller coaster journey and decides to rent out her spare room to a `Monday to Friday' professional to help with her financial burdens.

Numerous threads are woven through this wonderful story. Her relationship with her twin brother Nick and her father following the loss of her mother who leaves her family after a breakdown.

Nicks precarious relationship with his wife, Nancy and how this affects Gilly and her feelings towards Nancy.

Jack the sexy Monday to Friday guy; way too suspicious from the start.

Mix into this the sub plot with Gilly looking back into her childhood whilst growing up with Megan her little sister, who was so special, was just beautiful. Highly recommend.
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on 4 July 2012
Enjoyed reading this book so much. I read it in about 4 hours over two days.

A real page turner, an easy read and characters who you will fall in love with. I love the dog walking club and I found myself fantasizing being part of that group, meeting them at 8.30am every morning for a gossip! I imagined Gilly's house, and how cosy her spare room sounded!

As other reviewers have mentioned the storyline was a bit predictable but a lot of chic lit's are! The sub plot about the sister Megan was beautifully written. Another reviewer said that that plot should have been explored deeper but I disagree. It was just enough!

I bought this book on a whim as it was only 20p and liked the sound of the blurb. I had never heard of Alice Peterson before then. I have seen she has written another book and I am definitely going to give it a whirl.
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