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on 1 October 2013
I have been using a previous model of this trimmer for the last six or seven years. It was probably the first one with the vacuum functionality. The cutter mechanism was becoming a bit ragged, so I bought this new model to replace it. I should not have bothered.
Nothing has been improved (which I could have lived with, because the old trimmer was very good), but the key features are now worse.

- The vacuum is much less efficient. It spews whiskers everywhere. The old one did not do that. Keeping half the mess inside the trimmer is actually more work, not less, because I have to clean both the trimmer and the sink, now.

- The compartment that collects the trimmings is awkward to empty, and it has a very flimsy lid.

- The new model does not hold its charge any longer than the old one, and the Lithium Ion battery will probably die after two or three years, unlike the old NiMh batteries.

So, sleek new look (because we just love to show off, while we're shaving, don't we boys?), more built-in obsolescence, and worse performance. What's not to like?
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on 5 November 2013
I'm sure I can think of some positives. Ah yes - this trimmer is relatively cheap, and the way the cutter guard automatically adjusts its angle of attack against your skin is quite pleasing, in an abstract kind of way. Oh and the way it retains (most of) the trimmed stubble is pretty useful. Er, and it's very light. Which is useful if you happen to be on the puny side, I guess.

Now for the negatives.

First, the trimmer struggles to hold a charge. Or to be more accurate, sometimes it goes on forever and gives the impression it will never need charging, while at other times it can't make it through a full trim without needing to get hooked back up to the mains. To say this is inconvenient is putting it mildly: I can't think of any occasions upon which it's appropriate to sport a face that's half-shaved in a vertical plane. Apart from a fancy dress party, perhaps.

Second, the trimming height is easy enough to adjust but the thing is so flimsy that it's much too easy to inadvertently end up with a shorter trim than you want, simply because you've been pressing the trimmer too hard against your face in use. It really isn't on to end up with a haven't-shaved-for-a-day look when you really want to maintain a decent length of beard.

Third, it may well be that I have a modestly large hooter but the design of this trimmer means it won't reach the area immediately underneath said proboscis. My only options are (a) to slip off the cutter guard and attempt to trim this area manually, which invariably results in a bizarre-looking under-nose bald patch, or (b) to plug in my trusty old (corded) Remington and use that instead. This is not ideal as it means I need to maintain two beard trimmers permanently plugged in, in my bedroom: I'm not the hairiest man in the world and this makes me look rather strange.

Fourth, the 'Turbo boost' thing is pointless - why on earth would I choose NOT to select maximum suction whenever using the trimmer? When I'm away from home and particularly want to irritate my host by dropping stubble all over their bathroom floor? It's stupid.

Finally, it just doesn't give a very good quality trim. You have to stand there shaving away for hours if you want to achieve anything like a decent consistent finish, and even then you still have to bugger about with the trim height, and removing the trimmer guard, for those straggly little hairs around the edges.

So in summary: it's flimsily built, doesn't work very well and is totally unreliable. Avoid like the plague, unless you are Lord Voldemort and don't have a nose to shave underneath, or you never go out in public.
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on 28 June 2012
Purchased this razor after owning a remmington £10 argos one and it puts it to shame. Four times more expensive but 10 times better
Have now owned this for over one Month and it is a brilliant piece of kit.
The settings to change the length of the cut is so easy and all you do is use your thumb and slide. Cleaning is very easy to and the parts just slide out to make the clean one easy job.
And the Battery is by far the best reason to purchase this as i havnt even charged the razor since the first time i used it and now its in its 6th/7th use

The reason it hasnt got 5 stars is because the special compartment to keep the trimmings in works but not all the trimmings go in their! And as mentioned in previous reviews saying people can watch TV while in the front room well this is balls as my wife would kill me if she came home and i was there using this because as brilliant as it is some trimmings will always make it out. I would say 75% of the trimmings go in the special razor apartment and the other 25% in the sink or floor
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on 8 July 2013
Generally pretty good. Cut well, and getting through a beard was easy. The vacuum function was good. It fills up quickly but I'm no longer getting hair all over the bathroom sink.

My only problem with it was that with the vacuum above the blade it made it difficult for me to accurately cut the hair directly under my nose.
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VINE VOICEon 15 February 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have had a beard, and thus have had beard trimmers, for almost 30 years, so I have some pretty strong ideas about what a trimmer should and should not do. IT SHOULD NOT STAB YOU IN THE FACE! But that is exactly what the new QT4090/41 does.

For years I was wonderfully happy with Philips previous top-of-the-line model, the T980. I love the vacuum feature, the turbo setting cut my tough beard with gusto, and the length adjustment was generally adequate (though the settings were a bit wide apart, so 3 was too long and 2 was too short).

But the engineers at Philips have taken a wonderfully designed T980 trimmer and screwed it up royally. The problem is with the guide comb. On the older T980, the guide comb completely covered the cutting head. But on the new Qt4090/41, the guide comb has tines that extend along the top and front of the cutting head, and END IN SHARP POINTS. So the cutting head sits exposed within a cavity between the ends of the two sets of pointy tines. Yeah, sure, that's what I need to drag across my face all bleery-eyed in the morning - pointed sticks! :-(

The new guide comb's design is woefully stupid for two reasons:

1) The length to which your hairs are cut will VARY depending on the angle with which you hold the trimmer against your skin. If you hold the upper face of the guide comb flat against your skin, you get a longer cut than if you allow your skin to span the gap between the two set of tines. And frankly, you KNOW you can't hold the trimmer at the same angle all over your face! BOTTOM LINE: AN UNEVEN TRIM!

2) Even if you are trying hard to keep the flat top of the guide comb flush against your face, you eventually have to turn a corner, like at your jaw line. I have used this Qt4090/41 about a dozen times now, and each time I have managed to jab myself with those stupid tines somewhere - in the jawline, in the chin, in the lip, etc. I know it's just a matter of time before I (a) break a tine, or (b) draw blood. BOTTOM LINE: A PAINFUL TRIM
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on 18 January 2014
I have purchased the Philips Qt4090/32 Pro stubble and beard trimmer on the 23rd. December.
I was pleased with the performance however it does not seem to be able to hold a charge for very .
Which is disappointing, as I bought this trimmer to replace my old Philips trimmer which had developed a similar fault.
How do I go about returning this item without further costs to myself.
Kind Regards
Colin Nesbitt
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on 30 May 2012
I'd say for the discounted price of not even 40 pounds its a great purchase. If I had to pay original price of 60 or 70 I probably wouldn't bee as satisfied.

-SIZE It is quite big compare to the the other products I owned (Remington touch control-overpriced but coll stuff, or Philips QG3270 10 piece kit which was absolutely great product for 30 pounds for your beard buy the way) but, it has the vacuum so I guess it's necessary for that size, I mean it's OK, if it was smaller even better but this is OK.

-QUALITY Is Good! It doesn't look cheap although there are some plastic bits which I personally would prefer aluminium or something nicer but is very light when you take it in your hand thanks to the plastic bits so, no complaint ;) oh.. and IT IS NOT BLUE or BLUEish as advertised! Its completely black silver and colourless plastic on the changeable head. the only blue thing are the numbers but only when lit!

-ACCESSORIES In the newest model (Philips QT4090/32) there are three main ones. First is the moveable head as seen on most photographs which is very good for me but if someone has issues with it then there is the second totally colourless head that doesn't have the moving part and its steady if there is someone who can't understand what the moving bit is for, and third is this little trimmer which is like 3/4 of a normal size (good for precision but unless you don't have parkinson's disease or it's your first beard trimming you probably won't use it as much, but good that its there!). There is also a pouch which should be a little bigger to fit all the accessories and especially the charger. There is also an obvious charger plus a little brush to help you clean the hair out of the hair container.

-BLADES are good, they are rounded so you shouldn't cut yourself even when you take the plastic head off. It is actually very hard to cut yourself on the beard or chest or wherever but when trimming balls: from my own experience I strongly suggest at least using the head or don't use it at all (it is NOT a Philips Norelco bodygroom). I also trim my chest with it and it is great for that. Trim whatever you fancy, it will do the Job well, but don't forget it's not waterproof. The blades are good in my opinion! Definitely good enough for me! I used a little bit better ones but they didn't have the vacuum, so if you totally don't care about the mess and you are not the one cleaning it up you could do better but as long as you are wasting time looking at a trimmer with vacuum I wouldn't worry about that at all.

-Battery Is good! The charging time quite quick about an hour as advertised. It will last you quite a while when you trim just the bead. I use it more than just a beard because I'm quite a hairy guy. I always use turbo and it still last enough time to trim at least twice very hairy chest (once a weak) plus beard trimming couple of times per weak.

-Vacuum. Hmmm... well... it does work because you can definitely hear it, especially when on turbo so don't use it in a close proximity to your other half sleeping in the morning because it is very irritating sound! The vacuum does pick the hair but not all of them as advertised where there supposed to be no mess. there are some hair in the sink especially when I trim the chest but it greatly reduces the time of cleaning it up compare to what I used to spend when trimming with ordinary products. The idea of vacuum is great and I hope there will be more products in the future with this function to compare Philips to them. Unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world so it does leave some hair but Philips is the best for now (that I know of) So a great plus for that because as I mentioned I reduces the cleaning up time greatly!!!

4 stars instead of 5 because the advertising is very accurate (hate lies). It is black instead of pictured blue plus the vacuum isn't perfect but it does most of the job so Overall I like the product very much.
For full price of 60-70 pounds and if you don't need the vacuum there are better solutions. For reduced price of 40 pound plus if you want to save yourself time cleaning up - awesome stuff!
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on 2 December 2013
The vacuum gimmick is really just that, a gimmick. You still get hairs all over the sink. But that's not the biggest problem.

The biggest problem is the detent that holds the head in the correct position is very flimsy and gets flimsier with wear. So regardless of what length setting you use, just a little pressure against your face will cause the detent to slip and you end up with a way shorter beard than you expected or wanted.

And it's a shame because otherwise it's a good product... holds charge well, nice illuminated length setting display, a little 'turbo' switch for extra cutting oomph. If they made this with a locking head that couldn't slip I would gladly buy it, even with the mostly useless vacuum. As it is, I just can't trust the trimmer to cut just what I want it to, so given up on this, looking now at other brands.
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on 28 December 2011
Previously I trimmed my fuzzy face with basic hair clippers, which didn't always result in a tidy shave. This "Stubble Trimmer" (it goes up to 18mm - I wouldn't really describe that as stubble) is a completely different story, as soon as I started using it I received compliments on the neatness of my facial follicle output.

I am currently using it at 16mm with good results. The only flaw that I have found with it, after a week and a half's worth of use, is that at the vacuum doesn't capture all the trimmings, even on turbo mode (presumably it works better at shorter lengths - I'll find out when the weather warms up). Overall though, I'm extremely pleased with my purchase. The reason I left a star off is due to the short ownership period at the time of writing this review and that I haven't used all the attachments that came with it.
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on 30 November 2011
What can be said..

This is my 3rd "face shaver' i've owned - 1st one being a poorly built Philips that slowly changed from slicing hairs from my face, to slowly and painfully pulling/twisting them out.

That was chucked and so came the 2nd, a babyliss stubble... model.
Was alright, kept my gruff under control but the battery eventually went, and so came this Philips.

After a week or so of use, seems great. A HUGE step up from the previous two. The digital display lets me know, to the mm, what length it's cutting at. On colder days i like to go with a nice 5mm, whereas i'm sure in the summer i'll drop to a mere 1/2mm. It goes all the way up to a humongous 18mm. I haven't had chance to try that, i think it would take me a good 2 years to develop that kind of hair on my face.

Another benefit is the vacuum, cleverly hidden somewhere on it. Sucks all that dead hair from your face, thus avoiding your other half complaining you left the sink in a 'terrible state'.

Battery-wise - can't really comment as i've only had it a short time. I charged it 100% initially and i haven't had to recharge since (Use it every 2 days).

All in all, very happy with it. Can't comment on long-term use obviously, but it seems well made and should keep me stubbly-faced for the next 2-3 years.
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