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4.3 out of 5 stars307
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 31 March 2015
This is the only water flosser I have used so I can't compare it to other Waterpik models or other brands. However, I really like it!

I was advised by my hygienist that water flossers are more effective than using traditional floss so I set off doing some research on Amazon and decided to try out this one. It had great reviews and we have nowhere the larger Waterpik would be able to stand, so the Nano was the obvious choice as would be able to sit on our sink, just below the shaver socket.

It is really fun to use! My teeth feel much cleaner after using it (and brushing of course) and it actually encourages me to brush my teeth more often, which is a very good thing. It's not too messy and if you do splash a bit of water around, it's only water! I wouldn't use it if I was just about to go out and was wearing a posh top though.

The water tank holds enough for you to go around your whole mouth. I've never had to refill it during a floss, however if you put it on the highest pressure you may possibly run out of water before you've finished. The pressure can be varied from 1 to 3 and there is a large difference between the settings so you can get it just the way you like it - I have it set to about 2.6.

This has definitely become a part of everyday life and I think I will always use a water flosser from now on. I haven't seen the hygienist since getting this, so I will be interested to see the difference in my teeth and gums at my next checkup!

UPDATE: I've just been for my 6 monthly check with the dentist and hygienist, and they were both very impressed with the improvement in my gums especially. My teeth didn't need any work doing to them and I had a lot less scraping than usual so we were all very pleased! :-D
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on 9 August 2012
Only had this for a few days now, but early impressions have all been positive.

The very VERY first impression was that the size of the unit, even in the packaging, is much smaller than I expected. Certainly it looks far less imposing or bulky on my bathroom shelf than I had feared, so a plus point there. That said, the water reservoir is quite small which means that, as you start to ramp-up the power setting, so you really notice the amount of water it uses.

Depending on your preferred method of using it once you have it, you may find that on power setting 2 you need to top-up the reservoir to do a 'whole mouth' waterfloss; on setting 3, the highest power setting, you definitely will need to top-up. That would only be an issue though if are one of those people seeking a waterflosser to does as some of these units' instructions (notably the cordless ones with their own internal reservoir) suggest and fill the reservoir with mouthwash. Certainly with this unit I would not recommend doing that given the sheer amount of mouthwash you would get through each time you flossed.

The unit itself is easy to assemble. It comes with two inter-changeable heads, a standard water-jet nozzle and one plaque-cleaning head with bristles on the end.

Using only the standard nozzle and starting on the lowest power setting (as the instructions suggest) this can seem a little weak, but you can still feel the flossing action having some effect.

Moving up to the 2nd power setting you really start to notice the difference. The jet starts to give you that 'dentist' feeling on your teeth as you pass the nozzle around your gum-line and teeth spaces; not entirely (if at all) unpleasant, and unless you use cold water (the instructions recommend warm water) discomfort should be minimal.

In the change from power setting 1 to setting 2 I have noticed that my lower front teeth in particular (which are good 1970's dentistry and hence are not the straightest, with plenty of places for plaque to gather) have started to bleed a little after using the Waterpik.

That said, and to return to my comment above about that 'dentist feeling', I don't think this is a bad thing at all. Certainly my teeth and mouth feel much cleaner and fresher after using the waterflosser. This evening I used the Waterpik before brushing, as I wanted to see whether the bleeding was due to the Waterpik in some bad way, like damaging my teeth or gums, or simply in the way that your gums can bleed after going to the dentist's where they scrape and scale your teeth there.

After flossing, and having some initial bleeding at the gumline, there was absolutely no bleeding whatsoever afterwards when cleaning my teeth with an electric toothbrush, or when I rinsed with mouthwash. Nothing, not a sign of any blood, which seems to me to indicate that this is simply a sign of the flosser doing its job and really getting in to all the nooks, crannies and crevices in between my teeth and gums and getting the gunk out.

I'd certainly recommend it as a very good addition to your home dental hygiene regime.

It can be a little messy at first, until you get used to it. It is worth noting that once you have filled and attached the water reservoir to the base / power unit the water does just start flowing through the water nozzle, so keep it over the sink at all times.

Other than that, as long as you stay over the sink, keep your mouth closed as far as possible around the nozzle, and let the water run out of your mouth as you go (and stay over the sink) it's perfectly fine. Certainly I wouldn't pay any attention to anyone saying the unit is unusable or difficult to use because of this issue.
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on 27 April 2012
There are a few references to the size of this item in the previous reviews, here are the approximate dimensions as stated by Waterpik:

Cable length = 142 cm
Width = 12 cm
Height = 11.5 cm
Depth = 10 cm

I asked before ordering and luckily the Waterpik will sit both on top of my wall-mounted bathroom cabinet and on my sink which is quite deep where it meets the wall, and the cable easily reaches the nearby shaver sockets. Note that the 142cm cable mentioned above represents the cable stretched to it's full extent, I would knock twenty or thirty centimetres off for practical purposes.

Previously I owned the WP450 and feel I've benefitted from it's use. I can see it will take me a few attempts to get used to the off/on switch being located on the base unit of this new model - I' ve mistakenly pressed the nozzle eject button several times already (thankfully without comic results!).

The manufacturer recommends you follow a four step pattern around your teeth - I do each step with my mouth closed, switching off to spit out the water between steps. Works for me - no more bleeding gums and it reaches awkward bits that my brush misses.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
You need to do a bit of research before deciding if this is the right product for your oral hygiene. If you have the right environment ie. a flat surface for the base unit and access to two pin plug - and you are prepared to put in some time to get used to using it, then you will reap the benefits of great oral hygiene


Your teeth will never have felt cleaner and your gums will be healthier
Powerful jet and quick cleaning
No food or debris left after the water jets on the follow up floss test!
Dentist said no need to come back for 8 months


You need the right environment - adequate flat surface and two pin plug (it won't balance on the edge of the basin)
Have to switch off on the base unit rather than on hand held part
Takes some getting used to! give it a few days to a week before giving up
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on 25 January 2015
Absolutely fantastic. My dental hygienist keeps on at me to start flossing, but I've always struggled with this due to the fact that my teeth are so close together, and the floss either shreds or gets stuck. I know she has a point however, and I really don't want to find myself with tooth or gum problems later on in life if it can be avoided.

This unit is pretty tiny, but it doesn't half pack a punch. Don't be tempted to whack it on the maximum pressure setting on your first attempt, because it will hurt. Start off at the gentlest setting as recommended, then work your way up gradually as you and your gums get used to it. There is a bit of a learning curve to developing the correct technique, so try to resist the temptation to use that as an excuse for a copout. Read the manual, persevere with it for a day or two, and you'll soon get the hang of it. It's not THAT hard to master, and the amount of gunk this will get out of your teeth and gums even after using an electric toothbrush makes it all worthwhile.

I'm finding that a full reservoir is plenty for one session. The unit appears to be well made, is quieter than I was expecting, and the cord and hose length are just fine for my bathroom. Afterwards the reservoir pops off and can be inverted over the base unit for storage, making it even more compact. It's also nice to see that spare parts are available from the Waterpik website, and are very reasonably priced.

Really pleased with this unit overall, and feel it's money well spent.
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on 3 April 2012
My dentist recommended this product as I have implants and I am very happy with it. It's a little bit noisy but my teeth and gums feel significantly cleaner as a result of using it. It's not huge but you need room to place it beside the sink and if you are in UK, get the one with the shaver socket cable and not the mains cable.
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on 27 September 2014
I am really pleased with it as it fits beautifully into a small space and is can be set from gentle to very powerful. I did have a waterpik in the 70s but was told by my then dentist that he didn't think they were a good idea. However, my recent dentist advised me to get one again and I love it. I never got on with flossing and find the waterpik so much easier to use. Also, it seems to get rid of plaque as well and leaves my teeth looking really clean.
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on 25 December 2014
The waterpik is just the job if you have a problem with food impaction, implants, crowns, braces. I got one because I was at my wit's end - gum infections resulting in two visits to the dentist in one month and a course of antibiotics as a result of food impaction. The dentist suggested more flossing but frankly all this did was make the problem worse.
I remember reading about the waterpik when I was in the States and thought I'd give it a go. And found the waterpik is the best possible product for the job. It's like a high pressure water jet and really blasts food and plaque. Using it takes some getting used to find the right technique so you don't have water every where but after a few days I mastered it. Now I use it twice a day - but have found I also need to floss to remove all the plaque. So I have a three step dental routine:
1. water pik
2. dental floss
3. electric toothbrush

The nano is compact and can be plugged into a shaving socket in the bathroom. I read somewhere that you can get mould build up in the unit so for prevention once a week I fill up the water reservoir and run a dilute bleach solution through.

I can highly recommend this product
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on 8 January 2014
don't bother reading all negative comments as they are pointless. All the complaints are that it either has a 2 pin shaver plug - well the advert states that clearly so don't buy it if it you don't have one. We do and so it works perfect. It's not messy once you get used to using these, The other complaints are that it is too powerful - well it has a pressure altering switch, so just turn it down if its too harsh. So those who complained about this have no point. The other complaint people gave was the coil, well I think the coil is genius and makes storing it very easy.

I love it, the negative comments are all a waste of time. Buy it!
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on 15 December 2013
I had been pondering about getting one of these for quite a while but was sceptical, and now I wish hadn't put it off.
My teeth are heavily filled and have a couple of deep pockets that trap food. Flossing is trick because of this, and it takes so long too, so I am lazy. With this I can blast everything out pretty quickly, I don't have to stick my fingers in my mouth, no getting floss stuck and having to cut it out.

Some tips and comments:
- As mentioned unless you have a shaver socket in your bathroom or don't mind using it in the kitchen then don't bother getting it. I'd say that if you think you want it then just get a shaver socket fitted.
- When starting it for the first time the water reservoir did need pressing down slightly to start the water flow, the instruction card does mention this but I found it was necessary to press down while the machine is running (and not pumping water).
- I ran it with cold water once and it was a bit painful! A dash of hot water in the winter will be necessary! Running it with a bit of mouthwash sounds like a good idea too!
- For those wondering, the pumping action is a fast pulsing, probably about 4 times a second on setting 2. At the highest setting it is pretty powerful, I'm using it on 2 at the moment (halfway, the power level is a continuous dial). The lowest setting seems too low to do anything much, but I'm sure is useful for people with very sensitive gums.
- I'm not quite sure how people are getting water "everywhere", but clearly it does pump lots of water into your mouth so naturally you will need to spit this out very few seconds, so you MUST use this over a basin! Also keep your mouth closed, because as I said, it pumps a lot of water at high pressure, obviously.
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