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4.7 out of 5 stars783
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 15 May 2008
So disappointing, huge cuts, laughter tracks added, just ruined it for me. So annoyed while watching late one night went to the US site and bought the whole thing again, some edits still , not all the original music, but the Royal Flush seems pretty much intact which was decimated in this version. etc. Just beware you will need an NTSC player.
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on 4 October 2007
I only give this 5* because Only Fools is a great British classic. As a previous reviewer says correctly it is incredibly frustrating that they churn out these box sets at christmas with half the decent stuff missing. The musical scores are not all there, scenes and dialogue frustratingly deleted. How much is it to ask for a truly complete box set, especially with how much it costs. I've already got all the dvds individually - whats the point of now buying this unless there is genuinly something new. I would also (although this will probably never happen) love to have Red Dwarf calibre extras. Those who buy the red dwarf series will know what I mean when you get an incredible amount of behind the scenes and other extras which are worth the money in themselves. Its a shame that the BBC is again trying to churn out another boxset with a different cover to milk this great franchise.
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on 14 January 2010
Very happy with the product supply'd & excellent time delivery, have enjoyed watching all the clasics again from early 80's to end. Slightly disopointed that (as mentiond) on your reviews some of the original material has been altered/or removed.

The one scene that I can see is on the x'mas special JOLLY BOYS outing,when Del & Rod leave the B&B acc for a evening entertain'ment etc it seems that over 5 minutes has been cut out & see all the gang already eating, drinking etc & switches straight onto the second caberat act !

Only Fools and Horses - The Complete Collection [DVD]
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on 7 August 2011
Only Fools and Horses - Complete Anniversary Box Set [DVD] here we have another so called COMPLETE only fools and horses boxset collection, how on earth 2entertain can call this collection COMPLETE is beyond me when it is anything but,the same old edited to death collection but this time in new packaging, i think when it comes right down to it 2entertain are just too damn lazy to do any work on a new complete fully restored unedited boxset with extras, shame on the bbc and 2entertain on your treatment of only fools, to any one intending on buying this don't save your money. i hope that one day NETWORK get the rights to this series and will bring out a complete unedited collection with extras, they would show more respect than 2entertain.
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on 26 October 2007
Thanks to Steve from Warrington I have just saved myself near a £100.

I had no idea (and never even thought) that the episodes wouldn't have all the original music in them and figured they would be the same as on the BBC.

Thank you steve. There is no way I will buy this now.

P.S - Notice how your post rating a great comedy 2 stars got a string of helpful votes. 17 or 19 at present. Usually if you say a word out of place you get the "only 1 out of 23" found this helpful treatment. Gievn your stats, I would say a lot of people were shocked and saved a lot of money.

Are you listening BBC. Cheapos!
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on 2 August 2011
As a previous review has said, 2E have confirmed that this 30th Anniversary release is a repack of the current complete boxset.

When OFAH was originally released on VHS, the legal restrictions in place at that time required cuts to be made to some episodes before they could be cleared for home video release. Over the years, new agreements in place mean many of the cuts made are now no longer necessary. The 30th Anniversary would have been a great time to revise the boxset and restore the cut episodes as far as possible.

Unfortunately, although I suspect many OFAH fans would have bought a re-mastered, restored boxset even if they already had the previous release, 2E have decided to simply put the old, sub-standard discs in a new box, no doubt hoping that fans will buy the new release, only to discover that the discs are identical to the previous one.

But then, this is a BBC/2E release, so what do you expect?
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on 10 December 2011
The greatest comedy show that this country has ever produced should rightly receive the royal treatment when it comes to DVD. Packaging cannot be faulted, the shows in their original guise (with the exception of the perhaps ill advised christmas specials where the Trotters lose everything) are simply magic. Instead, what do we get? Political correctness gone mad. Sadly, because some people with no sense of humour whatsoever may be offended the BBC have seen fit in their infinite wisdom to butcher the classics. It's laughable to be honest how the minority seem to always spoil the enjoyment of the majority. Example...there's that classic line when Mickey Pearce and Del are in the Nags head and Mickey starts talking about his aikido night classes and Del sniffs him and says the following...'can you smell that...what is that? sheep is it? It's, no I know what it's Bull****'. One of the funniest lines ever butchered because some do-gooder liberal takes offence. This isn't isolated. It's sadly prevalent throughout the boxed set. For that reason the Boxed Set deserves a 1 star. The show is five stars and should remain so based on the original content. This is what we pay our TV licence money for. Shame on the BBC.
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on 28 November 2009
Like many people I'm in two minds about buying this due to other reviewers *negative comments about the editing so I decided to look into it further and found if you search "Only Fools and Horses DVDs" into Wikapedia it gives you a full breakdown of each and every edit including any deleted texts. Apart from the episode "A Royal Flush" most edits seem to be related to musical scores and nothing too relevant removed. If you can live with them this could still be a great purchase. Hope this helps. Peace.

* Worth noting a lot of negative reviews for this boxset are from people responding to other reviewers negative comments along the lines of "thanks for saving me money" etc so they obviously haven't viewed the boxset themselves.
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on 24 March 2008
I'm an avid fan of OFAH. Honestly, you can't whack it! I've read the reviews and am very glad to have not purchased this particular boxed set because I would not enjoy watching the show knowing that scenes are missing.

I did some further research and discovered the legitimate complete series is available at the US Amazon website. It contains the unedited versions of every show plus The Making Of OFAH. Even better, it is almost half the price! It displays in NTSC and is set for region 1 as per the American set up, but that should make little difference nowadays. The box is certainly not as fancy as this version, but does that really matter? It also comes on 18 discs as opposed to this version, which is on 27 discs (apparently). So it is less fancy, but completely original!

Hope this helps!
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on 28 November 2011
I'm so sick of UK releases thinking they can get away with editing out content and still calling them complete. Shows I watch on the BBC, ITV, and C4 are still doing this TODAY, is it really that hard to spend a little extra on negotiating the DVD rights for the music? The American releases manage it, but of course we're expected to swallow any old rubbish

I would overlook the lack of extras (disappointing, but hey not all DVD's bother to include them). But I would ask that the complete and unedited episodes are included at the very least before I'm shelling out for the DVD's. And yes I would be willing to spend a little more if the original episodes ever got put onto a complete boxset, SOMEONE sort it out, please. When you think of OFAH being the most popular comedy of all-time then there must be thousands of people willing to buy the DVD's, if they added a bit to the price of each complete boxset then there's no way they couldn't cover the music costs. It's just pure laziness and only bothering to use the pre-existing video copies I'll bet, instead of actually putting the time in on restoring the original episodes
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