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Customer Reviews

3.6 out of 5 stars142
3.6 out of 5 stars
Size: 6TB|Change
Price:£268.39+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 22 September 2010
Noise: This does have a fan but I find it is generally very quiet and no problem on my desk in front of me.
Automatic power up and down: generally this works. When the last laptop on the network is closed down, the NAS powers down, and generally it restarts when we reboot in the morning. Occassionally it fails to restart automatically but cycling the power switch soon solves that.
Admin aplication: The admin tool works but takes a bit of trial and error, for instance setting up shares, as the manual is limited. It is probably best to assign a fixed IP address on your router. Then you can happily map a Windows network drive to the ip address, and don't necessarily need the NAS Navigator application which is blocked by the firewall on my work laptop.
Back up application: The supplied back up application works but I am not yet sure if it is any better than a DOS batch file and xcopy. There is also the RichCopy tool free from Microsoft that is worth investigating. I think I prefer to have straight file copy back ups rather than compressed files. The compressed files seem to be more suitable for spreading a backup across cdroms, or dvd.
RAID: This is the main reason for buying. I have configured the two discs to be mirrored, and I am relying on this to store my family photo album and music. I will also do a separate back up to another USB drive that can be connected direct to the NAS.
Music: I have found that Windows Media Player works very well. No trouble including NAS folders in the library. I-Player is a bit more complicated.
Overall: I am very pleased with this NAS. It provides a secure mirrored network storage that we can all access off the home LAN for a reasonable price. It is reasonably easy to set up if you have a bit of home pc knowledge.
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on 14 October 2010
When I unpacked this unit I could hear loose parts rolling around inside it. I went ahead and set it up and copied data from the Buffalo Linkstation that I was using previously on to it. The copying was straightforward to set up and worked well. Only after doing that did I read a message on Buffalo's user forum where someone reported that his Duo had arrived with a loose screw inside it and that this had caused a short circuit after about a week. He advised anyone who received a unit with loose parts to return it immediately. I couldn't do that, having copied data on to it. Instead I opened the unit, handling it very carefully, and found three loose screws inside. I removed these and tried to remove the discs (they should just slide out) to see it there were any other loose screws but one of the discs was jammed, I suspect from a fourth screw, and could not be removed. On the basis that the unit was working and "if it isn't broken don't fix it" I re-installed the disc I had removed and connected the Duo to my network again. It continues to work satisfactorily after about a month.

From the point of view of being an easily used and easy to set up network storage and media server I would recommend this unit, but I would urge people to return it before installing it if there is any sign of poor manufacture.

I should add that, when I replied on the Buffalo user forum that I also had a unit with loose screws inside it, a Buffalo representative asked for the serial number of the unit so that they could check their manufacturing, so they did appear to take the report of poor quality seriously, and may have improved their quality control by now.
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on 25 September 2011
Almost all NAS get mixed reviews - some professional reviwers like this one, some don't.

Yes it's slower than some. If this is your first NAS and you have a lot of files to load then you might want to think about gigabit for at least 1 computer on your network and transfer files to that computer by external hdd. If not, allow a few days for loading the NAS.

For me, now that's done I'm well chuffed. What I want to move to, or from, the NAS comes fast enough on 100megabit ethernet.

It appears there is some question about reliability over the longer term and I might come back at some point with a tale of woe.

For now........highly recommended!

Update 17/1/12
Bought a recertified one four months ago. Apart from a couple of hard resets I've had no problems with it. Took an age to load it initially but I don't have gigabit.
Running it in raid 1 for peace of mind. 10gb Acronis image transfers in about an hour over wireless N. Streams video seamlessly.
This is my first NAS so can't compare it to higher priced units which may well be much, much better in every way. But I paid less than £100 and wouldn't have shelled out any more for a purchase which was not strictly necessary given I back up my critical files online.
Still highly recommended.
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on 5 November 2012
Would have been 5 stars except for the fact (It's on T'Web) it takes over 6 hrs PER Terrabyte to create a RAID 1 Array. The drive comes as RAID 0 as standard out of the box. Changing to RAID 1 (mirrored)and creating the 3TB Array, formatting and checking the drives took nearly 18 hrs. Read the manual and learn to decipher what the "Info/Error" flashing light means. It will save you scratching your head wondering what the drive is doing.I eventually left it overnight and into the next day until it had finished and reported "Normal". Then it is dead easy to use, add users and map drive letters to. iTunes server works well and anyone with a Squeezebox or Sonos wireless HiFi will have no trouble setting up and streaming around the house.
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on 27 January 2014
I found out a few months ago that I was running out of hard drive space on my USB hard drives. I have been putting on all of my music , films and TV shows on to iTunes, and the hard drive that I had just was not big enough. So I thought that it was time to change. I decided that I wanted to change from a USB drive to a NSA mostly so that the iPads and iPhones can access the drive for photos and other things. I have been trying to pull away from the iMac running everything.

After a good look around I went for the Buffalo Linkstation 6TB. The main reason being that Buffalo has been making NSA's for more years that I can think off, and the price was right for the amount of hard drive space.

Anyway, I found it really easy to set up. I left the set up the same as the way it came. I wanted to use the full 6TB for all of my stuff. I can see that it would take time to set up as a Raid 1 (the second drive making a copy of the first drive). Some people on here has said that the software that is on the drive is slow. To be fair it is slow. I have no idea why but it is. The iMac found the drive right away. So no problems there. What has helped me was getting a CAT 6 cable at the same time. It is a better and fast cable than the one that comes with it.

Now the bad point. Buffalo goes in to a lot of detail about how you can access this drive over the internet. Well to date I still can not. From the little information that is out there on the internet (there is no help on the Buffalo website!!!), everything is set up for PC users to use and little thought of Mac users. So as much as it is great for the 6TB of hard drive space, the fact that I can not connect with my other items to it, means that this is not as good as I thought it would be.

One point that I do want to make is the sound that comes out of it. I have the drive on the floor next to my desk. I can tell you right now, I can not hear any sound from it at all!

So to finish up, as a 6TB hard drive so far so good. As a NSA drive that you can access from the internet and other devices, then Mac users forget it. If Buffalo sorts out the connection problems for iMac users, then it would be 5 stars.
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on 4 October 2013
Don't buy this product unless you are IT knowledgeable and have time to kill. Days to kill. I have given it two stars as I have eventually got it working in that I can copy data.

My configuraton is XP sp3 and BT Home Hub, I run Norton Internet Security (NIS). After installing the NAS I could see the NAS via Windows Explorer but not via the NAS Navigator.

The Buffalo help site is awkward but I submitted a support request and was told that the software works perfectly, but download the latest v2.63 and if it doesn't work turn off my firewall or get another PC. I downloaded v2.63 but although the download was successful and the install reported success, v2.63 failed - parameter files were missing. I sent the screen shots to Bufallo support, who told me the download was perfect, get another PC. I checked the NasNavigator version that came with the product against v2.63, identified the missing parameter files, copied those files across and v2.63 worked. I sent the screen shots to Buffalo support who told me that if I'm copying files around that explains why it won't work, I should get another PC.

Still couldn't see the NAS in NasNavigator. Called them by phone, was told it was the firewall that was the problem but they have no idea how to fix it. Trawling the web I found out how to configure NIS to allow the device through, the hint was on the Symantec website. Even then it wasn't easy. Now I could see the NAS in NASNavigator. Odd that Buffalo know this is a problem and put no effort in to keeping a db of possible solutions.

I bought the Duo because I wanted RAID 1, I expect most people buy two disks for that reason so I'm surprised it comes with RAID 0, good luck in finding out how to rebuild your RAID devices. The manual, only accessible on the internet, is hopeless. One manual for all Buffalo NAS products, written by half wits who take a screen shot and then list below what's on the screen. Helpful. Got there in the end. They don't tell you that takes over 11 hours to synch. The orange lights flashing away on the front.

I could only map the default share "Share" using NasNavigator. It fails when trying to do others. Clearly the answer is to get another PC.

I can't get the auto power setting to work. The device is either off or on. The manually does helpfully state that sometimes this function doesn't work.

The Android app works. I've seen it work, I copied a photo up on to the NAS. Not sure how, the interface is just appalling. Looks like an MI5 entrance test. I don't have the energy left to try and figure it out.

Final point about Buffalo, when I called the UK office number as listed on their web site, the BT operator answered!! I was informed that he'd been told to give out another number, for somewhere in the Netherlands. What does that say about Buffalo?

You can tell a lot about a company from the way it treats its paying customers and the quality of its products. In this case: rubbish software - doesn't work fully; not properly tested - downloads fail; crassly incompetent support staff whose opening approach is to assume all customers are stupid and wrong; poor quality product build. I can only surmise Buffalo are on their way out.
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on 28 February 2013
I bought the Buffalo Linkstation Duo 4TB as a backup and media sharing device for my home network. I'd originally assumed that I could just plug the NAS directly into my router (Sky Sagem F@ST2304) and all would be well, only to find that I was struggling to get 1.5Mb/s transfer speeds (rubbish and not suitable for streaming anything). I contacted Buffalo technical support, who suggested that the problem was with the router and Sky technical support who were very friendly but neither use nor ornament.

The Buffalo technical support team then suggested that I connect the NAS directly to my desktop PC and check the transfer speeds with a direct connection. Lo and behold, the box achieved 20M/s transfer speeds. As everything in my home network was channelled through the router over wireless and powerline adapters, I needed to come up with a way of isolating the Linkstation from the router. I managed this by buying a Netgear ProSafe Gigabit Switch and using ethernet powerline adapters to network my office and the living room. Everything that needs an internet connection does this over wireless via the router.

So I now had a hard-wired network and a wireless network with the router and the NAS completely isolated from one another. The only problem that was left was the Humax FoxSat HDR in the bedroom needed an internet connection for iPlayer etc... as I had disconnected the router from the Powerline network, I needed a gizmo to convert the PVR ethernet connection to wireless. For this I bought a Buffalo Airstation N300, which works perfectly. So I ended up spending another £70-odd on the switch and ethernet converter but got the desired result.

From what I have seen on forums, this problem is pretty common and not only limited to Buffalo's Linkstation but I hope that you find this info useful (if not very interesting) if you are looking to buy a NAS.
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on 8 August 2012
Worthwhile addition to any computer set up where you need an assurance of backup facilities. I have two of these both set up as Raid1, so using one 3TB drive as a mirror for the 2nd 3TB drive. We are all photographers with DSLR's and my family use 1 and I use the other. Every one (5 persons) have their own log-on name and password.

Easy to set up but it comes set to use as two standard drives and will need to be re-set as a Raid1 configuration if that's what you need.

Access via the Cat 5 network cable or by wireless around the home, or via the web when away from home. Saving is slower than to an on-board drive but you get used to that. Can be set as ON/OFF or Auto where it wakes up when a computer on the network is switched on, and closes itself down when all computers on the network are shut down.

Would recommend this to all who need a storage separate which from their computer and can be accessed from anywhere with safety - especially as it down in price again!

Buffalo Linkstation Duo 6TB High Performance Multimedia Shared Raid Network Storage ( NAS )
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on 24 September 2012
This product is not quite as easy to set up as a previous reviewer has indicated. I was getting an unspecified error until a search of the internet informed me that this was Buffalo's way of telling me I should update the firmware. Despite this hiccup, I am very pleased with my purchase so far, and would echo other users' recommendations. Mine too is now set up as RAID1 and provides reassurance that data loss is very unlikely. File transfer speed is not so far off that achieved with an external USB3 drive.
Usual good service and good price from Amazon.
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on 17 November 2010
I had previously bought the 1TB Buffalo Linkstation ( a very decent NAS ) which I eventually filled up. Therefore, I decided to buy the 4TB duo which I paid a lot more for than, the price currently shown on Amazon, however I can't really complain about its performance.
Data transfer speeds ( backing up, copying etc) are higher than the 1TB version plus it also has the same useful bittorent and print server facilities.
It not the quietest nor the most solidly built NAS I've ever owned but after sticking 4 rubber pads to its base to absorb the vibration noises it's now less of a problem.
At its current price on Amazon, it's now even better value than ever for a high capacity NAS.
I've since bought a second 4TB duo due to the incredible feat of filling up the 1st one up. All my previous comments apply except the latest firmware updates have slightly improved on the 1st one's performance plus I paid £153 less.
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