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3.9 out of 5 stars25
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 20 February 2015
Unlike most shocker slashers from the 80s it must be said that Pieces definetly delivers on the gore front. A part Spanish/US movie Pieces is about a deranged chainsaw killer roaming the halls of a Boston University and killing off one by one female students. There is plenty of gore to be seen (the front cover actually happens).

The movie becomes a whodunnit and the detective played by Christopher George is brought in to get the killer. George is one of the main reasons along with the gore to watch Pieces. He is great here and commands each scene he is in. His real life wife like most times Linda George also stars.

There are a few problems with the movie though. It has a lack of really memorable characters, it can also be quite pedestrian especially the middle of the movie. You do wonder had George not been in the movie how bad this could have sunk. But on the plus side there is the gore and some funny scenes. Take the very random out of nowhere kung fu scene for example. Pieces is better than a lot of slashers at this time, but probably not amongst the very best.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 11 September 2015
I am wavering between a two and three star rate for this 1982 B movie slasher. It certainly made me laugh in places, but that was unintentional, for although there is plenty of blood, gore, sex and sleaze, it's a pretty ridiculous film. I have decided to go with a three, because if really over-the-top and nasty horror films with more holes that Swiss cheese are you're thing, you'll probably want to see 'Pieces'.

Thirty-five years have passed since a young boy murdered his mother after she accused him of being perverted. Now, female corpses are being discovered around a university campus. Each young women has met their maker via a chainsaw, but can Lt. Bracken (Christopher George) and his partner Sgt. Holden (Frank Brana) find the crazed killer before he claims the lives of even more victims? The film also stars the glamorous Lynda Day George as a former tennis player-turned undercover-cop.

As you can expect from such a movie, the acting is mostly bad, the direction isn't that good either, but there is lots of blood, the ending is surprisingly good, and Lynda Day George provides perfect eye candy. Coincidentally, Christopher George passed away the year after 'Pieces' was released, which is sad for the two reasons, the first is obvious, and the second one is unfortunate because he had to depart his film career on something like this.
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on 5 July 2012
I have the Grindhouse Releasing special edition of Juan Piquer Simon's low-rent slasher cheesefest, PIECES (1982).I love the absurdity of this film and can watch it again and again. I'll probably double-dip and get Arrow's DVD too, as they always put a lot of effort into their releases. If you dig juicy gore scenes, ridiculous dialogue, chainsaw mayhem, and random chopsocky action, then this is the movie for you!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 29 April 2012
This is indeed a must own classic slasher horror from the early 80s, one of the best in terms of a good classic who did it story where everyone is suspicious, very twisted in places with a great shock ending, plenty of juicy blood and gore moments with a chainsaw most of the time, it has all the classic ingredients, if your into horror and love old school horror from the 80s this is a must see at any cost.
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on 11 January 2014
A lad kills his mom after she punishes him for doing a jig-saw puzzle of a nude. Now 40 years later young girls are being slashed and pieces removed from them as a human puzzle is being assembled. But who?

This is a classic 80s film complete with Linda Day George. It has killing, gore, nude scenes with a full frontal. Everything a guy wants in a slasher film.
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on 12 May 2016
U.S. Distributor Grindhouse releasing has re-issued this 80's Gorefest slasher film on blu-ray now
as 2 Disc Deluxe edition ALL REGIONS aswell, some of Grindhouse blu-ray's are region A locked but not his one
Disc 1 has 2 versions of the film both versions in new 4k remastered HD transfers in 1:66:1 ratio only
and i tell you the picture quality for both versions look extremely sharp & clear, No grain or dirt
the sound quality has been boosted up to Master audio stereo 2.0 mix which sounds really Good, better than the old Mono sound
the 1st version is the usual Unrated U.S. release from the 2007 deluxe dvd runtime is 85mins
the 2nd version never before released for U.S. or U.K. fans is the extended Unrated cut in Spanish language only
with English subtitles of course, this extended version is 86mins which has extra footage in it
the extras on Disc 1 is the new Audio commentary with Actor Jack Taylor & narrator Callum waddell
there's also another extra on Disc 1 the Vine Theater experience in 5.1 Dolby digital audio
where you can watch the film, the U.S. unrated version
with audio recording of American audience in the Vine Theater in California somewhere
it's well worth watching with an audience if you want to
there's still Photo Galleries, lots of them over 60 Photos, Publicity stills, production photos etc
and the usual Theatrical trailer in HD is also included
Disc 2 has even more extras
a new Documentary on the rundown Movie Theaters in 42nd st New york runtime 80mins
new interviews with lots of Horror Directors & producers that Grew up watching old 70's & 80''s Horror exploitation films
at the Cinemas/theaters on 42nd st New york
and one of the films shown on 42nd st was PIECES of course
the Directors interviewed are Bill Lusting, Joe Dante, John Lieberman Director from SQUIRM
and many more other Directors and Horror film Historians also some actors/actresses are also interviewed
Porn actress Veronica Hart, Actress Lynn lowry, Legend scream queen Debbie Rochon
very interesting Doco that's full sure, Directed by Callum waddell
the extras from the 2007 deluxe dvd have been carried over aswell
80min interview with Director Juan piquer simon who Directed PIECES
he talks about his film career and then eventually gets to talking about PIECES, that's why the Doco is very long
the language is spanish with English subtitles
another interview from the 2007 dvd 50mins interview with Actor Paul L smith who was the Grounds keeper in the film
also 3rd interview with Producer Steve Minasian
there's also a booklet included aswell, 2 discs inside plastic clamshell keepcase. incredible!
as i said this new blu-ray is ALL REGIONS so you can easily buy it off and get it shipped to you
definitelty time to upgrade buy this new blu-ray 5 stars for it
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on 6 October 2011
1942, a young boy, Jimmy, is discovered by his mother putting together a jigsaw of a naked woman. Disgusted with Jimmy, she orders him to go and get a plastic bag so she can get rid of all the filth in his room. While she is looking for things to throw out, Jimmy enters the room with an axe and proceeds to hack his mother to pieces. For some reason the police feel it necessary to break into the house when the nanny informs them that she knocked on the door and there was no answer, upon entering the house they find the severed head of Jimmy's mother in one closet and Jimmy weeping in another. The police question the whereabouts of the father, the nanny claims that he's in Europe with the Air Force but he has an aunt who lives an hour away, and she can take Jimmy there.

Flash forward forty years to 1982, and we're at a college campus in Boston. It's obvious that the killer is now a grown up Jimmy, and despite a few red herrings, it's obvious which character Jimmy is despite a change of name. Girls at the campus are being butchered and chopped to pieces with the killer's favourite weapon being a chainsaw, it is up to Lt. Bracken, Sgt. Holden, Mary Riggs who works as a tennis coach but is an undercover officer, and a student called Kendall to discover the murderer's identity.

The acting is pretty dreadful, but if there's one type of film where I don't mind bad acting it's '80s horror films, specifically slasher films. Christopher George plays Lt. Bracken, George should be well known to horror fans for his work in City of the Living Dead, Graduation Day and Mortuary. His acting is terribly wooden yet strangely enjoyable, his character is probably the worst Lt. ever seen on screen. All of the actors give mediocre performances but like so many '80s slasher movies, the film is all the better for it. The dialogue between characters is an absolute joy, and the movie is unintentionally hilarious. There are a few other well known faces in the film including Paul L. Smith who appears as Willard the Janitor, he played the vicious warden in Midnight Express and Bluto in Popeye.

The film was directed by Spaniard Juan Piquer Simon, and just like another movie of his called Slugs, this film was also based in America but mostly shot in Valencia, Spain. Like Slugs, this film has a lot of Spanish actors in small roles who are dubbed and it makes the film funnier. This is one of the gorier slasher films from the early '80s, with a pig carcass used for the close-ups of chainsaws tearing through flesh. Some of the gore is fantastic, there's heads, arms and torsos being severed throughout the movie, and bucket loads of blood. Eli Roth has called the film "a masterpiece of early '80s sleaze", and it had two of the greatest taglines ever. "It's exactly what you think it is" and "You don't have to go to Texas for a chainsaw massacre".

Pieces is a film that divides a lot of people, for someone like myself who loves gore, crappy acting (only in '80s horror) and shockingly cheesy dialogue, then this is fantastic. If you don't love all those things then you probably won't enjoy Pieces all that much. For fans of unintentional comedy, there is so much to enjoy in Pieces. There's a totally random scene where Mary Riggs is attacked by a Kung Fu professor, the push button phone in the 1942 scene despite the fact push button phones weren't available to the public until 1963, the Lt. asking whether the chainsaw covered in blood lying next to the severed body could have been the murder weapon, the professional tennis coach who is clearly awful at tennis, Mary screaming "bastard" three times but more over-the-top each time, or maybe the sewn together, decaying corpse at the end suddenly shredding someone's crotch.

As usual with an Arrow release, there are plenty of extras.

Reversible sleeve with original and newly commissioned artwork.
Collector's booklet featuring brand new writing on the film by Stephen Thrower, author of 'Nightmare USA'.
Introduction by star Jack Taylor.
Pieces of Jack: An Actor's Experience of Spanish Splatter - Actor Jack Taylor recollects his experiences of performing in Pieces
Pieces of Deconstruction: Looking Back at a Grindhouse Gorefest - Hostel producer Scott Spiegel, filmmaker Howard S. Berger, critic Michael Gingold and horror historian Santos Ellin Jr. reflect on the lasting legacy, and lacerations of Pieces!
Audio Commentary with Fangoria magazine's Tony Timpone, sharing first hand recollections of the golden age of slasher cinema, moderated by Calum Waddell.
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on 30 August 2011
Now we're talking!

Looking for a super gory slasher film? Looking for a film so bad its genius? Then look no further. For Pieces is just what the doc ordered! Featuring blood by the bucket loads and unintentional laughter throughout, this film would be a proud addition to any cultphile or horror fan out there. But this film is anything but your typical run-of-the-mill stalk and slash cycle. With a plot that takes the impressively vicious body count from such films as A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET and FRIDAY THE 13TH mixed with a whodunit gillo-esque murder mystery, PIECES to be much much more than your cheap HALLOWEEN imitator.

The gore comes thick and fast in this crazy film, with buckets of the red stuff splashing all over the screen. From knifes to chainsaws and of course the waterbed death which has rightfully engraved its mark on the slasher genre. But that's not all, amid the gut-wrenching violence we're bombared with unbelievably ridiculous scenes that are bound to make even the most hardened of horror fans laugh out loud at how silly it all is. From a woman so stupid she has no fear whatsoever when sharing a lift with a masked man holding a roaring chainsaw (despite knowing there's a chainsaw killer on the loose) until its too late, to a tennis match thats bound to leave you in stiches and of course the incredible screaming "B*stard!" scene. This is a cult fan's dream come true!

If that's not enough, we're also treated to a great cast too. Consisting of such names as Chistopher George from zombie classic CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD, Paul Smith perhaps best known for MIDNIGHT EXPRESS and Bluto in POPEYE and a whole load more.

This DVD comes compelete with some great special features too including introduction, a commentary and two featurettes/interviews. It also comes with a great and very informative booklet all about the film and reversible artwork too.

If you like your films drenched in the red stuff and packed with unintentional laughs, then this movie is perfect for you.

Highly, highly recommened.
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on 13 June 2016
I'm glad I didn't actually pay to rent this as I had a £1 Amazon voucher. The gore was mediocre, blood looked like paint, and the sex amounted to some dark figure spying on some fat chick dancing in a leotard while making masturbation noises. The characters were incredibly dumb, and much of the acting was wooden. But it isn't the worst horror movie Ive ever seen.

Wouldn't recommend unless you can watch it for free somehow.
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on 13 July 2014
ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS! Comes with a great booklet & Poster as well. What more could you ask for?
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