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4.5 out of 5 stars52
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 3 March 2012
This is my first review on an item, so it may come short of a review, but oh well.
I own all 3 of these characters, however I bought them separately. Each character allows you to bring a new spin on the game with their different moves and abilities. Each character comes with a trading card, a code and a sticker - but that's not all! They also come with a hero challenge which is basically in-game extra. Hero challenges allow you to do little events such as free a certain amount of Molekin, destroy a certain amount of Kaos minions or just treasure hunts - the outcome of these will give you attributes for your character such as speed, critical damage, etc.
Chop-chop has to be my favourite out of these 3; however my nephew is in love with Eruptor.
All of the characters are beautifully crafted, and painted - however I have been told the colour shading may be slightly different from the packaging - but I wouldn't worry about that.

Below I will put up the move-sets and attributes of each character(as this may become helpful for ya' all deciding on the characters you want).

Starting Powers include:
Lava Lob (where you throw bits of lava at your enemies)
Eruption (which allows you to erupt into a pool of lava which damages enemies around you).
Basic Upgrades include:
Big Blob Lava Throw (Your Lava lob gets bigger and the damage is increased)
Fiery Remains (Lava blobs leave behind pools of flame when they hit the ground)
Eruption-Flying Tephra (Lava balls shoot out while performing Eruption)
Magma Ball (where you can spit out magma balls).

Then you appear in the 'choose your path' upgrades where you can become either:
Magmantor (allows you to develop your Lava Blobs and Magma Balls)
Volcanor (allows you to develop your Eruption attack).

Magmantor powers include:
Heavy Duty Plasma (the lava blobs bounce to travel a greater distance)
Lava Blob Bomb (lava blobs explode and damage enemies which are near)
Beast of Conflagration (Lava blobs increased damage in the form of a fiery beast)

Volcanor powers include:
Quick Eruption (takes less time to perform Eruption attack)
Pyroxysmal Super Eruption (Eruption attack increases damage)
Revenge of Prometheus (Eruption creates small volcanoes which do extra damage).

Super Upgrade:
Mega Magma Balls (you can choose 3 magma balls at a time and they do extra damage) - however for this you will need the Soul Gem from Lava Lakes Railway. (Chapter 19)

His starting attributes are:
Max Health - 290
Speed - 35
Armor - 18
Critical Hit - 30
Elemental Power - 46
(You can increase these through levelling up and hero challenges)

Starting Powers include:
Arkeyan Blade (allows you to slash at enemies)
Arkeyan Shield (allows you to protect yourself from attacks)

Battle Upgrades include:
Spiked Shield Bash (allows you to shield bash an enemy)
Vampiric Aura (Chop-chop regains health by defeating his foes and the sword does extra damage)
Shield Spartan (you can move faster and block more damage)
Bone Brambler (you can attack enemies with damaging bone brambles)

Then you appear in the 'choose your path' upgrades where you can become either:
Vampiric Warrior (lets you further develop your sword attacks)
Undead Defender (lets you further develop your shield abilities).

Vampiric Warriors powers include:
Arkeyan Combat Master (unleash a spinning attack)
Arkeyan Vorpal Blade (your attacks do even more increased damage)
Demon Blade of the Underworld (your sword has longer range and does maximum damage)

Undead Defenders powers include:
Arkeyan Spectral Shield (Absorb and release incoming damage)
Shield Stun Bash (your shield bash now stuns your enemies)
Demon Shield of the Shadows (does extra damage and absorbed damage is automatically released).

Super Upgrade:
Cursed Bone Brawler (Bone brambles do extra damage) - however you will need the Soul Gem from Shattered Island. (Chapter 1)

His starting attributes are:
Max Health - 300
Speed - 50
Armor - 24
Critical Hit - 10
Elemental Power - 39
(You can increase these through levelling up and hero challenges)

Starting Powers include:
Tail Swipe (swing your tail around and attack 360 degrees of enemies)
Rock and Roll (roll into a ball then bowl over your enemies)

Battle Upgrades include:
Tennis Tail (allows you to deflect incoming objects)
Iron Tail (Tail Swipe does increased damage)
Summoning: Stone Projection (you can summon a rock wall then hit it with your tail to launch rocks)
Double Roll (you can use your roll attack 2 times as long)

Then you appear in the 'choose your path' upgrades where you can become either:
Granite Dragon (lets you further develop your Tail Swipe attacks)
Pulver Dragon (lets you further develop your Roll attack).

Granite Dragon powers include:
Mace of Destruction (Tail Swipe damage is increased)
Summoning: Stone Uppercut (Stone Projection does more damage)
Gaia Hammer (your tail swipe does extra damage)

Pulver Dragon powers include:
Pulver Roll (Roll attack damage is increased)
Earthen Force Roll (Roll does more damage and you can now roll right through enemy attacks)
Continental Bounder (Roll form becomes huge while rolling. You roll faster and do lots more damage).

Super Upgrade:
Triceratops Honour Guard (New armor makes you harder to hit) - however you will need the Soul Gem from Stonetown. (Chapter 9)

His starting attributes are:
Max Health - 310
Speed - 35
Armor - 12
Critical Hit - 20
Elemental Power - 32
(You can increase these through levelling up and hero challenges)

All 3 of these characters are unique and great for your collection.

Worth the buy!

P.S: Do not pay more than £7 for each character, or the triple pack for around £20 - (which is the standard price) unless you have the money to waste on paying extra when there is no need too.
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on 5 November 2011
My 6 year got the game for his birthday and he absolutely loves it, these character 3 packs are great, they're a bit cheaper than the single packs. I've bought some of these 3 packs as christmas gifts for some of my nephews because I know they will love them too!
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on 26 December 2011
These figures are a must. My son has 6 figures at the moment and wants to get more. He is enjoying the gaming so much as he controls the play by selecting the Skylander he wants to complete each for each mision. Technology is amazing.
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on 17 September 2012
The game and concept are for all intensive purposes is fantastic! Mostly the gameplay is very good, aiming particularly at the younger end of the market. We all love those Lego Adventure "spin-off" console games, pretty much on the same level with the same sort of hummour to keep those 'bigger kids' amongst us amused. But the biggest and most vital difference is the tangibility of figurines who represent the cast of the 'good guys.' They are used within the game by placing them on a 'portal', a USB-connected platform on which the figurines are placed for interaction within the game.

And yet, this great asset has a couple of flaws, they each come at a price and their availability. The tangibilty is a great marketing ploy, but it almost seems as though the manufacturers are deliberately holding back on certain characters, no doubt to maintain the interest in the game and introduce extended-longevity into the Games Console market, (which in itself, is totally unheard of) a sort of "treat them mean, keep them keen" attitude. So you can read into that what you will...

My major quip about this though, is the effect that this has on the price of each of those figurines. We have alot of the characters - 23 in all - and add to them on a fairly regular basis. You need at least one figurine from each group - 4 in a group, 8 groups - to complete the game. So theoretically, you only need 8 figurines. But this limitation will detract from your overall enjoyment. When we started buying them, the mean average for a single figurine, was around £7 (triple packs and additional add-on games @ £20) but because of the above, the price can fluctuate considerably, even at the more repectable suppliers (here & major Gaming Websites) with prices escalating to double that! Now bearing that in mind, there are 32 figurines to collect...that's a major investment! Think about it, I'm not going to do the Maths for you. But bear this in mind, the manufacturers are just about to start bringing out a "GIANT" version which probably means that there will be a phasing-out of the original characters.

Shop around, the deals are out there. The major Supermarkets are a good source. Another point of interest is the figurines can also be reset - they have a micro-storage chip inside, so there's probably a secondhand market probably waiting to happen, if it's not already out there. Need I say more...
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on 6 January 2012
absolute brilliant! the games i really fun, me and my wife play it, were addicted! although the characters arent a must they make the game that little bit more pleasureable, we have taken it upon ourselves to collect all 32, so far we have 20 and enjoy playing every single one! admittedly the prices are steep for the characters, but even if you dont try and get them all you should at least try to get one of every element to get the most from such an enjoyable game :)
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on 8 May 2012
Skylanders is great fun so my son tells me! He goes on and on about buying different charactors fot it. I realised there was an issue getting stock of these skylanders charactors, the shelves were empty in the shops so I turned my attention to Amazon. This is now the third attemp at buying them online through Amazon - the two previous attempts said there was the last remaining few Hurry! so i placed my order then a week went buy and checked online only to find they had not been dispatched are were now out of stock! the same happened a second time and now yet again. I will now cancel my order yet again and find a shop that sells them disgusted with Amazon - stop advertising that you have stock if in fact you do not! I have yet to read my card statements but i bet the money was debited???
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on 29 January 2012
This pack arrived very quickly after ordering and during the Christmas holiday season too. I was impressed! I thought this pack was good value - coming in at £20 for 3 figures. So they were about £6.67 per figure which is good when you look around and see how much some of the figures are going for on auction sites now - usually about £10 upwards. Also good is that the 3 come from different types (Fire, Death and and Earth) which means you can open up places within the game and gain power in certain environments in the game. They work very well and the packaging was in excellent condition when it arrived. My Skylanders-obsessed 8 year old son loves them and playing with them both in the game and with the figures in his own imaginary games. Would thoroughly recommend this product!
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on 30 December 2011
This game is brilliant, highly recommend it for adults and kids alike, really good family entertainment. These three chracters are good too, especially Eruptor and his unique lava skills. Good value for money when purchased in multi-packs.
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on 20 May 2014
This is a triple pack of characters for the hit game Skylanders. Three different realms or elemental figures to fight the evil Koas and save the land from his evil darkness. The successful Skylanders game with its multiple levels and special character / element areas and where you can be any character you have in your arsenal to transport into the game playing area via the plug in portal. Each figure holds its on offence and defence preferences that you can upgrade if you have enough reward coins. This pack extends your number of figures like a multi-buy three for two, well almost price wise. Be adventurous with each figure in this multi levelled good friendly fun game for the family.
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on 6 January 2012
Fantastic fun game bought for my son aged 7. He could not stop playing this & with all the extra characters you can buy I can see this being a game to last a long time into the future for him too.
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