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on 20 May 2008
OK, I realise that I'm sticking my neck out by disagreeing with most of the reviews here, but I was disappointed with this book.

That said, if you are a complete beginner to ebay and only intend to make a small amount of money from it, then it's probably for you - it covers all the basics in detail.

My main disappointment though is that it all seems rather obvious - anyone who has sold 2 or 3 items will know 90% of what is in this book.

A final point - do not buy this book if you intend to make a living, or a significant income, from ebay. Even in the introduction, where the author should be grabbing the reader's attention, he points out that a busy day nets him about £100 - before tax. Hardly a fortune. The fact that he considers this a good day, and moots taking the next day off because of it, does not speak of a man with ambition.

If you want some basic advice on selling low-value items and are new to ebay, then this book probably gives good advice. If your sights are set higher, don't bother.
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on 5 June 2009
I felt compelled to write a review having purchased this book, because I believe it is yet another book written by a so called ebay business "expert" that fails to deliver what it states in the title.

The simplistic content mostly covers how to buy and sell single items on ebay. The details of which can be found for free on ebay itself. This content is OK in terms of understanding how to trade on ebay but the remainder of the content does not provide the reader with any confidence that the "expert" is actually running a highly profitable business.

The ideas within are not focused towards operating a viable high growth business, therefore, it is misleading to suggest that the reader can make "serious money" on ebay using the content within the book.

In my opinion, the book does not give the reader anything new or novel; therefore, I am surprised that others rate this book so highly! I can only assume that other reviewers are looking to buy and sell odd bits of junk from car boot sales, rather than being serious about running a "proper" business, i.e one which may one day replace the 9-5 day job.
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on 14 June 2007
I'd read a few Ebay self help books before trying Robert's and only wish I'd read his first!

As a seller, this has book has become totally invaluable. It is written in a very friendly manner, is easy to understand and is a total minefield of information. I now have scraps of paper marking many many pages of "projects" I want to have a go at, and his instructions are so easy to follow.

It is written in a style that makes it appear as though a friend is guiding you through the pages, and is neither too easy or too hard to follow. And it covers absolutely everything you could possible want or need to know, from creating your listing to the taxation implications.

He's also passed on a lot of tips which have really improved my sales and relationship with my customers.

He also has a free weekly email newsletter (advertised on the front cover) which is fantastic for keeping you up to date on Ebay news.

If you are thinking about purchasing a book on Ebay - don't look any further as they don't come better than this!
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on 5 September 2006
I was not new to eBay when I read this book, but wanted to build a business and work from home. After reading Robert Pugh's personal diary, I was convinced that this was achievable. Having taken his advice on where to locate stock, the benefits of using HTML codes and how to use several photographs at no additional cost, I now sell on eBay for a living. This book is a must for anyone wanting to start their own business, whether they are new to eBay or are an established user. It is full of hints, tips and recommendations, is written in plain English and you really will not be disappointed!
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on 11 December 2011
I found this book extremely useful. The book gives a detailed account of how to get started selling on ebay starting with the most least item you have and how to create your listing and write a very good description of the items you intend to sell on ebay. The book also listed some of the items prohibited by ebay and other terms and conditions. Being a powersell on ebay has really ensured Robert Pugh to know a very detailed account about ebay.

I have not finished the book yet but I believe all the pages in this book will be worth it.

Esther [...]
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on 1 February 2007
Use this book if you're just starting out as an eBay business. Keep it by your PC as you'll find yourself referring to it again and again. It's full of useful information, helpful and funny anecdotes, PLUS it's also got a link to the author's website, where he will personally reply to any questions you may have. It also tells you where in the UK and on the Web to source items to sell. This book is a must for those who want to start selling on, there are no Americanisms to wade through, no US laws, everything is geared towards the UK eBayer.

I'm just starting out, so I won't be using HTML as yet, but it's great to know that when I've reached the stage when I want to improve on my listings, the book is already by my PC.

Well done Mollybol!
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I'm computer literate, but have always shied away from eBay thinking it 'geeky'and time consuming - but with a friend now averaging £2000 a month selling there, I've revised my opinion. I needed to learn as much as I could as quickly as possible and spent time on Amazon looking at many different books on the subject. Most are American, and although that is no bad thing, they are a written for a different audience. I will be working on eBay UK and needed something specific to here.
Having read the reviews below, I decided to buy Bob's book and have no complaints whatsoever. Few authors can pull you in quickly and talk to you as a friend, but Bob has the knack, (and the knowledge) to help you get started very quickly. He offers every buyer of his book unlimited email access to him for advice, and his newsletters are invaluable.
If you're new to eBay,this is all you need to hit the ground running.
Drop it in your shopping cart - you won't be disappointed.
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on 27 January 2012
I really liked this book...I have been selling personal items on Ebay for a number of years and had decided to become more pro-active and actually try to make a living at it.I wanted a book to help me work out WHAT to sell,WHERE to find the stuff,the best way to deal with customers,packing etc.I got all this and more.Ok so the author isn't telling us how to become multi-millionaires,but personally I'm not after that...what he does offer is good,straightforward advice,written in a light entertaining way.A good buy.
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on 30 June 2011
I bought this book as i am venturing into the world of Ebay as a complete novice, i found this book to be a brilliant guide to starting up and developing a business on Ebay, it covers areas that you would never think about when starting up and has loads of great tips throughout.I have read a couple of other books about Ebay and they were ok but never really got the feeling that the authors had got their message over in quite the clear and concise way that Robert Pugh has with this book and he does not go into long boring page after page of technical waffle, you can actually visualise him doing what he says.I loved the 'Diary Entry' at the beginning and is what i am aiming for. I have just started re reading the book its that good and i would highly recommend it to anyone looking to start on Ebay.
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on 2 February 2011
eBay is a phenomenon. The popular auction website where you could once get rid of your less-wanted property, has developed into its own mini-economy that allows many normal people to make a healthy living from it. The idea of connecting people and products via the web has been a template for many, but on eBay there are many who would like to get involved but don't know how.

In his book "The eBay Business Handbook", Robert Pugh has mapped out the stages that a newcomer has to go through to set up an account on eBay, how to manage payments using partners such as Paypal and WorldPay, and how to spot bargains that might mean the difference between making a marginal profit or a big fat juicy one.

The book is set out in a logical way to take the inexperienced through the process of setting up a personal trading account, how to write a decent listing, and what to do if you are defrauded as part of your eBay activities. There are sections concerning business matters - how to develop an online eBay presence and what to tell the taxman about all of the lovely profit that you're making.

Overall this book is a very useful addition to those who are considering an eBay trading business. Its span allows many relevant topics to be understood, and this makes it accessible to those who have got no experience and `want to have a go'. If I was advising someone on the best steps to set up an eBay business, this book has to be at the top of the list to give that information. It's an invaluable pack of information that could mean the difference between doing alright and doing great.
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