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4.0 out of 5 stars315
4.0 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
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on 3 November 2011
I'd not played any of the FIFA series since '98 and was quickly reminded as to why.
Sure you can argue the animations have improved, although considering 14 years have past, they're not particularly impressive.
Game play is the big let down, I've read about all these fancy new systems and controls as the years have past but when it comes down to it, I was putting in cricket scores in after three matches. Half a dozen matches later, I was resorting to getting my players sent off and taking on the opposition with the goalie to try and entertain myself. All this using the same old 'tactics' I used a decade and a half ago.

I found FIFA12 somewhat disappointing, although thankfully it was purchased as part of a bundle for a fraction of the £40 price tag.

I can only suggest that if you already own a version of FIFA from the last few years don't bother with this one. Essentially, you're buying a more up to date squad list and marginally better animation.
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on 10 May 2014
If you like high octane thrills and spills in your footy games, a thrilling 4-3 win, a sending off and a penalty in the last minute, the feeling that the match could go either way which makes you want to play again straight after, then don't buy FIFA 12, it is anything but fun to play. . .
I'm currently three games away from completing my first season on manager mode and I'm seriously considering calling it quits and going back to FIFA 11. Every single match, and I mean EVERY SINGLE MATCH is just that much of a slog to get the ball in the back of the net that it is genuinely infuriating to play. 1-0 or 0-0, that's pretty much how every game ends up, there are no thrills and spills, there is no fun, you can't score amazing goals, you can barely get a shot on goal for all the blocking that goes on in and around the oppositions area, it just feels like too much hard work to enjoy (unless you put the difficulty level on Amateur or Semi Pro, but then there is no challenge whatsoever unless you enjoy your footy games to be a doddle!?).
It just plain and simply annoys the hell out of me FIFA 12 does, that is all.
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on 17 May 2013
I worship FIFA games. I already have FIFA 10 and I also experienced FIFA 11 gameplay and so I was waiting to put my hands on FIFA 12 when the price was affordable. Unfortunately I have to say that this is from far the worst game I have ever played in PS3. For those who have experienced FIFA 10 and FIFA 11 the expectations were way high and weren't achieved.

When we start the game the menu it's childhood, it's not very intuitive and it's all messy. But what I think it's worst is the online mode. I know that the speed is influenced by our wireless connection and that's reasonable, but the game crashes a lot on online mode. Sometimes I have to force shut down the PS3 in order to play on. Talking about speed, the game takes a lot of time to start. It gives the illusion that it is too heavy for the computer...sorry...for the PS3 I have.

Bottom line, I had high hopes for FIFA 12 and got it all wrong. One of the my worst buys. Next time I'll try to experience the gameplay before buying.
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on 17 March 2013
First off, games which require online registration for multiplayer content get a star removed from the off. I know it's now the norm, especially among the 'big' titles that arive yearly, but I'm not a fan and find it second only to DRM in the list of most intolerable modern gaming features.

Then there's recurring problems. The defending improvements unfortunately detract from the game. Career mode once again crashes with frequency. Online mode STILL lags to the extent not befitting a series which sells so much worldwide. A longer review could elaborate on why the three years previous to this are by far more worthy of replay but I'll take a leaf out of EA's book and put a little less effort into it.
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on 20 January 2013
I'll start with the big (and unfortunately limited) positives:
As an offline football game, the gameplay is fantastic. Passing, shooting and dribbling are smooth and realistic, love it. The characteristics and strengths of players are mirrored well, and overall control of your 11 players is better than ever. I love the fact that it is harder, as i used to be able to win a season on Legendary, and I'm far from a great FIFA Player. To top it off the graphics of the actual football gameplay are flawless.
For those reasons, it is hard to rate this game lower then 50% - because it is a decent football game.

Now come the flaws.

1. Online - My main problem with Fifa games is that they are always delayed significantly by poor connection. I have a online wired connection, giving me 100% signal strength. Yet every single online game I have ever played On Fifa 12 has experienced some degree of 'lag'. Games like MW2 and Assassins Creed always run smoothly online, so why doesn't FIFA? Online play is slow and unrealistic, so much different to offline, and I don't pay £40 for half a game.

2. Career mode - Transfers! I bought Fifa 12 in Hope of playing a season similar to the one I was following on TV. But by the time I had reached the end of the first 'Transfer Deadline', David Silva was at Arsenal, Rooney was at FC Bayern, and Higuain + Cambiasso + Sjneider had decided to move to Man Utd? Felt like I was playing a fake season, but that may be just me. And a very small complaint, it rained 4/5 matches all season? I know we have a lot of rain here, and I know Fifa are trying to show off their Graphics, but it completely ruins the football.

3. The Referees - Far, far too sensitive, the number of fouls given per game is huge, for things that would be ignored in real life. Football is a physical game, and despite the 'Divers', true footballers are strong in the tackle, and very often don't give away fouls for physical challenges- it's part of the game.

4. Pace of defenders- In real life, Ronaldo sprinting with a football is faster than Mertesacker sprinting without Ome, without a doubt. On FIFA, apparently this isn't the case. That is just one of many examples where the defenders are given unrealistic pace, giving them the ability to catch the fastest of strikers, even when they hit the offside line perfectly.

There are more, but I won't bore you. At the end of the day I can play Fifa with the flaws, but I won't buy FIFA 13, because I know that the online football will, once again, be a shambles. If you are going to pay top dollar for game, you expect all aspects of that game to work, and FIFA seem to spend a lot of time fixing minor issues, rather than the biggest problem.

Basically, it's okay. But they need to sort out their online football before I consider buying another of their games.
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on 3 January 2013
I'm an old PES covert - i started on PES and for years thought it the best. i converted to FIFA through FIFA 11 and thought it alot better and a genuinely more playable (ie fun) game. EA Sports have now decided to ruin their game. they have in effect abolished slide tacking! aah! this is blaspemous whatever your game loyalty. why does arcade football have to replicate the s*** on tele?! this is one of the more rubbish footy games i have ever played. i started on semi-pro and found it far too easy (finishing 1st in league) and so upped a level to pro and found it impossible finishing 10th and quickly going out of all competition. i'm not a rubbish player (honest!!) - whats going on ??? why do they keep messing around with good play-able formulas that people like? LEAVE IT!! likely to now revert back to PES 13 or maybe get a life :-)
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on 16 April 2013
If you don't have some inexplicable dying urge to only have the latest game and most up to date team sheets then this is the football game for you! The game engine is reliable as ever and the multiplayer is especially fun. The variety of preset controller layouts make it a doddle to switch between traditional FIFA controls and a set more similar to PES. The one-on-one shootout while games load is a good filler. Great value!
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on 29 December 2012
Same s hit different year, it's time they should release a game every couple of years, it's almost the same game EVERY YEAR, they could easily update the teams every year via a patch, but hey where is the money in that eh,
If you keep buying it they will keep selling it, getting ripped off every year
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on 3 August 2015
I bought this game ,it is easier to use the menu than fifa 13. I was hoping the penalties would be easier to take.On the last 3 fifas,I looked at u tube
to try to understand how to take penalties.But this has eluded me to long.Every other aspect of the game is first class.
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on 28 December 2011
Is it just me? Do I expect too much? Maybe I'm getting old? I don't know. I used to love playing football games, FIFA/PES/Sensi/Dino Dini's Soccer/Kick Off - I had them all. I just don't understand how people can rate this the best football game ever. It's boring and so one-dimensional. Most games end up the same. No-one ever overruns the ball or mis-controls it, every CPU player is a superstar and NONE of the skills work against the CPU.

Why can't I take a set-piece without it going straight to the opposition? Throw-ins, goal kicks, free kicks...the opposition is there in a flash to steal the ball most of the time. Doesn't happen in real football, utter nonsense. Set pieces are abysmal. Defending is awful, it's nigh impossible to get the ball from the striker now, except when the CPU is defending! Then they're all around you sticking the boot in. So frustrating!

Shots from outside the box just aren't possible 90% of the time, you'll be closed down or blocked. Which results in the same goals over and over again, striker through 1-on-1 with the keeper-finesse shot-goal. Or you'll score a rebound because the keepers are dreadful. zzzz

Basic things like colour clashes happens all the time online, whether it's the opposition or the ref, happens way too often; not good enough.

I honestly don't get why people rave about the recent FIFA games. They're the same as they've always been, too easy, full of bugs and irritants, sluggish. Even the menus are sluggish and unresponsive. The graphics are like PS2 graphics, the commentary has gotten worse with, Why does he have so many gaps in his speech?!? Arrrgghhh!! Mute!!

And before anyone asks; Yes I have played the game (30+hrs), no, I am not rubbish at it, and, no I don't work for Konami. I just want a GOOD football game to play, this isn;t it.

I haven't properly enjoyed a football game since PES6 on the PS2 - nothing released since then has been as fun as that. This game isn't fun, it's just annoying. It gets 2 stars because it's slightly better than PES12, which is pants. I wish someone would challenge EA & Konami in this market, maybe then we'd see an improvement in these dull insipid excuse for football games. Or maybe I'll just sell my PS3...
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