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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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This latest series of 'Doc Martin' lost a couple of characters in Auntie Joan and Pauline which was a pity but it did have adequate replacements in the shape of Auntie Ruth and Morwenna. I wouldn't say that this series was quite as good as the first two but it was definitely on a par with series three and four.

As always, the scenery is stunning and the acting generally excellent across the board. Some of the storylines were perhaps a little farcical and there was maybe too much of PC Penhale but by and large I believe there is still plenty of life left in and around Port Wenn. Martin Clunes is always a treat as the grumpy Doc but Caroline Catz is his equal with her terrific portrayal of Louisa.

Series 5 was consistantly watchable, not 'Doc Martin' at it's very best maybe but still much better than many other TV offerings. I do feel though that the Doc and Louisa actually work better when they are apart so to speak so it will be interesting to see how things develop if there is a series 6, which I hope there will be. Still recommended viewing.
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Two years on from Series 4 Doc Martin has returned to our screens and this series was well worth the wait. Formerly a highly successful surgeon who has developed a phobia for performing operations, Doctor Martin Ellingham has started a new life as a GP in the quiet Cornish village of Port Wenn. However, having absolutely zero people skills and a nonexistent bedside manner, traits which extend to his personal life and in particular his relationship with his former partner, the long suffering Louisa, his dealings with the locals are somewhat uneasy.

The last series ended with Doc Martin wondering whether to move back to London, or stay in Port Wenn to support Louisa who has just given birth to their child. However, Doc Martin is less than impressed with his replacement as GP, and predictably decides to stay on. Quite a number of the plots this time round feature the rather haphazard child minding arrangements for the baby, and at one stage this is subcontracted out by Louisa's mother to some teenage girls at the bargain price of £2 an hour! The climax to this series again revolves around the baby, but we do not have a cliffhanger ending this time round which I was grateful for as this always seems somewhat contrived.

Port Wenn in some ways puts you in mind of Ambridge in that nothing of great significance seems to happen for a lot of the time, and when something out of the ordinary does happen, it is played out to the full. For example, one episode is based on Bert Large, the restaurateur, borrowing £1,000 from a wheelchair bound loan shark and his dim son, and being concerned about unspecified `repercussions' in the event of non repayment. However, much of the charm of this show lies in the gently eccentric characters who abound in Port Wenn. This time particular mention should be made of Morwenna, the Doc's new and somewhat scatty young receptionist who clearly does her best - Bless! Louisa's mother, who has rather eccentric views on keeping babies quiet and the rather stoic Aunt Ruth are also strong characters worthy of mention.

Yet again Martin Clunes excels as Doc Martin, playing the part with a largely expressionless face except for the odd twinge of exasperation or irritation which occasionally crosses his brow. He has made this part his own and you really cannot imagine anyone else as Doc Martin. There seems to be some doubt as to whether there will be a sixth series and certainly there has been no announcement so far. I think it will be a real shame if we have to make do with the 37 episodes to date plus the extended 2006 Christmas Special, 8 of them from the latest series, as I would think this show has the potential to run and run.

Update: The good news is that the 6th Series has now been confirmed and will be on TV in 2013!
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on 4 November 2011
The 5th series was excellent, I loved every episode. Martin Clunes is an excellent actor, he plays Doc Martin with true professionalism and he carries the persona of the character very well and yet if you see him stop acting he drops out of character back to Martin.

I must confess I do ask myself how many other accidents or illnesses can there be? But who cares, my wife and I love the escapism of the series with the funny plots and excellent characters, both old and new.

The scenery is also fantastic, which only adds to the magic of the program.

I understand some people might not enjoy this series so much, but chill out it's not real!

Sit back in your favourite chair grab a cup of coffee and prepare to be carried away to Portwen.

Well done Martin and cast, MORE!!!!!
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on 20 November 2011
I already own series 4 on DVD and all of my friends watch this exciting and well-acted show.
We love this series in the U.S. and cannot wait for Series 5 and wish it could be sooner than March of 2012....I was luckly enough to visit Port Isaac last June with the help of my British friend driving me from Devon to Cornwall. It was enchanting and very beautiful. And the Cornish pasties and Cornish ice cream were, hurry and send this to the U.S. so we can continue watching our beloved Doc Martin. One of the best imports from Great Britain. !!!!
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on 13 March 2012
Well, that's what the sticker said since this was released on DVD close to Mother's Day. So how come I, male and usually more interested in war films, action and rock music, enjoy it so much? Because it is good entertainment, that's why. Marvellous scenery, delightful characters (even the baddies aren't all that bad), fun, sunshine and even some good health advice thrown in for good measure. Some of the storylines may be a bit thin and I could have done with less PC Penhale, but something always seem to be happening and no episode ever becomes boring. Escapism at its best!
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on 17 August 2012
The first four series of Doc Martin were wonderful! This travels a little way to match them, but the last thing it needed was a child! This series 5 see,s the good Doctor running around trying to find childminders! Why Oh Why did they decide to have a baby, when both the Doc and Louisa still want to work. It concentrates less on the medical side and more on the side of the child. Still worth buying if like me you are a Doc fan, but you will be slightly dissappointed!
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on 19 July 2012
We stayed with friends of ours who had the first 3 series of "Doc Martin" and we watched them together and thoroughly enjoyed them. Doc is so rude to people, the things he comes out with are hilarious, and it's laugh out loud funny. Also, the scenery is stunning, so much so that we had a visit to Port Isaac (Port Wenn in the show) and it was fun trying to find Doc's house, the surgery, Bert's restaurant etc. This series is thoroughly recommended. I can't wait until Series 6 comes out in the Spring.
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on 26 August 2012
Unmissable continuation of the series. Set in beautiful Cornwall and featuring some dodgy Cornish accents and interesting illnesses, and the stop/start, uncomfortable love affair between 'Marten' and 'Louiser'. How is it possible that we love this rude, arrogant, surly man? If we met him in real life we wouldn't give him the time of day, and would certainly have reported him to the PCT at "Sit"! Yet we love him and can't wait for him to lighten up and be a loving husband and Dad. To be fair if 'Louiser' and the baby have failed to melt his heart at this late stage is it ever going to happen? Can't wait for series 6!
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on 29 November 2013
The earlier Doc Martins were great and whilst the beautiful settings remain and the quality characters are there, the scripts need overhauling. I still like it, but it's a glimmer of what it once was. Having seen the following series too, it gets no better. I'd hate it for a drama like this to end up ones of those ordinary and completely forgettable shows, with too much time spent on secondary, supporting, characters. Hopefully season 7 will get back the quality scripts that we know that the quality cast can deliver.
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on 15 December 2011
Regretfully, I am disappointed with the latest Doc Martin series. Martin, always grumpy and sometimes aloof, is now controlling and even more indifferent than he was in the first four series. Rather than becoming interested in developing and nurturing his relationship with Louisa, Martin seems to have become unconcerned in his attitude toward her. An example of this is when Martin sets the date for their babies Christening without consulting Louisa. Doc Martin in series 1-4 would not have been interested in the details of a christening let alone deciding when it should be held. He would have let Louisa handle the arrangements.
Louisa, in series 5, is portrayed as being unable to cope with the care of her baby and displays a lack of control as Headmistress of Port Wenn School; a definite shift from the competency and firmness she displayed in the first four series. Louisa, as portrayed in series 1-4, was sometimes diffident in her relationship with Martin; but was always a highly skilled and capable Headmistress.
The unfortunate loss of Auntie Joan and Pauline made the first couple of episodes a bit awkward. However, the replacement characters, Auntie Ruth and Morwenna, fit nicely into the series. I would like to have seen the characters, portrayed by these two excellent actors, developed more during the course of the series. I agree with the reviewer that wrote "some of the storylines were perhaps a little farcical and there was maybe too much of PC Penhale in the series".
I think the last two episodes were the best of the series; the writing was good and close to what we have come to expect from the Doc Martin Production Company.
The acting, as in the first four series, is excellent and the Cornwall scenery is beautiful. Hopefully, the writing will be back on track for series six. Doc Martin is still one of my favorite television programs and the Doc is still my favorite Television character.
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