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5.0 out of 5 stars The Dream Collection
If you're a fan of the Nightmare On Elm Street series, then this is the best collection that you'll most probably EVER see. It provides everything you could ever possibly want as a fan of the series, and a whole lot more.
All seven movies have made it to this collection, from the chilling original, to the comedic finale. And of course, the much welcomed and fiercely...
Published on 12 May 2004

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I use to own this boxset and it was really good to have all the original DVD's from the Elm Street franchise unlike previous boxsets from EIV which first contained five, then six and finally the seven disc set shown here the boxsets have always been very bare bonned with just a trailer and screen selection as extras

October 2010 and Warner had the rights to...
Published on 3 May 2012 by G. A. Holohan

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21 of 21 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The Dream Collection, 12 May 2004
By A Customer
If you're a fan of the Nightmare On Elm Street series, then this is the best collection that you'll most probably EVER see. It provides everything you could ever possibly want as a fan of the series, and a whole lot more.
All seven movies have made it to this collection, from the chilling original, to the comedic finale. And of course, the much welcomed and fiercely original bookmark to the series, Wes Craven's New Nightmare, is included too. The movies have without a shadow of a doubt, never looked better.
All of the prints are crisply remastered, to the point where even the 1984 original looks like it was filmed yesterday. The colours are so incredibly vibrant, and it truely brings the movies to life. The ever-colourful Freddy, the wild fantasy death scenes and the myriad of dream imagery look the best that they ever will in this collection, making you understand once and for all what the DVD format was made for. Even the 3D ending to part 6 is included, with 2 pairs of 3D glasses thrown in the mix.
And let's not forget the sound. With new enhanced Dolby 5.1 soundtracks for each movie, you have the choice of absolutely immersing yourself in the nightmare. You'll be guaranteed bad dreams if you spend too much time watching these in full surround sound with all the lights off. The one element lacking in the sound is the scarce Commentary. Commentary tracks appear only on the bookends of the series, both of the Wes Craven written/directed movies, his original vision and the new nightmare. Part 1's is the amusing and informative laser-disc track with Wes Craven, Jacques Haitkin, Heather Langencamp and John Saxon. New Nightmare's is a Wes Craven solo, which is deeply insightful and informative. Despite the inexcusable absense of Robert Englund, these are great tracks, and the other movies didn't quite warrant any anyway (other than profuse apologies for 2 and 6, but these appear in the bonus disc anyway)
The bonus disc itself is its own seperate monster. The Labyrinth game, in which you must DVD-remotely explore a Freddy World full of clips and interviews (almost four hours worth of them). The hit-and-miss element is the fact that you have no idea what you're about to unlock, and sometimes you are forced to solve puzzles. Luckily, more often than not, this doesn't extend much further than switching on the light or solving riddles such as "in the group of three, the last two it be" which appears next door to three switches. However, for the less inclined, there is an index of each movie, listing the interviews that relate to them. These feature many insightful words from Wes Craven, Robert Shaye, Rachel Talalay and of course, Robert Englund. You'll find the directors having their say, ridiculous music videos, psychologists and the likes of Clive Barker no less, and of course, all the theatrical trailers too. But if you want to view the shabby alternate endings, the delightfully hammy Freddy MTV spots, along with a few other interesting pieces of info which are unlisted in the index, you'll be forced to enter the Labyrinth.
Additonal, but untested-by-me DVD-ROM features include interactive screenplays, a trivia quiz for each movie (which unlock a final quiz on the encyclopedia), screensavers, an interactive freddy, and various little things to keep you entertained for hours.
If I were to rate each movie democratically, alongside the Godfather or Pulp Fiction, this collection would probably get maybe 3 stars. Some of the films are undenyably weak in places, bordering on questionable and ridiculous. And don't argue with me here. I've been a hardcore fan all my life, but if you can watch freddy's DOG PEE resurrection in part 4 and take it seriously, you're more of a fan than I'll ever be. But it's the flaws that make it all that more interesting. I love this collection of movies, and as with all my favourite horror movies, it's the inconsistancies that make it all the more fun.
But I simply can't rate these movies against all others, because a 3 star rating would be absurd and uncalled for. Rating this movie as a fan, I am obliged to give it 5 stars. Because, let's face it, is a casual movie-goer who hasn't seen any of the movies REALLY going to splash out the money to buy an 8 disc box set? Of course not. If you're reading this, it's probably because you're a die hard fan of all things Freddy. And it's my duty to inform you that everything you want is right here in a superbly packaged, individually cased box set, overflowing with special features.
For fans in the UK, or other non-region 1 areas - don't buy the region 2 box set (as of this date). It's poorly packaged, it leaves out 98% of the special features, and the last two movies are missing. That's like a book without an ending. Like me, you'd be much better off importing the thing. I learned this the hard way, but now I have never been happier. Even if you need to splash out on a new tv, a new dvd player, or a NTSC-PAL conversion box, i assure you, it'll be well worth it. I've given up waiting for anything comparable to the Region 1 box set to be released (until this week, freddy's dead wasn't even in print here) so at the extra cost of a cheap as heck 30 multi-region dvd player that could handle PAL output, I was the proud owner and viewer of the holy grail for a Freddy fan.
So in conclusion - all 7 movies, looking and sounding the best they ever have. Two commentary tracks. Screenplays. Trivia games. A bonus disc with around 4 hours of material. A large booklet outlining the series. Two sets of 3D glasses for the finale. And a themed cardboard box to hold it all in. If you're a casual fan of the series, it's the complete collection for you to watch, enjoy and explore. If you're a casual movie fan, have a think about it. But if you're a hardcore fan like me, this is nothing short of a 5 star collection, and if you don't already own it, I can only pray that you soon will.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic Collector's Set!! But.., 1 Mar 2012
This review is from: Nightmare On Elm Street 1-7 [Blu-ray] [2011] [Region Free] (Blu-ray)
I'd gladly give this Set 5 Stars if not for the following issues: 1) Only the 1st in the Series (Part 1) has 7.1 HD DTS Dolby Digital Surround (for some reason). The rest only have 5.1 DTS HD Surround. 2) Also, the images in the background become 'pixelated' in some of the films. 3) One more thing - the Bonus Disc (DVD) is Region-Locked for play only in European DVD/Blu-Ray Players. This isn't mentioned in the product description AT ALL. It simply says 'Region Free', but that only applies to the 4 Blu-Ray Discs. Other than the aforementioned discreppancies, it's a fantastic buy! $45 (USD - including Shipping) is a wonderful deal. If bought at the U.S. Amazon Website, you'll pay at least $80 for a USED Set!! Get it from here, but you may need a Region Free DVD Player for Disc 5 (Bonus Disc). Thank you for reading! This was a lot to type via Touchscreen Cell Phone! ;~D
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4.0 out of 5 stars This Sure aint a Nightmare!, 29 Nov 2006
J. Kibble (Southampton, England) - See all my reviews
I have only recently really got into Horror movies, and when I saw this pretty cheap I thought I would give it ago and get the series.

The first is, of cause, the classic. I would not put it down as one of the all time film classics, but it it still one of the better films. The graphics are, at times, a bit dated. Particulary when Freddy comes after Nancy in the alley way and extends his arms to try and get her. But other than that a pretty solid film. The ending's a bit weird to.

Part 2 - an ok film on its own, but it just does not fit in with the rest of the series. It's about a boy called Jesse who is possesed and has nothing to do with dreams. It has the feel of a film that had little time taken over the story in an atempt to just get it released.

Part 3 - My personal favorite. this film brings us back to the old style of freedy and dreams. It also brings back some ofthe original cast form the first film and has some interesting deaths. It also starts the Freddy puns which give a bit of comic relief.

Part 4 - The Dream Master. This film is a bit wierd at times. It centres around Alice who brings pepole into her dreams for Freddy to kill. Having said that, the finale is pretty cool, especially when Freddy is torm apart by all the souls he's collected.

Part 5 - This film shows the beginings of a lack of Ideas, as a rather random idea about Freddy trying to entre the world through Alice's unborn baby is used. The Freddy backstory in this film is good, but other than that the film is not as good as some of the others.

Part 6 - This film clearly shows all the signs of an idea stretched too far. set after all the kids in Springwood have been killed except one, who stumbles into an out of town home for orphaned kids which just happens to be run by Freddy's, never before mentioned, daughter. When Freddy tries to use thier dreams to break free of Springwood Father and daughter meet head to head, one last time. Again the Freddy back story in this film is good but it is struggling to keep the franchise going. The original 3D ending is on this disk (under special features) but this set does not give you any 3D Glasses. Just warning you.

New Nightmare - this film, like part 2, does not really fit in with the rest of the franchise but it is still one of the better films. Set as if Freddy became real and is stalking the son of Heather Langekamp. Some of the actors from earlier Freddy films come back as themselves the whole thing is filmed like a docudrama, prettending to be real life, with Wes Craven writing a film script of the evetns, before & after they happen, as if he'd seen them in Dreams.

Overall this is a pretty good series. there are some films in it that are wore than others(particulary in the latter part of the sieres), but on the whole most of them are ok. For a box set there are little or no special features which is a bummer (Particularly when some boxsets have more bonus features disks than actual films e.g. Aliens) and the set is missing the 2003 Freddy vs. Jason, which I also own and is as good as New Nightmare. I brought this without seeing any of the films before and liked it, so If you aere a horror fan and aint seen/got this I would advise getting it but just watch out for the weaker films.
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5.0 out of 5 stars The ultimate (though not quite perfect) Freddy collection, 21 Feb 2004
Daniel Jolley "darkgenius" (Shelby, North Carolina USA) - See all my reviews
The Nightmare on Elm Street DVD Collection is pretty much a must-have for all Freddy fans, especially those like me who basically came of age watching Freddy do his thing. No movie releases apart from the original Star Wars trilogy invoked more excitement and conjecture in me than did the Elm Street sequels, and all of the films are really just as good now as they were when they were released - better, in fact, thanks to DVD technology and the abundance of special features it makes possible. Of course, the technological explosion in terms of cinematic possibilities we have witnessed in the years since Freddy's birth comes with a price - it is now almost impossible for horror fans such as myself to actually be scared by a movie. Even today's youngest generation will never feel the true magic that Freddy cascaded onto his original audience - they have simply become inured to such primal feelings via the saturation of pop culture itself. Still, though, we who have just turned the door on youth can rediscover the feelings the Elm Street movies first wrought inside our souls, and several of these films do possess the creepy potential to insinuate their horrors into the hearts and minds of the younger generations. The original will never be as shocking as it was in 1984, but it is still a powerful film built on grand archetypes of good and evil that will never fade away. The third film, in contrast to the second one, shows just how effective a true sequel can be at not only recapturing what has come before but expounding upon its very essence in a way sure to delight the audience. Films four and five highlight the innately human propensity to take a good idea and milk it for all it's worth, transforming the core idea that gave birth to something innovative into purely entertaining, meaningless echoes of its original dark self. Freddy's Dead shows just how difficult it can be to recapture the magic that even studio executives know has been lost, and then Wes Craven's New Nightmare makes up for all the bad things, as Freddy's creator returns to the series and recreates and redefines his now-stagnant creation into something just as different and unsettling as the original.
The seven movies basically need no exposition on my part, so I will turn my attention to the extras included on this definitive Freddy collection. For one thing, you get the option of watching the original 3-D ending to Freddy's Dead (along with two sets of 3-D glasses) as well as the 2-D ending that the video release included. The 3-D ending does not make up for the general problems with Freddy's final "death" but its availability to the home viewer counts for a lot in my book. Each DVD allows you to jump to any death sequence you choose, which some fans may like (even though Nightmare's essence was not really about the increasingly outlandish kills). The set comes with a bonus DVD that purports to feature The Nightmare Series Encyclopedia. I found this DVD somewhat tedious after a while, but it does feature a brand new documentary on the series. You also get a number of interviews with the men and women who helped bring Freddy to life as well as interested bystanders such as Clive Barker comparing his Hellraiser films to Craven's Nightmare series. There is a Freddy trivia game included for those who like that sort of thing, a very impressive booklet featuring the original press kit information on each film, two film commentaries, a screensaver, trailers, and cast and crew information. A lot of this bonus material is made available in the form of a labyrinth in which you must travel from place to place picking items at random - fortunately, much of the material is much more handily available through an index of features on the disk.
Two things disappoint me about this collection. For one, the Labyrinth is aggravating and really not enjoyable to explore; I really don't know why industry people think fans enjoy having to work our way to the special bonus features we paid for in the first place. My other disappointment is the lack of commentaries. The original film features a marvelous commentary by Wes Craven, actors Heather Langenkamp and John Saxon, and director of photography Jacques Haitkin, while Wes Craven's New Nightmare contains a fascinating commentary by Wes Craven alone, but these are the only commentaries available over the entire series of movies (the third movie definitely deserves a commentary of its own). Deleted scenes would also have been a welcome addition, especially given Craven's abundant comments concerning scenes he had to remove from his Nightmare films for various reasons. Still, this collection delivers the goods that all Freddy fans care the most about, as the widescreen, digitally remastered versions of the seven films are stunningly impressive.
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5.0 out of 5 stars SCARY AND AMAZING, 13 April 2007
All seven Freddy feature films: 'A Nightmare On Elm Street', 'A Nightmare On Elm Street 2 - Freddy's Revenge', 'A Nightmare On Elm Street 3 - Dream Warriors', 'A Nightmare On Elm Street 4 - The Dream Master', 'A Nightmare On Elm Street 5 - The Dream Child', 'Freddy's Dead' and 'Wes Craven's - The New Nightmare'.

This is one , No the best

collection ever,

better than halloween!!!!

Deaths are either

scary, gory and even funny

(in a good way)

Here are the best in order to me!!!!


1/ A nightmare on elm street 6

2/ Wes cravens new nightmare

3/ A nightmare on elm street 4

4/ A nightmare on elm street 2

5/ A nightmare on elm street

6/ A nightmare on elm street 5

7/ A nightmare on elm street 3

These were all amazing though!!!
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5.0 out of 5 stars AN EXELENT BOX-SET! ! ! !, 30 July 2005
M. Western "Zombie" (Wakefield, West yorkshire, Enagland, Eurpoe, Earth, Some random 'milky way') - See all my reviews
Iv'e always loved the Nightmare on Elm Street films and their wierd and wonderful death scenes so when the new 7 disc set came out i was gagging to get my hands on one.
This box set has all the films (1 to 7) and has a great booklet that comes with it that gives stories, info, cast lists, and reviews about each film. It also includes a page of what Wes Craven thinks about the series.
For a "collectors edition" it doesnt have many special features but Wes Cravens New Nightmare includes a good selection of commentaries and other good features.
This box set also includes a great front and back cover wich makes it look great!
If you like horrors or slashers then you must buy this!
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4.0 out of 5 stars a good boxset, 4 Feb 2007
This is actually a good set of films that are entertaining as the idea of freddy krueger and the nightmares are quite original, the first one is brilliant and is scary the first time you see it as well as the wes craven's new nightmare is scary at times although this is where the franchise has a new spin on it, but the two to six isn't as scary as the one or seven

sixth installment seems to more comedy rather than horror.

Recommended as good viewing, good plotlines and stories.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Horror at it's best., 23 April 2012
First of all, I think the Nightmare on elm street movies are great, all entertaining, but only a few were actually terrifying horror films, btw this is a great box set with cool art work.
A Nightmare on elm street (1984):
Wow. I love this movie. Directed by legendary Wes Craven, the original in the franchise is one of the best in the series and one of the best horror movies ever made. Not to mention the birth of Freddy Krugaer who is played by the always great Robert Englund and watch out for a young Johnny Depp in his first movie role. 9/10
A Nightmare on elm Street 2 Freddy's Revenge: Hmm,I have mixed thoughts about this one, bad acting, cheese overtones but some cool scenes, not the best in the series but not the worst. 6/10
A Nightmare on elm street 3 Dream Warriors: OMG this movie is great, great acting, a kickass soundtrack by the awesome band Dokken and very scary and original and a great plot, one of the absolute best in the franchise and in the horror genre. 9/10
A Nightmare on elm street 4 The Dream Master: I came into this movie thinking it would be barrels of cheese but i was wrong. Even though this movie is a tiny bit cheesy i really loved it, extremely entertaining with some unexpected bits and builds tension throughout the movie, a great addition to the series. 8/10
A Nightmare on elm street 5 The Dream Child: lots of mixed thoughts on this one. This is where the series went downhill. Part 5 was entertaining and had a good premise and likable characters and one emotional scene but Freddy gets hardly any screen time and this film has a low body count to warn gore hounds but these kills do make up for it, the motorbike scene comes to mind.I should note this film is VERY weird but has some amazing sets. One of the weakest in the series. 6/10
Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare: I don't really like this movie, it has some fun scenes but lacks any scares or tension, some parts are boring and overall a big letdown, a massive cheese fest. 5/10
Wes Craven's New Nightmare: After the poor Freddy's Dead, Wes Craven wanted to do something different with the series he created, take it in a new direction, the only sequel Craven was involved in was Dream Warriors which is the best sequel in my opinion. Freddy's Dead was a rubbish end to the nightmare franchise so Craven directed New Nightmare, which i think is great, tense, atmospheric and a good plot but lacks in kills but that doesn't really matter as the film has a great plot as i said. A Great end to the franchise. 7.5/10
I really do think that you should buy this box set and see all of them even Freddy's Dead as they are all in their own right entertaining, but the actual scary ones are the original and Dream Warriors but the others offer their own little jumps and small scares. Over all a great box set.
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4.0 out of 5 stars great! but where is the 3d glases, 27 Aug 2006
I've been an avid fan of Freddy Krueger since i was ten years old and im now 26. When i found out the boxset was coming out i rushed to buy it straight away. All the classics in one collection i was in heaven. Until i came across Freddy's dead: the final nightmare. Where are the 3d glasses to watch all the special 3d sections, this let me down a little but all in all it's a good dvd boxset to add to any horror loving collectors.
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5.0 out of 5 stars 1,2, Freddy’s coming for you…, 15 Dec 2005
Everyone must have seen one of the nightmare movies, yet for those who haven’t, this box set is the forefront of 80’s horror and nothing of its time period compares to the scares that many a man bewares.
These 7 classic movies are a must have for Freddy fans and newcomers alike, and what better than a box set which includes a booklet featuring the official press releases for the movies. The discs also contain special features such as trailers, music videos and even commentaries from Clive Barker and other experts on the concept of Freddy and the derivative of horror.
The movies sparked a TV series to keep Freddy entertained even longer, and once Freddy was pronounced dead for the final time, the fans were still insisting upon another movie sequel that would make them think twice about using knives with a glove on. He returned yet again in the horror of Freddy Vs Jason recently released.
From Freddy’s initial appearance he returns to possess the next hero and from there we find our characters getting closer and closer together in unison to pledge fight the evil presence that threatens their lives with the nightmares many of us are really having from time to time, even if its too scary to remember.
Incorporating the teenage rebellious attitudes of the times and its counterparts, Freddy is you’re every worst fear hiding in a movie. Freddy was murdered after being released free of charge for the serial killings of children. The parents unknowingly invited him to taunt their seemingly quiet nights instead, years later, inside the dream world in which he rises back from the dead to avenge and feed his hunger for the misery of those closest and easiest to attain a grasp upon where everyone must venture now and then.
Dare you sleep at night with Freddy on his way????????????
All the characters display the qualities you would expect and admire in those being haunted by an evil of insane prospects inside a night-time of visions where you don’t always get where you want to go, and often think you have escaped, only to find yourself submersed in another realm of the nightmare. A happy ending is never what it seems and Freddy always manages to keep a grip on his horrific existence on the lives of the Elm Street children and beyond.
If you’re looking for horrific violation of life and its paradise then this is the box set that any horror fan will adore and cherish as much as the children he feels a natural bond to protect, so while you’re watching Freddy just check on the kids now and then, make sure they’re sleeping well…………………………….
In fact, you might want to consider an all-nighter with this one | | | |
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