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4.1 out of 5 stars235
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 12 December 2012
What drew me to this was that there are so many Christmas films but not any New Year's Eve films that I can think of.

Like Love Actually it is an ensemble cast. There are probably about twenty or so characters and about 8 to 10 sub-plots which loosely connect. It focuses upon the preparations in Times Square for the ball to drop at midnight and follows the organisers, caterers and performers, in addition to people planning to attend the celebrations and predominantly focuses upon the love lives of these characters. There is also the race for the first baby of the year, a couple trapped in a lift, the last wish of a dying man to see the ball drop a final time and a quest to fulfil a life's ambitions.

I didn't have any problem following the several plots. They were all interesting and engaging to a greater or lesser degree. But for me the plots weren't dramatic enough, it really did feel like it was following a real community or I was watching a soap. I enjoyed watching this but did it didn't strike me as something I'd watch again and again. I was just a bit underwhelmed I guess. I expected more drama, more suspense and a better ending. I also wanted to care about the characters a bit more but this seemed like an extended soap with characters I wasn't as familiar with.

I hope this review helps as I have tried to make it as constructive rather than just saying it was ok and giving no reasons.
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on 21 January 2013
A really nice movie, a funny and a relaxing watch for a sunday afternoon, really enjoyed it a lot, thank you.
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on 14 November 2012
This film was not rated highly by the "experts", but when I went to see it at the cinema, I basically left punching the air in delight and feeling very emotional for the turn of the year. New Year's Eve is a brilliant film for the festive spirit, and I do not blame them for waiting 1 year to release it on DVD, as everyone will now buy it for Christmas. It will get you laughing, emotional, and right up for a good new year, to put the past behind, and to look forward to an exciting future. Loved this film, can't wait until it is released!!
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on 10 May 2012
I'm going to make this review totally personal.

Basically, I took a trip to see this film in the Cinema (more than once) back in December, 2011. To add to that, I was going through a deep depression, and that's no joke! Despite the severity of my illness at the time, I felt that this film genuinely did make me feel a little better in myself. Moreover, one must accept the fact that that is exactly what a film of this calibre should do: make people smile and feel better!

The film is full of stars and is basically about a bunch of New Yorkers of various backgrounds and their activities on New Year's Eve, 2011. The film does have its flaws, however, mostly to do with character development; I felt as though the characters didn't blend into the film too well, but surely that's to be expected when you have such an ensemble cast??? Maybe, maybe not!

Anyway, overall, I think this film is excellent... there's lots of laughs (very important!!) and some sobby bits, too (that are funny anyway!).

I will certainly buy this film to watch again and again when released on DVD (why wait til the year later to release it???). It's well worth a watch.

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on 22 May 2012
When this film first appeared at the cinema i will admit i was a bit hesitant about seeing it as it was a very similar format to love actually (which i love) and valentine's day, which in my opinion wasn't the best film that uses this format.

However, I thouroughly enjoyed New Years Eve! The way that the characters are portrayed by each actor is brilliant, as they represent each kind of person living in New York, and you really get sucked into the whole hype of new years eve in New York!

I also love how much diversity there is in each story; young and old, those who are near and far away, those who are just beginning to love someone, those learning to love again and those who are preparing to say goodbye to a loved one.

Its a story of hope, love, excitement, and fun with a few twists and a great soundtrack! Ultimately it shows how one event can be shared all across the world and how for a short time every year, people are united and their worries of years passed are swept away to make room for dreams of the future!
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on 1 January 2013
as usual its impossible for garry marshall to dissappoint.i am fan of a few of his films,and a fan of multi story films in general as there always more entertaining that single story films,but they always seem a bit short to me,less than 2 hours to tell about 10 stories ,seems a shame really,but its still easily in the top 10 of feel good films of all time.after the amazing valentines day film by garry marshall i was sure that new years eve was going to be a smash hit and i was correct. no film will ever beat love actually,im sure no one ever expects that.but its certainly very close.its one of those feel good films that im always amazed to see negative reviews but yet i have seen some very nasty reviews and i am shocked because just like valentines day it delivers on every count,happyness,sadness,heartbreak,romance,comedy i really struggle to see how anyone can find a negative minute in this film.the last 15 minutes of the film just like love actually when all the stories come to a head are just pure cinematic masterpiece. i dont really think that a film this good needs all the big names in it to sell it because every story is completely different and enjoyable regardless of who are playing each character and each story takes up such a short amount of screen time ,where as in a standad 1 story film a big star has to carry the whole film but new years eve would be just as amazing without a single star in it,but its nice to see garry marshall casting hector to return yet again in i think his 6th garry marshall film and ashton kutcher after his very brilliant role in valentines whether you like any of the big named stars or not,if you want to laugh,be sucked in to romantic stories and little twists along the way then this film is a must buy. ignore the couple of bad reviews from bah humbug scrooge misery guts and enjoy something as brilliant as you really wanted to,im sure every film ever made could be critisised for something but who cares,there made for fun and entertainment,if they entertain then whats the problem, just enjoy
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on 1 January 2014
Like Valentines day, this film follows the lives of really beautiful, successful people, and Robert De Niro, as they prepare, face, and reflect on their lives on New Years Eve, in good old New York, because everything is great there apparently...

Marshall wants you to cry so much and like these people so much, you can almost see him in the corner if the screen shouting 'these are normal people, with problems just like you!! Like them, I order you too'.

While the film isn't as offensive as Sex in the City, all versions, it's still pretty abhorrent to see beautiful people with perfect lives moan about really small things, and then lay on all the schmaltz come the end.

Its a pretty impressive cast, but they are given very little to do other than read a really dull, sugar coated script out to each other, and look pretty.

De Niro looks really embarrassed to be in this, and Elizondo pops up, as he always does in a Garry Marshall film, maybe he has photos of him or something.

Come the end of the film, everybody gets what they want, people are nice to other people, and then its January the first,you wake up and realise that New Years Eve, the movie and the event, is just a big marketing ploy for you to spend lots of money, and be depressed for days after....
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on 3 February 2013
great film for the new year season, lots of great actors someone for everybody, the perfect film for a girls night in.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 19 January 2016
The premise of this movie is simple: Lots of different stories are all woven into one big celebration of New Years Eve and the countdown to the Times Square "Ball-Drop".

I loved that this movie featured so many characters. There really are a lot. I feared this would be hard to follow and prevent me from really caring about any of them, but Michelle Pfieffer swiftly changed that. Her character was awkward, shy and trying to fulfil a list of Resolutions for this year with the help of cocky Zac Efron. The relationship between this pair was fantastic and sold the movie for me.

This movie is riddled with celebrities from Katherine Heigl to Bon Jovi, each with their own plans for New Year from organising parties, spending time with loved ones, hoping for a kiss at midnight or sneaking out when you're grounded! It fabulously portrays some of the happier parts of the holiday, but also some of the sadder ones - De Niro is in hospital on "borrowed time" so this really puts things into perspective.

A feel-good movie, worth a watch - particularly if you like Rom-Coms.
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on 9 January 2013
Nice, seasonal movie
Don't think its quite as good as Love actually, but still good watching.
Know a few people who bought this and the sentiments are the same.
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