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on 13 February 2014
I bought this book because I had read some very funny, clever articles on the author's website, so I thought I'd give his novel a go. It didn't disappoint.

The idea of a government-run dating agency to bring love to the lonely masses in order to get more votes is simply brilliant. The characters were well-drawn and instantly recognisable without being overused stereotypes. I've seldom seen politics described so succinctly without being too caustic. I also enjoyed the celebrity murder plotlines as the satire here was beautiful. I didn't feel cheated out of any threads of the plot, as they were nicely worked through. This is a funny, skilfully put-together book which kept me engaged. The pacing was good, if a little too frenetic at times.

However, the editing was simply atrocious. Any book which has a glaringly awful mistake on the very first page (been instead of being - as in "the news was been taken") has no business being released on the general public! The author is a journalist so he should have known better - but if in fact he did use a professional editor, he/she needs to be either disbarred or publicly ridiculed! There were some outright mistakes in both text and plot and throughout the book the punctuation was abysmal, with missing commas and sentences which ran on so long, that plot points and painstakingly crafted one-liners - a bit heavy-handed in any case - were either lost, or just plain annoying.

With a professional edit, this book could have been really, really good - a candidate for 5 stars. The idea is there, as is the talent needed to execute it. Still, I couldn't relax into it, because editing disasters like this give self-publishing a bad name. However, if you don't care about that, you probably won't regret buying this book.
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on 16 July 2011
I purchased this based on how much I enjoyed the 'Spoofers Guide to the Lisbon Treaty' - available for free on the authors website.

Its a funny, intelligent satire that neatly combines the authors irreverent sense of humor, knowledge of the murky depths of politics and (presumably) deep discontent at the state of popular culture today.

Great fun - especially for those of us grew up in the 'good old days' :-)
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on 5 April 2013
I bought this because I was intrigued by the idea of the main premise, the Ministry Of Love, as the book is titled, but I was disappointed when said subject matter seemed to take a back seat to a more general story about a vigilante serial killer knocking off low ranking celebrities. In fact the actual Ministry of Love seemed to me to be a minor theme after its initial introduction and I found myself wanting to know more about this and less about the other characters tracking down the serial killer. I also felt that a lot of the comments and references, although quite valid, regarding celebrities/celebrity culture and those seeking fame, were a bit too heavy handed.

Despite all this I did enjoy the book in general but it is not one I would go back to and not one I would recommend others especially to seek out. Thankfully I only paid 99p or I would have felt much more aggrieved.
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on 27 July 2011
I really enjoyed this - very funny at points, but there's also a strong story and some good ideas in there. It's a nice satire on British culture and politics, especially on the balance our media strikes between celebrity culture and actual news, but also ponders the deeper question of just what might happen if the British government did set out to find a way to actually make people happy, instead of just talking about it.

Definitely worth a try. It's well-written and might lead to you thinking a bit about some of the ideas that come up in there.
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on 24 March 2013
This is a very funny, fast-paced novel which you won't want to put down.

With our society's obsession with reality TV and celebrity gossip these days, the world of celebrity and politics portrayed by the author is scarily close to the truth. There is a hint of "Yes, Prime Minister" about the politics, and I loved the newspaper headline stories scattered throughout the book.

Could this book be a glimpse of our future...?
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on 20 July 2011
I purchased this download from Amazon not because of my love of politics but my love of reading, I found this book to be both full of suspense and humor.........with the added drop of gory bits in between.
It made me laugh from start to finish.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves suspense. Humor and politics.....and the odd bit of gossip.
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on 20 July 2014
This darkly humorous satire on politics, celeb culture and the media was well worth a read, but didn't quite do it for me. I found it a bit heavy handed at times, but the real problem was the proofreading/editing! Not so much the punctuation but the errors in the text, missing words, or even lines, and in places the wrong names.

So. four stars.
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on 11 July 2011
An entertaining page turner - part political, part satire on modern British celebrity media culture and part crime thriller .. It's a good, fast-paced read where the author maintains a good sense of suspense right up to the final pages - I'd certainly recommend the "Ministry of Love" for download if you're interested in any of these genres.
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on 3 January 2013
Worth the price is the greatest praise that can be offered by someone who normally spends time amongst the freebies. A great story that races along, clever sub plots with biting sarcasm. Add a terrifying premise of celebrity worship and the whole thing blends into a great read.
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on 25 January 2013
Very well written. The author has in a sometimes no so tongue in cheek, sarcastic way, summed up my view of modern Britain.
The story line is good and kept my attention right to the end.
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