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4.1 out of 5 stars217
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 22 October 2014
I've been using Microsoft keyboards since they launched their first Natural Keyboard. The 3000 is my latest addition. It has a modest footprint, perhaps slightly bigger than the 600, but reasonable. With a slightly raised profile in the middle, the two little stands that raise the back were deemed unnecessary and are not present.
Small media control section with three keys (play/pause, volume up & down) out of the way at the top right. Thankfully not taking a prominent space right in the middle of the keyboard as if all we did is listening to music. Also a calculator key.
At the opposite corner, the Ctrl key doesn't have the excessively rounded bottom left corner of other versions, it's almost square as it should be.
Two layout surprises for me, one positive and one negative. First, Insert is gone from its usual place in order to double the size of Delete, right beside Backspace and Enter. That's the positive, but if you use software requiring frequent Insert use, you'll hate this keyboard.
Second, the spacebar is longer on the right end by at least one key, so AltGr is displaced to the right. I would expect it to be sitting right between comma and period. In this keyboard, it's way out almost entirely under slash. That's the negative, and it means it will take a bit of time for you to adjust.
Once you do, it's a great keyboard. The glossy finish is easier to clean than others - and I like my keyboards squeaky-clean. Sadly, one star gone because of the AltGr location.
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on 28 March 2012
I just bought this keyboard and am very happy with it, the keys are very slightly out of alignment but it has taken me only 5 minutes to be able to touch type on it with no difficulty.

- Comfortable to use
- Easy to type on
- Good response from the keys which are still quiet
- Aesthetics good as well as ergonomics
- Dedicated media keys

- A number of reviewers have said that the shiny surround is a fingerprint magnet, that is true.
- The backspace key is the only one I keep missing.

Overall, well worth it for the cost
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on 4 October 2012
I ordered this keyboard as my large Microsoft ergonmic keyboard was dying. This is a perfect replacement.

It is much smaller, so it's about the size of a normal keyboard and was the only one I couldn't find which had a slightly raised portion in the middle, as well as the curved shape for under £50. At £14, this was a bargain.

The curve is very comfortable. The raised portion in the middle is just the right height. They key action is fantastic. Not too resistive but doesn't clack around like 1980's British rail train.

If you're looking for your first curved comfort keyboard then buy this one. If you're looking for a replacement curved keyboard, buy this one. It lets your hands sit a lot more naturally on the keyboard. Other keyboards with this raised section tend to be MUCH bigger and a lot more expensive (partially down to most of them being wireless).

Really happy with this. I have been using curved keyboards for around 12 years now and this is the best one I've owned. I'll say that again, the BEST one I've owned.

Negative? There isn't a wireless version. Still, not really a problem for a keyboard sat on a desk so it doesn't really bother me.
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on 1 September 2013
I bought one of these to replace my worn out curve 2000 that I've owned for 8 years and if you're thinking of doing the same I have to tell you not to bother. Whilst in theory the 3000 is a step 'up' from the 2000 being newer and hopefully built on feedback from 2000 users the keyboards couldn't be further apart. Unfortunately it's pretty hard to get a 2000 these days as they have been discontinued so I ended up buying a reconditioned 2000 just so I could start tying at a normal rate again.

Possibly the worst feature of the 3000 (apart from the action, cheapness and flaky space bar) is the number pad. I have to input loads of numerical data but for some reason they have twisted the keypad to the right which means you have to bend your wrist to the most unnatural position ever to input numbers. This is supposed to be an ergonomic keyboard but I guess the designers have two left hands to justify this design.

If you've never used the 2000 before then you'll probably get along fine with this but if you've used a 2000 for any period of time keep looking for your replacement keyboard as this isn't the one you're looking for.
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on 20 December 2012
VERY GOOD KEYBOARD. This product is as it says on the tin Plug and Play ,every thing including speaker volumes work fine.

The spread of your hands mean that you can reach all the keys with the heal of your palm on the base of your board, this is because of the well designed CURVE.
I AM NOW TYPING with two hands after thirty years of two finger thumping . Dont buy this keyboard
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1st of all clear your head, and forget about all negative reviews, what matters are positive reviews for

positive reasons. All I wish to say is that this keyboard is the bizz, it looks beautiful on your PC Desk

providing its clean and tidy, "unlike mine which is a mess"...,. lol Nah its not that bad.

The keyboard is definitely NOT twisted, like it looks like in the Photos, its completely FLAT, and stays FLAT.

It just has a modern curve, now I usually use Mechanical Gaming Boards, but since buying this sorry no way would

I go back to mechanical, which are £50+ Plus, for a decent one. This is contemporary and modern in so many ways.

Its simply for the money a real treat, a real Bargain, and Amazon seem to be once again the only place to find them

at this price.

This comfy keyboard has like, a loaded spring release system, so when you hit the keys hard the energy returns,

and there is NO Noise whatsoever. Which is a new kind of experience, you can buy and I promise you Gamer, or NO

gamer, you will enjoy using this keyboard. I intend to buy one more as a spare for a latter day encase I spill

coffee or Coke, around it or something. (Me being clumsy). Microsoft do the "600 range" which is another fab keyboard

but the keys are slightly different return once you hit them. What ever you decide you will not lose because I'm

very fussy. If I can okay this board then you can bet your bottom dollar you will enjoy using it too.!

Thanks for reading,

Take care.
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on 3 February 2014
I had borrowed a keyboard from my daughter's PC when I bought the "new" system from a friend who had moved to a performance laptop, and decided to buy a new keyboard to return hers. I always tend to purchase Microsoft products (mouse, keyboard) and wanted this one to fit the pattern.
The comfort keyboard is intended to be more... well, comfortable, and the curvature leans slightly in the direction of the split keyboard type (which I can't get on with, as I'm no touch typist). The comfort keyboard does seem more natural, as you don't need to sit with your elbows touching your hips, and doesn't take long to get used to. It feels a quality item, and doesn't take up too much space. The price is fair, and I would recommend it to anybody looking for a normal keyboard.
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on 17 March 2013
i bought this keyboard as a replacement from ruining my other one with a glass of cherryade

i was a bit apprehensive over the curve shape at first but decided to purchase and test it out

i love this keyboard, the person below that says this is not suitable for games such as WoW is very much mistaken, this keyboard is currently being used to play WoW extensively and so far is doing a brilliant job

the keyboard is comfy to type on and very nice looking. the only thing wrong with mine is the 2 key requires a harder push to activate than the other keys. but this is easily rectified once you're used to knowing that that button requires pressing a little harder

5/5 for this keyboard.
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on 30 June 2013
I've received one of these thanks to Microsofts warrenty when they replaced a 2000 version keyboard (which they've stopped making sadly). The 3000 is not a patch on the 2000. The keys on 3000 seem smaller and nearer to each other, I'm not keen on the vertical rise either. Two things I hated about it, the first is the removal of the mute key (really handly in an office environment) and the second is the double height delete key which pushes the insert key to a strange location, as someone who uses Control+Insert and Shift+Insert to copy and paste this drove me up the wall and resulted in me putting the keyboard back in it's box after a day of trying to get use to it. Thankfully I had two 2000 keyboards.
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on 3 May 2013
This is the best keyboard I've ever used. It's fit for any use - gaming, programming, or plain old typing.

Stylish, sleek and slim, your fingers glide across the keyboard, never mispressing keys. Even with these big hands of mine! Fingerprints are visible due to the glossy keys, not a big issue though.

The ergonomic design is a perfect fit for your hands natural relaxed position. It's reduced the strain on my wrists and almost doubled my typing speed!

As for minor things-
Caps / Num lock LEDs are on the bottom right rather than top right, which is a lot easier to see.
Few Media Keys only allow you change volume or open calculator, but as a slim keyboard it's expected.
This is a personal niggle but the F1-12 keys are too slim for my liking. (there's enough bezel to have used bigger ones!)
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