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3.8 out of 5 stars1,605
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 12 February 2013
I bought this - along with others judging by the reviews - so I could hear the tv without deafening my wife. (There's nothing wrong with my ears it's just that hers are hypersenenitive as I keep telling her!) If you are buying for the same reason, check your available connections first. The supplied lead goes into the headphone socket of an ipod, radio, audio amplifier etc and works fine. TVs are a little more complicated. If you use the headphone socket you mute the tv's speakers so no one else can listen. Not supplied but available to buy as a bundle on Amazon are the headphones and a phono lead - red and white jacks - the standard audio connector lead. On my Samsung TV there is a phono audio output but to get it to work you have to select the external speaker option in the audio menu. That mutes the TV speakers again. So I connected the red and white plugs to the audio output of my Sky+ box and that's perfect. My wife can listen at the volume she chooses as the tv speakers still work and I can turn the headphones up as loud as I need them.

Sound is better than the TV speakers although not as good as the surround sound system we have. Funnily enough when we use that for movies we can both hear perfectly well - maybe the freequencies are better balanced.

Yes, the cradle is fiddly and getting the phone back on to charge is not easy but that's a minor glitch. The phones worked straight out of the box but the instructions get the colour of the power LED on the phones wrong - it's green for ppwer on the phones not red - and the base unit shows a red light when connected to the power supply regardless of whether there's an audio input. The instructions suggest that the red light shows an audio input which is not the case. The red light just indicates power on on the base unit.

I'm delighted and if this review saves you ten minutes messing around I hope you find it useful
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on 19 June 2012
My first thought was that the box and manual were more professional than I expected.

The base unit is simple, and not too big. I guess being for headphones, you can imagine its as wide as a small head! The power lead is just over 1.5 metre long.

The headphones themselves are relatively light, and padded on the bridge, which I thought was a nice touch. The earpieces are moveable in all directions for comfort. I have a small head and on the smallest setting, they fit perfect - something which I was worried about.

I opened the box, set up the power, attached to the TV, put in the batteries, and charged for an hour, before testing (leaving headphones switched off).

After an hour, I switched them on (right earpiece), pressed the auto tune button (left earpiece), turned up the volume (left earpiece) and tested them with the TV, then the Apple TV - film trailer and music.

I bought them to watch TV late at night, without disturbing my neighbours. The sound is very good. Not too tinny, with decent amount of bass.

When I tested the Apple TV, I realised they needed to be tuned to each device on first usage. Once I pressed auto-tune, they always connected. The trailer and the music both sounded decent enough. There was some hissing feedback when there is nothing playing, and I thought it was the headphones, but when I turned up the TV volume and lowered the headphones volume, there was no hissing, so you just have to remember to turn the device volume down before you take the audio lead out!!

All in all, they are brilliant for what I want them for. And definitely value for money. Im not sure they would suit a music enthusiast for crystal clear, crisp definition, but for £25, you wouldnt expect that kind of quality anyway! I cant say I can compare to anything though, as this is my first pair of wireless headphones, and before that Ive only use my Iphone wired ones.

They need to be switched off to charge.

Hope this has been helpful.
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on 1 January 2012
it is the best set of headphones I have had as I can walk about the house with out breaking up also good sound
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on 24 October 2011
Perfectly adequate earphones for less than half the price of the 'posh' ones. I never knew TV programmes had such sound - TV speakers are rubbish by comparison. Docking in the stand is a little fiddly, but you get used to it.
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on 11 March 2012
What a shame that this product was let down by poor radio electronics.

The Pros.
Overall I was very pleased with the headphones. I took note of previous reviews and made sure that the TV setting for the output signal to a headset was turned up to about halfway and it gave brilliant reception with no distortion or white noise. The headphones are comfortable, but even closed up were a little loose on the top, otherwise they felt comfortable enough although an oval ear dish would be more comfortable to wear. The volume control worked very smoothly and the stereo sound is excellent even to my diminished hearing quality, the on/off button is well placed on one ear cup and the signal search button on the other. All audio functions for on/off, volume and signal tuning are on the headset and nicely accessible, the set up was simple and uncomplicated and worked first time and battery life seems good.

It very quickly failed!
The initial irritation I had was splitting the ear cup to fit the two rechargeable batteries and although they do include a diagram it is not much help. Let me say here and now that you will have to apply more force than you would imagine in order to separate the two plastic parts. It is not as you may first think i.e. a click in connection around the circumference of the ear cup that will just prize apart easily with your fingers. Instead it is held together by (4) pop- in type pegs arranged in a square pattern about ½" or 12mm in from the outer edges, so you will need to work your way around prizing outwards as you go and even then you are expecting something to break. Once open, the battery fitting and reassembly is quite straight forward. The next annoyance is the lack of any supplied adapters, the audio input to the base unit is via the standard Red & Black audio plugs which is OK, but they terminate in a 3.5mm stereo jack at the other end which needs to connect to your TV audio output, so unless you happen to have a 3.5mm output socket on your TV you need adapters of some kind such as a `Twin audio plug to a female 3.5mm jack socket' to plug into.

The base radio unit gave me most concern as it is really lightweight and looks poorly made, it did not inspire a lot of confidence and this proved correct. After it working beautifully for about a week and deciding one would be just the job for my elderly mother who's hearing is not so good, it just stopped working. No crackles, no smoke, no warning, just utter failure which from the lack of any red indicator signal light on the base unit, I assume it is a radio failure. So basically that is all I can say, it was quite good while it lasted and I was about to purchase another one for my mother so I was reasonably happy to start with.

My decision now was to just ask Amazon for a replacement which they are doing and I will see if it is just a rogue or something worse with the quality of manufacture of the base unit. I would like to have given this a reasonably high score as I was more than happy with the signal range and sound quality of the headset. I will try to update this review after I receive the replacement and given it another fair trial.

EDIT UPDATE: A replacement was very quickly sent by Amazon and I returned the faulty goods at no cost to myself by using a local collection agent from the supplied Amazon information, all very quick and painless. To date the replacement has worked perfectly and my mother who is well into her eighties can use it easily and it is never off her head. She tells me that she does not even put her hearing aids in anymore to watch the TV, which is great bonus for neighbors as now the TV can be mainly left on mute. If they are put on charge overnight they will last all afternoon and evening with really clear crisp audio. I have changed my initial star rating and deduct half a star for the base unit quality, but give a full 5* for value for money, so a 4.5 star overall.

Update Update! still working very well without any problems and mum loves them.
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on 10 September 2014
Brilliant - Recommended by a neighbour who also has hearing problems the headphones are brilliant. My wife who has the hearing of a bat can have the volume down (tested level was 37dBA at 3m so not at all loud enough - barely background noise level. I can use the headphones when certain programmes need clarity of speech - typically American females such as in Glades etc.

Not hi-fi but when car chases, action films are on the clarity of stereo is excellent, right down to car sounds going from one ear piece to the other. Prog's such as 'Murder she Wrote' faint footsteps in gravel via the headphones could not be heard via the sound bar.

The recent live symphony prog' sounded better through the headphones than via an expensive hi-fi that my wife was listening to.

My hearing is very poor for certain frequency ranges but using the headphones means I can hear everything that is going on clearly WITHOUT having the volume up. Quality of sound for me is really good.

Other comments about quality of plastic and so on - don't buy cheap car and compare it to a quality car - same applies to the headphones. £30 compared with a pair costing £500+ cannot be the same.

Would I recommend them? Yes, as my neighbour did to me (opposite neighbour in case you were wondering), they are really worth owning but as others have commented remember to buy the SCART adaptor if you have others who will be watching the tv. Otherwise the jack plug will turn the tv speakers off. Use the SCART adaptor in the back of a Sky box or other machines. If you do not have a SCART socket then the stereo leads would be used.
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I bought this pair of headphones mostly for TV use later at night, but you can use them with any device that can output sound via the headphone socket (3.5mm or 6.3mm).
This came in quite a large box included were:
The headphones
Plastic stand/base for charging and connecting to the audio output
Power adapter
3.5mm to 6.3mm chrome plated adapter this allows you to use larger headphone sockets.
2 x AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries rated at 550mAh
A lead with a 3.5mm male plug to 2 x composite plugs (you connect this to the base and then to the sound source) length: 110cm approx.

The user guide is quite clear the phones are easy to set up, pop off the right side of the phones insert the AAA cells, plug in the charger and set the phones down in the cradle, there are 2 holes on the right side and 2 prongs on the cradle for charging. The manual recommends a 24 hour initial charge. To set up the audio attach the 2 composite leads the white/red sockets and plug in the stereo plug to the sound source (TV, stereo, MP3 player etc) On th right is a power button, the left ear pad has the auto tune button. You can change the frequency channel on the back of the charging stand via a switch to 3 positions if you need to.

**In use**

Range was good on the phones I had no problems using them in various rooms and a good distance away from the base station, the manual quotes about 20 metres inside and it's not far off of that in my testing. I didn't have any interference issues or dropping out of sound. Exact range might vary (concrete walls/floors will reduce it a bit) no complaints here. To adjust the volume use the dial on the left hand side.

Fit was good quite comfortable on the head, the top band has some padding to it and the phones are light to wear. Deep padding on the ear pads nice to see that.

The main base will light up red via an LED when it's connected to a sound source and powered on. A green LED lights up when you have the phones in the base charging (you have to power off the phones) it takes about 10 hours to fully charge them and I got about 7 hours continuous use off one charge (lowest volume levels will give slightly longer endurance) The base is a bit "hollow/thin" plastics wise, nothing mind blowing here it does the job no more. In most cases I found the charging worked fine but you might need to move the position of the phones to engage the pins.

**Sound quality**

At this price level the phones sound fairly good, but with an emphasis on the mid tones (speech and vocals) bass is a bit weak I expected more in this area they don't have a lot of depth or punch in the lowest frequencies though an acceptable response for the upper bass level. Treble was clear enough without being too sharp. To get a decent output make sure the volume of the source (ie TV or Hi-fi) is up higher, then adjust the headset level as required.

**Final thoughts**

For the asking price these headphones are pretty good, easy to set up and have a stable reliable connection. The sound is respectable though I feel they work better for TV listening than music. If you like a deep tight bass "thump" you'll be disappointed in these headphones the upper low end is quite good but they don't have huge depth in the bass it's quite laid back and relaxed. Saying that they were satisfactory for music listening, if you're not overly fussy or don't compare them to some wired phones which will do better here.

Quite happy, some room for improvement though the cradle/base station is a bit weedy in build, but the phones seem fine. Any issues I'll update the review to reflect that.
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on 10 October 2011
Very good for the price. The sound is clear. Started testing the range of the headphones by walking away from the house and they worked at high distances with no audible loss of quality.
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on 27 October 2011
I bought these headphones on line mainly because they were the cheapest wireless ones that looked good too. I am glad to say they are great. Allpros No cons!
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on 9 February 2015
Very very disappointing - as soon as I took it out of the box the thought - "this looks like it could break easily" went through my mind - followed by "no it cant be that flimsy I have had Thompson headphones before and they were fine". Well a month later they broke - snapped at a flimsy point where the earpiece joins the headband- Really Really bad design - avoid and try something else even its its more expensive - these wont last.
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