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4.5 out of 5 stars465
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 10 January 2014
This product has allowed us to convert our now archaic separates hifi system into a streaming music player for minimal cost. Have started using google play for streaming music and was looking for options to link my google nexus to decent speakers. When I started doing the research it became obvious that the industry is in a state of transition that is far from over and that to invest in any interim technology would probably be a waste of time as next year there'll be something better.
Having invested in a hifi system a number of years ago, it's painful to say goodbye to it all! The hifi manufacturers are developing units to work with streaming music, but again, they are pricey and only at the start of the process.
For those who want to hold out ...I'd say a couple of years should see the industry settle, this is a fantastic product.
I was worried about the distance as our hifi is set up at one end of the house and the speakers (wired in to the house) are at the other end approx 8 metres, through 3 sets of walls.
The device picked up immediately and in fact, when left on picks up any bluetooth device, such as PCs, etc. in the vacinity. The sound is good with the volume being much better than when I plug my nexus into the hifi using the devices headphone jack.
Hence I'd say, great value, a great interim solution and lets you have streaming music, sound from videos, etc through your existing system. Much better sound than the small protable bluetooth speakers that would have been the other options.
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on 28 March 2013
Logitech WIreless Speaker Adaptor is a great little device which allows you to stream music from your iPhone/tablet/laptop via bluetooth directly to the speakers which you can connect to the adaptor.

The quality of music is good, not much worse than when using the speakers connected to laptop/iphone directly by cable. If you are not an audiophile you should not notice a big difference and the Logitech adaptor will give you great flexibility of listening to music without cables attached to your laptop or phone. That is provided that all other bluetooth devices you have work well with the adaptor.

There are two problems which I encountered:

- When streaming music from my iPhone, the sound quality is great and all works perfectly fine, except for the fact that the bluetooth on the iPhone interferes with wifi antenna on the iPhone, making the wifi connection speed to drop significantly. That makes it impossible to watch videos or even run apps on iPhone when using it to stream music onto the Logitech adaptor, unless you switch off your wifi and use 3G instead. I am using iPhone 4 and am not sure whether this issue affects other iPhones/smartphones. The wifi slows down only on my iPhone, and not on other devices in the room.

- When I try to stream music from my Fujitsu Ultrabook U772, the sound is clear only when the laptop is within a range of approximately 1 meter away from the device. Further than that, the music gets completely choppy and impossible to listen to. It's a shame really since I bought the device to use mostly with my Ultrabook. I don't mind using my iPhone to stream the music instead, but then there is the slow wifi issue which I was unable to resolve so far. I have another laptop, by ASUS (older and heavier than my Ultrabook) which I do not use very often, I tested the Logitech adapter with the ASUS laptop and it works perfectly fine. So there must be an issue with bluetooth antenna in the Fujitsu Ultrabook which probably create signal not strong enough to transfer the music flawlessly on the Logitech adaptor.

Overall - the Logitech Adaptor is great and it's a very good idea, giving you many possibilities and freeing you up from cables, provided that it works properly with all other bluetooth devices you have and you want to use with it, which in my case it does not. Hence only 3 stars.
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on 3 December 2012
Having used Bluetooth before with phones and notebooks, as well as using a little USB dongle on a PC, I really wanted something I could just link up to my stereo (a decent Yamaha AV receiver and audiophile speaker set up). I looked at a couple of others, but this seemed like decent value. Ordered on Friday, arrived Tuesday. Took it out of the box, attached it to my stereo using the provided 3.5mm jack to stereo inputs, hooked up the provided power plug and hit the connect button. First I connected using my iPad, no problem, then with my phone (Galaxy SIII). All great. I tested the range, easily moved around all the rooms in my apartment, about 90sq/m, and it was fine unless I had 2 walls between the sender and the receiver. I then hooked up my PC in another room (I have a home studio, so useful for listening to compositions and streaming etc). That also worked, though it did drop out a little, but then the studio is at the furthest extremity from my stereo, at about 20 meters away. Once it settled down it still worked ok.

I then swapped the provided 3.5mm jack to stereo cable with really good quality stereo to stereo cable as one of the reasons I bought the unit was it had the stereo outputs. This was definitely better. Straight away the sounds were richer and more pleasant to hear.

The only con I found was that when I was streaming directly from Spotify to the Bluetooth receiver, there was a bit of drop out if the sender was anything over about 5m away. So I moved my Wifi router about 3m away (they were right next to each other, I wanted to see if it really would interfere), that fixed the problem.

All in all, it's a great little piece of kit, highly recommended if you have up to date gear to send audio to it. If your gadgets/computers/wifi router are a bit old, then I wouldn't guarantee the same performance, but for me it's perfect!
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on 22 January 2013
Works without fuss. It's great to stream sound from phones/iPads/laptops to the good stereo. I've found no problems with range, with my iPhone in a dock in the kitchen and playing to the next door room.

One star off for not being able to change the name of the device. I would like one of these in my children's bedroom and another downstairs. If I buy another I'll have 2 devices with the same name. I've searched Logitech support forums and there isn't a solution.

Apart from that niggle, highly recommended.
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on 21 March 2014
easy to connect - the supplied lead will connect as phone or 3.5mm
easy to programme - just set your device to connect and press the (only) button
very good quality from a Samsung tab 10 or mobile phone
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on 23 July 2014
Works flawlessly with my phone (samsung s4 mini) and tablet (google nexus 10)

Only problem is you can't have multiple devices at once, you need to disconnect the first to enable the second.
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on 25 November 2012
Definitely worth the price. The flexibility this unit gives you to be able to play music from devices wirelessly is great. You can have your device with you anywhere within range and change music as you please. In our apartment, we can stream music to this device from our phone from anywhere in the house! Connectivity is as easy as hitting the connect button, searching for it in your bluetooth settings on your device and bam! If you're connecting with a Windows laptop, make sure you have installed the Bluetooth drivers from your manufacturer (which they should be if you're running a shop-bought laptop). They are required for the laptop to understand the bluetooth audio profile and play to it. That aside though, this device is amazing. Once you've connected the first time, so long as no-one else is connected at the time, you can connect without having to touch the device at all! So simple, yet so powerful. Only improvement would be that the device should support the bluetooth phone headset profile too to allow for calls to be handled via the unit, but not a major problem and has few use-cases. Volume through this device is a little diminished compared to devices connected directly to our speakers, but I believe that to be a bluetooth problem, rather than this device specifically as I had the same issue with my Sony car headunit.
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on 14 April 2014
This product was easy to set up and the sound quality produced seemed great...and my wires were gone. However, I noticed that the connection itself seemed unstable even at close range with both my laptops and my telephone (all of which are new in 2014 with up to date software). The sound cuts out for a second or two every 5 minutes. I have gone back to wires as I prefer a stable sound with wires to the annoyance of poor connectivity. A shame as it looked like a good product.
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on 7 April 2014
I have looked around for a nice bluetooth adapter for a lovely sounding docking station I bought some years ago. The system I have sounds the business and was very pricey at the time I bought it. I was concerned that a device this cheap was not going to do the job. It's very small (but it come in a huge box) and discreet. It looks pretty stylish though with a shiny black finish and an led on the front. It does require its own mains supply so be aware.
Plugged it in and switched it on. Pressed the connect button on the top. Turned on Bluetooth in the settings of my iPad and it appeared almost straight away. Connected and went to amazon player and started a track. I'm not a massive techie audiophile but I am a musician with a reasonably good ear. I hate it when you get that fluttery, jittery, sound underneath mp3s on playback. Needless to say I had no issues of that sort here. I'm currently writing this review on my iPad across the room whilst listening to music through this device. It's positioned above my wireless router and sounds perfect no interference, no stops and starts, and quality sound. If you do have sound quality issues I'd suggest your not downloading or streaming at a high enough quality. I love this bit of kit already.
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on 19 January 2014
I bought this so that I could listen to podcasts from my phone and tablet (both Android) through my olde worlde NAD amplifier and nice speakers without cables trailing across the room. I'd previously used one of those little FM transmitters designed for car use through my tuner, but I found that it was a fine art getting it in the right place in relation to the radio antenna to get good sound, thus defeating the point of it being wireless.

The Logitech solves this problem really well, and seems to have a good reception range, and very good sound quality and for the price (and no noticeable background hum or hiss either).

At first I was worried that it didn't allow to have more than one device paired to it, without having to re-pair every time, as I just got 'Error Communicating' message when I tried switching from phone to tablet. It turns out that you need to leave it in standby for a few minutes to reset itself between disconnecting the first device and connecting it to the second device, and then it works flawlessly.

It's very easy to connect, and the provided cable can be used to connect an amp with either a TRS jack or phono plug input, and it's small enough to just hide neatly behind the amplifier.
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