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3.8 out of 5 stars210
3.8 out of 5 stars
Style Name: N750 Router|Change
Price:£29.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 6 October 2011
Style Name: N600 Router|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Im not a tech head by any stretch, so the simplicity was the first thing I liked about this: It did need an update thing doing but so much does these days that thats really not a bother (and I found it a nice simple painless process; nothing like the nightmare I had trying to update the driver for my wireless mouse and keyboard where you have to simultaneously press three buttons, stand on one leg, click "go" look the other way and sing Saturday Night by Whigfield backwards and in French, or anything weird so yup - good)

Its replacing my house-mates old router which really he didnt think needed replacing - his worked, but t'internet in our house was always pretty sluggish even with broadband, so I felt new and shiny must be better than old and dusty...

Once operational, we had full bar strength wireless signals throughout the 3 floors of the house (it being placed in the middle pretty much), and I may be under something of a placebo effect but everything seemed faster too.
Its currently supporting wifi to two PCs, a laptop, 3 games consoles and two smart phones - many running at the same time and nothing lagging (as previously said, Im not a techy, so maybe this is expected - but I was pleased). Love it.

If I have ONE complaint - and this is being ever so picky - its the design. It looks very swish in the picture - monolithic, shiny, stylish: and in the flesh, yes it is a nice looking unit, but its very unstable (although its light, I think the base is too small for the height) and has "BELKIN" tattooed on the flanks in a very non discrete way. Why? I know its a belkin, it says so on the box - so whats with the branding? Ah well - its not as if you cant hide it away, so ultimately this is just me being picky.

Other than that its fantastic; does its job very well and doesnt seem too pricey compared to some other routers, so Id fully recommend it.
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Style Name: N750 Router|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Firstly, this is a router and not a modem/router. It needs a cable, satellite or a separate modem in order to work and does not connect directly to the telephone line.

This is one of Belkin's flagship products and as a top of the range product it should be judged as such. That said, it is very competitively priced compared to similar devices from other manufacturers some of which cost several hundred pounds.

The router is very well designed with stylish and attractive looks. The build quality could be a bit better as the construction is almost all of lightweight plastic. It remains to be seen how well the device will fare with long term use in a domestic situation. There are just two front panel lights which indicate power, internet and WPS connectivity status. For a high end device such as this more critical users might have expected to see front panel status lights to show LAN port connectivity. I note too that the router is designed for use only in the vertical position.

Setup is very easy with a CD based wizard to walk you through the connection procedure. More experienced users will find that this is not needed as connecting directly to the router GUI webpage allows for rapid manual setup. All the user needs is the login and password provided by the ISP.

The manual provided is really little more than an expanded setup guide with a troubleshooting guide on the end. The more advanced capabilities of the router are not mentioned at all, this is very annoying for the more geeky users.

In use the router offers a very high speed connection of up to 450Mbps wirelessly for those with hardware to support it and 4 gigabyte LAN ports for high speed cable linkage. These speeds will be a boon to gamers and those streaming HD video. Indeed, the router has been optimised to favour these type of connections. The wifi streams at both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz seem fast and stable to be although a reduction in propagation for the 5Ghz stream, as is to be expected. It is possible to use a Guest Network to allow casual users to connect to the internet whilst denied access to the router GUI or other networked equipment.

The router supports USB connected printers allowing them to be shared wirelessly over the network as it does for USB hard drives with a built in media server allowing video and audio files to be played on suitably equipped network devices. In fact there are two separate USB ports with status LED's to allow for multiple devices. Since it is not mentioned I assume that USB hubs cannot be used and neither can USB scanners, webcams or other devices.

It has some novel features included. Automated software to allow backups to USB connected hard drives. A self healing routine with which the router restarts itself to a schedule to reset it's memory.

There are no real problems I have found in using this router. The main criticisms I have are of the things that are omitted. These are features probably not needed by the general user but much appreciated by those prepared to seek out a high end device: lack of status LED's, a comprehensive manual, MAC address linked Static IP provision. Also, I was surprised to find in this newly designed device no support for IPV6 tunnelling

There are also many features missing found in rival (but more expensive) top end routers: VOIP, DECT, IPV6, etc.

The Good:

Very well priced for what it offers

Attractive modern styling

Two USB ports

Optimised for gaming and video streaming

Gigabyte LAN

2.4Ghz and 5Ghz separately configurable streams

Very fast and powerful wireless signal

Easy wizard based setup

Guest network

Mediaserver feature built in

Self healing feature built in

Wireless printing support

Backup to USB software supplied

Useful Router Manager software

The Bad:

Only usable in vertical position

No front panel LAN socket LED's

No USB scanner support

No IPV6 support

No VOIP support

No DECT support

No printed manual

Manual is very basic

This is a very powerful, well specified and reliable top of the range router, lacking a few details that high end users may miss, but offered at a bargain price.
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Style Name: N600 Router|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Shiny, plastic, very light. Large 'BELKIN' printed on both sides. It doesn't take up much space but it could be knocked over quite easily, particularly by my heat-seeking cat. It needs to be plugged into an ADSL modem/router. It needed an update once I had installed the software that comes with it. The update kept cancelling - perhaps it wasn't relevant to OS X. It's fairly easy to set up and it works. It will improve the Broadband speed of 5 GHz devices close by, leaving the other devices such as phones and mp3 players to work on the 2.4 GHz bandwidth at a slower rate.

5 GHz has a limited range and will work best in the same room or floor. Once you move further away, you will get the best performance from the 2.4 GHz band. It has plenty of functions including supporting dynamic DNS, MAC filtering (only allowing specified devices to connect to the network), remote management, eco mode (light dimming and disabling wireless to a schedule) and hiding your network (uncheck 'Broadcast SSID' box).

I tested it against a dual-band Apple Airport Extreme base station (admittedly a much more expensive product) and found that the Airport had approximately up to 20% stronger signal strength on both bands when computers were close to the router. The signal strength difference between them decreased the further away from the router the computers were. This can't be used in wireless bridge mode (i.e. as a network extender or repeater), which is a drawback. I haven't tried the other facilities because I already have a media streaming system in place. This works as a mid-range dual-band wireless router but it does look and feel cheap for the price and I was not particularly impressed by the signal range or strength.
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on 13 January 2012
Wasn't sure whether I really needed this, as just upgraded to Virgin Super Hub 30Mb. However, the Virgin wi-fi router dropped in and out, signal was weak and download / web pages slow - never reaching above about 18Mb. Once I'd set the Virgin Super Hub to Modem Mode (which is really easy - just 1 tick in a box and a re-boot) the Belkin N750 plugged in and it has been fantastic. Runs an Xbox, 3 laptops, and iPhone simultaneously with strong signal and close to 30Mb speeds. Also auto picks channels that are not used in your street so less interference with signal. Will also connect to laptops with the faster 5Ghz speed, whilst also running standard speed - this is probably the "dual band" bit, but it works well. In summary, get it as it's worth the money.
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I am a technophile but am not a techknowitall. I love gadgets and love them the most when they are simple to set up and use, and deliver what they promise. The Belkin N750 fulfils all of my criteria.

I cheated completely on this. I have neither BT infinity nor a cable connection (which the box states this is designed for). I have been using my Sky modem router with a Netgear Rangemax (great in its heyday, now seriously out of date) piggy=backed onto it simply by connecting it into one of the LAN ports usually meant for a PC or laptop. The sky router fed the signal to the Netgear, which then spread it about my house.

This worked well initially, and over the last year the efficiency of the Rangemax has decreased considerably. This is, I think, completely due to the proliferation of wireless, bluetooth and wifi enabled gadgets in the house.

I took a chance that the Belkin would piggy-back successfully in the same way -and it did!

I now have a reliable and fast wifi signal throughout the house and down to the bottom of the garden (maybe 40 yards from the Belkin), and video and music streaming has improved immeasurably. Media streaming is what this router was designed for, and it does the job well. My Internet radio finds stations very quickly and there is no break in playback -as there was frequently with the old router.

Set up was simplicity itself. I was up and running within 5 minutes. No hardwire connection to a computer needed -with the installation disc in a laptop, full control of the unit is done wirelessly. It provided me with a main network, and a guest network, each with their own passwords. The guest network allows internet access only and no possibility of control of the unit or other networked equipment. Great for kids and their freinds.

I have to admit to ignorance and that I don't fully understand all the techie stuff that other reviews go on about. What I can tell you is that this router does what it claims to do, it looks good, with (thankfully) understated lighting -one blue LED- and is a cinch to set up -very little technical knowledge needed.

How refreshing!

Very highly recpmmended

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VINE VOICEon 14 December 2011
Style Name: N750 Router|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Belkin N750 Dual Band Wireless router gives excellent performance for home theatre, video streaming and on line gaming.
Belkins multibeam antenna technology gives you maximum throughput whilst minimising dead spots for optimized video streaming from multimedia devices almost anywhere in the home. You can also connect to external hardrive for easy sharing of photos and can connect to printer for wireless printing from anywhere in your home. Up to four gigabit allows you to connect to as many as four printers with just a push of na button.
This is easy to set up, get secure wireless up and running in minutes. All in all an excellent product well worth buying
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VINE VOICEon 18 November 2011
Style Name: N600 Router|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Best Wireless Router I've used - and I've used a few: It was very easy to set up and pick up our Home Network, and worked straight away. Set it up using the desk station directly attached via ethernet, and then all the wireless devices just automatically used this as if there had been no change. Everyone has noticed the difference - with often 3-4 of us on at a time the previous router used to get slow, and sometimes lose signal in my sons bedroom. The PC is in an extension one side of the house, outside of a double-skin old external wall, with my sons bedroom the other side of the house and similarly an extension outside the double-skin wall. There are no such issues using this router - faster and better coverage.
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awful product, one of the poorest quality items i have ever bought. my first died after 5 months, the second was faulty straight out the box, and the third only lasted 3 months.

not only is the product rubbish, so is the customer service. the people are ok, it's the procedures they have to follow which are the problem. WHEN your router developes a fault, prepare to spend at least an hour on the phone convincing them that it's faulty - it's a 0844 number so make sure they phone you back! also it'll be someone in the US so have fun doing this in the evening.

when they are finally satisfied it is faulty, they'll send you a freepost returns label - that can take a couple of days - then you'll have to take the package to the post office. they won't send your replacement router until they have received and processed the faulty one, then it'll take another couple of days to get to you, so you can expect to be without internet for at least a week.

they have no sense of urgency at all, they completely fail to understand that most people rely on internet access these days. you have to chase them up at every stage aswell, literally phone them every day otherwise they'll just deal with your return as they feel like it.

3 faulty units within 8 months is a total joke and clearly shows that their quality control is non existent. that doesn't just affect this product, it affects every single product they sell. i'll certainly never be buying another Belkin product again in my life.
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VINE VOICEon 24 September 2012
Style Name: N600 Router|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
First of all, I should say that when I just consider the wireless router aspects of this product, it's good. It does the job of providing wireless access without any problems and after 6 months of use, is yet to fail or require a reboot. My main issue with this product is the added extra of providing wireless access to files via an attached USB device.

I tested the router with an 8GB USB stick plugged in and was able to pick up files on my laptop and iPhone. So far everything was looking good. However, when I tried with a 320GB hard drive it appeared that the router would not recognise it. I tried with a second 320GB hard drive but had the same problem. After much searching a playing around I discovered that the router was actually picking up the hard drives, but when the size of the hard drive is large (at least 320GB anyway) it becomes very very slow. From the point of trying to access the drive through a networked device, to the point when I could actually see the files would take minutes, sometimes up to 5 minutes. This became a real pain when I wasn't constantly using the hard drive and it would go back into an 'idle' state.

While the set-up process is very simple if you're using the supplied CD, I tried to set-up without installing Belkin's software and failed. It is supposed to be possible to install the router without installing any software, but I couldn't figure a way to do so. I was unable to access the admin page of the router using my web browser. I begrudgingly installed the Belkin software and it worked fine, I just wish I could have done so without adding more programs to my computer. This is a relatively minor annoyance however.

Good points:
Reliable router
Easy set-up when using the supplied software
Good wireless speed

Bad Points:
Wireless storage is problematic with large hard drives
Doesn't seem to want to set-up without installing the supplied software
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Style Name: N300 Router|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I am not a computer whizz and was looking for an easy to set up wireless router. I had one made by Cysco, which was very expensive and it was a nightmare to use. It never stopped dropping the signal and had to be constantly turned off and back on again. I received this router free, via the Vine programme. Having read some of the other reviews on this site, I would probably not bought this particular product. It is easy to be put off by some of the reviews saying how difficult it is to set this router up and connect the computer to it. I have not experienced any of the problems highlighted by the other reviews.

When the product arrived, I opened the box, inserted the programme disc into my computer, downloaded the software (took 3 minutes), connected the router to the modem, modem into the phone line. I then ran the software, inserted the correct codes into the programme boxes when prompted (without any bug hitting the codes)and within 10 minutes it was all working without any issues. It was so simple, I cannot understand why others have had problems. In saying this, I am connecting only 1 computer into this router system and no additional hardware. The speed is incredible and my broadband connection has speeded up. It's design does not seem cheap to me, as per another review.

What can I say about this product? I have found it superb, easy to install, easy to connect to and has made my broadband connection faster as the router is going into the main socket running into the house. I have had no issues with it and I cannot recommend it enough.

Fantastic and easy to use. Highly Recommended.
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