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on 20 July 2011
The story is about Abel Casey, an average teenager boy who lives with his parents and has a sister called Allie, Abel doesn't know how special he is and neither does he know about the challenges he will face to meet his destiny.
His whole life changes from the minute he lays his eyes on Pru Phelan, she is more than a beautiful girl, she is a werewolf and she is the one who will break the news to Abel and train him for his destiny as to become The Great Wolf.
Abel has a lot to deal with, he doesn't want to leave his family and he is not even sure if he wants to shift into a werewolf.
He is told he has to die, but does he?
His life and the lives of people he loves are in danger, his sister is changing, has she been infected?
This is a story about power and ambition, about loyalty, alliances and betrayals. Werewolves against each other's packs and dangerous vampires, a thrill I hope you'll get to feel.

It took me while to warm up to the story, I must confess. The book is written in two different POVs, Prus and Abels. At first I didn't like Abel much, I thought he was a bit soft and pushed over too easily but I guess that was what Devyn wanted us to feel because I felt that Abel changed throughout the pages, getting more confident and accepting who he is. I loved Prus POVs, she is a very strong minded girl but she has a personal soft side, she struggles with her feelings toward a handsome wolf called Oakley (who is my favourite character!) and I was longing for her to get his attention, I mean get his heart, body and soul! Get everything Oakley!
I loved the characters, I very much enjoyed reading the story and I am looking forward for the book 2. I want to get to know more about the characters and I have a few questions myself and I guess that's good.
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on 1 November 2011
First of all, let me say, I just finished this book 5 minutes ago and WOW! It was absolutely brilliant from the first word to the last and I am now eagerly anticipating the next book. I cannot wait to see what happens next.

The Legacy of Kilkenny is a beautiful story of friendship, family, love and honour.
Want to know what I mean? Well then read on. But I must warn you, I will not give you all the goods. You'll have to buy the book yourself for that.

Abel Casey is an ordinary boy, with an ordinary family and an ordinary life. He goes to Piedsville High School and is best friends with Shane.
He lives at home with his mom and dad. He also has an older sister Allie, who he calls Cat.

Sounds pretty gosh darn ordinary so far. Am I right? I know I am.

Then one day at school, Abel meets the stunning looking new girl, Prudence Phelan. No way would she be interested in him, she is far to hot for the likes of Abe. Right?!

Abe and Pru become friends and she feels the time is right to share with him why she came to town - to reveal his destiny as the Great Wolf, he will become leader of all the Packs.

How does Abe take the news that he is actually a werewolf? Well I will leave it to you to read that for yourself.

Pru's main assignment right now is to take care of Abe, teach him, train him, have him hone his skills so that he can one day become the Great Wolf. But, she says, this comes at a price. Abe must die - or at least convince his family he has died.

As Abe starts his training, he starts to have some of the ablities of the weres. He has a heightened sense of hearing for one, also his sense of smell is better than ever. But he hasn't shifted, and he is not totally convinced he will become the Great Wolf that they have been waiting for. He also doesn't want to convince his family he is dead. He knows it will break their hearts, and he doesn't want to be the one to do that to them.

Will he be able to convince the Pack that he doesn't need to die and he can actually protect his family? Well, that I can't tell you.

Life is going pretty well for Abe. He has some pretty awesome new friends, Pru's parents, General Phelan and Dolly, are also pretty cool.
But Pru isn't interested in him in a boyfriend/girlfriend way. She has her eyes and her heart set on Oakley, who is tasked with watching out for her while she watches over Abe.

Just when it seems that things are going well, enter Arien - the vampire. He latches on to Allie, and that is NOT a good thing. He is using her to get closer to the Pack to see if he can find any information on the whereabouts of the Great Wolf.
Arien tells Abe and Pru that he will infect Allie with the HVV - Human Vampiric Virus- if they don't tell him who he is looking for.

Will Arien infect Allie? Will she turn into a vampire?
Will Abe finally shift? Will he find love? Who's to say what will happen?!

All I can really say is, the characters in this book are some of my favourites in recent times. I realy love Abel and his easy going attitude to life. I love me some Oakley with his strong but sensual wolfish features. I like Pru because she is a level headed, sassy girl who will fight for what she thinks is right rather than let you walk all over her.

Devyn Dawson is a great author. Her words had me entranced from the moment I started reading, and even now, they linger with me - making me wonder what will happen in the second book.

I read a lot of YA fiction, and I find that sometimes, the theme of many books can be pretty samey. What is the point of reading yet another book about a vampire? Or yet another book about a werewolf? They might be questions that some people ask themselves, but not me.

Personally, I like nothing more than diving into a new book head first. I love to meet new characters and enjoy different authors ways of portaying things, even if they can be similar.

For me, the first thing I look for is cover art. I know the old saying about don't judge a book by it's cover, but for me, that just isn't true. I know you may say that I am maybe missing out on a great story that lurks within the walls of a more mediocre cover, and yes that may be true. But, I like my cover art. I offer no apologies for this.

I think you will agree with me that the cover art for this book is something that makes you stop, look, read the blurb, and then buy it. That's exactly what I did. And I for one am glad that I did.
The Legacy of Kilkenny goes straight on my Favourite Books pile.
And Devyn Dawson, goes straight up there with my favourite authors.

This book had me laughing, wanting to punch someone in the face, laughing some more, and crying - at least twice!

So I say, go buy this book, curl up on the sofa with a hot cup of cocoa and settle in for an amazing journey that will stay with you even after the words on the page are over.
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on 4 October 2011
This book is the story of Abel Casey, an ordinary boy until the stunning Pru Phelan came to town and introduced him to his destiny. Pru has had a vision that the Great Wolf has been born and he can be found in Piedsville, Oklahoma and his name is Abel Casey. Pru's main assignment? To kill Abel... at least that is make his own family believe he is dead. The Great Wolf is expected to become the leader of all the packs.Abel starts training and he begins to have the abilities of a werewolf, but he hasn't shifted and he doesn't want his family to believe he is dead. Will Abel be able to convince the pack that he can protect his own family? Just when everything seems to be going okay, Abel's sister Allie meets a new guy named Arien. Arien isn't just any guy, Arien is a vampire and he knows the Phelan pack has found the Great Wolf. Arien wants to know who it is and he is threatening to turn Allie into a vampire if they don't tell him. Allie is already moody, will she contract the Human Vampiric Virus (HVV)? Abel wants a relationship with Pru, but Pru only has eyes for her bodyguard, Oakley. The story will have you cheering for the good guy.... hating the bad guy... dreaming of the sexy werewolves and loving to hate the vampire bad guy Arien.
The multiple scenarios may be too much to bear for our newly unshifted werewolf Abel, can he save his sister? Will he find love? Will Pru be able to fulfill her assignment? Will Allie really end up becoming a vampire? Who will be brutally murdered?

This book I feel had its own story yet it has also set the scene and introduced us to the characters of what could be a very promising series. At first I though the book was going to go somewhere along the line of being like Twilight however that didn't last long, I would compare this more to the Rachel Vincent Shifter series. This is more aimed at the YA market however is still very readable and enjoyable by adults in my opinion. I loved the characters, Dolly and Prudence who are both strong, no nonsense females who can stand up to the males in the pack. I initially had my suspicions and doubts about the character Parker and his role in events but warmed to him as a character as the book progressed. The book has Weres, Witches, Shamans and Vampires so for me the plotlines seem endless and the possibilities exciting!
The cameraderie the pack has is well described and the whole love elements in the book of will Pru and Abel become an item? Will Pru and Oakley get together? etc keeps you guessing well into the book. the whole pack, imprintinng, rogue/stray wolves and mates for life themes have been done in books I have read before so where easy to follow and grasp. I did enjoy the dream walking, and shaman aspect which I hope will be explored further in forthcoming books, there has to be more books surely! The book ends in a way that "business has yet to be taken care of. There were many threads running through the book to keep track of and keep you interested such as the question of would able have to fake his death so that his family would have a safe future, in the end (and I think I can say this without revealing spoilers) the decision is taken out of his hands, and everyone else's that were planning it too. I will definitely be looking out for book 2 which I think maybe even better as in a way book 1 ended at the begining of
journey on his new life path.
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on 11 July 2013
I liked this book but I was a bit confused during a lot of it. For one thing, it's called the legacy of Kilkenny, but it's set in America??? The title mislead me into thinking it was set in Ireland. It's not. Aside from that, I enjoyed the book, my favorite character was definitely Abel, he is really funny and a very likeable character but most of the other characters I found quite boring though. I got it as a free book and I enjoyed it, but I wouldn't pay for it, and I won't be buying the next in the series.
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on 1 November 2013
I liked this a lot but i thought that it mightve been more interesting if Abel was with pru , i don't know why but yh other than that though, i can say i loved it.
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on 7 March 2014
this read was ok but not as good as i expected it to be although this is only my personal opinion maybe others would find it really good
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on 27 May 2013
Really enjoyed reading this book had a good story line to it would recommend this this to others to read
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on 28 March 2015
A must read
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