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4.0 out of 5 stars High quality portable game console held back by unwise business strategy
In terms of the technology and the hardware the Playstation Vita (PSV) is arguably still the most high quality and powerful portable game console at the moment, and it has already been released for nearly 2 years. It's the only portable console that features dual analog sticks (The Nintendo 3DS needs an extra accessory to have this feature), an OLED high-resolution...
Published 15 months ago by Enigma

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3.0 out of 5 stars Wait for more games and PS1/PS2 backwards compatabilty
The Vita itself is great, the display is awesomely clear and sharp, the dual analogue sticks work great and the games do look amazing considering its a handheld, but it has one MAJOR downfall. Games. I bought a Vita about a week after launch along with a copy of the Uncharted: Golden Abyss, but even choosing that was a struggle, as there were simply hardly any games worth...
Published on 20 April 2012 by J. Farrow

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19 of 19 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars High quality portable game console held back by unwise business strategy, 29 Oct. 2013
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Sony PS Vita (Wi-Fi only) (PlayStation Vita) (Console)
In terms of the technology and the hardware the Playstation Vita (PSV) is arguably still the most high quality and powerful portable game console at the moment, and it has already been released for nearly 2 years. It's the only portable console that features dual analog sticks (The Nintendo 3DS needs an extra accessory to have this feature), an OLED high-resolution screen, and very impressive RAM and graphics processing power. The 3DS is a good portable console as well in its own way, and the recently released (only in North America) Nvidia Shield has even higher specs than the PSV, but being twice the price of the PSV and more than twice as heavy, the Nvidia Shield is unlike to be as popular among most regular gamers apart from relatively hardcore ones or those with a lot of money to spare, while the lack of a dual stick and a lower screen resolution means the 3DS is not as effective at playing the bigger and more graphics-intensive FPS and Action RPG titles.

The hardware of PSV is not only high quality and high-end, but also very versatile. In terms of its graphics quality it's not as good as Xbox 360/PS3, but with games that utilise its hardware to the maximum it actually beats Xbox/PS2 standard. Yet the PSV that can play graphics-intensive PS3-style games at only a slightly reduced detail level is also very effective at playing iPhone and Android-style casual "minigames" using its high-quality and high-resolution multi-touch capacitive 5-inch touchscreen which is just as responsive as the best quality touchscreens on the latest iPhones or Samsung Galaxy. This is something one would find difficult to do with the more powerful Nvidia Shield as its touchscreen is less directly accessible. You can even use the PSV as a MP4 player and even a mini-tablet in a limited sense, since it can run popular non-gaming apps such as YouTube, Facebook, Email client, Twitter, Netflix and Skype quite effectively and its Internet browser is also reasonably fast and can open most types of web pages without problem, though some video codecs are not supported so one cannot view all videos on YouTube or on the Internet for example without hacking the system software oneself. This is something you cannot do on the 3DS with its very limited video playback capability (Netflix is only available in the US for the 3DS and YouTube cannot run on it) and poor Internet browser that is not only slow but also cannot access the more memory-intensive and long web pages. Therefore potentially the PSV can be attractive to nearly every type of gamer, from the relatively hardcore to the most casual.

Yet for all of its potential technological capability and versatility, Sony has not really marketed this product in an effective way. If the PSV is not doing as well commercially as it should have been, it's certainly not due to any faults in its technology or hardware. Sony has simply done many things (relatively "trivial" ones from a technological perspective which could have easily been quite different) which are not conducive to fully realising this portable console's true potential. The PSV is at the moment being held back by unwise business plans and designs, from Sony's decision to use a PSV-specific memory card on a system that has no built-in storage memory (with these memory cards costing more than the regular ones too) and it's decision to only allow backward compatibility for downloadable PSP titles rather than for physical UMDs (things which could easily have been different without any extra production cost), or the limited number of game developers that Sony allows to make games for the PSV (compared with the huge number of iOS and Android game developers, even though the PSV is potentially versatile enough to compete with them on the casual game market too with its relatively light weight, high-quality and large high-resolution touch screen and a considerably cheaper price than current high-end smartphones, even a lot of the smaller "minigames" in the PSV online store are just as cheap as comparable ones in the iPhone App Store or Android Google Play), or Sony's decision to not allow the PSV to play most PS3 games (including big popular titles like Skyrim and Mass Effect) via Remote Play without some kind of software hacking by the user (which is not easy to do) even though the hardware is certainly capable of achieving this without any problems or issues what-so-ever. (Sony has even publicly demonstrated some of this Remote Play feature to show off the PSV's capabilities but for some reason didn't realise much of it in the concrete sense) There is simply no strategic sense in these business decisions, and the superb hardware of the PSV is being limited and held back by these arbitrary design limitations so that the console is unfortunately not realising its full potential at the moment.

Having said this, if you want to really experience high-end console or PC gaming on a portable device, or even if you simply like portable gaming for its own sake and play mostly casual or semi-casual games, the PSV which possesses both quality and versatility is certainly one for you to seriously consider to buy (and recently its price has dropped considerably too compared with the original launch price). Just keep in mind these design limitations mentioned above which Sony has created for no good reason that undoubtedly holds back the PSV from fully realising its maximum gaming potential (and hence sale figures and commercial success too).
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5.0 out of 5 stars The PS Vita is synonymous with Amazing!!!, 23 July 2013
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Sony PS Vita (Wi-Fi only) (PlayStation Vita) (Console)
I bought this for my son, this is his review:

The PS Vita is a truly incredible device, the power and ergonomics of this console are incredible. My PSP-2000 was starting to have problems so I was deciding whether to go for a Nintendo 3DS or the PS Vita. I've played games on the 3DS XL and I felt that too is a comfortable and easy to use device. So when I was deciding which hand held console was for me, I had to look at both very carefully in order to make the right decision. The PS VIta, at first, deterred me with it's large design and strange rear touch pad controls, however when it comes to using these features they are not a problem at all. I have large hands, hence the console is comfortable to use, the application "Welcome Park" helps the user to learn more about the features of the PS Vita like the microphone, camera and touch screen. The screen is very clear and sharp, and it is not hard to move about the various screens and adjust settings using the touch screen. The camera is not of a bad quality and is useful if you're out and about and happen to have the device with you, otherwise most smart phones will probably take better pictures.

The reason I was swayed to the PS Vita was the quality of the games that have been released for it, Rayman Origins and Lego Lord of the Rings are just two examples of games that look stunning on the PS Vita, thanks to that amazing screen. The other reason was that you can walk into a shop and purchase PS Vita games, something that is becoming increasingly harder to do when trying to purchase PSP UMDs.

The PS Vita is a jump into the future of gaming and at a reasonable price. The familiar controls and new technology deliver a unique gaming experience. Yes the 3DS offers that magical 3D screen and all the wonderful Mario games that can keep you entertained for hours, but having been a PSP user since 2008 it felt natural to stay with Sony.

Be sure to purchase a PS Vita memory card, otherwise you wont be able to save the progress you make in the games!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Whoah! If you can, get it!, 12 July 2013
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Sony PS Vita (Wi-Fi only) (PlayStation Vita) (Console)
I had been looking at the PSvita for quite sometime and I was unsure to get it. But I finally broke and bought it with Persona 4 Golden (Love the SMT Series:D. I do not regret it! I have been hooked on the Vita for the past 2 weeks, any free time I'm spending on it.

The actual Vita itself is very well made. It is definitely built to last. I was surprised at how big the actual body was. I thought it would be smaller, but the size is great, it's easy to hold and the two indents on the back of the Vita make it a hell of a lot less likely to drop (dropped my PSP many times). The touch pad on the back is also quite useful, I was reading some articles on the internet browser on it and didn't understand why the page kept moving...but i eventually realized the back had a touch screen. It has made browsing the internet more convenient.

I am most impressed with the actual operating system on the Vita. The layout is great and it functions very smoothly. Also the Vita has a kind of multitasking feature, which allows you to play a game and then switch to another application like the PS store or the browser. This is a great feature! I didn't know it did this when i was buying it, if i had i would have bought it before the 3DS... You don't know who annoying it is having to quit a game to change a simple setting on the 3DS.(still love the 3DS Though)

Overall this is probably the best handheld console out there, however the selection of games available let it down, but if you own several digital PSP games go for it! you can download them on to it and play them on it!:D
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5.0 out of 5 stars A high quality handheld and the perfect PS4 partner, 24 Dec. 2013
Kevin Trebell (Cornwall, UK) - See all my reviews
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Sony PS Vita (Wi-Fi only) (PlayStation Vita) (Console)
Like many other gamers I've been on the fence about the Vita for some time, impressed by what I had seen and heard about it but concerned by the price, the price of the storage cards and initially with the available library.

Over time the flow of games has helped to greatly reduce concerns about the library and this excellent bundle has now addressed the first two. For a lot less than the console previously cost they are now tending to bundle storage cards and in the bargain.

One of the first things I have done having got the vita is to reactivate my Playstation plus subscription. I've been adding Vita games to my list over time when a member and now have access to them all on day one. I'd highly, recommend anyone with plus to grab the vita games even if you don't have the console yet, get them ready in case you get it one day.

The console itself is a really impressive piece of kit. It's powerful and capable of very impressive graphics, outstanding for a mobile device. LBP looks absolutely lovely and anyone wowed by it on PS3 is likely to find themselves bowled over again by this one. The OLED screen is large and beautiful, very impressive. Bright and vivid and very easy on the eyes. The screen is a touch screen and is slick and responsive, standing up well next to the ipad I regularly use.

This package includes the wifi model of the vita rather than the 3G version. For me this is absolutely fine, allowing me to connect and download what I need when on a network and then play on they go. The number of wifi access points around now means it's not an issue at all for me,

The console is very easy to use in my experience. It comes with a "welcome park" app that helps to teach the feature and functions of the system but I've found these things were very intuitive and I've picked them up easily. Navigating the system, switching between apps, configuring it to your own needs and for your own network etc are all very straight forward. In terms of user experience I am very impressed. I had felt that early on the PS3 had been behind its main rival in the user experience in terms of features and functions but the Vita tells me that there is no such worry here and that also bodes well for future consoles.

The console comes safely packaged without excessive packaging and no overuse of plastic. Easy to get to and not too much waste. The package includes console, charger, memory card and download code.

Overall this is an excellent package and a very good value way to get your hands on a portable that Sony seem to have designed with the gamer 100% in mind. With that in mind, and the ability to use this for ps4 remote play (meaning you can play your PS4 games on the Vita itself when your TV is in use - a feature I've been using for Killzone and Lego Marvel and it works well) I think this is an ideal time to consider the Vita. An impressive console.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Awesome device but where are the games???, 4 Feb. 2013
= Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Sony PS Vita (Wi-Fi only) (PlayStation Vita) (Console)
Fantastic device with so much promise. Bought mine with Unchartered which I really enjoyed but really desperate for more games. This thing has got so much promise but most of the titles are weak. C'mon Sony, sort it out. PS Vita has been out for over a year now and the number of games available is quite frankly woeful. Where's the Gran Turismo? Where's the GTA? No more rehashed PS2 titles please. We need games NOW!!!!!
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5.0 out of 5 stars The Best Handheld Gaming Device Ever Made, Period, 22 Feb. 2012
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Sony PS Vita (Wi-Fi only) (PlayStation Vita) (Console)
£200 device with games priced at £40 - sounds crazy in today's world where, like it or not, gaming
is moving toward a more casual market. And in this economy too, Sony have taken quite the gamble. I
decided to take the risk with the Playstation Vita (Wi-Fi only model though, what with the economy and
all) and am happy to say i believe i made the right decision. I hope my review can help you make
the right one as well...

Firstly the battery life surprised me, consdering the rumors of horrific life, and the doubts i had after
reading the Vita's spec sheet, the battery life is good consdering the amount of pressure the system is
under, especially when gaming. With brightness at 50% and with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, the Vita
lasted for around 4 hours when gaming and messing around with it. A full on gaming marathon of the most
demanding game currently available (Uncharted Golden Abyss) lasted for a respectable 3 hours and 30
minutes - enough to cover most journeys without the need for a recharge. Pumping up the screen brightness,
and disabling Bluetooth and Wi-Fi will no doubt have a big impact on the battery life. Recharging the battery
from 0% to 100% takes 2 hours and 30 minutes, this is mainly to do with the size of the battery itself.

The PS Vita is armed with a quad-core processor and GPU - both of which are needed to drive it's gorgeous
5" Super AMOLED touchscreen which has a resolution of 960 x 544. It's a great display, with accurate color
reproduction, good viewing angles, vibrant colours and deep blacks which sometimes blur the line between
screen and bezel. It's not as sharp as some of the mobile phone displays out there but it has a respectable
220ppi, the iPhone Retina display is 326ppi and the Galaxy Nexus' 316ppi. It's not a big deal however and
cannot take away from how gorgeous the screen looks when playing games, its truly amazing.

Along with the familiar Playstation buttons and analog stick is a newcomer - the second analog stick.
The Vita is the closest thing to a home console like experience while on the move, something which no other
handheld device has accomplished. There are no more genre restrictions, shooters and adventure games will
work just as well on the Vita now that there are two analog sticks available for controlling. Like the
analog sticks the buttons are good quality too and have a nice and responsive clicky feel to them. The
shoulder buttons are smooth and the D-Pad is nice and accurate. Coupled with how comfortable the Vita is
to hold, how solid and high quality it feels due to its weight, playing games on this thing is a treat.

The rear touch pad is new and works well enough, its the same size as the screen and allows for controlling
whilst keeping your main fingers free. The two built in cameras in the front and back are of average
quality, both capturing images at VGA 640x480 resolution as well as recording video. The stereo speakers and
microphone are surprisingly good quality. The Vita also has built in 3 axis gyorscope, accelerometer, electronic
compass, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and maybe even 3G. It's a beast of a machine and although it's gonna be a tight
fit in your jean pocket, it's still a fairly light and portable handheld device. Put simply, the PS Vita gets
it all right on the hardware front packing some impressive tech into a small-ish and affordable device.

The Vita has a touchscreen operating system similar to iOS and Android, the PS3's XMB interface is no more.
The home screen is made up of bubble icons and navigation is fairly simple. The whole OS is designed for
touchscreen use, the physical buttons take a backseat which is fine but you also miss out on things like
skipping through music with the shoulder buttons and scrolling through a website with the analog stick.
The OS has a touchscreen keyboard which is pretty standard, but due to how wide the Vita's screen is you
will need to stretch your fingers a bit to get to the middle letters, it's not ideal for typing super quick.

Like everything nowadays the Vita has apps with more available to download from the PSN Store. The main ones
which come preinstalled are Party, Group Messaging, and Friends. Party gives you cross-game voice and text
chat functionality for the first time on PlayStation Network for up to 8 players. It also links you to their
game. Group Messaging is a 4 person chat app which allows you to send photos. Friends is a simple friends list
for viewing profiles, trophy information and your PSN friends' own friends lists. The Music and Video player
apps are simple but only support basic formats like MP3, MP4 and WAV while the video player only accepts MP4
files. Social apps for things like Facebook, Foursquare, Skype and Twitter will also be available soon if not
already. Finally, the Vita also has a good web browser which looks good on its big screen. It has standard
smartphone features like pinch-to-zoom but is lacking things like Flash and HTML5 for video. It's a decent
browser and almost as snappy as ones found on smartphones. The "Near" feature is a way to find and interact with
other gamers on the go, i haven't used it at all yet because hardly anybody has the PS Vita yet.

The stuff which will make or break this thing are it's games, and i'm glad to say that the launch lineup isn't
bad, and whats scheduled looks even better. There are around 25 games available from launch day and i've found
that my favouites were Gravity Rush, WipEout 2048, Virtua Tennis 4 and of course Uncharted: Golden Abyss. The
Vita won't suffer the same fate as previous PSP's, there is and will be plenty of quality games available for it.

Because there is no built in memory on the Vita you'll need to buy seperate PS Vita Memory Cards which come in
4GB, 8GB and 16GB flavours and are needed for storing saves, updates, patches etc as well as your own media. If
your going to be buying and downloading your Vita games straight from the PSN Store then you'll need the space the
memory cards offer to actually store those games too. But Vita games will also be sold through retail with boxed
copies, these come on the new Vita memory card format and can be also used to save your games onto.

The Vita is also backwards-compatible with most PSP games you purchased from the PSN Store. PSP games are upscaled
to four times their resolution on the Vita's screen but they look OK. Sony is working on some UMD passport program
which will allow you to register your old PSP UMD games and downoad them for the Vita at a reduced price.... hooray.

= CONS =
1) The Vita is tied to one PSN ID, you can't share the Vita or browse other region's PSN stores or manage your other
PSN accounts. Once you sign into your PSN account thats it, to change accounts you'll need to reformat the memory.
So although the Vita is region free, DLC and downloaded games will only work when the account they were purchased
on is active. Because there can only be one active PSN ID at a time, you'll need to reformat your card to switch.

2) Expensive proprietary memory which Sony created (again) just for the Vita. If your going to be downloading all
your games then storage will be an issue, i think Uncharted Golden Abyss uses around 3GB of memory which is huge
consdering the maximum memory card available is only 16GB and its pricey as well. The cards are also tiny, easy to lose
and when you need to switch them out its very fiddly. It's too late to change now but they need to price them better.

3) Media management is poor. You can't just drag and drop files from your PC or PS3 to the PS Vita, you have to use the
content management app which is a chore.

4) One of the Vita's cool features is being able to play PS3 and PSN games remotely, but remote play is not working yet
at all. So right now you cant stream Killzone 3 to your Vita - another problem which should be fixed with a firmware update.

5) Expensive Games. The RRP of the heavy hitters like Uncharted Golden Abyss is £45 - thats more than what PS3 games launch
for. Even the smaller Vita titles are asking around £35. Obviously good retailers like Amazon will sell them for around £40
or £30 but still, for a portable game that is asking too much. Vita titles need to launch for £20-£25 maximum in my opinion.

Most of the cons above can be remedied with firmware updates and price drops which is great. Apart from that the Vita shines bright.
It's easily the best handheld gaming device available today with powerful tech behind it, great controls and a gorgeous touchscreen.
Most importantly it's competitively priced at launch for what it can offer. Sony has gone all out and created a new mobile gaming
platform which it intends to back 100% - you can just tell by looking at the games available now and also scheduled for release.

The PlayStation Vita is the best handheld ever made and offers an experience which the DS, 3DS, iPhone nor iPad can match. Once the
firmware updates start rolling in to iron out the minor things the Vita will keep on improving. Hopefully prices will get better for
the device itself as well as the games and memory so the Vita has a chance at being widely adopted. Great device - well done Sony.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Vita-light, 22 Feb. 2012
OEJ - See all my reviews
This review is from: Sony PS Vita (Wi-Fi only) (PlayStation Vita) (Console)
The Vita will be a rival to Nintendo's 3DS, boasting a quad-core processor and 5-inch (12.7cm) OLED touch screen - it's bright and sharp and a joy to watch, despite it being a touch down the resolution and pixel density ladder from an iPhone 4S' screen which offers 326ppi over the Vita's 220ppi. I haven't tried the 3DS but most people seem to think that the Vita is better, and worth the extra cost.

Initial impressions are that this is what the PSP wanted to be in the first place: a real portable PlayStation. Not a phone, not a tablet, but a fully formed, uncompressed gaming console you can carry around. Now you can sit on a train playing a new Uncharted adventure and it looks almost as good as the PS3 at home, and in many ways it feels the same. The real revolution comes through the control options. First up there are dual analogue sticks that let you play exactly the same games, and in exactly the same way, as you would on your PS3 or Xbox 360, a traditional D-pad and face buttons, two shoulder buttons, PS (home), select and start buttons, independent volume controls and a power/sleep button, the OLED touch-screen, a rear touch panel of the same dimensions, a built-in microphone, a headphone port, front and rear cameras, and dedicated AV, power, memory card and game card slots. You can add a sim card slot to that if you buy the 3G model.

The touch control is nice, with a fine capacitive screen that registers inputs, allowing you to zip between screens, scroll around comfortably and respond to button and gesture prompts in Uncharted in a split second. Rear touch is similarly responsive, although a little harder to get your head around. The one criticism is that the screen smudges easily compared to modern smartphones.

There's some old-school thinking in the Vita design. It's in the proprietary USB cable and lack of universal USB charging, it's in the absence of onboard memory (big mistake!), and it's in proprietary, mandatory memory cards that are sold separately - at a price to make you hesitate. This is nagging me already. Leaving those concerns aside, PS Vita's great selling point should be that it offers high-definition gaming experiences on the go with the same improving social features - like friend and messaging alerts, Trophies and "Near", which looks like a fun way of benefiting from the installed base growing around you day to day, rather like 3DS' StreetPass - and the same diverse array of content.

As well as capable stereo speakers there's a headphone jack and microphone for use both in game and with applications like Party, a cross game chat system that lets you communicate with others on your PSN friends list. The front and rear cameras are both 640x480, 0.3MP VGA level devices so while classy photography isn't really an option they're serviceable enough for communication and use in games.

The PS Vita comes with standard Bluetooth and WiFi connections while the 3G model also includes..... er, 3G, which in the UK is provided by Vodafone.


Some 25 to 35 games are going to be available either from launch date (today) or within a week or two. The key thing is that the best games look every bit as good as their larger console counterparts. Uncharted: Golden Abyss really does look as good as any launch PS3 game and better, even, than a handful of more recent console games. Visually it blows the iPad/Phone and Nintendo 3DS out of the water.

Because these are more akin to full size console games there are also equivalent full size loading times. You can get back into any game you've left running in the background almost instantly, but firing up something like Uncharted from scratch can take a couple of minutes.

Wipeout 2048's futuristic racing looks beautiful with sharp, detailed environments blasting past as you compete. Little Deviants is a series of party games - variants on Whac-a-mole games, ball rolling challenges, motions controlled shooters and more - that has you stabbing at the screen and waving the entire machine around you. Frobisher Says is a Bishi Bashi Special style assortment of madness as you race through challenges that last seconds - counting the number of cats that appear on screen for a fraction of a second, for example. Unit 13 is a fairly traditional third person military shooter, and as such has little use for the extra control methods. Instead it makes logical use of them by letting you tap on screen to select options and change weapons.

The PS Vita has a full-blown PSP emulator so you'll be able to use almost any PSP titles without a problem.


This is a simple device to use. You swipe up and down through pages of apps and games that appear as little floating Smartie like buttons. Anything you have open - apps, games and media - stack up on a series of pages you can scroll through left to right, or shut down by 'tearing' the page off.

It's an intuitive and tactile system with buttons wobbling and the screen stretching and warping gently as you interact with it. It's easy to see why Sony chose to do away with the PlayStation XMB they'd previously rolled out across various TVs, cameras and other areas of their electronics division. This is much better.

In terms of apps on the console there are currently things like Near, a location-based service much like Nintendo's Street Pass system. It collects information from the area, people and games around you. Party is a chat system and there's also a Group Messaging app. There's also a remote play feature, which allows you to use the Vita to take control of your PS3. In theory this means you can play PS3 games on the PS Vita over a network but I haven't tried this just yet.

Cross-game voice chat has never been possible on the PlayStation 3 because of memory restrictions - the PS3's RAM is gobbled up by the games it runs. Surprisingly, PS Vita actually has more RAM than the PS3, with 512MB of RAM and 128MB of V-RAM, compared to the PS3's 256MB of system RAM and 256MB of video RAM. This enables features such as cross-game voice chat to run in the background while games are being played.

Downsides? It can be awkward using the on-screen keyboard, such that your thumbs might have to stretch to reach the middle keys. The battery life isn't bad but it isn't great either - 4 to 5 hours or thereabouts but this could be a lot less under different settings. The lack of internal memory is disappointing - you'll have to fork out for Sony's proprietary Vita memory cards, essentially a tweaked SD card.

The Vita improves on the PSP in almost every way, as a portable console this is about as good as it gets (for now!). This really is a portable PlayStation with superb graphic capabilities and a screen made for a luxury mobile experience while the controls combine the best of traditional and more creative inputs, enhancing but never detracting from the gameplay. The price, too, is fair. Other high-end mobile devices cost more, and while the launch price of this 'pocket PS3' isn't exactly pocket money, it's still a heavily subsidised console. Personally I am delighted with it.

It's now possible to download Skype which will make video-to-video communication a handy additional option.


Posted on 23 Feb 2012 01:49:40 GMT

tallpete33 says:
Nice review Jack, I'm seriously considering one of these but none of the launch titles really appeal yet apart from Reality Fighters but that's because I'm a bit of a Tekken fan :o) Uncharted looks a bit similar to the first with a few gimmicky puzzles IMO

I'm not surprised about the lack of internal memory but people used to complain about this with digital cameras and now its accepted. Typical Sony to use a new format though....

Happy Vita-ing :o)


Posted on 4 Apr 2012 15:50:51 BDT

KM says:
Great review - really looking forward to getting one soon!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Honest review, 6 Oct. 2013
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Sony PS Vita (Wi-Fi only) (PlayStation Vita) (Console)
I love videogames , was thinking for a long time to get a handheld , in the past I had DS and PSP but never got into the current gen of handhelds that is 3ds or vita.

My biggest concern was ofcourse the price of vita as it was around £230 at launch last year , than lot of people were complaining about lack of games for the system and thirdly as I own ipad , nexus 7 etc so thought that due to its smaller screen size compared to nexus 7 , my eyes will hurt etc.

But I bought vita last week when it was around £150 mark , wifi version with 8 gig card and ten games download games from PSN.

All my concerns vanished. First of all , it is bigger than it looks in youtube videos etc , build quality is solid and nice, easy to hold it in my hands , I am 38 year old with biggish hands lol , screen is superb , games look amazing.

My eyes don't hurt at all , it is very easy on the eyes.

My other concern was lack of games for the system , that is not true at all. I bought Persona 4 golden , Persona 3 portable from PSN store , pre ordered Dragon's crown , also will get Soul sacrifice and rayman legends when they drop below 20ish.

On top of that , I never knew that but all the ps one classics like resident evil and final fantasy games can be played on ps vita and downloaded from PSN store, PSP games are also available for download from PSN store on that.

I have got around 25 games on my wish list but have to wait as I have a family kids etc so cant buy everything at once.

For anyone sitting on the fence, this is the right time to buy vita , also new slimmer version is round the corner, better to get this version in my opinion, there are litteraly 100s of games available for the system.

PS4 games can be played through vita in the future as well , that is a big bonus, loving it.

Games I bought and are must have in my opinion.
1. Persona 4 goldne.
2. Soul Sacrifice.
3. Dragon's Crown.
4. Muramasa Rebirth ( Imported it from America )

Downloaded Persona 3 portable from PSN store and Final Fantasy ix as well , never played these two so thought should give them a go, loving all of them so far to be honest.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Playstation Vita review, 24 Mar. 2012
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Sony PS Vita (Wi-Fi only) (PlayStation Vita) (Console)
I've had my vita now since launch day and I must say it's a really great games machine .I'll be honest the first few days I wasn't sure about sonys new console, it wasn't that there's anything wrong with it just took a few weeks of playing to get used to it .I have very big hands and found the vita a bit fiddley to hold . I bought a rubber cover from amazon that makes the vita feel more a xbox 360 or playstation pad , it has two points that fit snug in your hands . It helps accuracy when playing shooting games like unit 13 you can make that head shot. I've got unit 13 and uncharted and let me say both games are fantastic it's what gamers have been waiting years for amazing graphics and gameplay that you would expect on a home console. If you like gaming on the move forget your iPhone and your iPad I have both and there good games machines but they have something missing joysticks and the vita has both. The media is a bad as it's quite expensive but I can get over it , buy your games from the Internet {hard copies} digital downloads are a rip off as there generally more expensive . Always buy hard copies because if you get bored you can sell or trade it in if it's a down load your stuck with it. Unit 13 online I found it for £29 I payed £35 from game station on it's launch day, the same with FIFA down load it from sonys store it costs £44 at £26 you do the math. The battery is a small disappointment 5 hours but I'm going to buy a battery boost pack £25 or so.All in all in the launch line up is pretty good theirs is something for everyone I can't recommend it more if you have the cash GET ONE.

Add me to your friends list on both xbox and ps vita
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5.0 out of 5 stars Out of this world for a handheld device, worth the money., 25 Nov. 2012
= Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: Sony PS Vita (Wi-Fi only) (PlayStation Vita) (Console)
The Vita isn't just a gaming device, it acts a a great media player and more.

The memory cards for the Vita are expensive, however its no different to expensive additions to Microsoft or Sony consoles.

The joystick are a millions times better then the old PSP and the touch screen works amazing well.

The screen is very high quality however don't try to use it outdoors as it clearly isn't made for outdoor use.

The graphics are amazing for a handheld, although not better then the PS3, it looks amazing on such a small screen.

The PS Vita has a great battery life and will last for a good 5-6 hours even playing games.

There's a great range of apps on the PS3 and it keeps on improving and includes great programs such as skype.

Even for Music, movies and Skype the Vita is simply amazing.

Overall the Vita is a amazing device, if you have the money you will not regret it.
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