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4.3 out of 5 stars881
4.3 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 20 February 2013
With 343 Industries taking over the Halo Franchise from Bungie I had huge expectations for their first Halo game designed from scratch after the amazing job they did with the revamp of the first original game Halo Anniversary. Needless to say they never let me down, graphically the game looks stunning which is noticeable from the off, they have really put a huge effort into Halo 4 and it really shows that they are taking good care of the franchise.

If you are a fan of the series you will notice from the start that 343 have changed a few things; the guns have more realistic sound and weight to them, the grunts are now a lot more serious. At first I missed the old style Grunt which were colorful and stupid but now they sound much more serious and hold heavier guns & armor which lead to me shouting out "I can't believe I got killed by a Grunt!" or something close to that anyway, something I would hardly ever say in previous Halo games as they were a species that got in my way.

One of the only issues I had with the new Halo game was the introduction of the Prometheans or more to be precise the Promethean Knights who for me are just bullet sponges. Personally I would just shoot and shoot and shoot at them to find that have run out of ammo and if that's not bad enough there are watchers flying around healing or casting a shield over them. I know I am not the only person who dislikes them especially when playing on Legendary and you empty a clip into them to find they have teleported away from you. Along with new enemies you have new weapons, some are pretty decent like the Incineration Cannon which is brilliant when you have one in your procession however not so great when you sense the last few seconds of your Spartans life as you are caked red light of death. Other weapons like the Light Rifle, Scattershot are just revamps of current weapons and don't get me started about how useless a Pulse Grenade is, they are pointless! Yes they are!

This aside Halo 4 really does have some beautiful moments. The campaign is a pleasure to play, graphically stunning with a fantastic soundtrack that has some very memorable tunes. The Weapons sound and feel the way they should and the game feels much more serious than any of the previous in the series.
Also let me add that Co-Op is back and just as fun to play apart from two area's which forces you both to use a vehicle, if you don't keep up with your partner you are as good as dead!

Everything other than The Single Player Campaign forces you to have a Gold Xbox Live account, if you don't have one you simply can't play any of the extra features which I can understand a lot of peoples frustrations. Multiplayer I can look past as you are playing with others and this has also been a Gold privilege but the Spartan Ops should be allowed under the Silver membership as like the Campaign being a single player or Co-Op event.

This is the sole reason I have waited so long to publish my review as I never had a Gold account until recently and have only just been able to play the Spartan Ops missions and Multi Player.

The Spartan Ops missions are short story based games split over (currently) 10 Episodes which consist of 5 Chapters, most of which will have you traveling from point A-B whilst being heavily attacked from all angles or it will have you defending a point......................... whilst being heavily attacked from all angles. The levels are fun and short but hardly Imaginative in the slightest.

Multi Player is just like previous Halo games however I believe it's gone back to the days of Halo 2 online where it's actually fun to play. My only issues are slight and that's respawning next to enemies or in the middle of battles and the fact there are still people who cheat to their advantage glitching all over the place on purpose making them near impossible to hit.
In Conclusion Halo 4 is back on track, you get loads of value for your monies so long as you have a Gold account and it's everything a Halo fan should want and need until 5 comes out. I love a comment that was previously made on one of the reviews "343 have out bungie'd bungie" and that's a true saying right there. 343 obviously know what the fans want and I believe they can move the series forward without derailment.
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on 30 July 2013
Now I know this game came out almost a year ago and I did get it in that time frame but I never got round to reviewing it until now.

So, Halo 4.
This game had a lot of potential, I was looking forward to it like anyone else was and this was coming from a person that has played every single Halo game for years. My first thoughts when I played through the campaign were "Wow, this is epic!" But then my console crashed 3 levels before completing the campaign and it didn't save properly so I had to start the campaign all over again. That was when I realized how dull the campaign was. It wasn't extremely memorable and it was fairly short; there were hardly any large scale battles like there were in Halo 3, the new Prometheans felt so boring compared to the good old Covenant and you were fighting the Prometheans 3/4 of the time and it just didn't feel exciting to me. Plus there's the ending which I didn't like, I mean how on earth could Chief have survived that when he was right next to it? Explain that to me.

This campaign just didn't have any memorable levels such as those from Halo CE, Halo 2, Halo 3 or Halo Reach. The graphics were good, that's the positive but never judge a game by graphics.

There's more I didn't like about the campaign but I won't go into detail.

Now, the multiplayer!

I didn't like the new weapon drop pods that every player had access to, it made it easy for everyone to have really powerful weapons. I didn't even like what they did with the Armour abilities such as the jet pack which was epic in Reach but terrible Halo 4 because it could only be used for about 4 seconds compared to Halo Reach's 6 seconds which meant you couldn't get as high plus I think it actually took longer to recharge.

I could not get into the multiplayer at all, I just found it was not the same experience that it was in previous Halo games. It just didn't feel like Halo anymore. I shouldn't have to play multiplayer for a couple of hours to try and get into it and enjoy it. If I can't enjoy a game after playing multiplayer for only a couple of hours, then I shouldn't need to continue to play it to try to enjoy it because that would be wasting my time on something I do not enjoy.

And what happened to forge world? That was such an amazing feature of reach, why change it?!!!

Also, the menu interface just felt so unclear compared to Halo 3's and Reach's menu interface and I found it was unclear to navigate around it.

This didn't help for custom games plus custom games somehow didn't feel like it had as many options as in Halo Reach.

Only those who have played the previous Halo games will really fully understand what I am talking about, but I just simply could not get into this game and I haven't really played it since the month it was released and I don't want to because to me, it was not enjoyable as it's predecessors.
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on 6 November 2012
Firstly could I say thank you to everyone who has been clicking like and finding my reviews helpful. I am really keen to add some good quality reviews to this website. I felt that I had to do this as there have clearly been a lot of trolls posting dud biased reviews on various tech products.

Onto Halo 4, does anyone remember making their way through Call of Duty Modern Warfares firing range and thinking to themselves what does this mean? Well Halo 4 is not a rollercoaster / gun range Halo 4 is a real First Person Shooter / Adventure game.

The game is awesome. I was quite worried when I heard that 343 had taken over Halo development but alas I should have had more confidence in them. 343 have done a brilliant job. I won't spoil the story but this exposition into the Chief's Humanity and his relationship with Cortana (his A.I. sidekick make for a landmark adventure). We see the best of the Chief and are left wanting more.

Halo 4 takes the best bits from the trilogy and builds on them, set pieces, planet drops and battles are all epic and you will find that the guns in this Halo feel more powerful than ever. If it wasn't for the fact that this was the fourth game in the series you could argue that this the best Halo ever.

Halo 4's graphics are among some of the best. Guns look great, cut scenes look brilliant and are rendered with the in game engine but sadly some textures suffer when you see them close up equally you will find that many of the enemies disappear if they are at a draw distance which is further than the game can load/process. Nonetheless, the bright open environment are a great showcase for how beautiful Halo 4 is.

The Halo 4 combat engine feels like it truly evolved and the chief handles like a true war machine. You will find yourself hammering the Xbox pad until the very end taking down Prometheans and covenant with your rifle, butt of you gun and then a grenade. Never has the Master Chief felt this bad ass. The controls are perfect and the enemy AI will remind you of how dumbed down some of the recent shooters you've played are, play on Legendary and you will be punished the enemies do not want to die and don't want to run into your bullets you will be challenged and I strongly recommend that you prepare to die. These enemies have their own patterns and the new Promethean Knights feel very much at home and thankfully if you've read any of the Halo novels a lot is explained too.

Halo 4's multiplayer is one word. Halo 2,3 and 4 on steroids. You will love it, the new maps cater for both close-quarters and ranged combat, they've taken out the respawn timer and added ordinance drops. But these changes do make for a better game. My advice is to design a Spartan load up Ragnarok pick up a assault riffle and start blasting. Halo gamers will initially feel out of their depth but will soon feel right at home in Halo 4's multiplayer mode once they get their head around the new scoring system. There is also a new mode called Spartan Ops, its an episodic DLC themed game mode which is an episodic co-op based game mode. The level was set within a huge sandbox and had me killing enemies and pressing through to objectives, this was alot of fun and I cant wait for the next free episode.

Should you buy Halo 4?, yes. Halo 4 is new but at the same time its still the same Halo we know and love, the gameplay is brilliant and really marks the return of the first person shooter. The controls are slick and the multiplayer gameplay is as fun as ever. You will enjoy Halo 4.

+ The Master Chief is back
+ Fantastic Multiplayer
+ The story

- Close up textures
- Frame rate on system link drops considerably
- Limited replayability if you haven't got Xbox Live
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on 2 January 2014
Not much I can add to other reviews, as this is the next instalment in the Halo set.
However, a plus point for the Halo series is that it's not real people, and there's no blood, guts and gore, or language. This makes it a little more acceptable for the younger teen gamers...
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on 25 April 2014
It pains me to say this about a game in a franchise I love, but I found the game nothing more than average. There were moments in all other Halo games which had my mouth agape in awe - sadly, I found no such moments like this in Halo 4.

The changes to the game are subtle, yet significant at the same time. Some I liked, others I didn't. The changes to the gun design and sound, for example, I thought was amazing. The sound of the guns makes them feel like they have some real impact for once, rather just weak pea-shooters. The sound of the assault rifle had that problem for a long time.

The story is well thought out, and as a long-standing halo fan, I can approve it. It carries an aura of Sci-Fi mystery to it that feels very halo-like. One thing I will say about the story that has irked me for some time, is the way that it tries so hard to make you feel
genuine affection for Cortana, when personally, I've never been phased by her. If anything, she just annoyed me in Halo 3, when she'd send you into slow motion for some reason so she could speak. The campaign, as well, seems to rehash the same old set-pieces that we've seen throughout the Halo franchise. For example, this isn't the first game when you start by desperately trying to defend/escape a doomed spacecraft, then proceed to explore the mystery of an alien planet. With things like these, I felt like I'd already seen it before, and so it had very little impact.

The menu interface, on the other hand, confuses me. It seems like they've tried to modernise it, yet it just seems like a massive leap backwards. It is laid out in a generally convoluted way, and it took me a long time to get used to it. Also, the multiplayer experience, or at least the vast majority of it, seems to be another attempt to modernise in line with games like CoD. But while it does this, it takes away the difference and feeling that was distinctively Halo. Gun recoil and load-out systems seem to have been furthered in this game, and for me at least, it doesn't feel like Halo.

But I did enjoy the game, and it did have the occasional moment of glory. I cannot say it is a bad game, even if it isn't brilliant either.
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on 11 January 2014
If you ever needed a reason to go for Xbox over PS, this is it. Entirely deserving of Game of the Year. I'm going to talk mostly about the campaign as I haven't yet tried all the co-op.

CAMPAIGN - This is one of a small number of games these days (alongside GTA V, Red Dead etc) which really shines in its campaign. The graphics are top notch - as close to true 1080p as you'll get, and since it's all 30fps (as opposed to COD's 60fps), frame rate drops are few and far between. The sound is also excellent, with gunplay made ever better by realistic (if you can say so...) shot sounds, and the soundtrack adds something as well. Unusually for FPS games, there is something of a narrative, and there are some of the most cinematic scenes I've ever seen in a FPS.

Shortly, Halo 4 puts COD, BF and other RPGs in their place.
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on 23 August 2013
Halo 4 is an awesome game. It was a incredible first person shooter and I recommend it to all halo fans out there It had an awesome story line and an emotional ending, the game had a game mode that topped firefight by miles, this game mode is spartan ops. The game mode allows players access to a secondary campaign that was fun, co-op, difficult and had hidden Easter eggs! The game really was a great game for the halo franchise because it had great solo AND multiplayer. The multiplayer brought some new multiplayer game modes and some up graded originals, also it came with some beautiful maps. This is a must have game for sure so I give it a 10/10!!
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on 13 January 2015
…But wasn’t the fight finished? Well, Bungie was finished with Master Chief. After the prequels Halo Wars, Halo 3: ODST, Halo Reach and to some extent Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Master Chief returns in Halo 4 to continue his legacy. With Bungie relieved from Microsoft, and therefore the Halo franchise, the game was developed by 343 Industries. 343 is a team of experienced personnel internally instituted by Microsoft to continue the Halo saga. Comprised of 350 employees, Microsoft clearly wrote a blank cheque for 343 to evolve the series into a new and expanded universe to establish a distinct trilogy.


After the events of Halo 3, Master Chief and Cortana are presumed MIA. On board the remnants of the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn, they are left to drift through endless space. Master Chief is placed in cryosleep with Cortana monitoring the ship’s life support and updating the Chief’s firmware, 343’s way of explaining the new HUD and armour. Cortana is an AI construct that has guided Master Chief since the first Halo ring was discovered whilst on board The Pillar of Autumn. In the legendary ending of Halo 3, Forward Unto Dawn is silhouetted by a bright, blue light protruding from a large installation. 4 years later, this installation is revealed to be Requiem, an ancient Forerunner planet that sucks Forward Unto Dawn into it’s gravity well. Chief is awoken by Cortana as the ship is intercepted by a rogue Covenant fleet.

Halo 4 is mostly a joint venture between the Chief and Cortana. Cortana is the only known AI construct cloned from the brain tissue of Dr. Catherine Halsey, the founder of the Spartan project. She is also a rare example of a ‘Smart’ AI that can learn from knowledge in order to improve relations between humans and AI, but to also operate outside of restrictive parameters. The ability to expand however comes with a lifespan of 7 years. Cortana is now 8 years old and is experiencing rampancy with emotional outbursts and disobeyed orders. Proving too much to handle, Captain Del Rio of the UNSC Infinity orders her immediate dispensation at the refusal of Master Chief. Chief believes Cortana can be saved by returning her to Dr. Catherine Halsey.

As Forward Unto Dawn is crash landing on Requiem, the ship is boarded by hostile Covenant forces including Elites, Grunts and Jackals. Although, fighting Elites after the events of Halo 3 seems confusing. The only reason given was “4 years is a long time…” by Cortana, so it’s up to our imagination to figure out what happened to The Arbiter. Thankfully the Flood don’t return as an enemy but instead fulfil an important story aspect. Early in the game, the Prometheans are introduced as a new enemy type to the Halo series. Assimilated from biological tissue, Prometheans are a digitised life form with artificial mechanics that are mimetic in nature. The process of assimilation was devised by the Halo games’ first focal villain, the Didact.

The Didact is an ancient Forerunner that was tasked with destroying the Flood. Determined, the Didact resorted to an artefact known as the Composer that assimilated the biological Prometheans into digital intelligences. Due to their lack of biology, the new Promethean soldiers couldn’t host the parasitic Flood or therefore spread the Flood infestation. However, the Didact’s army needed to grow, which lead to the farming of primitive men that were colonising Earth. The Librarian, the Didact’s wife, was ashamed and distraught over his actions and imprisoned him to prevent his psychotic ambition. It’s a great back story that demonstrates the conflicting struggles of averting the festering, relentless Flood.

It’s unfortunate that these story vignettes can only be told from terminals collected whilst playing through the campaign. The player is taken out of the game to the separately installed Halo Waypoint to watch the short, animated videos. Rather than appreciate the prerequisite events leading to the Didact’s intent in game. The videos are episodic and best to watch all in one go when all terminals are collected. Whether their inclusion in the main campaign would’ve broken the fluidity of the story is uncertain, but it’s a shame to think that these significant plot points will be missed by some players.

Despite the grandiose narrative arc of the previous Halo games, Halo 4 is quite intimate in its storytelling. Granted, Earth and humanity are under threat but the people are oblivious to the impending danger. Master Chief and Cortana were pivotal in the eradication of the Flood and forging an alliance with the Elites, but 4 years later, they are treated like renegades. Detached from life on Earth and in the military, all they trust is each other. But with Cortana’s weakening state, the Chief’s imperative to get her back to Earth belies his own thought process, leading to mistakes such as releasing the Didact. It’s a captivating strain on the bonds between AI and humans and the reliance placed on one another. Cortana even asks “Which one of us is the machine?”


The Halo gameplay always thrived on dynamism. Jumping, shooting, grenade sticking, melee-ing, rocket dodging, vehicle bashing, sword lunging; it was wholly important to preserve what makes it a Halo game. Halo paved the way for console first-person shooters and 343 have captured the essence of what makes it so enjoyable, but have also kept it feeling fresh in the current era. It’s not about the twitchy, hide n’ seek, point n’ shoot gameplay you’d find in a modern military shooter. Rarely would Master Chief ever stand still. It’s about shifting and varying the movements to strategise the approach.

Strategy is definitely needed when squaring up against the new Promethean enemies. The Crawlers and the Watchers are both fairly weak, mechanical enemies, acting mostly as supporters to the Promethean Knights. But the Knights are excessively resilient and phase in and out of existence to deliver surprise attacks from close range. They often disappear to recharge shields and exhibit very clever AI behaviours such as flanking. Maintaining continuity in the series, there are no Brutes or Prophets but strangely the Drones are absent too.

Where there are new enemies, there is new weaponry. The Promethean armoury shows similar characteristics to the typical UNSC arsenal such as assault rifles, pistols, shotguns and snipers. But the designs of the weapons are highly creative as the components slot into place when wielded or whilst reloading with stunning animations and lighting. Annoyingly though, firing weapons akimbo is not possible. A rather strange omission as tactically it could’ve been useful in several firefights.
Master Chief runs at a quicker pace, similar to Halo: Combat Evolved, than in Halo 3. He’s also boosted by a sprint function that is assigned to a hot button rather than from the use of equipment. Equipment is now also reusable, such as jetpacks and turrets that recharge over time. These new additions allow the movement to stay consistent from any angle. Although, scavenging for weapons and ammo is a lot more prevalent in Halo 4. 343 have maintained the epic scale and vistas that have been the backbone of the Halo series. Giant, ancient structures are forged into the environments, humongous ships fly overhead and battlegrounds offer many avenues of attack. Each of the 8 campaign missions are lengthy, unique, memorable and distinguishable from other games.

Many of the classic vehicles of the Halo games return, excluding the Brute machines such as the Chopper and Prowler and also the UNSC Hornet. Making its pilot-able debut is the UNSC dropship Pelican, which is fast, strong and flies true with an incredibly powerful, mounted Spartan laser. All the vehicles control intuitively with the Warthog being significantly beefed up.
Playing on normal is the recommended setting as it keeps the story running at a steady pace and corresponds with Master Chief’s strong warrior abilities. The legendary difficulty will feel like any avenue of attack is impossible. But it only requires more thinking and use of the large environments. Weapons, grenades and equipment are more strategically utilised and navigating the environments to avoid conflict completely helps defeat each level on legendary.

Spartan Ops is a new mode that replaces the Horde-type mode Firefight, introduced in Halo 3: ODST. Spartan Ops is only available to Xbox Live Gold members despite the ability to play as a single player. Silver members can’t even share files. It seems too restrictive as only online multiplayer and online co-op should be exclusive to Gold members. The player can watch a short CG cutscene in their own time but each mission starts with an establishing shot before being thrown into the action. The levels are re-skinned environments from the main campaign with additional weapon drops and vehicle/turret placements. Most of the objectives revolve around pushing buttons or destroying something but the enemy numbers are much greater. To counteract the increased difficulty, there are no checkpoints. When killed, the player respawns to the nearest location or co-op player with the enemies slain still dead. It takes pressure off on the harder difficulties, but removes some of the risk/reward challenges that were present during the legendary campaign.

However, the constant spawn, die, spawn, die approach grows tiresome with hugely unfair enemy numbers and hopelessly inept AI marines. Occasionally the AI allies will stop to shoot a dead grunt, but mostly they’re cannon fodder to deflect incoming enemy fire. Playing as a group of 4 online also has its problems, with finding a game on the specific chapter you want to play being pot luck. When a game finally gets going, the experience is vastly improved. Different play styles and loadouts offer variety and huge enjoyment to each scenario. “Play with friends…on Halo” is definitely a great mantra. But being able to play via split screen could’ve improved the enjoyment even more. Unfortunately, Spartans Ops is online co-op only. Split screen is still available for Matchmaking with up to 4 players on one console. This mode harks back to the original Halo, where Xbox Live wasn’t available. The joy from Halo’s split screen reinvigorated console first-person shooters, similar to what GoldenEye 007 did for the Nintendo 64. Halo 4 retains this nostalgic mode unlike many modern first-person shooters.


It’s incredible what 343 have eeked out of the old Xbox 360 hardware. The game is stunning not only graphically but artistically. After the technically disappointing Halo 3, Halo 4 is an absolute stunner. Along with the intricately designed levels is the photorealistic CG cutscenes that are as good as any Pixar film. The in-game character models look brilliant and Master Chief’s helmet shrouds over the visor to give a real sense of being the man. The sound is also lovingly designed with just the right effect and punch for each action. The score may not be as evocative or memorable as Martin O’Donnell’s compositions but Massive Attack’s Neil Davidge does a fine job of differentiating the styles of music.


As Bungie were focussed on developing Destiny with Activision, the franchise needed a new team to freshen up the experience. Microsoft sees Halo as a key franchise with a strong fanbase so they financially made sure the game was high quality. Halo faithfuls will be pleased to know that Halo 4 is an epically brilliant game. 343 have managed to revamp the old mechanics yet retain the feeling of Halo. It’s incredibly well handled by a fantastic team of people and 343 deserve recognition for their dedicated efforts. Bungie moving away from the Halo series might’ve been the best thing for it. Whilst they are an incredibly talented developer, they thrive on new projects to keep their creative juices flowing.
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on 23 December 2013
This product is unbelievable and has a substantial difference to the awful halo reach!

Halo never really grasped multiplayer before, it had so many issues like lag, ridiculous health and appalling weapon! But what a turn around this game has made, i always finish top of the leaderboard partly because of the fantastic server connection the graphics and FINALLY they have reduced the health! They have made this game so much more fun to play, and you don't have to scavenge weaponry from of the map floor! It has adopted many new features like custom set ups, crate drops and armour upgrades. The new guns are a blessing, they have added a whole verity of guns, from rifles to launchers, and unlike many cod games it doesn't give you the urge to throw your controller at something! The game dosent feel slow anymore and supports any ability if you are a fan of a fun multiplayer this is the game for you!

Single player!
There are some issues with the story EG: it can get a little slow and boring and doesn't kick off till late in the game. But it is full of action and has a new enemy and new vehicles to destroy the grunts in! It has twits and turns and gets you hooked in. And unlike cod you don't keep trying to achieve the same thing every mission, you have to destroy shields, weapons, towers and people. I could not stop playing this and completed it in one session. It is the most fun filled roller coaster ride. I can't wait to see what halo 5 throws at us!

Buy this game it is far better than any call of duty and is a change from going round failing to slaughter the same guy every mission. GET THIS GAME DONT MAKE THE MISTAKE I DID AND ORDER COD BEFORE THIS!
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on 25 October 2013
Over the last few year, I came to realise that I had played quite a few games, mainly from the old Xbox Classic, but once that faithful old love machine died I was sent into a pit of despair. You see I loved (a word I use rarely, and by rarely I mean once every millennium) that old piece of junk because it meant that I could just enjoy the game and not have to worry about online multi-player. I only recently bought the new Xbox Elite, and can I just say I tolerate it, because it doesn't make me love it. My resentment with the new modern consoles is that they are designed from the beginning to house multi-player. Not misunderstand me, I tolerate multi-player. I concede that this is the "natural" (depending on what your definition of natural is) path for the games industry. However, now most of the products need to be downloaded and you need an Xbox live membership to do it. But the thing about the old Xbox was that everything that the game designers wanted on the game and could fit in the game was actually on the game disk. But alas, I must move to Halo 4.

I have written a few reviews and that included Halo Reach. I have played most of the Halo games, whos' story was part of the Master Chief cannon and I actually like it. By far it is my favorite science fiction FPS franchise. In fact I actually enjoyed this game very much. The graphics were beautiful, the physics were spot on, enemies are varied and can be a massive annoyance, finally (you can decide whether this is a good thing or bad thing) the weapons sound more realistic and feel like they have actually substance in them. However, I know that this game has so many people that will praise it in every single way that I as a game player and as a rational minded human do not need to and indeed I have decided to point out the negatives in this game. But before I do, let me just clarify that I do like this game.

So now that we have that out of the way, lets start with single player campaign aspect of the game. Although I do applaud 343 Industries for having the courage and bravery to buy the rights to Halo and try and take the game further, I must admit that it is all for a bit of nought. You see the gameplay is smooth and great to play, but the story is a bit lack to me. I couldn't figure out what it was until I started writing this review that I realised that it was (ironically) the Master Chief. Yes he is still awesome, but I loved the original Halo because it was dark gritty and I actually felt on my own, the game play was challenging but basic (in a good way) and at the heart of it the Master Chief was silent almost all the way through. The original game painted an image of the Chief standing on a hill with huge amounts of guns and ammunition while storming up the hill is the covenant forces trying to make him into their new filling for a bacon sandwich. Now though I have a picture of the same scenario only this time he is reciting all the works of Shakespeare with ever shot; still awesome, but kind of not what you were expecting. The whole thing with Cortana going a bit mad is interesting but it seems like they put more emphasis on this aspect rather than the whole save all humanity from new bad guy. Not bad but I think we could do better.

The weapons seem more realistic which is a plus for some but for me is a right slap to the face. I mean this is Halo, a sci-fi action shooter, I want to have a gun that can shoot bullets so hard at the enemies that their faces concave. That is what we want in a futuristic world like Halo, stupidly over powered guns. Speaking of which after erasing every possible threat in an area, it is realistic that the weapons that are dropped stay where they were dropped. On this planet apparently, every weapons that is dropped for more than 2 seconds instantly gets absorbed into the planet like a sponge so if you've run out of ammo just after a fight, don't bother looking for ammo on the ground because there isn't any.

I know that as it's first new Halo game, 343 wants to wow audiences with new and tough creatures to kill, with brand new weapons. But the problem is that it all looks too cartoon like. Every weapon glows like someone literally bought hundreds of nerf guns, stuck glowing florescent tubes to them and just said "here you go, make friends with that." I know I wrote that too much realism in a game such as this is bad, but too much weird and unrealistic things just takes me out of the whole affair. The Prometheans (although a good idea) ultimately fell for me since they are just annoying and very very difficult to follow when they keep bouncing from place to place. There is challenging my skills and then there is just trying my patience. Also, spoiler alert, at the end of the game I would have liked to have actually fought the big boss rather than simply press some contextual buttons and see that the boss is killed for me. So as epic as the rest of the might have been it didn't really seem right when the boss is easier to kill than say a wasp, and at least that thing would try and fight back with it's own body.

Now we come to my favorite part of the review. Multi-player! Pahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh as if. I don't play Multi-player nbecause a game such as this should not need multi-player to give most of its' marks, its' merits should stem for single player as much as possible. Now Reach had great Multi-player since most multi-player modes could be player on my own or cooped, but this isn't multi-player. This however, throws all the notion of allowing those with out Xbox live and do not want Xbox live out the window. The Spartan Op I hear great things about, but since that is reserved only for those who want to pay more than is actually worth it to continue playing a bit more, I will mark it down for this. This is a review based on my view, if I may remind the reader and I still like this game!

In summary then, this is a welcomed game by many and I do welcome it because I like the franchise and the game but I must say that I wished it had more single player elements. In essence I do suggest this game to most people, but bare in mind that this doesn't nor should it, hold up to nor compare with the previous Halo games that have been made buy Bungie.
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